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Yuki and Shigure head Tohru's yells from inside they qukly went out so see what had happen once they got there they saw Kyo in his cat from bleeding along with Tohru who seem to have passed out. They quickly went to them Shigura then called Hotari who came over right always.

An hour later

They both will be find. But they will have to stay home for the next full weeks. Kyo broken a rib and Tohru broke 2 so she will be the on we have to look over more. They also have some other wounds that should heal in a few days . Oh and they will not be going to school and I will be back tomorrow to cheek on both of them, make such they get enough sleep they should sleep until noon tomorrow since I enjoined them . And don't hesst to call if something earls happens. If I cant come I will have someone else to come." Hatori said as he went out of the room. "there will not be going to school and they will have to stay in bed until I say so understand." he asked both Yuki and Shigure nodded

"Ok then I will be back I will see you tomorrow." he said as he left.

"wait I'll show you to your car Hatori" he said as he followed him out…

With Akito…

"Akito are you ok?" his sister Natsumi asked

"he what?"

"you where zoning out man you haven't change a bit so what are you think about?"

"Tohru I feel like something bad happen to her.' he said as he ate his food

"OH ya I haven't seen Tohru and her mother in years how are they?" she asked

"Her mother die last year I went to give my respites the poor thing she was a rack but then again she lost the only partner that she could really remember but after that I heard she move in with her grandfather and then she was living in a tenet were the Sohma's found her and gave her a room and home until the remolding of her grandfather house was done, but when she went back the two boy went and got her back it seem like they missed her too much and wanted her to go back and live with her and she did." Mr. Hayama said his to kids looked at him like he was crazy.

"Um dad how do you know all this" Natsumi asked

"I hear things." was all he said

"Ya she told me a little bit of that but not everything I know there was something she was hiding something, something she wasn't telling me but I just don't know what it was… I don't think its something bad but still…"

" wow I never though you would think Akito." Natsumi tested him

"HAHA… will at less I think unlike you.." their father laughed he missed this

"Wow dad you just laugh you don't really laugh it creeping me out." Akito said as there was a knock on the door.

"I got it." Natsumi said as she got up and left the room

"ahh Akito I such did miss time like this. I am sorry son.

"Sorry for what dad?"

" For not being there for you when you where youngster I should have but I wasted am sorry for the time we lost ." he said

"don't worry dad the pass is the pass like Tohru says 'look flowered never back and live the moment.'" his father smiled

"yes she is something isn't she I hope you both all the happiness in the world" he said with a smiled

"ya thanks dad and that will happen I want her to be happy too."

"Um Akito there is someone here to see you." Natsumi said as she came back into the dinning room

"who is.." Akito stopped when he saw non other then Sana Kurata his old hight school lover….