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Kagome awoke, as she had been quite often lately, in the warm, surprisingly cuddly embrace of Sesshoumaru. She smiled, squirming deeper into his lap and burying her nose further into his fluff. She inhaled deeply, allowing his spicy scent to wash over her senses, adoration rising in her blood as she felt his presence wrap around her. She heard his eyes slide open, and looked up to greet him, smile shining in the morning sun. That was one great thing about a mouth full of poison, she thought. No morning breath.

Leaning down to kiss her on the forehead, Sesshoumaru was surprised at the speed with which she moved her mouth to meet his, flipping him back on the couch. He laughed throatily, feeling her taut body melting against his as their mouths once again intertwined. He could hear her sweet heart pattering in her chest, and the strain of her lungs as they kept each other panting. They pulled away as they heard footsteps thundering down the stairs.

"Oh, for the love of—" cried Kagome, cocooning herself in a blanket again so she could accept her morning hugs from Shippou, and a shy but happy Rin. She then sped up to her room, grabbing a shirt and sweats before catching her image in the mirror. She was shocked at what everyone else had been seeing. She was toned and long and catlike, much more so than she had ever seen on any demon, but she was still remarkably Kagome, with those surreal perfections that had always awed her in Sesshoumaru. Her breasts had filled out, her waist had narrowed and her hips widened, and her body seemed to have stretched into liquid perfection. Her blue eyes were bluer, her long black hair was longer and sleeker, and her skin was like polished marble.

She caught the glimmer of pink on her cheeks and turned to admire the soft pink stripes adorning her face. She giggled, twisting around and searching her still-nude body for the other stripes she knew she would find. She had two on each ankle, accentuating the lines of her legs. She also had two on each side, stretching from her lower back down around her pelvis to land just before the nest of curls there. One traced each side of her collar bone, and two more adorned her wrists. She wondered if Sesshoumaru's were in the same places, and was delighted that she could actually find out. If only she could get him alone!

Smiling determinedly to herself, she dressed and headed downstairs to make breakfast. She would need to teach her friends how to make food eventually, but for now she was content in feeding them. Her mothering instinct had taken over yet again. She giggled and thumped down the stairs in a most un-demonic manner, leaping off the last two steps and landing, with eerie accuracy, on top of the breakfast bar in the kitchen, sliding across and thumping to the ground in front of the refrigerator. She giggled again, turning the stereo on with the flick of a claw and yanking the fridge door open. She was elated with her life right now, and she was going to damn well enjoy herself.

Moving in a flurry of home-ec-inspired motion, Kagome had soon whipped up enough food to feed an army, or just a traveling group of demons, boys, and children. The wafting scents had roused everyone in the house, and they soon gathered around the kitchen table for the feast their friend had prepared. After stuffing themselves, and several fiery glances between Kagome and Sesshoumaru, Kagome broke the news to her friends about Inuyasha.

As expected, they all freaked out, demanding she 'call' him, although they weren't quite sure what that meant, and get him to tell them what had been going on. She happily sauntered over to the phone, pulling it off of the cradle as her friends watched on curiously. She punched in Inuyasha's number. It rang.

"Is he there?" asked Miroku, clearly burning up with curiosity.

"Hold on," she commanded, holding her hand over the receiver. "It's ringing."

This didn't answer any questions in the group, but they all silenced and waited for Kagome to let them in on the magic box.


Inuyasha's rough voice rang through the receiver, and the entire room burst into sound, everyone yelling into the receiver at Inuyasha at once. Kagome winced, throwing up a barrier around her sensitive ears and the phone in her hand, blocking their noise.

"Inuyasha! Everyone here says hi."

He laughed, the first real, hearty laugh she'd heard him give in a long time.

"Inuyasha, what's going on? How are you safe? Why didn't I detect you? Who are you with? How did you know when to come back?" The questions spilled out of her, her excitement increasing the speed and pitch of her voice.

He laughed again. "You guys wanna meet me at the airport? I can show you faster than I can tell you."

"The airport?" she squeaked out.

"Yeah, the airport," he laughed. "You think we'd be living in that smelly city? Not a—"

"We?!" Kagome's jaw dropped to her toes. "Who's we?"

He laughed again, and Kagome really started to miss the Inuyasha who just got huffy and couldn't hide anything for long. "I'm sending a car over in a few minutes, it'll take care of you guys."

He laughed again, then hung up. Kagome released the barrier and hung up the phone, turning back to her friends. "He's sending a car."

"A what?" they asked, eyes bugging out at the overload of information.

She laughed, feeling very much like Inuyasha. "You'll see."


Two hours, one pair of pants, and several airsick comrades later, their plane touched down on a beautiful island that Kagome had never heard of. It was lush and tropical, and everything was perfect. There, striding up the beach, was Inuyasha, along with another demon, who felt strangely familiar. Kagome focused her eyes on him and gasped.


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Kouga laughed, and Inuyasha draped his arm over the wolf's shoulder. "You didn't think I could kept his place running alone, did you?"

"This place?" asked Kagome, eyes flittering from side to side. She saw another couple of demons wandering down a path to the beach, smaller figures in tow carrying buckets and tiny plastic shovels. There were umbrellas and towels spread out on the sand, she now saw, and houses off along the horizon.


Kouga cut her off. "Let's head to our house, we can discuss it there."

"Your…" Kagome's eyes finally focused on Inuyasha's arm draped across Kouga's body, in a completely familiar and loving way that finally registered as something only couples do. She coughed. "You two?!"

They both laughed, and their eyes lit up as they gazed at one another. "Come on, Kags," chuckled Inuyasha, "Couldn't you smell it? Wonder why I hadn't aged? Some demon you are!"

They all laughed, although the newcomers to the island were still a bit uncomfortable. Following Inuyasha and Kouga down the path, with Shippou chattering excitedly on Inuyasha's shoulder and Miroku following alongside, they finally reached Inuyasha and Kouga's house. It was a large, stately mansion in the traditional style, with a curving path and a beautiful garden, and Kagome could hear a small creek babbling somewhere behind it. They were soon shepherded into a cream-colored sitting room, where Inuyasha proceeded to explain what had happened in the past five hundred years.

"So, once you guys sealed yourself in, I hung out with Kaede for a while, protecting the village and the well. Kouga here came to visit while I stood guard, and we bonded. Soon we shared the watch, passing the time talking and such." At this Sesshoumaru coughed, and Inuyasha made a face at him before carrying on. "Eventually, we mated, I'll skip those details for you, bro. Anyway, Kagome, you left all your stuff behind, including your history book, so we pretty much knew where to be and when to leave the area. I watched the lands as long as I could, but then the humans started multiplying and advancing their technology, and they drove us further and further out of our place, killing those who refused to move."

Kagome winced.

"Them being my people and all, I moved us to this island, which I figured wouldn't get discovered for quite a while. Some didn't come along, because of the half-breed thing, but I suppose they learned their lesson eventually. Anyway, we saved some stuff through the ages, knowing what was important and all, coins and historical memorabilia and such, and sold 'em once the time was right so we could buy the island legit. Now we live here. We shelter demons who need to hide, or who want to live in peace, or those who live out in the human world who need to lay low until no one will recognize their face anymore. We've got an up-to-date medical center, internet, phones, the whole shebang. And some property on the side."

"Property on the side?"

"Well, we had to buy your family shrine, so we could keep it safe and sell it to your family at the right time, and then we decided we could have some others, and it sorta spread."

"How much has it spread?" asked Kagome, sensing that he wasn't telling her something.

"Well, over the course of things… I kinda own a good third of Japan."


"I had five hundred years to buy it, Kagome! I couldn't just sit around! It's an investment!"

Kagome, for lack of a better reaction, burst into howls of laughter, and the rest of the group soon followed. Things were pretty much back to normal.


In the years that passed, Kagome spent more blissful time with her friends and family than she had ever dreamed. Sango and Miroku were married on the island, where they lived more contently than they did in the modern world. Shippou and Rin attended school in the human world for a few years, transferring back to the demon island once Shippou's slower aging became apparent. They grew up fast and inseparable, and it was no one's surprise when they eventually mated, freezing Rin at a beautiful twenty five. She had grown into a surprisingly strong young woman, with a passion for botany and floristry that Jaken took full credit for.

Miroku and Sango soon grew old, passing on surrounded by their friends, children, and grandchildren. Their children took many separate ways, always coming back to visit Kagome and the Island, a few of them staying and taking demon mates. Shippou and Rin moved to Japan to fulfill Rin's desires of her own flower shop, and Shippou sat happily with her day after day, entertaining her with his foxfire whenever business got slow. He, too, had grown up to be a handsome young man, having finally caught up with himself, and they were as happy as Kagome had ever seen.

Inuyasha and Kouga were also happy, in a playful, relaxed way, and it was a pleasure for Kagome and Sesshoumaru to stay with them until their house had been built. Inuyasha had turned over half of his land to Sesshoumaru, who was the rightful heir but would accept no more than the fraction he received. It was more than enough money to support them, anyway, and Sesshoumaru was secretly rather proud of what his little brother had done.

Looking back, Kagome could easily remember the end of their first day on the island, and how her life had finally come to a perfect crescendo.


Sesshoumaru's eyes sparkled as he rolled out the blanket on the beach, mysterious basket packed by Inuyasha in hand. They stretched out, silent except for the rolling of the waves on the beach. They had already had dinner, and Kagome opened the basket curiously. Inside was a note. It read:

"Dear Kagome and Sesshoumaru

From the smell of you two, I know you haven't actually gotten down to business yet. I figure I owe you this.


"Well," said Kagome, "that was concise."

"Indeed," stated Sesshoumaru, pulling something lacy and pink out of the basket. "What are these things he thinks he owes us, again?"

Kagome's eyes bugged out, and his rakish smile showed that she had just shown him exactly what they were used for. She felt her blood simmer as he continued unloading the basket. Chocolate syrup, a bottle of cherry-flavored massage oil, several lacy thongs, some furry handcuffs, and a silken sheet soon joined the negligee on the blanket, carefully laid out by an excited demon. As the items left the basket, so Kagome felt her nervousness easing. She could show him how to use these well.

Grabbing the nightie and a thong, she promised to be back and scampered off into the woods, slowly changing as she prepared herself for his gaze. As she left the cover of the forest, however, she knew that nothing could prepare her for the intense heat of his shimmering amber pools. The lacy nightgown bared her breasts to his eyes, cradling them in a network of ribbons and ties. It brushed delicately against her hips, revealing the red thong underneath. His jaw dropped as she bent over, grabbing the massage oil and pushing him back onto the blanket.

She ripped his kimono open and threw it aside, rolling him over onto his stomach. Warming the massage oil between her hands, she slid her hands up and down his back, excited by his moans of pleasure. She kneaded at his shoulders, then ran her hands down to the top of his ass, teasing the area around his waistband and sliding towards his hips. He moaned again, louder this time, and rolled over to face her, obvious bulge brushing against the thin layer of the panties. His eyes widened, and he managed to pant out a "continue," before she attacked his chest, oiling and tweaking and rubbing until he hadn't a coherent thought left in his head.

Then, just as he looked like he was about to pass out from pleasure, she stopped, and began sensually untying her complicated fabric prison. Sesshoumaru's eyes cleared just in time to see her drizzling a soft brown syrup over her naked chest. Growling, he decided that no such barrier could be between his eyes and her body, he bent forward and sniffed it. It smelled… delicious. He licked it. Mmm. He licked again, delicious. He laved his tongue over a larger surface area, her moan alerting him to the fact that he was bringing her immense pleasure, along with sampling a tasty treat.

A chuckle rumbled from his stomach, out into her chest where him mouth was playing with a chocolatey nipple. He soon had her skin clean and her soul begging him for release, and he was more than happy to oblige. He prepared her gently, bringing her body to writhe around his fingers as he stretched her impossibly tight opening. Then, as her body screamed for release, he positioned himself and slid into her, breezing through her barrier and freezing as he waited for her to adjust.

With a small cry Kagome had lost her virginity, but her demon metabolism soon soothed the ache and her body quickly caught up to the immense fullness that she was now experiencing. With a small shift of her hips, she was about to tell him she was ready, but the movement brought so much pleasure to the both that she moaned instead. Catching his cue, Sesshoumaru began moving, and the sparks of delight that radiated from their joining soon caught them aflame, burning them down until they exploded as one.

Lying together on the blanket, covered in the silky sheet (which had showered them with rose petals when they had unfolded it), they had fallen asleep under the stars.


Kagome, content in her memories, snuggled into Sesshoumaru's arms. The pups had been put to bed, and they were cuddled in together, marital bliss in perfect form. Kagome giggled.

"You know, we never did use those handcuffs," she murmured.

He chortled. "Never too late, miko."

She grinned at him, and reached over to the basked they kept stashed under their bed. No one said marriage had to get boring, she thought happily.

"The chocolate, too?" he asked, pulling out the puppy dog eyes that still managed to make her swoon.

"Of course," she said. A quick barrier insured that there would be no intrusions that night, but even if there had been, the couple couldn't have cared less. They were happy.

And they always would be.


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