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When a spell throws Bankotsu and Kagome into marriage-or-death predicament, the Inutachi and Shichinintai have no choice but to form an alliance. Unfortunately there seems to be more underneath the surface. What secrets do Bankotsu's past hold? B&K FE.


Two Rivals and a Curse:

Inuyasha cursed under his breath as he fell to the ground with blood dripping from his arm. Amber eyes narrowed at the mercenary leader standing twenty feet away from him.

Bankotsu smirked. "Aw, did the doggy fall down?"

"Shippo, I need you to go hide." After watching the kit nod and scamper away to hide, Kagome notched an arrow and stepped in front of Inuyasha and aimed her arrow at Bankotsu, never taking her eyes off of him. ''Inuyasha, are you alright?''

Inuyasha used his sword to help pull him up from the ground. ''Kagome, get out of here, save yourself!''

"Inuyasha, you're so pathetic, getting protection from a human wench. I expected more from you.'' Bankotsu menacingly approached Kagome and stood in front of her pushing her arrow away...

His eyes shone with malice as he held out his hand. "Give me the shards, now!"

Kagome shook her head and took a step back. "St... stay back or else I'll purify your ass.''

Bankotsu's brow rose. "Is that right?" He slapped Kagome's bow and arrow out of her hands. 'She's the one who can see the shards...' His face spread into a dangerous smirk and he snatched her wrist. "You're coming with me".

Naraku materialized over next to Kagome and Bankotsu, grabbing their wrists and chanted in an ancient language. A bright light surrounded their hands. When the light faded an intricate band of white gold appeared on Kagome and Bankotsu's wedding fingers.

"Kukuku," Naraku eyed the new couple. 'Yes, this will do nicely.'

"You choose now of all times to show your ugly face?" Bankotsu glared at the demon and tried to yank his wrist free. "Release me or I'll kill you!"

The evil half breed smirked. "I was going to kill you after I had the shards anyways." He watched Bankotsu's eyes widen. "You have failed me Bankotsu. Now you and the wench will both pay the price. You two have no choice but to work together and collect them for me."

Kagome kicked the evil man's leg and huffed. "Let go jerk! I'll never work for you!"

Naraku smirked evilly. "You two can never leave each others' sides, for if you do, you will both die a very painful death." Naraku cackled. 'This will prove much more... entertaining.' Before anyone could attack, he disappeared into a mist of miasma.

Bankotsu rolled his eyes. 'How dare he toy with someone of my power?' His eyes narrowed at the wench and he dropped her wrist. "I'll kill him for this!"

'How dare he bind me to a weak pathetic wench?' He tried to yank the ring off but it wouldn't budge. "Damnit!"

Kagome tried to tug hers off, but it was no use. She frowned. "What does he mean 'never leave each others' side'?" She stared at her and Bankotsu's rings. 'Please tell me this is some horrible nightmare, or a bad joke.'

"Exactly what he said child."

Everyone turned around and saw Kaede emerge through the trees on a donkey.

'Since when does she travel this far from the village?' Miroku stepped towards her. "Lady Kaede, what brings you here?"

"I heard a commotion outside the village and came to investigate. I also overheard what Naraku said." Kaede's brows knit. "I have only seen this particular spell used once before, but I do not know if it was ever broken or how."

She dismounted and then sat with the Inutachi, while the Shichinintai sat nearby listening as well. "This curse has dire consequences."

Bankotsu's eyes zeroed in on the old woman. "Explain!"

"If the two of ye who are cursed stray from the given range, yer bodies will be consumed with excruciating pain far worse than anything ye have suffered before. Wounds inflicted to one will not pass to the other, but death and things to do with the souls will."

"What's the range Kaede?" Kagome chewed her bottom lip. 'Why is this happening to me?'

Kaede stared at her. "Five feet at the most, child."


Kagome, Inuyasha, and Bankotsu jumped to their feet.

"There's no way and I mean no way, I am cooperating with that dog face, Inutrasha!" Bankotsu crossed his muscular arms over his broad chest and scowled at the half breed.

"His name is Inuyasha!" Kagome and Jakotsu both glared at Bankotsu.

Bankotsu glared back at them, causing them to want to shrink back and fall silent.

"I figured as much, it is a good thing I have this," Kaede held up a rosary much like Inuyasha's. Kaede placed it around her hands and then chanted the spell. The beads glowed brilliantly and broke loose

Bankotsu warily eyed the old priestess and the necklace. 'That looks like what Inutrasha wears.' He growled. "Now wait just a minute. Don't even think – " The beads flew around Bankotsu's neck, re-attaching before he could finish his sentence. His jaw clenched and he tried to yank them off.

Kagome looked at Bankotsu. "Do you know what that necklace around Inuyasha's neck does?"

"No," Bankotsu frowned trying to yank them off him. 'But I have the felling I'm not going to like it.'

Kagome grinned. "Whenever I say sit - "

The necklace around Inuyasha's shined a brilliant blue and Inuyasha plummeted to the dirt.

"Ow, Kagome!"

Bankotsu and the Band member's eyes widened.

She waved her hand at the crater. "Inuyasha does... that."

Bankotsu's face turned horrified. "What about me?" He eyed her warily.

Sango turned to Kaede. "He doesn't have a word, so it won't affect him, right?"

Kaede crowed ready to burst with laughter. "Oh yes, he does."

Kagome waited a few moments and then stared at the older woman. "What's the word?"

Kaede finished the spell. "That is your decision child, just like when I put Inuyasha's on."

Kagome nodded at the old woman. Turning back to Bankotsu she looked thoughtful for a moment.


The beads around Bankotsu's neck flashed a brilliant red and before he knew what happened, he slammed against the ground hard enough to create a gaping crater around him.

Inuyasha and Miroku roared with laughter. Sango let out a high pitched giggle.

Kagome's face flushed. "Thank you Kaede." She turned to the rest of the onlookers. "Um, so now since that's been decided..."

Bankotsu groaned and put two shaking hands on the ground. He pushed himself to his knees climbing out of the crater. The furious mercenary stood to his feet glaring dangerously at the young Miko. "Wench, I strongly suggest you do not do that to me again!"

The remaining Band of Seven members whose eyes had widened upon seeing their leader slammed to the ground, recovered from their shocked states.

Bankotsu snatched the old priestess by the front of her haori. "Remove this damn thing right now, you vile old hag," His eyes promised retaliation.

Kagome glared at the arrogant and blatantly disrespectful teen. "Show some respect Bankotsu, or else I will use it."

Shippo eyed the mercenary warily. "Trust me, you don't want to have her use that again." The rest of the Inutachi minus Inuyasha nodded in agreement.

Bankotsu shoved the old woman away knocking her onto her butt. "Fine, but once we have found that damn Naraku and killed him; we are removing this damn necklace and then you will all pay for this." Bankotsu's eyes narrowed dangerously at the entire Inutachi.

"Yay, I get to be with my Inu-darling." Jakotsu jumped up and down clapping his hands.

Inuyasha's eyes widened and he faced Jakotsu with the meanest glare. "Shaddup and keep away from me, you weirdo."

Miroku helped Kaede to her feet and walked her over to her donkey. She looked at Kagome. "Oh before I forget, the curse usually starts at sunrise the day after it is cast. Remember, ye two must always be by each others' side, whether it's sleeping, fighting, or bathing. Also if one of you dies, so will the other."

Kagome and Bankotsu's faces were red from embarrassment.

Inuyasha swung his stare to Kaede. "There's no way in hell I am agreeing to this!"

Bankotsu shook his fist towards the woman. "For once, I agree with him."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Inuyasha grit his teeth.

"Just what I said mutt," Bankotsu grabbed Inuyasha by the lapels of his haori. "Back off before I kill you!" he held Banryu to Inuyasha's neck.

Kaede shook her head sadly at the bickering duo and then looked at the young priestess. "Kagome, I wish ye luck child," She mounted her donkey and took off.

Kagome sighed. "Stop it!" When they didn't she huffed. "Inuyasha..."

At the tone of her voice, Bankotsu released his grip and stood back.

"Sit boy!"

Inuyasha hit the earthen soil creating a massive crater.

Kagome approached Bankotsu poking her finger at his chest as she spoke. "And you, Mr. Tough Guy, I don't like this idea any more then you do, but we don't exactly have a choice. I am sure you don't want to die anytime soon and neither do I." Her eyes narrowed. "So suck it up!"

Bankotsu looked from her finger to her face. "So you've got some spunk after all, eh?" His eyes lit with merriment. He casually draped his arm around her shoulder. "You know, maybe us being together won't be so bad after all," He smirked when her face turned pink.

Inuyasha jumped out of his hole. "Keep your hands off her!" He stormed towards the mercenary.

"Inu-darling, why go for that wench when you have me?" Jakotsu clung to Inuyasha's arm.

"Get off me, you crazy freak," Inuyasha tried to shake Jakotsu off.

Kagome whirled around facing the cross dresser. "My name is Kagome. Not wench!"

Jakotsu waved a hand towards in as if he were waving away a pest. "Shut up, you wench."

"Jakotsu… I do not appreciate your tone towards my wife"

Inuyasha's fists balled and he shoved Jakotsu away, moving into Bankotsu's face as he pulled the man's arm off Kagome. "She's not yours!"

"These rings say otherwise," Bankotsu held up their hands showing off the rings to spite the mutt.

Miroku sighed heavily. "Somehow, I liked it better when it was Inuyasha and Kouga fighting over Kagome." The others nodded their heads in agreement.

The remaining Schichinatai looked at them obviously clueless.

Kagome clenched her fists. "Inuyasha, sit!" She rounded on Bankotsu and glared at him. "And you, I'm not your wife! Got that?" She spun on her heel and furiously stomped off in the direction of a hot spring.

"I'll go with her so she's safe," Sango grabbed her Hiraikotsu and walked after Kagome.

Renkotsu gazed into his leader's eyes. "Aren't you two supposed to be together at all times?"

Miroku shook his head. "Kaede said the spell will start at sunrise tomorrow."


The girls quickly undressed, setting their clothes in a pile along with their weapons. They slipped into the steamy waters and sat with their backs against a couple of big rocks.

Kagome stared helplessly at her best friend. "I don't think I can do this. Inuyasha gets jealous so quickly and now Bankotsu is being an antagonist." She shook her head.

Sango pat her friend's shoulder. "Bankotsu is just doing it to tease you and to rile Inuyasha. When Inuyasha gets annoying, just sit him." Her eyes sparkled with laughter. "For that matter, you can sit them both."

Kagome blinked. "I guess you're right." She sighed. "I just hope Bankotsu doesn't do anything perverted while I'm sleeping."

Sango raised a brow. "Did you forget that you could use your powers to purify him as well?"

Kagome face turned bright red. "Yeah I kind of did."

Sango chuckled and shook her head. 'Poor girl, I feel for her, but what can we do about it?' She stared up at the sky and noticed that it was starting to get dark. "We should finish up and head back before they start worrying and come to find us."

Kagome nodded. "You're right." The girls washed and rinsed their hair. They climbed out of the springs and got dressed. They collected their belongings and walked back towards the camp.

As the girls entered the camp site Inuyasha jumped up and ran over to Kagome's side. "No way in hell! I'm not going to let you be alone with that murderer!"

"That isn't for you to decide, half breed. It's up to the Miko if she wishes to be alone with me." Bankotsu smirked. 'Knowing she really has no choice just makes it even more fun to tease the mutt.'

"My name is Kagome. Not wench and not Miko, just Kagome." She poked the mercenary's chest with each syllable. "Ka-go-me!" Kagome blinked. 'This is just like when I first met Inuyasha.'

Bankotsu grabbed her finger and moved it away from his chest as he smirked wider. "Fine, Ka-go-me, better?"

She sighed heavily and nodded. "Miroku, we need more water considering there are now three more people to feed."

Miroku nodded and stood up to collect some water.

"Kagome! We are not feeding them. They are not staying here!"

"What would you prefer, Inuyasha? They join us and travel with us, or I go off with them alone? Frankly I don't want to be alone with them! But if you keep on arguing with Bankotsu, I'm sure he'll just take me and leave." She planted her hands on her hips.

Inuyasha snarled. "I am not letting you be alone with them!"

"That isn't up to you, mutt. It's up to me." Bankotsu glared icily at said mutt. He really was getting tired of the mutt thinking he was going lead here. 'Ha! Not happening, ever! I'm the leader - period!'

Kagome stared at Bankotsu. "And me, like it or not we are in this together. At least until we can reverse this... whatever it is exactly that Naraku has done to us."

"For now, we will ally with your group. But if either of them does anything stupid, I will not hesitate to snatch you and leave with my men. I won't allow anyone to remain a threat to you." Bankotsu's jaw clenched. "or myself," Bankotsu held her gaze, eyes dead serious.

Knowing she'd never be able to stop him Kagome sighed heavily. "Fair enough."

Inuyasha scowled. "Fine, they can stay, for now."

Kagome's shoulder slouched in relief. "Thanks, Inuyasha."

Miroku returned with the water.

Kagome made everyone a stew. After the stew finished cooking Kagome stood up and doled it out to everyone. After everyone had finished eating, Bankotsu approached Kagome so he was standing right in front of her.

"The way we are going to do this is like so, Jakotsu and Renkotsu will be on hunting duty from here on out. The other wench - "

Kagome snorted. "She has a name! It's Sango."

Bankotsu scowled. "Fine, Sango and the monk will collect the water. You and I will collect the fire wood and Inuyasha will collect whatever else is needed."

Inuyasha jumped up glaring at Bankotsu. "Hey! Just who the hell said you were in charge anyway?"

"It's mine and Kagome's lives that are at stake here. I'm not going to let you screw things up and cost us our lives! I am in charge until this situation is reversed. If you don't like that, mutt, then I will just take Kagome and be on my way." His eyes challenged the mutt. "Either way, I refuse to allow anyone," He glared heatedly in warning. "to screw this up."

Inuyasha glared with spite towards the mercenary leader.

Kagome turned to the hanyou. "Please, Inuyasha just let Bankotsu do this for now. I really don't want to be alone with them. If you anger him he will just take me away from you and the others."

Bankotsu huffed. "I will do whatever I have to in order to ensure your safety and thus my own."

Inuyasha growled. "It's my job to protect her," His eyes flashed with ferocity.

"The minute the rings went on it became my job, because if she dies, so will I. I don't plan on dying again anytime soon," Bankotsu's eyes, voice and stance remained coldly austere.

Kagome walked over to Inuyasha and laid a hand on his shoulder. "Please, Inuyasha?"

"Only for now. Once this thing is un-done," he snarled at Bankotsu, "you and your comrades leave."

Bankotsu scoffed. "Gladly."

Kagome's eyes filled with relief. "Thanks, Inuyasha."

Bankotsu glared at the half demon and the young priestess. He moved her hand off Inuyasha's shoulder and placed himself between them "From now on however, no other man had better dare to touch Kagome."

"Excuse me?" Kagome faced him with an angry expression.

Bankotsu held her gaze, tone dead serious. "Until this changes; you and I are bound to one another and I don't like to share. If another male approaches you in any way that I find unsatisfactory, I will not hesitate to kill him." He saw defiance flash in her eyes. "I will not allow you to be harmed, by anyone. I refuse to die."

"You don't own me Bankotsu! If I want to hug someone, then I will hug him!"

"Just remember what I said, Kagome. Until this curse is broken, you belong to me. I don't share! I refuse to allow you to be harmed," Bankotsu's voice was cold and emotionless.

"You remember this as well; if you hurt my friends, I will not hesitate to use your rosary or purify your ass."

"I may not be able to kill you, but I can make life very... unpleasant for you." A wicked gleam shone in his eye.

Kagome planted her hands on her hips and pushed her face into his. "That may be but I can also do the same for you."

"Don't push your luck!" A biting tone laced Bankotsu's voice. He stood with his arms crossed in front of his massive chest.

Kagome swallowed. "I am going to bed, alone, good night everyone." She walked over to her bag and spread out her sleeping bag.

Bankotsu followed her with his eyes.

"You had better not hurt her," Inuyasha's eyes hardened at the cocky teenager.

"I will do whatever I want with her and you cannot stop me," Bankotsu spun on his heel and picked up his Banryu. He walked over to sit by his brothers.

Inuyasha jumped into the tree above Kagome's sleeping spot so he could guard over her.

Miroku rubbed his chin. "This shall be interesting. We know that we cannot kill him or we will end up killing her as well. On the other hand, they cannot kill her or they would be killing him as well. "

Sango nodded. "The only thing we can do is try to make sure she is safe and find Naraku."

Miroku nodded.

Sango stood up and walked over to bed down beside Kagome, with her Hiraikotsu close at hand.


Bankotsu glared in the direction of his enemies.

Jakotsu fidgeted in his seat. "What about when sun rise comes?"

Bankotsu took a deep breath and expelled it. "Just before sun rise I will make certain she is by my side. For tonight however, I would rather have peace and quiet without her next to me."

Jakotsu nodded. 'Poor Ban.'

Renkotsu looked at his leader. "So what do we do now?"

"We wait for morning, and then we will all figure out what to do next." Bankotsu's hand balled into a fist and punched his thigh. "We will hunt down Naraku together and after he has reversed this, I will kill him and then them."

'We all have a long day ahead of us.' He nodded to his men. "You two may as well get some sleep while you can."

His brothers nodded and bed down close to a fire.

Bankotsu sat on a boulder and waited, pondering his next move, while his fingers absentmindedly fiddled with the accursed beads around his neck.


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