I do not own naruto or this chater this story did belong to boogotu but she\he dont want it so i will conter it i hope i can do as good as job as she did with story!!

Naruto's POV

not that long ago kakashi sensie told sakura that she was to report to the hokage. I wondered at the time if she got a private mission! no way! She would tell me. But then again anything is possible for her. I don't really know her that will but she's always nice and smiling. sicne then she hasn't been coming to practice and im staring to wondering if she's hurt, or captured, or worse.

"Kakashi sensie where's sakura? I haven't seen her in the village lately? Is she okay- Did she go on a mission without us?!" I raised my voice in concern.

"I haven't seen her either." He said while keeping his nose in that stupid book of his. " I don't think she went on a mission without us cuz I would have been notified."He put his finger on his mouth which showed that he was in deep thought. "We can stop by her house today after practice if you want to talk to her."

"I'd like that." i said

"I'll pass," said sasuke. not that i mind if he dose or not.

On the way to her house, i saw sakura at the ramen shop. i sat down to the right side of her and started to ask her questions while kakashi ordered some food for us.

"So Sakura where have you been?" I said tring to make concerned voice. " I was worried about you."

"You know, i've been around here and there." She put her hand behind her head and laughed as if nothink was wrong.

but i know she was lying because i looked everywhere for her, but let it slide what was more important was that she was alright and safe right beside me."Are you ok sakura. I have this feeling in my gut. that somethings wrong"

"Naruto, can you keep a secret." asked sakura while she held back her tears.

"Yeah, You can trust me. And besides how will i tell." I told her trying to lighten up the mood

"A few days ago, when i was called to the hokage," she paused and began to cry. i put his hand on her shoulder. Kakashie paid for the food and left us alone. "H-he told me that my mother had just finished killing herself."

There had been along pause before i manages to spit out "I'm srry... Why would she do that?"

"Naruto as much as you and me like to invision that all families are close knite and happy that isn't reality. This is life and this is wat happens sometimes.I just didn't come to training cuz i would be useless and end up being a burden. And i probly won't come tomorrow either until i think im ready." She then muttered to herself."I wish i was dead too."

I heared it and like i ways do i screamed "What, Sakura repeat that." i took her by the arm and all was silent. i then put her on my back. She didn't even rebel. She just fell limp and let herself get tossed like a rag doll. I got more worried and concerned and angrier with each step I took toward my apartment. I finly put her down gentle onto the bed. I was about to say something befored I notice she had fallen asleep. I knew this was better so that in the morning I would be more calm and she would be rested. I took an extra pillow and laid it on the floor.

Guess i'm sleeping on the floor tonight

I stared at the apartment ceiling befor I noticed I couldn't sleep. I thought of what sakura said and it worried me. I got up and sat on the bed. I stared at her and thought to myself why? How could someone so beautiful say something so ugly.

I watched sakura sleep. She looks so peaceful now. God if your out there stop this moment forever.

Kakashi's POV

I watched from a higher building and saw what just took place.Then, I saw naruto leave for the supermarket and buy some food. He returned in a couple of minutes later and saw sakura under the covers. Naruto never looked so calm in the time i've known him. And of all in this situation. I couldn't help but laugh at my young student.What is he thinking. Maybe i should create a jutsu that can do that.

The next morning

Sakura's POV

I woke up to the sweet smell of a flowers.I got up to see Naruto looking at me. He was sitting on the table where i saw breakfast. He smiled at me and signaled me over. I got up slowly awaiting my fate and sat down across the table from him with the situation's thoughts still dancing through my head.

" Are you hungry?" He said while trying to stay as clam as possible.

"No, not really." I gazed into his blue emerld eyes which looked hurt and depressed. He looked at me as though he saw the same thing.

"Well, too bad." He gave me a plate.

I ate a little and realized i haven't eaten in days. I speeded up my pace and scarfed down the food.

Naruto's smile stopped and i stopped eating my food. His mouth opened at shut again then he finally said- "Slow down our you'll choke and actually really die." The pain in his voice alone made wanna cry , but i swore i would never cry again.