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Harry smiled as he awoke. Something very pleasant had awakened him and it originated from just below his waist. He sleepily opened his eyes and glanced down. A mass of pink was bobbing up and down on Harry and he smiled.

With a grunt, Harry climaxed in to Tonks' mouth. He smiled and laid his head back on the pillow. Fleur and Bella were gone from the bed so Harry pulled Tonks up to his face and kissed. Their tongues battled and Tonks moaned in to Harry's mouth. He could taste the remnants of his salty fluids. He smiled and pulled back.

"What an excellent way to wake up in the morning." Tonks giggled and lay her head on Harry's chest. Harry circled his arms around her and she sighed contentedly in to his neck.

"Oh no Harry, we aren't done yet." Harry looked up to see Bella grinning at him, clad in her very sheer nightgown that was transparent in all but the most vital areas. Harry grinned as Bella kneeled on the bed and crawled towards Harry. Tonks slid off him to make room for her aunt.

Bella dropped her head and kissed Harry very thoroughly. Harry shuddered as he felt Tonks' slim fingers circle around his erection and reawaken him. Bella smiled around his kiss and threw her leg over him, straddling his hips.

Harry watched as Tonks gently guided him to Bella's entrance and both lovers groaned as he slid in to her. Harry watched slack jawed as the raven-haired beauty above him. Bella had her head thrown back, her mouth slightly open in pleasure. Her large breasts were bouncing slightly as she moved up and down along Harry's length.

Suddenly, Harry's vision was blocked. Harry looked up and smiled to see Fleur smiling down at him. Her white-blonde hair was draped over her shoulder and her bright blue eyes twinkled down at him. "Eat me Harry." Harry's eyes traveled to her perky breasts and her taut stomach.

She was completely shaven and he shivered in anticipation. She smiled at it and sank down, his mouth engulfing her womanhood. Harry closed his eyes contentedly as he ran his tongue along her. Harry groaned as Bella began adding circular rotations to her bouncing and a spike of pleasure soared through him. Fleur felt the groan vibrate in to her and she was forced to grab the large wooden headrest of the bed lest she collapse entirely on to Harry.

Harry continued his job, five plus years of having three bedmates having made his oral sex abilities quite extensive. Within minutes, Fleur was bucking on top of him, Tonks slathering on her breasts. With a scream, Fleur climaxed and Tonks bent down and licked the offending, but not offensive, fluids off of Harry's numb jaw. That soon turned in to a fierce French kiss between the former Auror and Boy-Who-Lived.

Fleur shakily dismounted off of Harry and collapsed next to him on the bed. Harry reached down and grabbed on to Bella's hips as she had been furiously bouncing on his hips.

Bella sighed in pleasure as another orgasm ripped through her body. That was her third of the morning and Harry hadn't finished once. She smiled lovingly at him as Fleur collapsed. Bella bent forward, adjusting the angle of her movements and began to suck lightly on Harry's neck, just above the collarbone. Harry's calloused hands stroked her lower cheeks lovingly as she rode him slowly.

Tonks sat next to Harry watching Bella slowly ride him while suckling like a newborn on his neck. Harry groaned and closed his eyes. Tonks smiled at her two loves but couldn't help but feel a bit unfulfilled. Fleur was passed out cold from Harry's ministrations and Bella was mounting for her fourth climax. Tonks' mind was pulled from its thoughts when Harry noticed she was unoccupied and he ran a hand down her stomach.

The three women had formed a perfect partnership with Harry as each had their own preferences in the bedroom. For Bella, from residing for over two decades in either Azkaban and under Voldemort, had been completely cut off from contact and so she craved the deep connection that only full vaginal sex can provide. Fleur on the other hand loved receiving oral from Harry as vaginal sex is feared amongst Veelas as it created a deep, almost slave-like relationship between Veela and mate. Harry had of course had sex with Fleur many times and the bond was in place but the stigmata of her childhood remained. The perfect was solution was found in Harry's mouth as Fleur delighted in the feeling of his tongue against her womanhood.

Tonks just had a thing for hands. No mysterious background; just a fetish. She loved the feeling of rough, calloused fingers stroking her thighs. Right now, Harry's hand was doing just that, touching all parts of her extremely ready crotch except for her entrance. Tonks let loose a growl and a smiling Harry finally acquiesced. His thumb found her button as his fingers roved up and down her slit, occasionally parting the outer lips.

Tonks growled again and grabbed Harry's wrist and forced his two extended fingers inside of her. She smiled happily and began to bounce on his extended fingers. Harry groaned at the sight of his two digits thrusting within her and that pushed him over the edge.

With a grunt, he released himself just as Bella bottomed him out and climaxed. She collapsed on his chest and lay there breathing heavily. Tonks, having watched Fleur and Bella both reach the Promised Land, had built up quite a bit of arousal and it wasn't long until she reached the edge.

With a groan, Harry's hand pushed her over and she sighed and lay next to him. Fleur lay on his left side dozing and Bella perched on his chest, idly playing with his chest hair. He was still entrenched within her.

The four lay there for a moment until a ward notice popped up. Harry sighed. "The kids are coming in, clean up the bed a bit." Bella groaned and allowed Harry's deflated erection to withdraw from her fully. Fleur cleaned the sheets, Tonks cleaned the various bodies, and Bella conjured suitable pajamas for all of them. They had just fallen back in to the bed when the door burst open and all six children raced in.

Lily and Ginny leapt in to Harry's arm and snuggled on to his chest. James and Sirius jumped in Tonks' and Bella's laps respectively. Gabby went to Fleur's arms and sank down in to her care. Theo, easily the quietest boy, sat next to his father and leaned his head against Harry's broad bicep.

James and Sirius talked excitedly from their perches next to each other. Lily and Ginny lay silently in Harry's arms while Gabby giggled with Fleur. Harry glanced down and saw Theo watching him. He nudged his son's head and smiled when the reserved boy smiled at him.

"Are you alright Theo?" The boy looked up at his father with a look of absolute admiration. James and Sirius took after their namesakes but Theodore Tonks Potter was much more reserved. He was very much like Harry and followed his father everywhere. Theo was the one child who was allowed by Harry to see the everyday workings of Azkaban. Privately, Harry would admit that Theo was probably the child who he could see taking over Azkaban when Harry passed on. He was very intelligent and people immediately liked him the same way they had with Harry.

Most of all, Theo believed that Harry was everything you could want in a father. Theo was the one child who never complained when Harry had to ground him or take toys away as he knew that Harry would never fail him. Harry worried about all of his children but he knew that Theo would be fine because he took everything Harry did and incarnated it within himself. Theo's greatest strength was his unwavering faith as Harry as a man, father and leader.

"I'm fine dad. I was thinking about those people that visited us." Theo sat up and Harry shifted Lily further on to his chest so he could wrap an arm around Theo. "I think you said they were the Order." Harry's smile faltered for a second but he quickly replaced it. Theo caught the switch and looked questioningly at Harry.

"Yes, their full name is the Order of the Phoenix." Theo nodded and looked down. He played with the hem of his nightshirt before looking back up at dad.

"Dad…those people…Neville…and Hermiown?" Harry chuckled at his son's words. "They were your friends before you came here right?" Harry nodded and Theo sighed sadly. Harry worriedly looked down at Theo and lifted his son on to his thigh and looked him in the eye.

"Theo, what is it?" The boy looked up at Harry before his eyes filled with tears and he bunched his tiny fists in Harry's pajama top and cried in to his shoulder. Harry looked up to see his three wives watching him worriedly. He motioned for them to leave. Fleur picked up Gabby and walked out. Bella and Tonks told James and Sirius to go outside and they scampered off. Bella took Lily and Tonks took Ginny and they walked out quietly, closing the door behind them.

Harry lifted Theo fully on to his lap and rocked the boy slowly. "Theo, what's wrong? I want to make you feel better." Theo hiccupped and slowly restrained his sobs. He looked up at Harry, as his hair turned a mousy brown just as his mother's used to when she was sad.

"You are going to leave us and go with your old friends. Aren't you?" Harry gaped at Theo in shock and the boy burst in to a fresh set of tears. Harry recovered quickly and rocked the boy again.

"Oh Theo, don't you ever say that again." The boy looked at Harry through wet eyes. "I will never leave you. I will never leave your brothers and sisters. I will never leave your mommies either. I will do everything within my power to ensure that I don't leave you until you have great-grandchildren." The boy looked up at Harry beaming through his tears and hugged his father again.

"You promise!?" Harry smiled and was about to reply when the door opened. Remus peaked in.

"Sorry Harry, you have to come. Voldemort's here." Harry's face fell and he nodded to Remus. He turned back to Theo who was waiting for an answer.

"I promise." Theo smiled happily and Harry stood up with the boy in his arms still. He strode out of the room in to the hall.

He entered the children's nursery and smiled reassuringly at his wives, all of whom sagged in relief. Though he was biologically Tonks' child, all the mothers had a deep connection with each child, regardless of who gave birth to whom. Harry gave a smiling Theo to Tonks who kissed the boy, making him groan out a long "Mommmmm!"

Harry smiled at the interaction. He cleared his throat and looked each wife in the eye. "Voldemort's coming. I'm ending it tonight. You all will stay here with the kids." He held up a hand to silence their protests. "I do not need your help and you all know that. I will end this once and for all. I am leaving a dwarf and an elf here to protect you. They will let only me in. I will come get you when it's all over." His tone of voice broke no protests and the girls nodded. Harry smiled and kissed each wife thoroughly. He gave each child a hug and gave Theo a kiss on the forehead. "See you real soon kiddo, alright?" Theo nodded contentedly. His father loved him and would never leave him: all was right in his world.

As Harry left the room, he summoned the guards and left them the instructions. He turned on his heel and summoned Legolas, Lancelot and Gimli to his side. They walked to the front of the entrance hall and watched through the open door at the land bridge. "Legolas, inform the house elves to take all the people to the secure rooms. They will guard them until it's over. They will release them when you notify them." Legolas nodded and gracefully sprinted away.

Harry turned to Gimli. "Ready the Dwarves. Shine your axes my friend." The dwarf laughed a deep belly laugh.

"Alright Harry my boy! My axe will taste Death Eater meat tonight!" The dwarf walked away calling out commands to his assistant dwarves. Harry turned to the silent Lancelot.

Harry knew the history of the Knights and the families they left behind. "Lancelot, old friend. Tonight, your Knights will ride for the last time." The man turned to Harry with shock on his face. "You paid your debt in spades. Your world has ended and it is time for you to move on to your families in the West." The stoic knight gazed in to Harry's green eyes before the two warriors clasped each other in a hug.

Lancelot spoke, his voice gravelly and stiff. "Lord Azkaba…Harry…it has been an honor serving you and your family." Harry smiled and looked over the land bridge. At the very end, you could see a black smudge that was Voldemort's armies. Harry smiled.

Voldemort reached the end of the land bridge at the head of his army. He strode up the path flanked by his death eaters. Behind him stood giants, vampires and trolls. He reached the plateau in front of the Arch of Azkaban and he looked up at the message. He smiled grimly, his pale white skin stretching over his reptilian face.

Harry strode out calmly from the doors of Azkaban. "Tommy Tommy Tom Tom. How do you do?" Voldemort spat at his given name.

"Potter. How have you liked Azkaban? I was surprised to see that you have managed to take control. How did that happen? You clearly don't have the ability to wrest control on strength alone." Harry smiled. He waved his hand and pointed behind Voldemort. The Heir of Slytherin turned in horror to see the majority of his army, still on the land bridge, sink soundlessly in to the sea. The only part that was safe was the hundred or so Death Eaters on the plateau.

"I guess I am just too awesome for you to comprehend." With that Voldemort fired the first spell, an Avada Kedavra right at Harry. Harry didn't move and Voldemort grinned as the green light smashed in to Harry, sending him flying back to the ground.

Voldemort laughed a cold laugh but it was cut off as Harry coughed and rose to his feet. "Sorry Thomas, can't do that. Being the Heir of Azkaban, I can't die on this soil until I completely wish it." Voldemort snarled at that piece of obviously true information.

Harry grinned evilly. "My turn." Harry snapped and all around the rock face surrounding the waiting Dark army, elves popped up bows drawn. Legolas leapt down and nimbly landed next to Harry. "Fire." Harry grinned as he spoke.

Arrows flew through the air, piercing all types of magical shields. The arrows of Regal Elves were unsusceptible to any sort of magical protection. Death Eaters dropped like flies. Dwarves streamed from the entrance as the Knights descended on the Death Eaters.

Lucius and Draco Malfoy had gone down from arrows from Legolas. Rabastan and Rodolphus Lestrange were cut down by Gimli's cleaving axe. Wormtail died a bloody death as Lancelot ripped his head from his body.

Soon the Death Eater's were cut down and Voldemort stood surrounded. Harry smiled and motioned everyone back. He stepped up to Voldemort who met his eyes. Suddenly, Voldemort stood back and laughed.

He performed a slow opera clap for Harry. "Nicely done Harry. Alas, I have one surprise for you. I cannot be defeated either. Using the Imperious curse on Nicholas Flamel was truly a great decision." Harry growled at Voldemort. He immediately motioned for everyone to back off. The elves, dwarves and knights returned to the castle though Legolas, Lancelot and Gimli stood proudly behind Harry. Harry stood ready.

Voldemort readied himself. Started by an unseen signal, the two combatants flew in to combat, fling spells at each other. Occasionally, a sword would be conjured and the dueling would begin, soon to be replaced by spells once more.

High above them, Tonks, Bella and Fleur watched breathlessly as house elves watched the children. The three wives had their arms around each other, wincing with every blow to their husband.

Harry jumped over a sickly green curse. Even though both combatants were immortal, each could experience pain and neither liked it. Harry landed and stood, his arms raised in a ready position. Voldemort aimed his wand but did not fire.

"So what now Harry Potter? Are we to be two immortals locked in an epic battle until Judgment Day and trumpets sound?" He fired a bone-shattering curse which Harry dodged.

Harry shrugged. "Or you could surrender." Voldemort snarled and fired another bone-shatterer at Harry. Harry raised the earth in front of him and watched it collapse under pressure from the curse.

Harry and Voldemort continued to battle, though they exchanged words casually. "So Tommy, what are you fighting for? Power, world domination, the usual?"

Voldemort grinned, a strange looking expression on his face. "Yes. After I beat you, who could stop me? So what are you fighting for? Love? All that stuff the old fool told you?"

Harry back flipped over a thrust of Voldemort's sword and fired a bludgeoning spell directly in to Voldemort's face. Anyone else would be dead but Voldemort flipped back on the ground. Harry regained his breath as Voldemort's face stitched back together. "Nah. Revenge. For my parents, Sirius, etc." Voldemort sighed as he raised his wand again.

"Ah yes, the ties that bind." Voldemort fired another curse and Harry paused, consumed in his thoughts. The curse struck his chest and he flipped back. High above, three feminine voices screamed but sighed in relief as Harry stood. His body was badly disfigured but it righted itself as the magic of Azkaban did its job.

The ties that bind…bind…that's it! Harry smirked and turned back to Voldemort. Voldemort narrowed his eyes.

"What Potter? Why are you so happy?" Harry smiled at him. With a wink, the earth around Voldemort rose and grabbed his wrists and ankles, pinning to the ground face-up. Harry summoned Voldemort's wand and snapped it, Fawkes' phoenix feather fluttering to the ground in two pieces.

Harry took a deep breath and glanced at Legolas, Gimli and Lancelot. The Elf and Dwarf were hiding behind a large rock though Lancelot stood. He was insusceptible to anything a wizard could do. Harry smirked as he saw the group running full speed down the newly raised land bridge. Harry checked to make sure that Voldemort was secured and he conjured an armchair and sat in it. He conjured three chairs for Legolas, Gimli and Lancelot, Gimli's chair being little more than a stump.

After a few minutes of Voldemort glaring at Harry, the Order huffed to a stop. Dumbledore led the way with the Weasley boys behind him. The rest of the Order was behind them. Harry stood up and smiled at the Order members who were watching him carefully.

The doors blasted open and Harry turned to see his wives race out, the children directly behind. Harry stood to greet them, arms open. Fleur, Bella and Tonks hit him like a freight train, all the girls embracing him. Harry staggered but remained upright. The girls mumbled in to his arms.

"Harry James Potter if you ever do that again, I will never sleep with you again." Harry chuckled at hearing Bella's tear-filled words. Harry kissed each girl before smiling at the kids. Theo smiled back at him and Harry winked at the boy.

Harry motioned to the kids. "Hold on to them." Bella, Tonks and Fleur picked up Lily, Gabby and Ginny respectively. Harry pointed the boys to his three assistants. James ran over and jumped on Lancelot's lap and clambered up to sit on his shoulders, the Knight holding his thighs. The Knight smiled grimly and Harry grinned; only James could make Lancelot smile. Sirius and Theo ran to Gimli and Legolas. Harry turned back to a furious Voldemort.

"Potter, I will kill you, and then I will destroy your family." Harry rolled his eyes and Silenced Voldemort.

"Tom, you are correct. I cannot kill you. But I can make you the one thing you fear more than death." Voldemort sneered at Harry but didn't respond. "I can make you a muggle." Voldemort gaped for a moment before opening his mouth to fling epithets and threats at Harry. The Silencing charm still held so he remained silent, but the spittle leaving his mouth left no doubt to his feelings.

Harry stepped forward. "That's right. Despite all your posturing, all your Pureblood dominance rhetoric, you harbor a deep fear of muggles." Voldemort had given up on screaming and just glared at Harry.

Harry smiled grimly and took in everyone's questioning looks. "Tom Riddle was Head Boy, the smartest student at Hogwarts. Voldemort was feared around the Wizarding World." Harry walked forward and kneeled in front of Voldemort's thrashing form. "But Tommy Riddle was just a scared little boy, living in an orphanage where the older kids dominated through fear and infliction of pain. Something that Dark Lords thrived on. Simply put, despite all you have said to your Death Eaters, the one group that has always beaten you was muggles. Not Dumbledore, not even me."

Harry took in the disbelieving looks from the watching wizards and witches. Harry stepped away and turned to Hermione. "Hermione, how many wizards and witches are there in the world?" Hermione froze at her name but immediately dropped in to answer mode.

"Around 15 million, the largest concentration being the 750 thousand spread through the United States." Harry smiled at his former best friend.

Harry turned and looked at Voldemort's prone form. His voice was hard and low. "There are over 6 billion muggles." Everyone was silent at this proclamation. "That's a four hundred to one ratio. If the muggle world ever marched on its wizarding counterparts, we would be wiped out in less than a year." Ron stepped forward, his curiosity overpowering him.

"But they don't have wands Harry. We would decimate them." Harry shook his head. He smiled at his naïve former best mate.

"Ron, sometime soon, ask Dean or Hermione to show you a picture of an atomic bomb." All the muggle-born, including Voldemort, froze as they realized what Harry was getting at.

Harry turned to Voldemort. He spoke softly, almost more to himself than to anyone listening. "Muggles have outclassed us in destructive weaponry. With a push of a button, this entire island would be destroyed in a flash of flames and ash. And that, deep down in his black heart, was what Voldemort is afraid of."

The entire group was silent at the proclamation. Voldemort lay shivering on the ground. Harry turned and began drawing blood-red runes in the air above Voldemort's form. The Dark Lord was oblivious, apparently lost within the memories that Harry had conjured up.

Within moments, Harry stepped back and whispered a few words under his breath. A shattering scream was heard though Voldemort's mouth was still closed. A black wispy smoke emerged from Voldemort. Harry frowned and enclosed the black smoke within a shimmering glass ball. Harry walked over and handed the glass ball to Lancelot. Harry nodded and Lancelot enclosed the darkened ball within his palms, somehow covering the entire ball within his palms. With a snap, the ball disappeared and Lancelot's palms smacked together.

"Harry, what was that?" Hermione's question broke the silence and she glanced around guiltily, as if the silence was sacred.

"That was Voldemort's dark magic. Lancelot encapsulated it within himself. If a normal wizard was to try it, they would be eaten alive by the darkness within moments. However, as Lancelot isn't entirely alive he is safe." Harry turned and whispered a few other words and a bright light, tiny but defiant, emerged from Voldemort's chest and floated in the air.

Dumbledore stepped forward. "Harry…is that Voldemort's light magic?" Harry smiled and nodded at the Headmaster.

"Yes. As you can see, a tiny sliver of light magic was all that was left of the original potential of Tom Marvolo Riddle. If he could have been saved…" Dumbledore looked down in shame. Harry smiled regretfully at the Headmaster. "He would have been quite the force for good." Harry turned back to the waiting magic and pointed his clasped fist toward it.

Harry's fist started to shake and his face creased in concentration. With a whoosh of air, Harry opened his fist and the golden light streamed outward. Harry smiled and opened his mouth to answer everyone's questioning glance but he was cut off.

"It's back." Everyone turned to look at Theo who shyly looked up from Gimli's side. "His light magic was returned to nature. From whence it came." Harry smiled and nodded to Theo. The boy beamed at his father's silent praise.

Harry turned back to Voldemort. His body was vibrating and Harry sighed. As he did so, Voldemort's body seemed to dissolve. From what had been a fearsome creature directly from nightmares now lay an old wrinkled man, his formerly black hair now a wispy gray. His body was bent and shortened, his limbs oddly reminiscent of Harry's illusion from before.

Lord Voldemort was no more. Tom Riddle lay in pain upon the earth. Harry released his earthen binds and the man curled up in to a ball, his face wrenched in pain.

Harry stepped forward but the man looked angrily up at him. His voice was shaking and gray. "I will…get you for this…Potter…" Harry sighed and a look of intense regret flashed across his face.

Harry waved his hand and a deep rumbling was heard. Next to Voldemort, the ground shook and a rectangle of earth popped in the air and rose. Everyone gaped as the earth continued to rise, miles of dirt soaring in to the air. It continued to rise for a full ten minutes. Finally it stopped and hovered up the hole it had left.

Harry levitated Tom in the air and with a regretful frown on his face, he released the spell and Tom Riddle's body disappeared in to the hole, disappearing without a sound. That was the last anyone would see of Tom Riddle. Harry cocked his head to the side and if waiting for something. After fifteen minutes, Harry's head nodded slightly and he smiled grimly. Harry dropped his hand and the column of earth dropped back in to the ground, slipping seamlessly in to the hole effortlessly. Again, they waited for another fifteen minutes until the top of the column hit the ground. The rectangle of ground was unchanged; no outward signs of the evil that lay thousands of miles below it.

Harry sighed and stretched. Everyone remained silent and watched the former Boy-Who-Lived. He sighed and turned to Lancelot and nodded. The Knight nodded and lifted James off his shoulders.

Lancelot shook his shoulders and closed his eyes. After a moment he opened them, and soon the rest of the Knights streamed from the open entrance. Soon the entire Knight population was standing behind Lancelot who looked at Harry with something akin to relief in his eyes.

Harry stepped forward and clasped a hand on Lancelot's shoulder. "Goodbye old friend. Give Guinevere and Ginevra a kiss for me." At Harry's wink, Lancelot laughed, shocking the crowd who had never seen such emotion from the lead Dementor.

Lancelot ruffled Harry's hair and Harry shoved his hand away smiling. Lancelot met his gaze. He whispered and it was only audible to Harry. "Thank you Harry." Harry smiled and stepped back.

"You are released from service to the Azkaba House. Finite Incantatum." Lancelot closed his eyes in relief as the Knights became transparent. Lancelot dropped his head back and breathed in slowly one final time. With a sudden breeze, the Knights disappeared in to nothingness, finally allowed to pass on to the next great adventure.

Harry smiled at the empty air and turned back around. He lifted James up in his arms and nudged the boy with his head. The boy giggled and it broke the spell as everyone relaxed. Voldemort was gone and his Death Eaters were destroyed. People began to stream from Azkaban, celebrating with the Order.

Harry kissed all of his wives and swung all of his kids around in the air. Lily was quickly perched on his shoulders and Theo and Gabby were in each of his arms. He gave a tentative hug to Hermione and shook hands with Ron and Neville. Hermione looked down at her shoes before meeting Harry's eyes.

"Harry…can you come home?" The celebrating groups fell silent at that and everyone watched Harry closely. He sighed under his breath and glanced at Hermione. Then he looked in his right arm and saw Theo looking at him with wide eyes.

"Hermione, I made a promise and I don't intend to break that promise." Hermione looked at him confusedly but he locked eyes with a beaming Theo. Harry turned back to Hermione and smiled sadly at her. "No Hermione, I am home." Theo threw his arms around his father's neck. Gabby leaned in to his shoulder and closed her eyes contentedly. Lily, perched around his neck, giggled and hugged her father's head.

"Daddy won!" The other kids started dancing in place and the watchers couldn't help but laugh in response.

Harry turned to the Order. "Owl me if you wish to visit but I will not be leaving my home." With that, he turned and strode back in to Azkaban. His three wives, carrying his other three children, joined him and they disappeared in to the shadows under the infamous Azkaban Arch.

That night, Harry stood in his children's room. He was looking out the window at the moon shining on the water surrounding Azkaban Island. His mind raced with thoughts of Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore and the Order.

He voiced his thoughts out loud, murmuring under his breath. "Should I stay?" His mind warred silently, fighting whether he should live with his present or try to regain his past.

He felt movement behind him and turned. Lily had turned over in her dreams. The six beds that filled the room were silent and still, the children dreaming pleasantly. He started at the one closest to the window.

James was on his back, his mouth open in sleep. Sirius was next, in an almost identical position. Lily was next, her luxurious black hair spilled along her back as she slumbered on her side. Gabby's blonde hair shone in the moonlight as she murmured in her sleep, legs tucked in to her chest. Theo was on his stomach though tilted slightly to his left side. His head was resting lightly on his left arm which was thrown on the pillow under him.

Harry turned to the final bed to see Ginny slumbering peacefully. Her still-red hair was shimmering and Harry shuddered as he remembered her namesake's broken and violated body. The vision was replaced by his beautiful daughter and Harry sighed in relief. Harry knew in that instant that he made the right choice. He would always be there to protect his family, to ensure that Ginny Weasley was the final victim in this war.

Harry smiled at his sleeping children. He pulled his chain out of his nightshirt. He lightly held the pendent at the end. A silvery G was suspended from it. He smiled and kissed it softly. "If you're listening, I did it. I did all I could to make them pay. Rest well and I will see you in the next life." Harry smiled as a sudden breeze blew through the room, ruffling the hairs splayed out on the pillows. Harry smiled as he felt a ghost of kiss touch his cheek and a solitary tear slid down his face. He relaxed and a weight slid off his shoulders. He sighed as he realized it at least. He was forgiven, ten years of guilt pulled off of him.

With that he replaced his necklace in his shirt and left the room. He closed the door until only a sliver of light streamed through from the hallway. "Thanks Gin. Watch over my kids." His head disappeared and he slipped in to his bed along with wives. He slipped off to sleep easily and held his wives peacefully.

After thousands of years of rage and despair, Azkaban Island was quiet and peaceful, the typical mist that surrounded it dissipating. The Island was silent and the stars twinkled above it. The waters were calm and lapped gently against the rock face of cliffs. The Heir of Azkaban was content and at peace.

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