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"What happen?"

"Daddy hurt her last night." she cried we're all shocked when we heard this. How could sakura father do something like that!!

"daddy hit sakura she in the hospital it was all daddy don't believe what he said he don't love sissy!! Please help her!!"" she cried

"what is going one?" Naruto asked

"nothing she just imagining things." the maid said

"no please help me sissy hurt and I want to see her. " Kakashi looked at the maid and when in and took Sakura's younger sister

"Hope you don't mind but am going to take her with me ok." he said as he left. Naruto and sasuke followed them. Once they got to the hospital they went to her room to see that she was all batten up and her bands where off and they could see brush on her light skin there wasn't a part of her that was black or blue or that was bleeding. Once her sister saw her she ran by Sakura's side

"please sissy don't lave me like mommy left us please stay with us," she cried sakura work up and saw her little sister

"..rr.. Molly you should be at home why are you… here?" sakura asked not really noting her team

"I was worried sissy I thought he killed you this time why cant we just leave him? I don't want to be there with him with out mommy or you sissy please why cant we go?" she asked again

"we cant do that we don't have the money and he would hurt you if I left just try and hold on a little longer ok I promise I will find a way out we don't need anyone just each other, remember what mom use to say?" sakura asked her

"Yes she said if there is still hope or still someone you love you can do anything you want for that one person," Molly said

"see I still have you so everything will be ok."

"But mom had me and you and she count hander him how can we?"

"we just will ok." the girl nodded

"Sakura who did this? Why did your sister tell us you father hit you?" Naruto asked sakura looked at them

"what are you doing her?" she asked surprised to see them

"we head you where hurt from on of the maid then your sister came running telling us your father hit you. Is this true?" kakashi asked her sakura looked away from her teammates

"No its not how can it you know him he won't do that." Sakura smiled at him kakashi just looked at her he don't know what she was hitting behind that smiled but he know now that she was getting hurt and he know who it was but Sakura would not admit to it and he need her to so he could do something about it so he could arist her father but with out her say anything something then he count do anything with ot the proof and he was going to get it even if it was the last think he would do he was going to get the proof he need….