Stuck in the Darkness

Written by: Jazzy

Pairing(s): Iruka/Kakashi and Naruto/Sasuke

Warnings: YAOI, Slash, M/M Coupling, Perversion Alert!

Rating: Mature

Sequel: No

Chapter Thirteen

After the Rescue

Three years ago was a very different Christmas from today. Iruka had been too traumatized to be around civilians or young shinobi let alone close friends who were there to support him and had worried for him during the kidnapping event.

Three years of therapy. Three years of resolve and constant love and support from Kakashi, their summons, their friends and family had helped Iruka to overcome the terror he'd lived through at the hands of his crazy obsessed stalker ex-friend and traitor to Konoha.

Iruka still had bad moments but over the years with patience and constant love and care as well as a code system to sooth away the moments of unclear thoughts and post traumatic stress flash backs, Iruka had pulled through. He was still seeing Ibiki and the civilian shrink once a month but he was for the most part healed and this Christmas was going to be a great one.

Iruka was in his neko form so that he could fully appreciate the glamour and beauty of this white and magical Christmas. Kakashi held Iruka close and buried his nose deep into the long hair and fluffy ears, smelling the scent of pine and woods and maple. Iruka smelled so yummy as a neko.

Friends were dipping into the spiked eggnog, presents were piled under the gigantic tree. That tree which sparkled with tinsil and shiny ornaments and hand crafted ornaments and Christmas tree lights.

Naruto and Sasuke were bundled in a shared blanket sipping at peppermint stick decorated hot cocoa, probably also spiked with some rum. Their cheeks were flushed and they gazed into each other's eyes barely noticing the world around them.

Guy Sensei and mini-guy, Rock Lee were dressed like little Santa elves while Lady Tsunade was dressed as a naughty version of a Ms Santa Clause. Shizune was dressed in a less sexy outfit but still a cutie with her big pig TonTon dressed as a reindeer and Kakashi's dogs likewise dressed up.

The evening passed with fun and good cheer. A mile stone in their lives and a major celebration to have Iruka back to his sane self and back in the academy to teach young ninja wannabes. This was a wonderful new year to come and everyone was looking forward to it.

Short but sweet. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

The END.