It's Not Always About Revenge

Summary: Someone is out for revenge and Naruto gets caught in the middle. But despite all the tragedy that comes from it, something that Naruto has been wishing for, all his life, finally comes true. SasuNaru, Yaoi

Warnings: Character deaths, language and spoilers for non-manga readers, but they aren't pointed out in the story. Only the manga readers will probably know what the spoilers are in this story. Future lemons.

Author's Notes: Hopefully this story will not be too confusing for the non-manga readers since there are spoilers mixed in with my own theories (and other people's) of what could happen (or be revealed) in the future manga chapters. But more than likely, what Kishimoto will reveal in coming chapters will not be anything like what I put in this story. This story starts three months after the events that are currently taking place in the latest chapters of the manga. Both Sasuke and Naruto are 16 in this story. All the other characters' ages can be figured out from this information, since I'm not changing their birth dates in this story.

1st Person thoughts are represented in italics.

Chapter One: The shock of betrayal

Naruto stared down at the gaping hole in his chest, his features filled with shock. "Why?" he whispered, voice filled with the pain he felt, which was not only physical, but emotional, too. He looked up at the person that was standing above him. Naruto's eyes begged for an explanation.

The woman didn't answer. Her face was emotionless, eyes blank. Though she was looking at the blond, it was almost as if she was looking at someone, or something, else.

"I don't understand. Please, Sakura-chan..." Naruto's voice drifted off as his shocked mind tried to come up with a reason for why this was happening.

Naruto couldn't understand why his friend, the woman he trusted the most, would all of a sudden drive a chakra-enforced fist right through his chest. It just didn't make any sense to him. They hadn't been fighting. They had been coming back from a mission and Kakashi had left them in order to get a very important item back to the Hokage. Actually, as Naruto thought about it some more, he remembered that it was Sakura who had asked Kakashi if he would head back on his own, so that she could talk with Naruto in private. After all, they were only an hour away from Konoha and both Sakura and Naruto were strong enough to defend themselves if needed.

But for the past thirty minutes, all that he and Sakura had ended up talking about, was gossip concerning their friends back in Konoha. They hadn't said anything that Kakashi probably didn't already know. Was this her plan all along? To get him alone so she could kill him? But why?! When Naruto realized that Sakura wasn't going to say anything and seemed to be in some kind of a daze, he tried to get up. But the wound was taking longer than normal to heal, so he cried out in pain as he fell back to the ground.

Sakura blinked, her eyes slowly re-focusing on her teammate. A smile slowly formed on her face, but it wasn't a very pleasant smile. Her eyes became hard. "Having some trouble there, Naruto? Hmm, looks like Kyuubi isn't healing you quickly enough. You're bleeding to death. Too bad. I really thought I would have to do more in order to kill you." Her smile got wider.

Naruto stared with fear at the woman. What is wrong with Sakura? Then his own eyes grew hard and accusing. "You aren't Sakura! Who are you and what have you done with her?!"

Sakura laughed in amusement. "Don't be silly, idiot. This is me." Her eyes became cruel then, as her voice filled with malice. "You think someone else is doing this? No, Naruto, this is all me. I planned this. As for the reason why... it's because you are in the way!"

Naruto, stunned by the hatred that he could see in the other's eyes and hear in her voice, asked with his own eyes and voice filled with sadness and confusion, "I don't understand, Sakura-chan. What am I in the way of?"

Sakura sneered at the blond man. "Of me and Sasuke!" Her face then took on an expression that made her look as if she was a love-struck girl, fantasizing about the man of her dreams. Which apparently was true because of her next words, that were said in a very child-like way, "My Sasuke-kun will finally be coming home where he belongs. He told me, you know. He said he was coming back very soon and that he wanted me to wait for him."

Naruto stared in shock at her words. "What? Sasuke told you that? When?"

They hadn't seen Sasuke since the fight with Uchiha Madara, a few months back, when Sasuke and Naruto had both worked together to defeat the supposedly immortal villain. It had been the first time they had worked together since Sasuke had left Konoha to go to Orochimaru. But after that fight, Sasuke had just disappeared. Naruto, and the Konoha team that had been with him, had looked for any clue to find out where Sasuke had gone, but they hadn't been able to find any trace of him. He had just completely vanished, leaving his own team, Hebi, behind. Did Sasuke really contact Sakura?

Sakura smirked at her teammate. "He told me last night." Her face took on a dreamy expression again. "After we made love."

Shock again filled Naruto and he also felt a sharp pain in his chest. I can't believe it. This is not happening.

Sakura laughed when she saw how her words had affected the blond. "Yes, we made love. He loves me. Not you. Me!"

How did she know?! Naruto did his best to not let the pain that her words had caused him, to overwhelm him. She somehow knew, even though he had never told anyone of his true feelings for Sasuke. He hadn't even realized just how much he loved Sasuke until they had been fighting together again. It had just hit him. Naruto had realized that he could never truly be happy, unless he had Sasuke in his life. And Sasuke was more important to him than anyone else. Even the love that Naruto felt for Sakura couldn't compare to the love he had for Sasuke. But now wasn't the time to let his emotions carry him away. He had to know everything and he had to distract Sakura from noticing that his wound was healing. He was actually glad that it was taking a while, since it gave him more time to get answers.

"How am I in the way then? If Sasuke loves you and wants to be with you, then how am I in the way?"

Sakura started shaking in anger, her face became ugly as she looked at him with not only anger, but also hatred. "He told me that you would never let us be together! That you would use your influence with the Hokage to make sure that he and I could never be together as a couple. That you would be jealous of us because you're in love with him! He said that as long as you are alive, he and I can never be together."

Naruto shook his head. "That's not true, Sakura-chan! I want you and Sasuke to be happy. And I wouldn't interfere with that!"

Sakura laughed in derision. "Liar. Sasuke told me and you can't honestly believe that I'd take your word over his. You're such an idiot if you think you can fool me. I love him, Naruto. I would do anything for him, to be with him. Even, kill you."

This is not Sakura. It can't be. Would Sasuke really tell her to kill me? Wouldn't he just kill me himself? None of this make any sense! Naruto decided that now was the time to act, since his wound was completely healed and he needed to get Sakura back to Tsunade, in order to find out what was wrong with her. His eyes turned to look past the woman. "So, Sasuke, is what she saying true?"

Sakura's eyes filled with shock, then happiness, as she quickly turned around, turning her back on the blond.

Naruto jumped up, then hit Sakura on the back of her head with his own chakra-enforced fist, hoping that he hadn't used too much force. When she fell down, he checked to make sure she was still breathing. Sighing with relief, he lifted her up, then slung her over his shoulder. He leaped up into the trees and sped off as fast as he could, hoping to get back to Konoha before she could wake up.

Tsunade opened the door to her office and walked in, closing the door behind her. She looked over to the window, her favorite shinobi turned around and looked anxiously at her.

"She's fine, Naruto. I'll tell you what I can, after you tell me everything that happened." She walked over to her desk and sat down. Reaching down to open one of the drawers, she pulled out a bottle of sake.

Naruto glared at the Hokage in annoyance. He watched as she took a big swig from the bottle and when she finally looked at him again, he spoke, "Well, old woman, it's a really weird story." He fiddled with the hem of his jacket, trying to think of where to begin.

Tsunade's eyes locked onto the hole in the middle of Naruto's jacket, seeing the dark bloodstain surrounding it, worry and fear began to fill her. How could I have missed that big hole in his jacket?!

"Who did that?!" She got up from her chair and went over to the young man. Her hands smoothed over the bare skin that was showing through, making sure that he wasn't injured, even though there was no trace of a wound on his chest.

Naruto brushed her hands aside. "Sakura. I-it was Sakura-chan."

Seeing the shock on her face, he nodded. "Yeah, I told you it was a weird story."

Tsunade went back to her desk and sat down. Taking another swig of sake, she forced herself to calm down. Elbows on the desk and hands clasped together, she rested her chin on the backs of her fingers. After taking a deep breath, she ordered, "Go on, brat. I'm trying to be patient here, so spit it out."

Naruto nodded his head and then told the woman everything that had happened during the mission and up to when he was attacked, including everything that Sakura had said to him after.

After having sat patiently, without interrupting, while Naruto told her everything, Tsunade's anger had been building and when he finally stopped talking, she exploded. "I'll kill him! I'll send the hunter nin out and have them kill that bastard!"

"No! It had to be someone else!" Naruto took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. Now wasn't the time to panic. He had to make her see that Sasuke couldn't be the one that did this. "I know someone else did this, old woman. Did you check to make sure that woman is really our Sakura-chan? And if she is, then couldn't she be under some kind of jutsu?"

Tsunade's thoughts of committing murder, against the last Uchiha, halted. She looked with pity at her favorite blond and shook her head. "Naruto, that is Haruno Sakura. She's not an impostor nor a clone. And... as far as I could tell, there is nothing wrong with her except for the concussion that you gave her."

Tsunade decided to leave out the part about Sakura being in a coma. She didn't want Naruto to worry about his teammate any more than he had to. And the coma appeared to be unrelated to the concussion anyway.

"But, Sakura-chan would never really try to kill me! Not even for Sasuke!"

Again, thoughts of killing a certain Uchiha, danced in the Hokage's head. "I'm going to get Hinata and Neji to look at her chakra system to see if there is anything wrong with it. All the tests that I've run on her so far, haven't given me any clues about what could be wrong. I wish it was just a simple case of a jutsu being performed on her, but from what you and Kakashi have told me, nothing strange happened on your mission and you didn't have any visitors show up at your camp last night. How she could have met up with the Uchiha, or anyone else for that matter, is a mystery. And you even told me that she was acting normal up until the moment when she tried to kill you."

"You spoke to Kakashi already?!" Naruto was upset that she would talk to Kakashi instead of coming right back to tell him how Sakura was doing. He had been waiting in the office for almost two hours to hear news of her condition.

"He was there at the hospital, brat! He somehow heard about Sakura being brought in and showed up asking about it. So I took the opportunity to ask him some questions of my own. Speak of the devil."

Kakashi walked into the room, after climbing in through the window.

Tsunade glared at the intruder. "There is a door, you know!"

Kakashi raised a brow at the woman, a smirk hidden behind his mask. "Sorry. But it seems like this is a conversation that I should be a part of." He looked over at his blond teammate. "Don't you think, Naruto?"

"I didn't have time to go hunting you down, Kakashi-sensei! I needed to find out if Sakura-chan was okay."

The Hokage cleared her throat. "Actually, I told Kakashi to meet us here. I have a mission for the both of you. Well, three of you. Shikamaru will take Sakura's place in Team Kakashi for this mission."

Naruto glared at the woman. "We don't have time for a mission, old woman! We need to find out what happened to Sakura-chan!"

"I know that, brat!" She refrained from clobbering the idiot, just barely. "That is what this mission is about. No matter how long it takes you, I want the three of you to find Uchiha Sasuke and bring him back to this village. Alive." Even if it turned out that the Uchiha had nothing to do with what happened to Sakura, Tsunade had to get him back to Konoha to make sure. She couldn't just let him get away with it, either, if he was guilty.

Naruto stared at the Hokage in surprise, then nodded his head. His face filled with determination. "You got it. I'll definitely find that bastard and bring him back. But he didn't do this, old woman. It's not Sasuke's style."

Kakashi looked with pity at the blond man. He knows how much Naruto wants to believe in his friends, but Kakashi also knows that people can change over time and it was entirely possible that Sasuke was involved with what happened to Sakura. But for the mission's sake, he wouldn't say anything negative about Sasuke to Naruto. Naruto didn't need to be thinking that Sasuke had betrayed him once again. As long as Naruto believed in Sasuke's innocence, then he would work hard to find him in order to clear his name. They would need this determination of the blond's in order to complete their mission.

Sasuke grunted in annoyance. He paced the small room he was in, his mind thinking of and discarding many plans. Yet nothing that he could think of, would help him get out of this cell. He stopped pacing and looked at the wall on the opposite side of the room and waited. A man walked in with a large grin on his face.

"You really should just give up, Sasuke-kun. You are never getting out of here. You will rot in this place forever."

Sasuke glared at the man. His face only showing his annoyance. He wasn't about to let this asshole know that he was worried that he could be right.

"Still don't want to talk?" The man laughed. "Of course, you've never really been much of a talker anyway, right? Well, except to make demands. But I'm the one in charge now. You really should be nicer to me, you know? Not that it will make much of a difference." He turned his back on the last Uchiha, knowing that he wouldn't attack. Sasuke had tried before and he wasn't a genius for nothing. "Everything is going according to my plan. I really can't wait until I see the Kyuubi vessel again. I told him I would get my revenge, you know."

Sasuke growled in irritation. "Would you just shut up?! Why do you keep coming in here and repeating yourself over and over? You're so fucking annoying!"

The other man turned around to face Sasuke, laughing. "I know. That's why I do it. I love to annoy you. It's not like I have much else to do while I wait for the others to arrive. The trap has been set and it's just a matter of time before I get to see the results of it. I am so looking forward to this!"

Sasuke turned his face away, refusing to say anything more. He just wanted this insane monster to leave, so he could come up with a way to get out of there. There was no way Sasuke was going to allow this bastard to win. Even if Sasuke didn't have much to live for anymore, he was too stubborn to quit.

"You are so boring, Sasuke-kun. I really don't understand why he wanted you so much. I told him it would be a mistake to allow you to join us, but he was just too obsessed with having the chance to get the sharingan. And for him, it didn't really matter how dangerous you were, actually, I think the danger was what thrilled him the most. And really, only you, like your brother, stood a chance in defeating his soul transference jutsu. Just because you have those damn eyes!"

Kabuto thought again, like many times before, of taking Sasuke's eyes away from him. But he wanted the Uchiha bastard to see the results of Kabuto's revenge with his own eyes. Just as Sasuke had been an avenger, now Kabuto was. And even though it was Orochimaru's own carelessness that had brought about his demise, Kabuto still blamed Sasuke and wanted him to pay. Nothing was the same without Orochimaru. Kabuto felt very alone and he hated it. He hated that he had cared so much for his master. He hated that he had let himself become so dependent on him. Yet, he had also loved Orochimaru.

Kabuto turned around and walked toward the wall that he had entered from. He spoke as the door appeared, "Soon, I will have my revenge." But before he was completely out of the room, he paused, turning his head he looked back at Sasuke. "Oh, by the way, your former teammate, Haruno Sakura... she will be dying soon. By her own hand." With those last words, he disappeared.

Sasuke wasn't sure how to feel about the possibility that Sakura might die. Did he feel anything at all? Was he supposed to? He did remember getting along with her pretty well when they were younger. But any feelings that he had had for her, were in the past. He knew that he had once thought of her as a friend and someone to protect. He even had some fond memories of her, but there were some that were not so pleasant. He remembered when she would become really annoying by proclaiming her love for him and asking him to go on dates with her. Even if he was used to females doing things like that, all the time, it didn't mean that he had to like it.

Really, the only reason that Sasuke even tolerated Sakura and actually found some things to like about her, was because of Naruto. Because Naruto cared so much about her. It made him look more closely at her, in order to find out why. Outside of his own family, Sasuke had always felt the closest to Naruto. And because of his feelings for the blond, he'd considered going back to Konoha, if he survived killing his brother.

But then Kabuto had appeared. Kabuto, who he had never once considered a real threat and had left alive because of that reason. Sasuke really regretted that stupid decision now. He should have killed the bastard when he had the chance. Now here he was, trapped, without any way to access his chakra in order to escape. Kabuto had appeared right when Sasuke had finished his fight with Uchiha Madara. He had used some kind of jutsu that not only drained Sasuke's chakra, close to being non-existent, but had also caused him to lose consciousness.

He had just finished killing his own brother when Madara had shown up to engage Sasuke in battle. It hadn't been long before Naruto, also, showed up. The blond had jumped right into the fight. Normally, Sasuke would have been pissed to have Naruto interfere in one of his fights, but the battle against Itachi had taken a lot out of him, especially emotionally, and so Sasuke had decided it would be better to work with Naruto, instead of against him. That fight had brought back memories of when the two had worked together on missions, back when Sasuke had still been a part of Team 7. Sasuke had actually found himself enjoying the fight, forgetting that he had just recently killed his own brother. Despite the help from Naruto though, Sasuke had lost a lot of his chakra and strength during the battle, which left him vulnerable to Kabuto, who had been waiting for the opportunity to capture him.

The next day...

Kakashi called out for his team to stop. He looked at them and said quietly. "We're being watched."

Shikamaru nodded. "Just one."

Naruto looked at Shikamaru in amazement. But the lazy genius just ignored him, keeping his eyes on the older man instead.

"Naruto, I need you to create your clones as a diversion and have them spread out and start searching for our stalker. Shikamaru and I will work on capturing him."

Naruto nodded at Kakashi and did as requested, then hid in a nearby tree to watch. Kakashi and Shikamaru disappeared together, leaving Naruto alone to wait. After five minutes had passed with nothing happening, Naruto grew impatient. He was about to leave his hiding place, when the sound of a thud caused him to whip his head around to look. But before he could make out who it was that had landed behind him, he started losing consciousness. He heard a yell, that sounded like Shikamaru's voice, but he wasn't able to see what was happening. The next thing he felt was a sharp pain in his head as it hit the tree that he had been standing on.

Five minutes later... Kakashi arrived back in the clearing where he had left Naruto and saw Shikamaru lying on the ground, unconscious. He went to the young man and checked him to make sure he was still breathing, then checked for injuries. Seeing that he was okay, Kakashi looked around the area for a sign of Naruto, but he couldn't sense the blond's chakra signature anywhere, nor see him. He heard a groan so he went back to Shikamaru and crouched down beside him. "Are you okay?"

Shikamaru forced himself to raise up. "I feel drained, like I lost a lot of chakra." All of a sudden he remembered what happened and looked around quickly. "Where's Naruto?"

Kakashi sighed. "I was going to ask you the same question. He wasn't here when I arrived and I can't sense his chakra signature." Kakashi stood up from his crouch beside the other ninja, then pulled out a scroll to summon Pakkun. He looked down at the little dog when it appeared. "I need you to find Naruto."

"Alright, Kakashi. Where was he last seen?" Pakkun looked over at Shikamaru curiously, then looked back at Kakashi.

Shikamaru also looked at Kakashi, then looked over at one of the trees. Pointing to it, he said, "Naruto was up in that tree over there, the last time I saw him. Orochimaru's bitch, Kabuto, was standing near him. He's the one that did something to me before I had a chance to do anything. It looked like he had done the same thing to Naruto."

"Damn it. That's all we need. He must have taken Naruto with him." Kakashi looked down at Pakkun. "Start your search from that tree then."

The dog nodded at him and then leaped up into the tree to search for clues.

Kakashi helped Shikamaru to stand up. "Are you going to be alright? We need to hurry and find Naruto. If Kabuto took Naruto, then he may have had something to do with what happened to Sakura. I can't think of any other reason that he would take Naruto, since the last time they saw each other, Kabuto was actually quite friendly towards him."

"Then why harm him now?" Shikamaru wished he felt better so that he could think more clearly. The way he was now, he wouldn't be of much help and he had no idea how long it would take him to get his chakra reserves back up.

"I wish I knew."

"Well, as for how I'm feeling, whatever Kabuto did, it drained my chakra to the point that I can't do any jutsus."

Kakashi frowned at the other man. That wasn't good. If Kabuto had a way to drain his opponent of chakra to this point, in just a few seconds, then Kakashi would have to be very careful and make sure Kabuto didn't get the chance to do the same to him. "I won't abandon Naruto, but if you need to go back to Konoha..."

Shikamaru interrupted, shaking his head. "No, I want to help you find Naruto. Given some time, my chakra should hopefully get back to normal, but even if it doesn't, you could still use my brain to help rescue Naruto."

Pakkun popped up in front of Kakashi. "I can't follow Naruto's chakra because there is no trace of it to be found, but I can track the other one's."

Kakashi looked at Shikamaru. "As soon as you're feeling up to it, then we'll go after Kabuto."

Shikamaru sighed. "Why do things always turn out to be so troublesome when dealing with Naruto? I'm fine. We can go now."

Kakashi smiled at the younger man and then looked at Pakkun again. "Lead the way, Pakkun."

Naruto groaned as he woke up. He felt so lethargic, but something was urging him to wake up. He could feel eyes on him. Instead of trying to raise himself up though, he turned his head to look around first.

"It's about time you woke up, Naruto."

Naruto jerked in surprise and tried to raise up, but fell immediately back to the floor. The cold, hard floor. What the fuck? He looked at the other man, the one that he had come to find. But it seemed that Sasuke had found him first.

"What have you done, bastard?! Why have you kidnapped me?!" Naruto tried once again to get up and this time was able to get himself up into a sitting position. Why do I feel so weak?

"Moron. Why would I want to kidnap you?"

Naruto growled, then shouted, "Bastard! Who else would do it? You're the one in here with me?!"

"Well, you got one thing right. I am in here with you. Not that I want to be."

Naruto was about to accuse the bastard again when he stopped to think about the other's words. He quickly looked around the room and noticed that there didn't seem to be a door anywhere. "Where the hell am I?!"

"Trapped in a room with no way out. Just like me, dobe." Sasuke fought not to laugh. The situation really wasn't that funny. But he realized he had missed Naruto, even if the blond was an idiot.

"Trapped?" Naruto stared at his old friend. Then he remembered Sakura. "Sasuke, when was the last time that you saw Sakura-chan?"

Sasuke frowned at the strange question. "Why are you asking me that? You know when the last time was. It was at the last fight we had together."

"When we fought your grandpa."

Sasuke glared at the blond. "That bastard was not my grandfather, you idiot!"

Naruto laughed, he couldn't help it. "You're the one with the crazy family members, bastard. Just accept the truth!"

Sasuke repressed the urge to hit the blond and gritted his teeth. "So, why did you ask about Sakura? You did have a reason, right?" He remembered what Kabuto had told him about her and waited to hear what Naruto had to say.

Naruto's face became sad. "Yeah... so you haven't seen her since then?"

"No, I haven't and I don't like repeating myself, Naruto."

"Sakura told me that she had seen you recently. She told me that right after she tried to kill me."

Sasuke looked at Naruto in surprise. Kabuto hadn't told him about that. "Well? What happened to her?" He wondered if she was already dead now. Did she really kill herself like Kabuto had said she would? Maybe after trying to kill Naruto?

"We don't know. That's why we came to look for you. To find out the truth."

"We?" Sasuke scoffed at the blond. "So you think I had something to do with this? And who are 'we'?"

"Kakashi-sensei, Shikamaru and I were sent on a mission to find you and take you back to Konoha. And no, I don't think you did that to Sakura-chan. If you wanted me dead, you would have come after me yourself."

"You're damn right."

Naruto couldn't help but grin at his most precious person. Yeah, he and Sasuke had a lot of problems between them to sort out, but he wanted so badly to just grab the dark-haired man and drag him back to Konoha where he belonged. And he wanted even so much more than that. But he knew that Sasuke didn't want the same things. Sasuke wanted to revive his clan. It was one of his "ambitions".

Sasuke had to force himself not to grin back at the blond. Their situation was serious and they needed to come up with a way to escape. Sasuke had no idea what Kabuto planned to do with Naruto, but there was no way that he would allow the madman to use Naruto in his revenge against Sasuke.

Naruto's grin faded as he remembered their situation. "So, who was it that kidnapped us?"


Naruto's eyes widened. "Kabuto? Why the hell would he do that?" Then Naruto remembered the last time he saw Kabuto. The crazy bastard had injected Orochimaru's DNA into himself and had looked really freaky. Naruto also remembered that Kabuto had said something about getting revenge for the snake bastard's death. Damn! I should have took what he said seriously. But I was so busy trying to find Sasuke that it slipped my mind. "He wants revenge against you for killing Orochimaru."

Sasuke nodded. "Wow, dobe, you're not always an idiot, are you?"

Naruto jumped up and tried to throw a punch at the other man's face, but Sasuke dodged it and then grabbed Naruto from behind, pinning his arms to his sides.

"As much fun as it would be to spar with you again, I think we have more important matters to worry about."

Naruto growled, then pulled away when Sasuke loosened his grip on him. He spun around to glare into the other's face. "When will you ever stop thinking I'm an idiot? You still think you're better than me, but I've killed Akatsuki members, bastard! You can't call me a dead last anymore!"

Sasuke looked deeply into the blond's blue eyes, a frown upon his face. "We don't have time for this right now, Naruto. We need to work together to find a way out of here."

Naruto forced himself to calm down, then looked questioningly into the other's eyes. "Are you going to come back with me this time?"

Sasuke nodded. Why not? It's not like I have anything better to do. "Sure, if you help me take down Kabuto."

Naruto grinned. "No problem!"

Sasuke smirked. "You do realize that you can't use any chakra, right?"

Naruto's grin faded. Hoping that his friend was just joking around, he put his fingers together in the sign for molding chakra. Nothing happened. He looked at Sasuke with a frown on his face. "You weren't kidding around?"

"Moron, if I could use my chakra I wouldn't need your help in getting out of here." He smirked at the expression that the blond was now making. Is he pouting? How childish.

"Why can't we use chakra, bastard?" Naruto tried to mold chakra again. But instead of what happened before, which was nothing, he actually felt a bit of chakra start to move through his body, so he concentrated harder.

Meanwhile, Sasuke continued to smirk at the blond, knowing that the idiot was too stubborn to give up, even if it was impossible. But his smirk soon died as he realized that something was happening with Naruto. What the hell? But then this is Naruto, who has always been number one at surprising people. Sasuke waited and watched as the blond continued to draw on Kyuubi's chakra, forcing himself to ignore the annoying smirk that Naruto now had on his face.