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"You know gas prices are going up and we had to drive an hour just to get here." Gabriella commented as they were now on the highway that would take them to the outskirts of their town.

Troy smirked as he avoided Gabriella's line of view while keeping his eyes on the road. He knew that she was trying to get to a point and he found her cute as she went on like this.

"I think I can afford it."

"And I know you usually go to the gym with Chad in the mornings and well…it's morning." She pointed out while crossing her arms over her stomach.

Troy smiled sweetly, "Chad and Tay are probably busy right now."

"Troy!" Gabriella exclaimed. "Eew, now I have a picture of that in my head." She complained as Troy couldn't hold back a chuckle.

"What? I'm just saying that they couldn't keep their hands off each other at the reception yesterday night, do you really think they won't use the honeymoon suit to their advantage before going to France?"

Gabriella sat in silence as she smirked and the only sound that could be heard was the soft ending melody to the song on the radio. All of a sudden Gabriella tensed up as one of her new songs came through the speakers surrounding the car and she made a move to shut it off, not knowing how Troy was going to react.

"I like this song." He said right before her fingers could turn the knob. Gabriella looked up at him with confusion as if she couldn't believe what he said. "Just because I was shocked and mad before you left doesn't mean that I don't support you and your singing."

"You have a funny way of showing it." She muttered dryly as she sat back in her seat and crossed her arms again, indicating her mood all of a sudden.

He sighed, now would be his time to tell her what he was thinking when she left. He just didn't picture it to be in a moving car with him driving.

"I was hurt…and I just showed that in a form of anger." He heard Gabriella click her tongue as she stared out of the car window, showing him that she really didn't care what he had to say even though he knew that she was listening to his every word. "When I looked at you and I couldn't help but think that I was losing you." He tried again as Gabriella emitted a small gasp.

"Is that what you really thought? I would've never gone if you told me that. You could never lose me." She halfway pleaded with him, desperation seeping through her tone.

Troy wanted to take a hand off the steering wheel to run through his hair out of nerves and panic, but he decided against it on a busy highway in between lanes. "I knew that. I know that and that's what told me not to tell you." He admitted. "If I told you that then you wouldn't of gone and I would've been responsible…just like I'm responsible for you wanting to cancel the tour." He said the last part quietly.

"…No." Her voice cracked. "No." She repeated again forcefully this time as she blinked back tears and nearly gagged on them. "Canceling the tour was the right thing to do. You didn't make me do anything…it just happened. Sure, I countered almost everything around you, wondering what would happen if I did something, but you didn't make me do anything."

He wanted to turn his head and lace their hands together. But instead he kept his eyes focused on the road knowing he was missing the silent tears building up in Gabriella's eyes.

"Me canceling the tour was something I did for myself. I came back to you for myself and you just happened to benefit from it too." She added as she sunk back into the passenger's seat.

There was a silence until Gabriella broke it, "And you're probably tired from the wedding yesterday; you were probably wanting to sleep in."

Troy smiled childishly at how she managed to pick up on their last conversation before the tour, but yet he was happy for that as he didn't want things to get weird between them again. They took one step closer and that was enough of him right now, just like Gabriella wanted it.

"Nope. I got a lot of sleep last night actually."

"Yeah, but then you had to listen to all this boring stuff the doctor said and you had that look where 'you stare out the window with glazed over eyes saying you're thinking of anything other than what is happening right now' on your face."

Troy almost did a double take on Gabriella as he never knew he had a day dreaming look. Nobody ever had pointed that out to him before. "Anything to do with you can't be boring." He reassured her.

"But then the nurse--"

"Brie?" He cut in as she looked at him.


"Just say thank you." He flashed her a smile as she let a small blush come onto her upper cheeks.

"Thank you for coming today Troy."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world."

"You kept everything the same." Gabriella commented as she stood on a stool putting her now empty suit case up on the top shelf of their closet as Troy was in the bathroom getting ready for the day.

"Yeah, I wou--Whoa!" He exclaimed as he came out of the bathroom with just blue jeans on his lower hips, showing off his red and white boxers.

Gabriella all of a sudden felt two strong hands go on either side of her lower hips and bring her down off of the two foot high stool, dropping the suitcase in surprise. "Hey, what are you--"

"Brie." Troy hushed and let go of once he was sure that she was on the ground safely. "No lifting heavy things on high stools. That's why I'm here." Troy pointed out almost cockily as Gabriella glared at him through narrow slits of eyes.

She crossed her arms over her swollen stomach since she was ten weeks pregnant now and she was just moving in with Troy. But they were taking it one step at a time, and everything seemed almost right again. They were as good as back together and were enjoying every moment of it.

"I'm pregnant, not frail and old. I can still lift an empty suit case honey." Gabriella reminded him as he rolled his eyes and took the suit case that was dropped when he took her down from the stool and did it himself.

"I know." He stepped back down as he shut the closet door. "It's just I don't want you too. One day you might accidentally see…A bird outside the window so you'll turn around, clearly fascinated by it, and then you'll lose your balance and fall." Troy joked as Gabriella scoffed.

"Have I every told you that your caring side is too caring?"

He flashed her a smile as he pulled her into a hug and planted a kiss to the top of her head. To him, this felt perfect. He never wanted to let go and the feeling was mutual. "I love you too honey."

"Well if you love me then you wouldn't mind going to pick something up?" She asked sweetly and he shut his eyes briefly reminding himself that she was barely asking for anything that he couldn't give her.

"Anything." He said huskily in her ear.

"We're hungry." She said simply referring to the baby and herself.

"There's food downstairs." Troy pointed out dumbly not understanding why he would need to go out.

"Yeah but I want…Chinese with mustard and pickles. That sounds really good and I can't remember the last time I had pickles."

"That's because you don't like pickles. That's why we don't keep them in the house because neither one of us likes pickles." Troy explained as if she was a five year old and he felt her hands creep lower on his abdomen, to the very top of his jeans and a shiver went through him. Somehow he knew that he was going to lose this argument.

"Well maybe the baby likes pickles." Gabriella countered as she pressed a kiss to the inside of his neck and he shut his eyes.

"But…but…" His mind couldn't form any coherent sentence. "Maybe this is why you get morning sickness all the time. It's because you eat strange foods now."

"Puh-" Her fingers ran over the zipper of his jeans and he bit back a moan as she squeezed slightly. "-lease."

"…I'll be back in ten minutes, but no more of stepping onto stools without anyone around." He scolded as if she giggled like a kid and nodded her head eagerly while pressing a sloppy kiss to the corner of his mouth. Oh yeah, things were definitely the same as it was before the tour, maybe even better as Gabriella could still get him to do anything she wanted.

"Have you heard from Chad or Tay lately?" Gabriella asked as they laid in bed naked after making love for the first time in what seemed like years, but actually was only three months.

He stroked her hair as her head laid on his chest and he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. He just couldn't get enough of her. "They called yesterday, but you were sleeping so I didn't want to wake you."

He felt her press a kiss to the middle of his chest and her tired fingers ran over his abdomen lazily. "How's their honeymoon?"

"Good. I guess Tay is leading him all around for shopping."

Gabriella chuckled at that as that sounded like Tay, but she wasn't nearly as bad as Sharpay. "I can't wait until their home. What time do we have to pick them up at the air port tomorrow?" Gabriella asked with a stiffened yawn while she shuffled her body under the covers to get into a better position and laid her head down on Troy's chest once again. She could still hear his beating heart going wild.

"I think 8 p.m., but I have no idea. I thought you would know." He admitted almost sheepishly.

Gabriella smiled as her fingers went higher on his chest and traced around his pink nipple. "We'll know when we have to pick them up once we get an angry phone call from them saying they're at the air port with the paparazzi."

Troy's fingers ran mindlessly over her bare shoulders as he took a deep breath. "What are you thinking about?" Gabriella asked quietly as a gentle sincere smile overtook her boyfriends face.

"Just thinking…about us." He whispered, the peaceful atmosphere surrounding them.

"And what about us?" Gabriella questioned further as she pressed another kiss to his chest.

"What if our kid doesn't like me?" He asked as Gabriella sighed, knowing this was the first melt down he had since he found out that she was pregnant, which compared to other couples wasn't too bad.

"Troy, the baby when it's born is gonna like anyone who holds him, feeds him, and cares for him." Gabriella reasoned.

"But what if our kid just flat out hates me?" Troy asked.

Gabriella picked up her body and swung her leg over Troy's so now she was straddling him. She leaned down and kissed him, but pulled back as he started responding. "Nobody could ever hate you." She whispered against his lips. "You're gonna make a great father. I don't ever want to hear you talk like that because you're one of the greatest people that I know."

They were silent as his hands caressed the baby bump that could be seen if she wore tight shirts which she did often now because she was proud that she was carrying his kid, and Troy had no complaints. "Wait." Troy declared, breaking the silence. "One of the greatest?"

Gabriella giggled while pressing another kiss to his lips in haste and pulled back before he could even respond. "Who else do you think is great?"

"Chad…because of his hair." Gabriella said with a smile that told him that she was teasing.

"That reminds me. We're not going to let Chad baby sit by himself." Troy said deadly serious as Gabriella found that her face contorted into confusion.


"I've had to baby sit with Chad when we were 16 and he thought a one year old would be able to go swimming with floaties by himself. And we're never letting our kid go shopping with Sharpay." He continued as he didn't even hear Gabriella's question.

"But Troy--"

"And did you know when Jason baby sat with Kelsi for her nephew he nearly dropped him while trying to feed him?" He questioned with panic.

"Hey Troy--"

"I think Kelsi is our safe bet for baby sitters and she's the only one I trust to hold our kid since she is gonna be a doctor. Of course she would have to be good with kids, but we're gonna have to ban everyone else from the house."

Gabriella giggled, "Troy." She called out again as he stopped talking and looked at her with an innocent smile. "Why don't you just tape off the house with 'caution tape'?" Gabriella asked jokingly as he smirked at her and drew her in for a sweet kiss.

"That I can do."

"Oh God. He's gone insane." Gabriella muttered.

"Not insane, just…in love." He was silent and Gabriella could tell he was thinking of something. "Hey, you said 'he'."

"What?" She asked confused.

"You said, 'Troy, the baby when it's born is gonna like anyone who holds him, feeds him, and cares for him', you said he." Troy stated proudly.

Gabriella rolled her eyes as she didn't care if she had a boy or girl, she just wanted a healthy baby. "Well we can't call the baby, it. And I don't feel like saying, the kid. So I'm just sticking with he." Gabriella emphasized just like Troy as he chuckled.

"God I love you."

"I love you too Troy."

"This kid is just like you." Gabriella said coming into the room with a plate of French fries and a bowl of ice cream with no spoon to eat it with as she was planning on dunking them.

Troy flashed her a smile as Gabriella held back a laugh at seeing white paint on Troy's perfectly tan skin. They had just gotten done priming or in the sense that Troy was the one doing everything and Gabriella just sat back and commented sarcastically on things to keep both of them entertained. Plus Troy wouldn't let her do anything considering she was through with her first trimester, and he was convinced Gabriella would somehow hurt herself, but Gabriella really didn't mind considering she had no idea what he was doing and he seemed to know exactly.

"Well that's a good thing. It'll mean he's a strong boy." Troy exclaimed proudly while he walked over to Gabriella who for some reason decided to bring up one of his old bean bag chairs from his college days and sit in that instead of a chair they had in the room.

He sat down next to her and put her arm around her shoulder while she offered him a French fry with ice cream and he opened his mouth for her to pop it in.

"How do you know the baby will be a boy? What if we have a girl?" Gabriella asked slyly.

Troy smiled sweetly as he put a hand on their growing baby and kissed her shoulder blade while she fed him another French fry. He rubbed her stomach affectionately while she looked at him with a kinked eye brow.

"Well then if the baby is a girl then she'll be one of the most famous girls known for basketball."

Gabriella rolled her eyes and ate another ice cream covered French fry. "So are you gonna tell me what color you picked out for the room?" Gabriella asked knowing Troy was in full rein of the room as she got to do the clothes and furniture shopping.

"You'll see." Troy smiled sweetly at her while nuzzling his face into her neck and biting gently as Gabriella laughed at the sudden contact with his mouth against her sweet spot.

"It's not like orange though, is it?" Gabriella asked worriedly as he pulled back and narrowed his eyes on her slightly.

"And if it is? You said that I get to pick out the colors Brie and I'll be hurt if you don't like it." Troy playfully pretended to be hurt as Gabriella just continued eating as if it was nothing.

"Then you'll just have to change it because what if he doesn't like basketball? What if he likes singing?" Gabriella asked.

Troy's hands moved against her clad covered stomach as Gabriella put down her empty plate and bowl. Gabriella was laughing as Troy's fingers continued on her sides and she squirmed, sliding out of the bean bag and onto the floor as Troy fell to the ground with her, his lips finding hers on the way, her tongue sliding into his mouth eagerly.

"I love you." Troy breathed out against her skin as their foreheads rested against each other.

"I love you too, unless the room is orange." Gabriella threatened as Troy just smirked and bit his tongue. He had a feeling she was going to like his choice of color as it was not orange like she assumed.

"What are you thinking?" Troy asked as his eyes stared into hers intensely; not ever wanting to look away.

Gabriella stared up into his eyes with a genuine smile as her hands overlapped his on her stomach and rubbed softly between his fingers.

"About the last couple of months." She said in a whisper as Troy pressed a kiss to her forehead for reassurance. "I keep wondering if I didn't go on tour, would things be different?"

"…No." He finally answered. "You still would be pregnant and I still would love you just as much as I do now. Now and always." His voice held sincerity. "What else?" He asked.

She sighed, "I can't wait to be a mom. I can't wait until the baby starts moving and kicking. I want to be able to eat the foods I like and not always French fries and ice cream. I want to ban pickles from the house since there is no way that the baby will ever like them." Gabriella playfully added before she continued. "I want this little one to be safe, but most importantly I want you to know that I'll always love you too."

"Marry me." Troy whispered as he couldn't believe that he would blurt it out, the ring was still upstairs and untouched from three months ago when he bought it.

"Yes." She said with shock and surprise in her voice as if she couldn't' believe that she just agreed when her mind and heart told her that she was doing the right thing, she was just stunned.

"What?" He gasped as a knowing smile came over his face. "You did hear what I asked you, right? I asked if you'd marry me and you said yes?" He double checked.

"Yes." Gabriella repeated with her own smile, biting her bottom lip to keep from exploding with happiness. "I would love to marry you."

"Are you serious?! That's--and then--we're gonna get married." Troy exclaimed as he pressed kisses all over Gabriella's face before Gabriella started kissing back by wrapping her arms around Troy's neck and guiding his mouth to hers.

"You hear that little one?" Troy bent down to talk to her stomach as Gabriella felt a blush approach her cheeks. On some days it seemed as if he would talk to her stomach more than he would talk to her. "You're gonna be at your parents wedding. We're gonna be a family."

They were both overly ecstatic as they found the one thing in life that most people searched decades for: Love.

They found love.

"I love," He pressed a kiss to her stomach and then to her mouth. "the both of you."

Gabriella smiled. "We love you too."

Author's note--This is the last chapter and it's now over. So a lot of you have been asking if I'm gonna do a sequel and the answer to that is, no. I'm gonna be starting a new story called, Love In Disguise, and hopefully the first chapter to that will by up by Thursday.

Next, a lot of you have been asking if I'm gonna do an epilogue to this story or some one-shot to just add on and I'm not promising anything, but I might like to do that. I've never done a one-shot before and I might like to do one about the labor or maybe some humorous one of Gabriella almost ready to pop and her moods are all weird, but that's not a promise. I don't know as it depends what is going on this summer and I have my other story that I think will be one of my best ones, if not the best one I have written. But that's really up to you guys.

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