HelloKitty Panties

By: Take-Me-Away-To-Paradise

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Chapter 2

Ichigo stood next to her bed and peered down at the half-naked boy.

"This will be my first time." She said again, reluctantly; she was starting to lose her nerve when Kish gazed at her breast so longingly.

"Me too." Kish added simply, smile broadening. 'Even though I've dreamed befor-'

Ichigo distracted him from finishing that thought by sitting on top of him, her heart was beating so hard that her mouth had to open in order to breathe. And for Kish, this made her look so very sexy.

Groaning he pulled her to him and went about kissing her. He deepened the kiss in a matter of seconds. Then he flipped her over, so he could be on top.

And the first articles to go you ask? Well…they were the things that tempted Kish so damn much; he used his sharp-clawed nails and ripped off her bra. Hearing her gasp in surprise, he ripped off her remaining clothes, and stopped from giggling with glee.

'I got her-I got her-I got her-I—This is like, NICE…'

Looking down at her fully naked body with lust, Ichigo gave a blush at his attention, and shivered underneath him—he looked very happy right now...Had he really wanted her that bad?

His hands slid down her body. She mewled in pleasure, as his fingers traced across her breasts, and there were two firm nipples that instantly formed.

"Do that some more…." She said softly, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

Kish smiled and gladly complied. His mouth lowered upon one nipple and his tongue rolled around it. He could feel her breathing hitch, so he gently sucked and nibbled upon it to increase her pleasure.

His other hand made its way lower, to her crotch. He could feel her bristly pubic hair and… something wet along with it ...was she liking this as much as he was?

This made him very happy.

He smiled down at her, before his head sailed down south, landing at her crotch. He could smell the arousal already and gently lifted one of her delicate legs.

The first time he licked her, it made her jolt. Not out of pain, no, just out of surprise. It was just definitely alien for her, no pun intended.

Nevertheless, it also was nice in a way in which she couldn't resist moaning and crying out in pleasure.

God, she hoped her parents did not hear her, but damn! Kish really knew how to make a girl moan!

"Uh, Kisshu…?" She started. This had to stop! But….Oh God, she couldn't get past the 'Kisshu' part without another moan overtaking her senses. "Nya!" she cried out as he drove his tongue into her vagina.

It was the encouragement of his name being vocalized. His tongue started sliding in and out of her moist hole…. And it was making explosions in her body….

She panted as he continued; not being able to decide whether to put a hand over her mouth to stifle her noise or tug on the alien's hair from all the surprised jolts her body was giving off.

Suddenly her body began to grow warmer…warmer than before, and as if stepping up a ladder, her body grew from the feeling of intensity. Against her will, her hand left her mouth and clutched the bed sheet under her.

"A-Ahh!" She screamed out as pleasure shot forth into her thin body. She spilled into the alien's mouth and he lapped it up with hunger. She let out a long moan as her eyes closed; the intensity was gradually going away...

"Oh..." she simply commented as Kish came up and lay lazily next to her. He reached his hands around her waist and brought her closer to him, he nuzzled her neck making her gasp.

"That was fun Koneko-chan." He said with a little mischief. He moved his hands slowly against her breasts, loving the feel.

Ichigo's face darkened, she loved everything he was doing to her so far and it made her feel seriously guilty…

"Kish am I really doing the right thing here…should we really do it I mean, we could be screwing the laws of nature or something- I mean we're not even the same species, right?"

Kish frowned slightly, "Ichigo I think it'll be ok—now I want you to relax."

Ichigo sniffed and focused her eyes closed breathing in his scent slowly… she felt the worry leave her and a new one replace it, she had been so emotional before to realize one thing…

Was she really ready to lose her virginity, which she had kept for so long?

She opened her eyes to see Kish's golden eyes staring at her with such tenderness. Ichigo was worried this would not last—just as he had suddenly fallen in love with her, would he leave her?

"Kish, will you leave me after we do it? You say you love me and you will take me to live with you in paradise, but how do I know you do not just want some?"

Kish smiled softly, his eyes closed and he looked very angelic then.

"Because honey, when we make love your bond with me will become much stronger, and my bond for you will become so great that I will die without you. My kind find one mate for life and I am proving that you are that mate for me."

Ichigo gulped… "So this means in Japanese again?"

Kish opened one eye looking at her humorously at her question, for his kind this was common knowledge,

"It means after we make love, if we betray our mate for another, we will be elasticized. This includes any living organism we chose to call mate, including you, the DNA we share after will kill us if we betray it."

Ichigo's eyes widened and in blind rage, she slapped him.

"Hentai! This was all a trick to make me yours and to make me helpless in return—what if I want someone else?—I don't want to be some kind of toy for you!"

Kish grabbed his hurt cheek and snarled. "No you won't Ichigo—not once in my kind's history has anyone even wanted another after their mate—and you don't count as my toy anymore you will count as my Mate—these are very different things. I want to make love to you as my equal, Koneko."

'I will be your first and only kitten—and in return, you will be my first and only—we will be equal'

Ichigo began to feel tears well out of her eyes.

"But you never told me how big a commitment this could be." She said darkly.

Kish drew back at these words and felt like crying himself… Why did he think he could change Ichigo—she still did not love him, all up until now had been pure lust on her part.

"Ichigo. There is a time where I'll have to give up. And I'm thinking this would be best a time now…I, goodbye Kitten…Forever goodbye." He sat up on the bed, and walked back over to her window—not even eyeballing the scattered panties all over the ground.

Ichigo felt more tears streaming down her face and her gut gave her an almost unbearable heart-wrenching scream at watching him leave.

"Kisshu don't leave me….I-I do love you; I don't even care if my parents hear me. Make me your only Mate Kisshu, and in return I'll be your only Mate. I want you with me."

Kish wiped a tear away. "You don't really mean it. I'm fed up Ichigo."

"No you're not!" Ichigo screamed. She leapt out of the bed, came from behind him, and hugged him tightly. "No you're not…" she said softly.

He felt his love for her remerge at her softness and he could not help but pull her into a hug after turning her to his side. He kissed her on the mouth and deepened it in a matter of seconds with Ichigo kissing back hungrily.

"So you really mean it?" He said later, floating upwards with her in his arms. They suspended about 20 inches from the floor; he was floating them back to the bed.

"Don't drop me Kish, but yes I meant it and I still mean every word." Said Ichigo. Her parents would be sure to hear her if she plummeted to the ground this high up, but what concerned her was the thought of being out of Kish's arms.

Kish nodded. His eyes dilated and he seemed to be panting. He laid Ichigo gently on the bed and he breathed cool breath on her face making Ichigo blush, it made him look very sexy. He landed gently over her.

"Why are you doing that Kish? You're breathing so fast." Kish huffed before explaining.

"After you gain some of me, it will be hard to control our urges, but even before we mate for the first time it will be hard." He said awkwardly.

Ichigo shook her head in disbelief.

"God Ichigo I want you, yes. I'll kill anyone who disturbs us—Oh!"

Kish rubbed up against her. "It's time Ichigo, don't turn your back on me now."

He pulled off his shorts.

Ichigo's eyes questioned him. She was still nervous, until she felt her body begin to ache along with his. "I won't turn my back. Kish I love you and I—Ah!"

He responded instantly to that need, pushing himself gently into the hot, tight opening she presented to him. A new wave of dizziness consumed him and to his profound joy, his orgasm careened through his body with no warning.

Ichigo grunted in pain as he entered her slightly. She felt something very different than anything she had ever felt before.

"Kisshu be careful…don't go fast."

"I'll try…." He said, his mouth hanging open. He kissed her pushing more in.

He was big—bigger—than Ichigo had ever imagined. He pushed the rest of the way in and waited for her okay.

The sharp pain subsided slowly with his calming kisses, and the need to follow her instincts hurled into Ichigo as she nodded giving the okay signal, drawing a guttural scream as mounted frustration and bodies exploded into indefinable gratification. Abandoning herself, Ichigo's awareness centered solely on the sensations swirling within her feminine walls as they grasped, sucked, and devoured the hard manhood pumping inside her, wielding its ruthless power to secure her dependence.

The rocking began gently, back and forth, and grew more demanding as the magnet of desire drew Ichigo closer to Kisshu with every motion. His well-clawed hands came up and fondled her breasts. Thumbs and forefingers worked to punish those luscious nipples. Her moans came continuously, reiterating her needs. It wasn't going to take long at all.

Seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling. It all become too much and Ichigo felt her body letting go to him. He entered her once more and Ichigo came.

Kish shuddered, releasing himself into her also. He was sealing their commitment forever.

Ichigo purred with satisfaction.

Holding her, Kish knew that he really loved her and he would forever, she was his equal, his one, and only Mate, and she just happened to have a pair of Hello Kitty panties that would definitely be traveling with them to paradise….and maybe even the next time they made juicy lemonade.

The End

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