do not own fruts basket or this chapter this is a boogotu story but she gave it to me ad i want to thank Blackscarlet47 to be my new Beta

Tohru woke up early with a bright smile on her face and put her hands up to yawn. She told herself that today was the day that started her old life up again. She sat up straight then kneeled down to put on her slippers. She then heard voices coming from the kitchen to see the three boys already there.

"Hello, Tohru!!" said Shigure in his cheerful voice.

"Good morning, Shigure." She said while starting breakfast.

"Why are all of you up so early? Not that I mind, but you all should be getting your sleep while I make breakfast. You could if you want but its my job and as your-" Her words were interrupted by Kyo

. "We felt like getting up early and surprise you, so shut up and eat this breakfast I made you!"

"You know you should try to be a little easier going with a beautiful lady such as Tohru in the-" said the local pervert.

"SHUT UP YOU PERVERT!!" screamed Yuki while giving him a hard punch on his head.

"Um, guys, is it okay if I got out today?"

"Of course, it is Miss Honda. Are you going to the mall with your friends?" asked Yuki.

"No, my boyfriend gets out of prison today and I'm gonna help him get back on his feet!" said the cheerful Honda girl.

"Your boyfriend!!" screamed Kyo as he almost fainted.

"Miss Honda you have a boyfriend," said yuki as calm and collective as he could.

"Who was in prison?"

"Yeah, he got locked up for me."

"How did he get locked up because of you?" smiled Shigure as he looked at the boys.

"Well, you don't think the daughter of Kyoko, the Red Butterfly, would be completely innocent. I used to be a Yankee just like my friend, only we use to be enemies. There were two people I could count on- my mom and my boyfriend, Hayama. (lol, a little bit of Hayama Akito from Kodocha) One day when everything was going according to plan when Uo showed up. She started to punch me and Hayama defended me. A pedestrian saw and called the cops. He was put away for assault. And that's the story."

Tohru smiled then left for her boyfriend.