Happiness will never leave our side as long as we continue to believe that it's always there.

After four blissful years filled nothing but happiness, natsume and I had children. Our oldest one was a boy named Seiji Hyuuga, and our little angel, Chikako Hyuuga. Yes, you're right. We named our daughter after her aunt Chikako who, if it wasn't for her, all of this didn't happen. We owe her so much that this is our only way to show her our thanks. If it wasn't for her, for her death, for her visits in our dreams and if it wasn't for me being her half sister, all of this wouldn't had happen. Every now and then my other half sister, chiaki will come by and visit us. Her dream of being a patisserie was attained a year after our wedding. Now, on her third year, since her debut, she became a renowned pâtissier.

Hotaru and Ruka's relationship became permanent as they tied their vows together a year and a half after our wedding. Recently, when hotaru called me, she informed that she is pregnant and she is happy that she ended up being with ruka, even though occasionally they'll fight because of hotaru's stubbornness. Due to her maternity, ruka, who's been working for natsume's company since the very beginning became more frustrated and at the time fretful because hotaru's condition. Knowing hotaru, even though her doctor told her to go and get a complete bed rest, she will always find an alibi so that she can work. She hates being bored.

Shuichi on the other hand is currently engaged to her fiancée which, according to him met when he came back to Paris. After hearing his stories about the girl that he's currently engaged to, it occur to me that the girl that he's been telling me about was chiaki the whole time, since he kept on saying "patisserie," repeatedly. I was happy for them that they found each other. I want chiaki to be happy the way I was. The last time shuichi called me, I told him to take care of chiaki, or else he's going to get it from me. He also told me that he is planning to ask for her hand in due time, he's only raising some more money so that the wedding will be according to her wishes.

Anna and nonoko who on the very beginning loves clothes and fashion accessories were able to built their own fashion house. It was weird because according to them, the name of the company was "HnT" which stands for happiness and tears, when I asked them the reason behind it, they simply told me that I gave them the inspiration to pursue their dreams.

We haven't heard anything about Luna after chiaki's departure. We all thought that she went abroad or she was in jail but recently, anna, who comes by every other day, told me that she just saw Luna near our new house. Actually she's been seeing her a lot. Stalking and standing near our house as if she's been waiting for someone.

All of our lives changed after we met new people. But one thing that didn't change is the fact that if anyone of us needs somebody, we'll be there for them...

A/n: epilogue. some of my reviewers asked me to go and make another chap, so here it is. I hope you like it! It's kinda short but this is what happened to them after mikan and natsume's marriage. As for Luna, don't even ask me, I don't know what happened to her.