I'm going to make Paul's POV a new story. Inspiration hit me and I had to continue in Cara's POV. Please Review this, it was very emotional for me.

It can't be right. He can't really be dead. I look at his face: eyes closed, face the most peaceful it has looked in weeks. I call for help until my voice is hoarse. And they hear me.

Carlisle arrives first but is quickly tailed by Alice, Edward, and all of the wolves. He takes a look at my tear-streaked face, and the way my body is thrown over Paul's, and his face seems to grow even paler.

"Carlisle," I whisper, unable to trust my voice enough to get any louder, "please tell me he's not gone. Please."

Carlisle is by our bodies in a flash, moving me gently off of Paul. "His heartbeat is there. Faint, but there."

Suddenly Sam is by our side, quickly pulling shorts on himself. "What happened?" I see fear in his eyes, like he is losing a son. I guess in a way, he is. I shut my eyes painfully. "He got bitten by Lucian. He was fighting him…but he only got bitten once! He has to be okay Sam. He's gonna be okay." I realize I'm rocking back and forth, but I can't even bring myself to care enough to stop.

Sam's eyes fill with tears as he looks at the bite wound on Paul's shoulder. The arc from Lucian's teeth has turned into a sickening foaming blue-silver, mixing with Paul's blood like a poison. What scares me more than anything I've seen yet, through, is seeing Sam scared to tears. He turns abruptly without answering me and strides to the other wolves, who are crouched together like they're in pain.

Carlisle sighs. "Our venom is toxic to werewolves, Cara. It's not like biting a human, where it changes you into a vampire. It…I don't know if there's anything we can do."

My nails dig into my face as I bury in into my hands. I gasp in pain and let out a cry like an animal. I look up at Carlisle, now joined by Edward and Alice. "Please, Carlisle. Please do something!"

Edward touches Carlisle's shoulder. "What about what I did to Bella? With James? Maybe…maybe one of us could suck out the venom. Maybe it's not too late."

Carlisle pauses for a fraction of a second. "We need to take him to the house. It's going to be more complex of a procedure than it was with Bella. Alice, go explain to Sam what's going on while Edward and I carry Paul." And before I can even blink, Edward and Carlisle are gone with Paul in their arms.

I look and see Alice's hand on Sam's shoulder, speaking gently. Sam's face is in his hands, but he nods. He looks at me, trying to erase the pain from his face. "Cara," he says, his voice hoarse, "come on. We need to get to the house. I'm going to phase, and you need to hop onto my back and hold on. Please don't fall…we don't have time."

He changes before I answer and I run to him, swiftly hoping onto his back. The forest rushes by in a blur as we race through the woods, the rest of the pack following. Only now do I feel the dull pain in my arm. It feels like years ago when Lucian was breaking it. I bury my face in Sam's dark fur, praying to whoever would listen. Please don't let him die. Please let him be okay.

We arrive at the house within minutes, and I hop off Sam before he even stopped, breaking into a run for the house. I open the front door, running past Esme and Rosalie and Emmet and Alice and Jasper, feeling pulled to a door, down stairs, to Paul lying on a medical table. The Cullen's basement, a large room with a window overlooking a field behind their house, had been transformed into a little hospital room, with heart monitors and IV bags attached to Paul. He has paled even more since I last saw him into the woods. I shakily grab his hand, shuddering at its coldness. Sam and Jared were right behind me, stomping down the stairs and stopping in front of Paul's bed. Carlisle and Edward look at me, then Sam.

"Sam, we need to take as much blood as we can so we can give it to Paul through a transfusion. I know that no other blood will work from studying Jacob's blood after the newborn war. You all have the same unique blood type. We're pumping so much blood out of his system now," I just now notice a tube attached to Paul, with red fluid flowing out of it and into large blood bags, "we need to get more in him as soon as possible. Even then, I'm not sure…" he trails off, looking at me. "The venom is very persistent."

Sam is already holding out his arm, with Jared right behind him. I jump as Edward touches my arm. "Cara, it's going to be very busy down here, with a lot of people doing work on Paul. Maybe it would be better if you..."

I tuned him out, feeling myself turning off. I feel my body detaching itself from my mind and feelings, part of some sort of self preservation system. I can only imagine what would happen if I really took in this entire scene. I let Edward lead me upstairs into the room with the other Cullens and the pack, sitting anxiously by each other. I sit for hours. Or maybe only minutes; I don't really know how the time is passing before Carlisle is upstairs, crouched beside me.

"We've done everything we can, Cara. Now all we can do is wait, and hope. His body is fighting a very important battle, his blood trying to destroy Lucian's venom. Sam and Jared's blood makes him stronger, but it's still taking a toll on him. You can go down there now, if you'd like."

I look at him and nod. I walk to the stairs slowly, passing the sympathetic faces of the Cullens and the pained faces of the Quileute boys. I walk descend to the basement, and only when I reach Paul's still-pale face do I begin crying. My body shakes and I rip out pieces of my hair, whispering Paul's name over and over again. I settle into a chair placed next to the bed and grip Paul's hand, trembling. I look at Paul's face. It no longer looked peaceful, but troubled. Sam and Jared's blood makes him stronger, but it's still taking a toll on him. I tighten my grip on his hand. "You promised me, Paul," I whisper. "You promised you'd be here with me. I've only known you for less than half a year. I'm not ready to lose you yet." I lower my head onto the bed, sobbing. "I love you."

I stay there like that until my eyes stay closed, and I sleep.



My eyes flutter open groggily, and I sit up in the chair. I turn to the side, and Paul is standing there, smiling softly at me. His body glows in the moonlight that is the only light in the room. I smile. "I thought I was going to lose you."

His smile fades, looking sad, yet still beautiful. His eyes drift next to something next to me. I look, and I see that I'm still holding Paul's hand as he lies on the bed. I gasp and drop his hand, standing up. My hand flies to my mouth as I shake my head, tears falling. "No, no."

Paul walks slowly towards me. I see now a glow that is stronger than the moonlight could give him. The bite mark on his shoulder is gone. "We're so much luckier than a lot of people in the world, you know that? We experienced something that most people dream of. That true, unconditional love that you can't read about, or see in a movie. The real thing that can't be captured or recreated, just experienced. Try to remember that, Cara."

I shake my head more. "Paul, please. I'm not ready to lose you. We didn't get any time…"

He smiles sadly. "You have to promise me something. Keep going, even after I'm gone. Don't let me hold you back from being the amazing person I know you are. It's corny to say this, but I'll always be," I gasp as his warm hand is placed over my heart, "right here."

I cover his hand with mine, closing my eyes. "I love you."

He brushes hair out of my face. "I love you, Cara. More than anything. And I always will."

I open my eyes. "It doesn't have to be this way, Paul. You can keep trying! Please." Tears blur my vision and I hastily wipe them away, not letting them ruin my vision as I stare at Paul.

He gets a faraway look in his eyes. "You know, I think we'll be together again soon. I think that soon we won't have to worry about being apart anymore."

I nod. "I'm going to miss you," I whisper.

He smiles. "Well, try not to too much. I'll be keeping an eye on you, okay?" He looks over his shoulder, and turns back to me. "It's time for me to go now, I think." I shake my head, my breath hitching. "Oh, and Cara? Be brave. You are a really good singer, even if it hurts to be reminded of your mom." He takes my hand in his, and squeezes it, pulling me into him. I melt into the embrace, taking in his smell. He tilts my head up, and kisses the tears off my face. His lips lower to mine, and I take in his smell. He pulls away softly, backing away.

"I love you, Paul." I close my eyes again.



I open my eyes and see Carlisle looking at me sadly. The Cullens and Quiluetes, my family, are crowded around me, tears in the pack's eyes. "I'm sorry, Cara."

I look next to me slowly, and see myself wrapped in Paul's arms in the hospital bed. His face is peaceful again, eyes closed, and a faint smile on his lips. I get up slowly, squeezing his hand one more time. "I'll try to be brave," I whisper.