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Snow Padme & the Seven Jedi: An FD Vignette

Part 4/4

The next morning was gloomy, as rain still poured down on Naboo. It was as if the heavens was blanketed in sadness, unleashing the despair upon its people. Padme gazed out the rain streaked window, as lightning continued to flash and thunder boomed loudly. She had truly never seen a storm like this before. She shivered and pulled her blanket tighter around her body, just as a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist. She giggled, as his lips tackled her neck with passionate intent.

"Good morning, handsome," she cooed.

"Good morning to you too, beautiful," he replied.

"Have you ever seen a storm like this?" she asked.

"Not here on Naboo. It doesn't look like it will be clearing up anytime soon," he said. She yelped, as he swept her into his arms.

"All the more reason we should go back to bed," he said in a husky tone.

"No arguments here," she replied, as he carried her back to their place in front of the fire...

That morning, King Qui-Gon and Queen Shmi enjoyed breakfast together, as usual. But this morning's routine was rudely interrupted when Senator Palpatine barged into the dining hall. Several helmeted Troopers filed in after him, armed with blasters, having captured several of Qui-Gon's fellow Jedi who served in the palace, guarding the crown.

"I'm sorry your majesty," Shaak Ti said regrettably, as she and Cin Dralig were shackled, along with Whie, Scout, Serra, Ferus, and several others. Qui-Gon bolted out of his seat.

"What is the meaning of this, Senator?!" Qui-Gon demanded.

"Your rule is at an end, Jedi fool. Naboo belongs to me now!" Padme said, as his eyes bled yellow. Qui-Gon snatched his light saber from his belt and ignited the emerald blade.

"So, you're the Sith Lord. You will not succeed," Qui-Gon said, as he launched at Palpatine. The Sith Master cackled, as he unleashed a powerful blast of Force lightning, throwing the King back.

"Arrest them," Palpatine ordered. Qui-Gon and Shmi were placed in stun cuffs and gathered with their Jedi family.

"You will not succeed, Palpatine. My son will stop you. He is far more powerful than you can imagine," Qui-Gon stated.

"Queen Dahlia, my assistant is taking care of young Prince Anakin as we speak. He will be captured and forced to marry the Queen. They will rule Naboo under my control. Your son will soon be enslaved to me and Naboo will belong to me," Palpatine said, with an evil smile.

"No...not Ani..." Shmi cried.

"Lock the lot of them in the dungeon. Slate them for execution at dusk. Prince Anakin will be here by them to witness it. Take them away!" Palpatine ordered. His Storm Troopers dragged their prisoners away to the dungeon.

Count Dooku's eyes shot open, as he sat in meditation with his oldest grandson, Mace Windu, and Yoda.

"There is a great disturbance in the Force," he announced.

"Father is in danger," Obi-Wan said, as he shot out of his seat.

"Fine, Qui-Gon and the others will be for now," Yoda said.

"Anakin and Padme are in much more immediate danger," Dooku said.

"We must get toe the cabin at once," Mace said, as they went to round up the others, just as Aayla burst into the Temple, out of breath from running.

"Aayla...what's going on in Theed?" Kit asked.

"The palace has been captured, as have the King, Queen, and the rest of the Jedi on Naboo. Palpatine has taken over. He is the Sith Lord," she said, between gasps for air.

"Palpatine..." Mace uttered in disbelief.

"This is far more serious than we thought," Dooku said.

"Yoda and I will venture to Theed. The rest of you, go after Anakin. He nor Padme are safe if Palpatine is in power," Mace said.

"Palpatine has sent Queen Dahlia to capture Anakin. He plans to make him marry her, in order to gain complete control of the Throne. Anakin is in great danger," Aayla stated.

"We have no time to lose," Dooku said, as they left the Temple.

"Must you go out there in this, my love?" Padme asked, as Anakin put the hood of his cloak up.

"We're running out of firewood. I've got to find some so it has time to dry, before we can burn it. I shouldn't be long," he replied. She hugged him and kissed him tenderly.

"Then I will have a hot meal ready when you return," she said. He smiled.

"That would be wonderful," he replied.

"Be safe, my Prince," she called, as she watched him go out into the rain and disappear into the trees. She sighed, as she went about taking things out of the cupboards, intent on making them breakfast. About ten minutes later, she heard a rapping at the door. She looked through the peak hole and saw an elderly woman, coughing violently. She opened the door.

"Oh my...are you all right?" she asked.

"I'll be all right, young one. But could an old lady trouble you for a hot drink?" the woman asked.

"Of course. Come in by the fire," Padme said compassionately.

"Thank you, dear girl," the woman said, as she sat by the fire and accepted the cup of steaming caf the girl handed her.

"What are you doing out in this terrible storm?" Padme asked.

"My speeder broke down early this morning and I wandered, looking for help and got lost," the woman replied, not missing a beat.

"That's terrible," Padme said.

"Are you here all by yourself, dear?" the old woman asked.

"Oh no, my...my fiancé went out for some more firewood. He should be back soon and then we can help you find your speeder. He is quite good at fixing things. I'm sure he can fix it for you," Padme said.

"Oh, you are too kind, sweet girl," the woman gushed.

"It's nothing. What kind of galaxy would it be if no one helped each other," Padme replied.

"The kind where the Sith rule with an iron fist...and your sugar sweet nonsense is nonexistent, fair child. Your kindness shall spell your end!"

"You've been so kind. Allow me to offer a small token of my thanks," the woman said.

"Oh, that's not necessary," Padme insisted.

"Oh, but I insist. Do you like Shuura fruit, dear," the woman asked, as she set a small basket on the table.

"It's my favorite," Padme replied.

"They grow on my property. This one is perfectly ripe. Go on, young one. Try it," the woman said, holding the piece of fruit out.

"Thank you," Padme said, as she took the fruit. The old woman watched with glee, as Padme bit into the sweet fruit.

"Delicious, isn't it," she said. Padme nodded, as suddenly, a strange feeling overcame her.

"I...I don't feel so good, all the sudden," Padme said. The old woman cackled, as her disguise melted away, revealing Queen Dahlia.

"I am Queen Dahlia...and I'm here to claim Prince Anakin. Therefore, I have to make sure you're out of the way, Snow Padme. I'll be the one marrying the Prince," she cackled.

"No...leave him alone..." Padme cried, as a wave of dizziness swept her.

"Say goodnight, fair maiden...and enjoy your eternal sleep. I'll take good care of your sweet prince," she laughed evilly.

"No...Anakin..." she cried, as she fell unconscious to the floor. As the Queen predicted, it was only a few minutes later that Anakin burst through the door, having sensed Padme's peril. Dahlia cackled evilly, as he scooped Padme's unconscious form into his arms.

"What have you done?!" he cried.

"She bit into my poison fruit, the little fool, and now she will sleep for eternity, for only I have the antidote. I told you not to cross me, my prince. Now, you'll return to the palace for our wedding at dusk. We shall hail the rise of Emperor Palpatine and you will watch your friends and family perish!" she screamed.

"Noooo!" Anakin screamed, as he ignited his sapphire blade, launching at her. She cackled and tossed the black vine rope at him. As it made contact with him, it came alive with electricity. Anakin cried out, as the pain dropped him to his knees. As he writhed in agony, several Storm Troopers burst into the cabin, armed with Force binders. Anakin struggled, as they placed the Force resistant shackles on his neck, wrists, and ankles. Once he was secure, Dahlia released the lightning rope and the Storm Troopers held his arms, as he struggled to break free.

"Let's go. Put him on the transport," she ordered.

"No...Padme!" he cried, as they dragged him away. Dahlia confiscated his light saber, as he was thrown onto the transport and locked in a seat. Dahlia approached him with a smile like that of a Nexu.

"Such a fitting prize, you are. You're mine now...thus Naboo belongs to the Sith," she said.

"You'll never get away with it," he growled. She laughed.

"We already have. Now shush and do something much more entertaining with those beautiful lips," she hissed. Anakin tried to shrug her off, as she forced her lips onto his. He shrugged away in disgust.

"Let's go!" she called to her Troopers, as the transport lifted off.

"We have a wedding to prepare for, though I'm more looking forward to the wedding night," she hissed. Anakin shrugged away in revulsion. As they left for Theed, Anakin's heart clenched in pain, as Padme was left behind, trapped in an eternal sleep.

The five Jedi, they had left the useless Sha'a Gi behind, arrived to see the cabin door busted open. They pushed in and found Padme lying there unconscious.

"We're too late," Kit fretted, as Obi-Wan picked up the piece of fruit, examining it and sniffing it.

"This Shuura fruit has been poisoned," he said, as Dooku checked for her pulse.

"She's alive, but will sleep forever if we do not get the antidote," he said.

"But what if the Queen destroys it?" Aayla asked.

"There's another antidote to this kind of spell. True love's kiss will break this spell and awaken her," Dooku said. Aayla bent down and touched the peculiar black rope on the floor. She recoiled in pain, as it shocked her.

"Lightning rope. They have Anakin for sure," Aayla said.

"Quickly, we must get to the palace. Bring Padme," Dooku said to his grandson. Obi-Wan lifted her up and they followed Dooku to the transport...

Terror had griped Theed, as Storm Troopers patrolled the streets. Fear filled them even more when they had watched their Prince be dragged out of a transport in shackles. Large transports full of Storm Troopers loomed in Naboo's stormy sky. It felt like it had during the Great Sith Wars again. The people were deeply scared and prayed to the Force that the Jedi could save them.
After arriving at the palace, the staff, now under Palpatine's control, was ordered to ready the Prince in his finest robes for his wedding and Palpatine's coronation as Emperor. He was then dragged by his bonds to the Throne Room. When he arrived, he noticed the abundance of Storm Troopers. In the corner of the room, his mother, father, and fellow Jedi remained captive behind ray shields. Anakin also noticed that Palpatine had invited friends and those loyal to him to the coronation, including all of parliament, several delegates from Nubia and Eriadu, most notably, General Willhuff Tarkin. And lastly, Xanatos who stood free with Governor Danae and his son Palo. Queen Dahlia, dressed in a gown black as night, smirked at him, as she stood next to Palpatine.

"Welcome Prince Anakin," Palpatine said, with an evil smirk.

"Bow to the Emperor," the Trooper on his right side ordered.

"Never..." Anakin spat. The Trooper retaliated by kicking the backs of his knees. The other on his left grabbed his shoulders, forcing him into a kneeling position.

"Where is Snow Padme. You promised she would be here and I would receive the antidote," Palo said.

"Stay away from her!" Anakin yelled at Palo. Palo smirked evilly and revealed his metal prosthetic.

"She'll be the one to pay for this, even though I'd love to take my anger out on you. But she'll have to do," Palo sneered.

"Leave her alone!" Anakin yelled, but he cried out in pain, as the Troopers beat him with the butt of their blasters. Shmi cried and buried her face in her husband's chest, as they beat her son.

"Silence, Jedi scum," they spat at him.

"Bring him. It's time for the ceremony to commence," Palpatine said.

"Never..." Anakin screamed, as he lashed out at the Troopers, despite his shackles, kicking and punching at them.

"Fool..." Palpatine snarled, as he unleashed Force lightning, striking the Prince. Anakin writhed and screamed in agony, as he dropped to the floor. Palpatine ceased and his Troopers dragged the Prince to the altar to stand next to Dahlia, where the palace's Holy man was being forced to perform the ceremony. Palpatine grabbed a fistful of Anakin's hair, yanking his head toward him.

"Make no mistake, dear Prince, you will no longer be needed once you are married to Dahlia. The Queen simply wishes to keep you as her pet. But should you become troublesome, you'll die, just like the rest of your friends soon will. And I promise...it will be excruciating," Palpatine hissed, before releasing him.

"Proceed," Palpatine ordered to the Holy man.

"Disregard that order!" Dooku shouted, as he stormed into the Throne Room, accompanied by Mace, Yoda, Aayla, Obi-Wan, Kuro, and Kit. The Storm Troopers descended on them, but were quickly taken care of, as the seven Jedi quickly disposed of them.

"Release my grandson and the others now, Darth Sidious!" Dooku ordered.

"Fool...I will destroy you all!" Palpatine bellowed.

"Grandfather...where's Padme?" Anakin asked.

"She's fine Anakin. She's right here in fact," Dooku said, as he and the other Jedi stepped aside, revealing Padme's sleeping form, lying on a medical bed with wheels. Anakin smiled.

"Padme..." he said in relief. Queen Dahlia snarled and took the antidote from her pocket, smashing it on the ground. Anakin looked at her in disbelief.

"Sorry Prince Anakin, but I can't have her interfering. That was the only antidote. Now...she'll sleep for eternity!" Dahlia cackled evilly.

"Nooo!" Anakin cried.

"She's lying Anakin, for there is another antidote, isn't there, Dahlia!" Dooku shouted.

"Shut up you old fool!" she spat.

"It's you Anakin. True love's kiss will awaken her!" Obi-Wan called, as he reached his brother, quickly slicing through his shackles, before heading to help their father.

"Thanks Ben," Anakin replied, as he was finally free of the bonds.

"Fools...you will all die!" Dahlia screamed. At that moment, all hell broke loose. Dozens of Storm Troopers filed into the Throne Room and the battle began.

Mace, Yoda, and Dooku stood at the center. Palpatine ignited his blade and took on the three Masters.


Dahlia ignited her own blade and blocked Anakin from going to Padme.

"So...are you going to fight me fairly this time or must you rely on treachery to see your evildoing through?" Anakin taunted. The Queen snarled and released his light saber, which he caught in mid air. He ignited the blade and their sabers met in a deadlock.


Kit and Aayla fought off the Storm Troopers, as they guarded Padme, while Obi-Wan trekked toward his father to free him and the others.


Palpatine cackled, as he Force pushed Dooku and Mace back, taking on Yoda alone.

"Your time is at an end, my little green friend. The Jedi are doomed and the Sith will rule the galaxy!" Palpatine screamed maniacally.

"Fail, you will. See to that, the Chosen One will," Yoda replied.

"Still rambling on about that weak boy being the Chosen One, are you? I've heard you talk to the King about him, but he will be no great hero. He'll be a slave to me...to the dark side! He will turn...or die!" Palpatine ranted, as they struck and parried at each other in a series of furious movements.


"If I cannot have you...than neither will she!" Dahlia sneered.

"Now that you're facing me in a duel, you must know that you don't stand a chance. I've been trained by legends and they've prepared me to defeat your kind!" Anakin retorted.

"Little fool. If I can't defeat you, then perhaps I'll kill her instead!" Dahlia screamed, as she knocked him away, heading for Padme. The Storm Troopers kept Aayla and Kit busy, leaving Padme's prone form unguarded.

"No..." Anakin said, as he leapt to his feet and sprinted after her.

"Too bad you won't feel anything, for I'd so like to see you writhe in agony, fair one. Goodbye Snow Padme," Dahlia said fiercely, as she prepared to spear Padme through the heart. There was a flash of black, as Anakin flipped over her head and onto the other side of Padme, his saber blocking her downward thrust.

"I won't let you kill her. She's the woman I love. You don't know love...and for that, I pity you," Anakin said, as he flicked his wrist, turning her saber to the side. In her moment of off balance, she had only a split second to contemplate her death, as Anakin's saber came around and her head was severed from her body. Anakin extinguished his blade and for a moment, the fighting ceased, as Anakin gazed down at the woman he loved so deeply.

"Stop him!" Palpatine ordered to his Troopers, who were quickly subdued by the Jedi. Xanatos knocked Kuro out of the way and strode toward the Prince who had bested him in their last duel, revenge in his eyes. But Qui-Gon and his emerald blade stood in his way.

Anakin lowered his lips onto hers, kissing her passionately and deeply, with all the love in his heart. As he broke the kiss, her eyes fluttered open.

"Anakin..." she said, as a smile came to her face.

"Hey there, beautiful angel," he replied, as he helped her sit up.


"Your reign will be very short lived, Emperor," Dooku said.

"Your grandson's pitiful powers will be no match for me!" Palpatine rasped, as he poured Force lightning into the three Jedi Masters, cackling evilly, as he did so.


Palo snarled, as he saw the Prince holding Padme...his Padme. He drew a vibro blade with his prosthetic hand and crept toward the pair.

"Anakin...what's going on?" Padme asked.

"Palpatine is the Sith Lord, but don't worry, we're going to defeat him," he told her confidently. Suddenly, Anakin's senses were on fire. He whirled around and caught Palo's metal arm, as he prepared to stab Anakin in the back with it. Padme screamed.

"She's mine, Jedi slime!" he growled. Anakin struggled against the oppressive strength of his artificial limb. Padme leapt up and kneed Palo in the groin, doubling him over in pain. Anakin quickly wrestled the weapon from his hand and wrapped his arm around Padme's waist.

"Nice one angel. I bet that felt good," he told her. She smirked.

"You have no idea," she replied.

"You're mine Padme! And you'll pay for resisting me!" Palo growled.

"I'll never let you harm her, you monster," Anakin said, as he punched Palo in the face. He screamed in pain, as his nose and jaw broke. He howled in agony, as his hands filled with his own blood.

"What...have you done to my son, you filthy Jedi!" Governor Danae cried, as he drew his blaster.

"You're more trouble than you're with...you little wench!" Danae screamed, as he aimed at Padme and squeezed the trigger several times. In the blink of an eye, Anakin saber blazed to life, as he leapt in front of her. He blocked the five blaster bolts, deflecting them back. Danae cried out for a brief second, as three bolts hit him in the head, neck, and chest. And Palo took two bolts to the face and head as well. The evil tyrants that controlled Padme's village were dead at last. Anakin watched the battle rage on and saw that Palpatine remained barely winded. The three Jedi Masters were not fairing as well.

"The key to your power will unleash it..." he heard his grandfather's voice in his head. Anakin looked at Padme and suddenly realized that it was her. Their love was the key to his power.

"Our love is the key," he told her.

"What?" she asked.

"Our love will give me the strength and power I need to defeat him," he stated. She hugged him tightly.

"Be careful my love," she said. He caressed her cheek and kissed her tenderly. She gasped, as their lips parted, noticing a glowing white aura of power around him. Flails of white energy erupted from Anakin, instantly killing all the Storm Troopers in the room. Xanatos and Tarkin let out a howls of rage, as the blinding white energy engulfed them as well, killing them too. Anakin strode calmly toward Palpatine, as the others watched on in awe.

"You are no match for me, young fool," Palpatine snarled. Anakin ignited his blade and it blazed white with Force energy. Sidious howled in rage, as he brought his saber down on Anakin. But as it made contact, his crimson light saber shattered into a million pieces.

"NOOOO!" Sidious screamed in blinding rage, as he unleashed Force lightning upon Anakin. But the young Jedi Prince caught it with his blade and thrust it back toward the evil Sith tyrant. Palpatine screamed in agony, as he was ripped apart by his own attack. Everyone covered their faces with their hands, as there was a huge explosion, which blew holes in the palace roof. When the smoke began to clear, all that was left of the once powerful Darth Sidious, was ashes.

"It's over..." Kit said in relief.

"The Sith are gone..." Aayla added. Padme ran into Anakin's arms and he lifted her up, spinning her around, before planting his lips on hers.

"You did it!" she cried happily.

"We did angel. I never could have done it without your love," he replied, as he kissed her again, deeply and passionately. Qui-Gon and Shmi wrapped their arms around each other, as they looked on, ecstatic to see their son so happy.

"Mom, dad, this is Padme," he introduced.

"It's wonderful to meet you both, your majesties," Padme bowed politely. Shmi pulled the young girl into an immediate hug, stunning Padme. Qui-Gon patted Anakin's shoulder and smiled knowingly.

"It looks like there's no time for rest. We have a wedding to plan," Qui-Gon said. Anakin smiled at Padme, as he pulled her into his arms.

"I love you..." he told her tenderly.

"And I love you," she replied, as their lips met, their hearts and souls joining as one forever...

Padme moaned sleepily and stirred, as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. The chrono read six in the morning and she slowly sat up, remembering the vivid dream she had just had.

"Morning angel. You okay?" he asked, as he handed her a cup of caf.

"Oh...morning sweetheart. I'm...I'm fine," she replied, as she sipped at the steaming liquid.

"You sure?" he asked, as he sat beside her.

"Yes, I just had a very strange dream. It was a good dream...or at least it turned out good," she replied.

"What was it about?" he asked. She smirked.

"Oh, you know, the usual. A fair maiden escapes her father's evil village and meets a handsome, charming, Jedi Prince and falls deeply in love," she replied, deciding to keep the intimate and vivid details to herself for now. She could hardly believe it was just a dream, for she had never had one that felt so real. Anakin leaned in and pecked her on the lips. She set her caf down on the bedside table and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him into a deep, sensual kiss.

"Wow...good morning to you too, baby," he purred in a husky voice. She giggled, as he tickled her sides and spooned her against him, as they lay together in contentment, enjoying just being in each other's arms.

"If I recall, I believe neither of us has any duties today," she said.

"Nope...and I plan on spending the whole day with my beautiful wife and our children," he replied.

"Good, because I think we should see if we can find a secluded place in the park for a family picnic. Do you think you can find a spot where the Holonet won't find us?" she asked.

"I'm up for the challenge," he replied. Several moments later, they began to hear the chattering of their younglings from outside their bedroom door. It wasn't but a moment later that the five Skywalker children bounded into their parent's bedroom. Anakin lifted the younger ones onto the bed, while Luke and Leia crawled up by themselves. And their day, that would be spent together as a family, began...

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