You Mess With One Generation, You Mess With The Next

Hello everyone! Sizzlin'-Starry-Night-sky here. This is my new story. Just something that is getting written alongside Running From Sin City.

Starfire gets a blast from her past that determined to put her future in jeopardy!

I dedicate this chapter to Moonlitsfantasy. She knows exactly why.

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Outer space.A place that is of never ending pitch black sky that is the home to millions of sparkling stars, a myriad of planets, moons, meteors. One would think that space seems tranquil as if absolutely no evil could possibly be borne of such a place. Well then, one would be wrong. As of right now on the planet Liloqu'th 7, an alien race of scientists known as the Psions were gathered in an abandoned, run down temple discussing tactics for their latest diabolical scheme.

"Are you certain this shall work brother?" A gravelly yet decidedly female voice asked.

"Indeed," Answered a raspy masculine voice.

"With this power," began a third and seemingly younger male voice. "We shall be able to conquer this galaxy and all the others within existence."

"With her power," the female voice corrected. "However, tell me, what of her legacy? Both have stopped us and you know as well as I do that the prophecy states that she can have the power to stop us."

"Indeed," the first male voice concurred. "That is what the prophecy states. But we need the legacy in order to make her rise once again."

In his mind's eye, the male Psion saw a woman with bright red hair and deep blue, almost purple eyes. Her name was of no importance to him, but she had once stopped him and his brethren from rising in power. She had died protecting her legacy, which too, had defeated them in a second attempt of intergalactic domination. Her legacy was the key to returning her to life, this time on their side and with the vast amount of power that she wielded; he highly doubted that her legacy would be able to fulfill her part of the prophecy. The male Psion skin wrinkled as he smiled a malicious smile. "We look for the key as soon as Liloqu'th moon is in alignment with our sun," he stated.

Hello. Okay, I'll admit this was short and yucky. But this is the first time I've explored characters other than the ones I'm used to from this show. So please, go easy. If you must throw either pears or pineapples I haven't had either one in a long time and could really go for one of either. If you have any suggestions for names of the Psions, let me know. I'm not too good with alien names and the only advice I was given was from a friend who said use a lot of Xs and Qs.

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