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Hello Kitty Panties

By: Take-me-away-to-paradise

Warning: This is M rated fan fiction.

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Ichigo shot a death glare at the laughing Kish; her cheeks were painted with a light rosy blush.

"G-Get out!" she cried, shoving the unsuspecting alien out of her bedroom window.

The alien pouted. "Ah, you're no fun!" She could hear him tease her.


After regaining composure from the threat of cracking his skull upon the pavement floor, Kish laughed wickedly. Some things never changed, and he found that teasing her was still quite fun, even over the years.

Getting pissed once more, Ichigo shoved the poor bedroom window open violently (The same window she had used to expel the same menace 20 times in that year alone).

"Y-Ya big jerk! what were you doing in my panty drawer?!" She yelled/asked him. Her cheeks still bright red, but her eyes were fiery with anger.

Kisshu floated a few yards away, snickering at the lovely opportunity he had had.

Ichigo owned lots of panties.

However, the ones that had caught his eyes were not the black frilly ones, which were, although captivating, were not nearly as captivating as the ones which sent him into laughing fits.

"I didn't know you still liked Hello Kitty, Koneko-chan!" he laughed out loud, much to Ichigo's dismay and total embarrassment. This, for the poor unsuspecting baka, was burying his own grave.

"Nya," she started, an anger mark showing plainly on her forehead, "Why don't you come over here and say it?" She asked threateningly, not thinking Kish would do just that.

Yet, he did. "Hi Kitten!" Kish greeted enthusiastically, appearing behind her, and then suddenly grabbing her around the waist.

"Nya!" Exclaimed the cat-girl again, not being able to stop herself, when surprised cat ears and cat tail, came popping out.

Ichigo blushed deeper... How come this was starting to feel nice?

"Get off of me!" She exclaimed, twisting violently in his grasp.

This was no time to be stalling! She thought; her parents were downstairs, and she needed to get rid of him, fast!

Although, sadly, since her parents were downstairs, she couldn't just blast him away with her Mew powers.

What should she do!?


Kish seemed to have another laughing fit once her face twisted into 'GAH!' motion.

"Kitten, you're so cute." He complimented, with a pervert smile.

He felt horny while he was holding her.

Hex, he decided on a bold course of action, and squeezed her rump. "But I think those Hello Kitty panties on you would really make my dreams come true." he said.

The blush on Ichigo's face reddened to match her hair. "Y-You pervert, I-I'm going to kill you!" She gave him a death glare, much to the alien's amusement.

"Aw, Kitten, not a day goes by that your lovely death glares don't get me up in the morning, just so I can tease you again." Said the alien.

Ichigo nearly fell back in her own desperation comically; if Kish weren't so conveniently holding her, she probably would've fallen on that same talked-about rump. "You're so perverted! I'll bet you're even into S&M!" she exclaimed.

Kish's smile faltered suddenly. 'Got him!' she thought triumphantly, until she heard him say slowly

"Hmm," Kish's eyes crossed, something he did when he was thinking, really hard.

He could not recall this lovely little word S&M in his Alien-to-Japanese dictionary. Not that he studied much anyways, but whenever his little cat-girl said a new word, it would intrigue him, and plague him to know its content.

"What's that, Kitten? Have you done it?" He asked finally.

Ichigo chuckled nervously, a sweat drop in place on her forehead.

'Oh shit!' she thought. It wouldn't be a good idea to explain it to a perverted alien.

He might make her do something...

Her cheeks became redder as a sudden vision of herself in tall thin pointed heels, leather apparel, and a whip, formed in her mind.

Then to complete the nightmare, she would say sweetly, "I'm a dangerous little kitty, aren't I?"

She could just imagine...

"Nya!" She cried out, instantly forgetting it was Kish who held her. She snuggled into him. "No. I'm not like that." She said to reassure herself.

Kish silently relished the moment...well that is, until he asked...

"Hey Kitten, I was meaning to ask you, what's your bra size?"


Earning himself a well-deserved smack on the head, Kish complained when she still grumbled about it latter.

"I said I was sorry, sheesh, I was only curious, because I could feel them when you hugged me!"

Oh yes, how lovely, and smart beyond its years a comment was this, that Ichigo just had to adorn it with another whelp to protrude from the hentai's skull.

In addition to having the alien crying from pain, Ichigo huffed, and resembled the big-bad-wolf from the Three Little Pigs tale.

"Gah! Go away!" She cried to the ever-annoying boy, who, seeming on the road to recovery, cooked up another perverted suggestion.

She was tired of this all, couldn't he just go bother some other person for a while?

However, even as she thought this, she felt his grip grow tighter, "But I don't want to go away, Kitten." He whined leaning in, and with one of the most tender of touches, gave her the sweetest of kisses.

"I want you to come with me." He stated as he pulled away, his eyes shining a shade more golden than usual so that he could've been accused of being starry-eyed. Whatever had happened before, he couldn't help but be serious now

"W-What are you talking about?" Ichigo spat at him; she could feel her chest squeezing, and her heart quickening. He softly caressed the middle of her back.

"I want to take you to a beautiful place, Kitten. Where only the two of us would live out the rest of are lives in peace." He answered softly, he suddenly was getting more serious, and that scared Ichigo half to death.

It was hard to handle him when he was like this.

'Noooo' she thought, gaping, that he was making her think things she wasn't sure about, and it made her feel things she wanted to suppress.

So, what was this damsel-in-distress to do? Laugh. Laugh at it all, and pray it was nothing serious.

Kish did nothing but stare as his Kitten strained her laughs.

"You're a whack Kish! I have my whole life here. I can't just leave everyone, even if the world's not in any more danger. I wouldn't do that. And, um...People would disprove if I just up and left." As she finished, she couldn't help but feel a small weight on her chest. Sometimes, it really was hard when people relied on you so damn much.

'Shit!' She realized again, all the suppressed emotions were leaving her wide open to him, and Kish was known to take advantage of such openings. She didn't want to be vulnerable, not to him, not to her former enemy! He'd probably hurt her!

Her eyes widened as he gently kissed her neck; it was the exact opposite of pain. "Oh Honey, you really care about those people that much? Ichigo, I want us to be together, forever, and if people can't accept that, then they are too closed-minded and don't deserve to know you any way." His words sounded fierce, but his voice told her a different story. Clearly, this would be a big leap, for the both of them. He'd be shunned along with her. 'Well if we stayed around long enough, but we'll be long-gone before that ever happens' thought Kisshu evilly, he chuckled to himself.

Ichigo gulped loudly, "B-But I don't love you. I only love Masaya." Her voice cracked slightly, and her heart gave a confused throb.

Masaya was kind, caring, gentle, and just so perfect; he was a great boyfriend... However, he always made her wonder. Was she doing the right thing?

She wanted to be perfect, just like him. She wanted to be his equal...

So how could she do that? She was always screwing up around him!

It hurt when she messed up, and he looked at her so oddly.

Because... Most of the time?

Masaya and she felt alien to each other.

Were they even compatible? ...She couldn't tell any more, Kish was changing her. And she didn't know if she liked that or not.

"Then why are you shaking?" She heard him say. "Why can I hear your heart speeding up when I touch you?" He asked, grinding his teeth at the name of her damn human boyfriend. Being Kish he felt old anger boil up.

He should just take her with him, have her leave that good-for-nothing, and be with her always, she was his! No one else's...Except, she needed a say in this...

'She needs a say in this.' He repeated. That was such an Earth custom... On his planet, if someone wanted something, they'd just take it, no matter the consequences. But he valued Ichigo enough to finely respect her.

Ichigo's shoulders sagged.

"I-I don't know." She admitted, she didn't know why she felt so fragile around him.

He gave her a hug, a tight one. "Please, Ichigo! I want to spend the rest of my life with you, can't you see that?" He then suddenly pushed her away, and took off his shirt. "I'll show you that I can be the best lover you've ever had."

Her mouth dropped open, and any words that tried to come out stopped. All she could do was gape at his gorgeously toned chest, as well as his pure confidence.

She heard him slightly snicker, and being Kish as he was, saying playfully, "Attention momentarily, up here, okay sweetheart?"

Ichigo's eyes looked up, Kish smiled brightly at her, liking every ounce of attention she gave him.

She looked away quickly though, trying to hide her embarrassment. "Put your shirt back on, you baka." She said stubbornly.

She heard him laugh again, until she felt hands travel down her newly grasped shoulders, and sink lower and lower...Until they touched her breasts. They were ever-so-slight in their actions.

Ichigo swiftly gazed back into his eyes, a fiery expression intended, she was going to yell at him, call him a pervert, and make him leave.

She had decided: this was going to be the plan.

Only, though, she saw a needing look on his face. A look which made her heart skip a beat, and stop her in her tracks.

'Shit', a look so damn close to then time when he was about to die, that day?the day she had defeated Deep Blue. The day... he, Kisshu, had made her a sacrifice which cost him his life.

It was making her cry. That look struck her, it made her stubborn will just melt away, and she felt her lips draw close to his. She gave a shuddering breath, before capturing the alien's lips.

He lovingly wrapped his arms around her, with eyes fluttering shut at the pure ecstasy that it was; to have a willing partner, and not someone who fought you on your every move.

"Ichigo?quot; he breathed her name as she parted the kiss. He loved her; he loved her so damn much. That not being with her, to not have her at every waking moment, brought him closer over the edge to insanity.

Was he there maybe already? Was he insane now? ...He didn't know...and he didn't care.

Kish's eyes started to turn red, as predatorily instincts took over. "Ichigo," he pleaded, as if she were putting up a big argument.

But no, she wasn't putting up an argument. She was feeling the same thing; she wanted to tend to this urge she felt also.

"Get on the bed." She ordered.

Kish gave her a soft suggestive smile before going over to her bed and lying down on his back. He looked up at her all the while, as she walked over to him slowly.

The heat that her body was giving off made her pull off her own shirt...revealing her light pink-laced bra. Her embarrassment was still intact, but her longing to cool off had quickly subsided that.

In her mind, she wondered if she was going crazy.

But in Kish's mind, 'I'd say she's about a C-cup' he thought, trying not to smile with satisfaction.

'Why kitties,' thought he, looking at her breasts longingly, until he could get the chance to touch them...

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