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Seven Year Special:

"Let's see… lollipops, pocky and marshmallows." Kagome marked them off her list. "Costumes… don't have to really worry about theirs and I'm in mine." Kagome grinned. 'I can't wait to see what everyone thinks about my costume this year.'

She carefully packed the food she'd spent hours slaving over. "Medical supplies… blanket." She added two bottles of the best Saki. "Okay, I'm good to go." She shouldered her pack being careful not to damage her costume in the process.

"Bye mom! Bye Souta! Bye gramps!" She ran out the door and entered the shrine. She took a deep breath. "Here goes," She jumped into the well.

She was immediately engulfed by the familiar warmth and light and she grinned. 'I can't wait to see everyone's faces.'

Upon touching the ground she looked up at the open sky. "I made it!" she climbed out of the well and pushed her pack over the rim, before climbing over to land softly on the grass.

"Kagome is that you?"

A thin tall lone figure walked over. "Help me with this, will you?" She tried to lift her pack again.

Grey eyes stared at the fuzzy ears on her head. "Let me touch them, please?" He stared at her like a kid in a candy store.

Kagome giggled. "Okay, but afterwards, you have to help me carry this back to the village, deal?"

Jakotsu squealed and nodded profusely. Kagome laughed and let Jakotsu stroke her ears of her costume.

"They feel so real."

"I got an extra pair just for you."

Jakotsu's eyes lit up. "Really?"

"Of course silly, but you can't have them until we get to the village."

Jakotsu grabbed the bag. "Well what are you waiting for? Let's go!" He headed towards the cabins. Kagome chuckled and followed him.

"I'm back!"

Sango stepped outside and grinned. "Kagome, you look so cute!"

"Thanks Sango."

Miroku's eyes about popped out of his head. "Lady Kagome? You look incredible," he sent her a lecherous grin.

Kagome shook her head. 'Should have known that was how he'd react.'

Inuyasha walked out of his cabin and stared at her. "Kagome… What the hell did you do?"

"Behave Inuyasha, it's just a costume."

Inuyasha grunted. "Still looks weird."

"Hey where is…?" Bankotsu's jaw dropped as his azure gaze roved over Kagome, taking in every detail from the fuzzy ears on top of her head, to the long, black tail extended behind her. 'Damn that's hot!'

Kagome grinned. "I take it you like the spandex?"

Bankotsu walked over to her and smirked. "If that's what is called, hell yes I like it!"

He ran his hands from her shoulders down to her hips and curled them possessively around her curvaceous backside. He nibbled her neck. "I like very much."

Kagome grinned. She felt strong hands squeeze her butt and yelped.

Bankotsu chuckled.

Kagome sent him a stern look. "Oi! No touching until after the party."

"No promises this time." Bankotsu grabbed his wife's butt and squeezed. "You've outdone yourself this year." He captured her lips in a heated kiss.

She circled her arms around his neck. Kagome moaned and kissed him back. After a minute they pulled away gasping for air. Kagome moved her lips to his ear and whispered. "After the party, I'm all yours."

He stepped back and smacked her butt. "Better be mine!"

"So are we gonna eat or what?"

"You said when we got here, I'd get my ears."

Kagome chuckled. "Don't worry I haven't forgotten." She walked over to her bag pulled out a red velvet box. She passed it to him. "Here."

Jakotsu opened the box and squealed. "Thanks Kagome!" He pulled her into a hug.

She smiled. "You're welcome Jakotsu."

Jakotsu put the ears on his head and sighed blissful. "Now I have my own cute, furry ears." He sat down rubbing his own ears.

Bankotsu laughed a deep barrel chest laugh and grinned at his wife. "You sure know how to keep him happy."

Kagome nodded. "Where are the kids?"

"Coming at you fast," Bankotsu pointed behind her. He laughed and jumped out of the way.

Shippo jumped up into her arms. "Mama, did you bring the lollipops?" he stared at her with puppy dog eyes.

Kagome laughed. "Yes."

All the kids cheered.

"But you can't have them until after dinner."

"But, Mama…"

"No fair!"

"Come on Mama."

"That's not fair Aunt Kagome!"

"Aunty Gome…"


"You heard your mother."

"Yes sir."

Bankotsu faced his nieces and nephews. "You heard your aunt."

They all pouted. "Yes sir."

Bankotsu nodded in satisfaction.

Kikyo walked up smiling. "I see we're all here now."

Inuyasha glared at Kagome. "Food, now!"

Bankotsu flicked Inuyasha's ear. "Be patient mutt."

Inuyasha huffed and glared at the man. "Hands off the ears!"

Kagome laughed. "Bankotsu why don't you help me set up the food so we can eat?"

Bankotsu grinned, "You betcha babe." His mouth watered. Bankotsu and Kagome set out the blanket and everyone sat down. After Bankotsu set her yellow bag beside her he moved to sit behind her.

Kagome smiled and passed out the boxed meals.

Bankotsu's eyes lit up as did Inuyasha's.


Kagome laughed. "Steak, rice, veggies, egg rolls, tempura, and fresh baked bread."

Kagome pulled out Shippo's tea and handed it to him.

He smiled. "Thanks Mama."

She smiled and passed tea to the other children. "You're welcome children." She stared at her husband and her eyes twinkled. "And for the adults…" She pulled out the Saki.

Bankotsu smirked. "You really know how to surprise me babe." He took the Saki and poured it for the adults.

The wind picked up and two tornadoes stopped in the middle of the field.

Kagome grinned. "Right on time."

Kouga's eyes bulged as he slowly took in Kagome's appearance. He licked his lips. "Yummy."

Blue and green eyes narrowed on the wolf. Ayame smacked him upside the head. "Kouga!"

Kouga chuckled. "Yame, relax. I was just appreciating her costume."

Ayame huffed and passed him the two pups from her hips. "Just for that you can handle all three today while I eat with the others."

Kouga blinked. "Yame, get back here." He stared down into three faces and sighed. "Mommy is testy today."

The triplets giggled.

"Ooh, Daddy got in trouble."

Kouga's eyes narrowed. "Taro…" The boy gulped and fell silent.

Sachiko stared at her father with green eyes and shook her red head. "Meanie!" She kicked her father and leapt to the ground.

Kouga grunted.

Nodaku stared at his father and then sighed. He jumped out of his arms. He walked over and hugged his mother.

Kouga blinked. "Oi, why am I the bad guy?"

Bankotsu snorted and moved in front of Kagome. His eyes narrowed at the older wolf demon. "Because you flirted with someone other than your mate!" His teeth ground.

Ayame grinned and nuzzled her daughter's nose. "For a two year old you're pretty strong."

Sachiko grinned and nuzzled her mother's nose. "Like you mommy."

Ayame laughed. "Hai."

"Food, now!"

Kikyo elbowed Inuyasha's ribs. "Be patient."

Kagura's large feather floated above them and then landed in the field, quickly followed by Ahun.

"Uncle Sesshomaru's pack is here."

Inuyasha grunted. "Oh joy."

Kikyo stared at her mate and burped her one year old daughter.

Kouga sighed and sat by his mate and their triplets. "Everyone has arrived then?"

"Yup, we're all here." Kagome grinned.

Sesshomaru carried his one year old son over to the tables and nodded a greeting to Kagome.

Bankotsu grinned. "He's getting bigger, eh?"

Kagura beamed. "Mateo is growing stronger every day." She stroked her son's hair.

Sesshomaru raised a brow. "Of course he's strong, he's my son."

Bankotsu laughed and escorted his wife to their seats.

Rin followed her parent's with Kohaku Sr. at her side. He sat beside her and fed her food to her. Rin blushed and opened her mouth.

Sesshomaru growled.

Kagura placed a hand on his arm. "She's not a little girl anymore."

Sesshomaru grunted and hugged his son.

Sango smiled at her brother and his girlfriend.

Miroku watched his four year old twins playing tag.

Six year old Shin chased his four year old sister with handfuls of mud.

Amaya shrieked and then laughed and squirted him with the water gun.

Two and a half year old Anya ran over to Jakotsu and hugged his leg. "Daddy save me!"

One and a half year old Mouko waddled over covered in sauce and grinned, holding his fingers towards his sister.

Jakotsu laughed and scooped Anya into his arms. "She takes after me." He grinned.

Tara laughed and used a rag to clean her son's face and hands. "He takes after me."

Everyone laughed and then thanked Kagome for the food. After everyone enjoyed their food and Saki, except the kids who had tea instead, Kagome passed out a plastic covered plate to everyone.

"My mama baked these fresh for everyone."

The kids' eyes lit up. "Cookies!" they grabbed the pumpkin cookies.

The adults laughed.

Kagome and Bankotsu watched as the kids were allowed to get into the large bowl of candy.

Fifteen minutes later Amaya wrapped her sticky fingers around her father's waist.

"Oi, now I'm all sticky." He laughed.

Amaya grinned. "Papa sticky." Everyone laughed.

Bankotsu scooped his daughter up. "And now we need to clean up."

Amaya giggled as he tweaked her nose and grinned.

Kagome watched her husband and daughter splashing in the water bowl and laughed.

Kikyo helped clear the table and then stared at the fading sun. "I think it's time all the little ones get ready for bed."

All the kids groaned and the parents dispersed to put their children to bed. Kagura, Sesshomaru, Mateo, Kohaku Sr. and Rin left on Kagura's feather and Ahun's back. Kouga and his family left.

Bankotsu followed his wife into their cabin and tucked the kids into their beds. He walked over to his wife and smirked. "Now that the party's over you're mine, right?" he nuzzled her neck.

She took his hand and led him towards their bedroom. "Why don't you come see what's on under this suit?" Her eyes twinkled.

'What did you do?'

'You have to discover it for yourself.'

"Now this is something I've waited for all day."

Kagome grinned as he slowly slid the latex suit down. She lay across the bed and flipped onto her back. He gasped and his fingers brushed lightly over her one and only tattoo.

On her left shoulder blade entwined wedding bands with their names on them wrapped around his beloved halberd Banryu with vines beneath the halberd.

Bankotsu smirked. "Looks great Kags."

"You really like it?"

"I do." He kissed her tattoo and then turned her over and claimed her mouth in a heated kiss.


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