It was meant to end like this.

I have kept my secrets, played my roles. These words I speak, I have spoken in my mind countless times. I say them now, and almost do not know my own voice.

I see the impact, the breaking, of the man approaching, but I cannot stop. The bird has broken its cage and I cannot stop the smile as it spreads across my face with the knowledge that I am now free.

"I love Robin Hood."

I say the words again, as though to savour the taste of them on my lips.

Our lies will die today. This game had to end, don't you see? I have found the courage, for my England and my love. Now you must find your courage, and end this. With my manipulations, I built this cage around you, and now I will you to break it.

He paces forward, and its only my face he sees. I am his mark. There is no Sheriff, or Prince John. This is his moment now. His hand shakes, but I know he has made this his decision, and his alone.

And I am flush; his warmth and the sun have become one and the same. He is so close now, when we exhale, it is together. I look to him, and I know he will render no more harm this day -- nor will I, ever again.

See me, Guy: I am smiling.

And we are both free.