Ziva rested her head on Tony's shoulder in spite of McGee's disapproving looks. They'd been watching and rewatching the bar security footage from the casino since Gibbs had finished with Burt Avery over an hour ago. She was starting to get impatient to leave, although it was barely past noon; Tony's constant looks and touches must have been having their intended effect. She shifted her seat beside him on the edge of his desk and asked no one in particular, "Why are we still looking at this?"

McGee paused the video. "We're trying to find any evidence of Bilotti making other deals. Gibbs thinks we can hang onto him long enough to prosecute for the Nelson murders if we can find something to dangle over the FBI's collective head."

"Uh, we have the murder weapon that can tie him to a half-dozen of their open cases." Tony loosened his crossed arms as she looped her hand into the crook of his elbow. "Can't we just use that?"

"They don't know that we hacked their files."

"Well, yeah, but weren't the ballistics posted on the…that thing Abby uses that comes up with the flashing lights? Some database?"

"True, but…" McGee paused. "Why did Gibbs tell us to do this?"

"I believe he is trying to keep us busy." Ziva glanced in the direction of the room where the woman from Social Services was sequestered with Harry, Marion Avery and now Glen Nelson. Avery had left the meeting for a short time and high-pitched fit when Gibbs had informed her that her husband had been charged with the murders of their daughter and son-in-law. "They are going to put Harry into foster care, yes?"

"Probably," McGee agreed.

"Don't get any bright ideas," Tony added. "We're not applying for anything."

She looked at him critically. "Did I suggest that?"

"No, but…why'd you bring it up?"

"I was going to say that I don't think his grandmother is capable of taking care of him, but he seems quite attached to his uncle. Would they allow him to adopt Harry?"

"No idea. It'll probably help that we're not charging him with anything, but…not up to us." Tony shrugged and turned his attention back to the plasma. "How much longer to we have to pretend to watch this crap?"

"Start your paperwork, if you think that is more exciting."

He nuzzled the side of her face with his nose. "If you want excitement…"

They both jerked forward simultaneously with impacts on the back of their heads. "You're mine until five." Gibbs walked past them to his desk, coffee in one hand.

Tony whispered in her ear, "How'd he get both of us?"

"I thought it was worth putting the coffee down, DiNozzo," Gibbs said. "Your own desks. Now."

Ziva sighed and stood, but a movement just visible down the hall prevented her from obeying the order. "It appears the conference is over."

Harry, clutching his stuffed panda, made his way over to the bullpen, apparently unnoticed by his uncle and grandmother, who were arguing with the social worker. "Hi, Ziva."

"Hello, Harry."

He scuffed his sneakers against the carpet for a moment before looking up at her with a pleading expression. "Are you mad at me?"

"Why would I be mad?"

"I yelled. I told you I would be brave, but then I got scared and yelled. I'm sorry."

She knelt in front of him. "You do not have to apologize."

"Can I stay with you and Tony and McGee?" he asked, suddenly wrapping his arms around her neck. "That lady said I can't stay with my grandma or Uncle Glen and that I have to go stay with strangers for a while. I was safe with you though, so can I come back?"

"I'm afraid that is against the rules."

"But it wasn't last night."

"Last night was different. No one is trying to hurt you now."

He sniffled. "Is it true that my grandpa…that my grandpa told the bad man about me?"

She patted his back gently as she hugged him. "I'm sorry, Harry."

Tony walked over and ruffled Harry's hair, causing him to finally loosen his hold on Ziva's neck. "It'll be okay, kid. Anyway, I'm sure you'd be disappointed to hear that McGee doesn't actually live with us."

He looked up at Tony. "That's okay. He can still visit and tell bedtime stories, right?"

"Nice try. I think it might be time for you to go, though. Everyone is waiting for you at the elevator."

Harry frowned, but acquiesced, hugging Tony, McGee and Gibbs before returning to Ziva. "Are you gonna keep my picture up behind your desk?"

She glanced at the drawing he had done the previous day. "Of course. You take care." She hugged him again before the social worker took his hand and led him away.

Tony rested his hand on the small of her back as Harry waved from the elevator. "Well…that's over."

She nodded. "For now."


"Relax. I meant that I hope we'll hear from him again once everything has worked out."

"At least he doesn't think we're all magical wizards anymore." He grinned and winked before returning to his desk. The rest of the day passed slowly but uneventfully. At quarter to five, Gibbs glared at them both before jerking his head toward the elevator. Riding down to the parking lot a few minutes later, Ziva pulled out her phone to find he was calling. "Hello?"

"Come back safe, David. Both of you."

"We will be fine, Gibbs."

"Good." He hung up without saying goodbye.

Tony gave her a questioning look. "I doubt he was expressing concern that you're going to tire me out too much to make it to work tomorrow."

"Don't worry about it." She was surprised when he didn't push, but followed her silently out to his car. "Let's go home."

"How about dinner first? Somewhere quiet, with lobster."

"Not just lobster, I hope."

"No, they've got a fantastic seared ahi tuna too."

"Was I going to get any input on this decision?"

"I didn't just tie you up and shove you in the car, did I?" His eyes widened as he put on his seatbelt. "Hope I'm not giving you any bright ideas."

"As if I need your help." She pecked his cheek. "We need to go pick up my car before we do anything else."

"Right." The ride to their old street was comfortably quiet. He caught her hand when she moved to get out of the car. "Ziva…let's just go home."

She smiled. "I'll meet you there."

The End

A/N: Thank you to all who read, doubly so to reviewers. Continuation in a new story will be coming soon.