You Mess With One Generation, You Mess With The Next

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Chapter One: Raven's Vision

It was quiet in Jump City. The whole place seemed to be sleeping. Even the occupants of Titans Tower, the protectors of Jump were deep within dreamland. Well, almost everyone. Raven, the Titans' empath was having difficulty sleeping and was meditating as a way of trying to lull her stubborn self into slumber. Raven's mantra, azerath, metrion, zinthos had a calming and slightly hypnotic effect on the girl. Just as she was about to drift off, a vision assaulted her mind.

Raven was floating along a cold, dreary hallway. It was dusty and had cracks with bugs crawling through it. It seemed to be interminable, the way it stretched ahead of Raven with no turns of any kind. There was some sort of dull light showing the way for Raven, yet she could not place its source for there were no windows, no torches, nothing. Finally the light seemed to grow brighter as it filled a room a short distance ahead of Raven. In the room were a group of green creatures that bore absolute no resemblance to Beastboy. This group seemed rather wizened and Raven could sense a dark aura emanating off of them. She raised an eyebrow and rose higher to see why they had gathered there. The green people had surrounded a coffin that appeared to be decades old. One of the green people, male or female, Raven couldn't be sure, reached out a hand and moved the top of the coffin. Inside laid a woman with tan skin, unusually petit eyebrows and scarlet hair. Raven almost fell over out of shock. Was this Starfire? No, it couldn't be, Raven had said good night to her just hours ago. The green person spoke, "soon, once we have the key, you shall rise again and help us gain absolute power. Not even your legacy shall be able to stop you." Raven frowned. Key? Legacy? It seemed as if these green people were planning on resurrecting this Tamaranian woman in order to rise in power. Raven just hoped that she could ask Starfire who these people were.

Raven's vision shifted, this time she was in a brightly lit hall. Lining either side of it were well dressed, yet solemn people. Raven also noticed the other Teen Titans standing there as well. None of them looked happy. Raven heard heavy doors opening. Turning around, she saw Starfire dressed in what appeared to be ceremonial warrior's clothing. Her head was held high and sheer determination was blazing proudly in her jade orbs. As Starfire walked down the hall, Raven heard Robin call out in a pleading, somewhat desperate voice, "Starfire, must you do this?"

Raven watched her friend take Robin's hands into her own and say, "I must do this Robin. It is the only way." Apparently her words did little to comfort their leader.

Raven finally found her own voice and called, "Star! Where are you going?"

Starfire called over her shoulder, "To do what I must in order to fulfill my destiny and send her back to the afterlife. Farewell friends." Raven watched as the Tamaranian royal disappear into a blinding light.

Raven awoke from her vision with a gasp and landed somewhat ungracefully on her bed. "Star!" The Azarathian exclaimed. "What in Azar's name was that all about?"

Okay, so that was a bit longer and somewhat better. They'll get longer as the plot progresses. No, this isn't a StarxRaven story. It's StarxRob. Don't expect too much romance though. Raven was the one to have the vision because she's a telepath and an empath and sees Starfire as a younger sister.