Father's Creation

By: Sunset A.K.A. Niiro Yuuyake

Disclaimer: Niiro doesn't own YYH, so sorry!

Warnings: Yaoi, Minor, M/M, Angst, OOCness, Shounen-ai, AU

Summary: After his father's death, Kurama is sent to a facility to carry out his father's wishes--to meet the man's greatest, most prized creation: a cloned angel. But the small, dark-hearted creature he meets seems more demonic than angelic. KurHiei, AU

A.N.- This is slightly based off a manga I read. I changed a few things to fit my liking. Hiei'll will seem more OOC at the beginning, but he falls into character by the end of this prologue. Oh! And I decided to make Yukina the older sister in this, for obvious reasons. Also, the title may seem obvious, but it has a double meaning Enjoy!


"I...want . . . a friend . . . "

"But otouto, you have me."

"'Kina . . . I want another. Is that . . . bad of me? ...To want another?"

Pale, lithe hands reached out and slowly ran through black, silky strands of hair, "It seems you are growing up right before my eyes."

Red eyes of near the same color clashed as the siblings made eye contact, "I want . . . Kurama . . . "


"Yes. Father told me about him, his son, Kurama. He said Kurama would be my friend when 'kina-chan leaves me."

Yukina smiled, "But oneesan will never leave Hiei-chan alone. 'Kina will always be nearby." Her pale, shining, white wings spread out, before slowly encasing the smaller form, covering him from the sight of the observation window.

Within, the scientists frowned.

"Minamino-sensei's death is known to specimen #3 and #4?" Asked one frowning scientist.

Another scientist nodded, "I was told that specimen #4 was present when sensei collapsed in his private laboratory."

All three frowned at the silence that followed before the head-researcher present changed the subject. "Was his family notified of his death?"

"Yes, and his son is arranged to pay a visit here tomorrow."

"Good," spat one of the lower-classes scientists, "That's the least he could do. He's never even come to visit this place! Never has even seen his father's greatest achievements!"

There was a soft, interrupting knock at the exit door, before it was gently pushed open. "Uh . . . sorry to interrupt, but Minamino-sama's wife is on the line."

Being the scientist in charge, since Minamino's death, the head researcher turned to face the woman in the doorway. "Transfer her call to line five, please, Botan."

Blue hair shook as the Botan nodded, "Of course, Koenma-san."

Looking back at the observation window, Koenma dimly noted that the two species in the contained room was still embraced, the smaller one's eyes closed.

He walked over to a table, conveniently placed directly across the room from the large, observing window. Sitting, he pulled the phone over to him, and dialed the '5' as he turned to face the glass.

He could hear the faint voice of Minamino-san, the deceased's wife, on the other end, perhaps talking to her son, before he interrupted.


The woman's voice sounded a bit shaken as she spoke to him. Perhaps she had been crying.

There was a sudden thump, as one of the scientists dropped his clipboard. Startled, Koenma looked up, only to be even more surprised to see specimen #3 standing directly in front of the window.

Her expression was that of a sad, resigned look as she stood before the glass.

Despite it being a mirror on her side, she continued to look ahead, as though she could see the scientist within.

"I'm sorry, " She said, her soft voice carrying through the thick barrier, "but I cannot allow you to remove me from Hiei's presence."

Koenma, along with the other two scientists gasped loudly. "How did she know we planned to separate them!?" He yelled, but the other two just shrugged, starting to panic.

He could hear Minamino-san's questioning voice in his ear, but quickly put her on hold.

"She's going to resist, " Said one of the scientist

"We need to remove her now, while he's asleep." Said the other.

Koenma nodded, agreeing. "Call in the Controllers. We'll have them move her now, before she causes a disturbance."

"Yes, sir." Answered the two scientists as they rushed to alert the men who were in charge of transporting.

---The Next Day---

"How long will be stay here?"

Shiori smiled sadly at her son, "Shuichi, your father was very proud of his work here, could you be proud of his accomplishments also?"

The red-head nodded, "I'm very proud of him and his work, mother. But I just would rather not have to stay at this place."

"It's only for a while. Besides, you have to continue school in two months, and out 49 days will be over by then. Also, your father was very anxious to get you to see his newest creation, remember how elated he sounded over the phone?" Shiori's smile never left her face as she spoke of her deceased husband.

Shuichi nodded, "Yea, he said I wouldn't be able to believe what he'd done. I suppose he was awfully proud of the work he did here, on this small island. Even though we weren't allowed here while he worked---"

The driver cleared his throat as he brought the black, sleek car to a stop. Before them was a large gate, which spread for miles out to their left and right. The gate looked as though it was a hundred feet high, and at the top were spirals of spikes and miniature cameras.

"Welcome to Minamino-sama's work of wonders! The Dynasty Research Facility!" The man sounded proud of the place, even though he was but a simple driver that worked for the company.

Shuichi gaped as the car slowly drove forward, entering the protected and tightly secured estate. Before them was a large city, it seemed. There was one huge before straight ahead. And just behind that, he could see the tips of two more. Off to the sides, were several smaller one---maybe for the guards, and he was sure there had to be more.

The driver spoke up again, as the car came to a final stop. He stepped out of the car, walking toward the back door to open it for Shiori-san and her son. "This place is protected and sponsored by the Military, so everything you see, hear or encounter is to be kept in secret. Once you leave this property and go back to your civilian lives, you will be watched and monitored until the day you die. Don't take any offense, but what is done here cannot, for any reason, reach the public. If you're seen as a threat, or are suspected of giving out vital information pertaining to what you've seen here, you will be removed of in a manner seen fit." The driver recited the warning, stunning Shiori, and slightly offending Shuichi, before bowing slightly, "Another will take you to your rooms, before Koenma-sama will show you around. I'm very sorry for the loss of your husband, Minamino-san, and your father, Minamino-kun. I'm sure you'll be proud of his work you see here. Please, enjoy your stay."

The man walked back to his car, taking out their bags, before driving off.

Shuichi glanced at his mother, slightly worried, "What exactly was father doing here?"

Shiori chuckled nervously, "I'm . . . sure it's nothing to worry about. Your father wouldn't have put us in any danger, even in death."

Just then, Koenma decided to make his appearance.

"Shiori-san, Shuichi-kun, welcome."

Shuichi turned just around, spotting the slightly taller scientist. His mother bowed, causing him to follow suit.

"Hello. You must be Koenma-sensei?" Shiori smiled.

"Yes, I worked constantly with your husband." Koenma looked away before frowning, "Im sorry for you lost, Minamino-sensei was a great addition and leader to our research."

Shiori nodded kindly, "Thank you. " She placed a hand on Shuichi's shoulder, rubbing it slightly, "Shuichi was never able to get close to his father, since he worked so far away. Im sure he would be elated to see his father's work."

Koenma nodded, "Of course. I'll take you both to his laboratory as soon as you're both packed away in your rooms."

The trip to the rooms they would be staying in was quick and secluded. No one walked passed them nor did they see any other scientists around.

Shuichi had the feeling they were being isolated far off from anyone else for some reason, but he couldn't think of any. He and his mother had just arrived, what kind of problem could they pose?

"Shiori-san, this is where you'll be staying for the two months." Koenma handed Shiori a slide-card to the room before walking across the hall and handing a card-key to Shuichi. "And this is your room, Shuichi-kun. I'll be back in fifteen minutes to show you two around." He smiled as he walked off.

The redhead smiled as his mother entered her room, before doing the same. For a rich, topnotch facility, they sure didn't spend much on decorating the rooms.

Sighing, Shuichi tossed his suitcase onto the bed, before sitting down. He glanced around, expecting to find cameras in the corners and mechanical dressers. He found neither.

Twenty minutes flew by as he unpacked, before there was a soft knock at his door. "Come in, "

Shiori entered, smiling sweetly at her son, "Are you ready? Koenma-san is waiting."

Shuichi nodded, his crimson tresses falling over his shoulders slightly, "Yes."

The tour of the institute was anything but stunning. Many of the rooms were labeled 'Top Secret' and therefore Shuichi nor his mother were allowed in. The rooms they were granted access to, was mainly a small, quaint cafeteria, several examination rooms, and of course, the laboratory where his father did his work.

His room was labeled, 'Private; Keep Out' and under that sign was another nailed to the door, reading 'Minamino'.

Koenma spoke nonstop about the work the man did and how the sponsoring military praised his father for his accomplished work.

Shuichi couldn't say he didn't feel proud for his father. The man had left his family, though he didn't abandon them, to work on a secluded, well-guarded island, with funds given by the country's military to create Kami-sama knows what.

Just when he was going to ask, Shiori pipped up and asked the question, "Exactly what was my husband working on?"

Koenma cleared his throat before coughing lightly, "I'm sorry, that's top secret information."

"What!?" Shuichi gaped, "He left his family for seven years to work on this small piece of rock, just to die alone, and we can't even see what he worked on for so many years of our lives!?"

Koenma frowned, "I don't have the permission to allow you into top secret rooms, which is where his experiments and accomplishments are kept."

"Then why did you bring us here!? To stay in that small cubicle you call room!? Or to stand in here for two months to stare at walls with pictures of my dead father!?" Shiori placed a hand on her son's shoulder, to calm him down.

Tears brimmed her eyes as she spotted the many pictures of her and Shuichi she had sent her husband throughout the years via airmail. "Calm down."

Koenma looked anywhere he could, except at the fuming redhead and his near-tears mother, "Please understand."

Shiori only smiled slightly, "Its all right. Shuichi, nor I have any interest in science. We were just curious what he worked on."

Koenma nodded, "I'll speak to the General of the military and see if he'll allow you to at least see some of your husbands works, but until then, why don't you pack up Minamino-sensei's things. Everything in this room was his personal things."

Koenma decided to leave out that they had already went through the whole room, to ensure that nothing related to any of their research would be left. All that was left in the room was diary-entries related to his family, pictures, awards, and other useless, invaluable papers and stuff.

"I'll excuse myself now, " Koenma mumbled, "If you need anything, there will be an escort waiting just outside the door."

Shiori nodded and turned to face the wall of pictures beside her, " . . . "She couldn't stop the tears from falling as she heard the door open and shut seconds later. She didn't realize Shuichi had followed Koenma-sensei out of the room also.

"Why are you following me? You should be with your grieving mother."

Shuichi walked faster until he was able to keep up with the scientist, "So you only brought us here to take home his things?"

Koenma stopped at another door labeled 'Top Secret; Officials Only', before turning to Shuichi. "Mostly, yes. Your father asked that you and you mother come here, in the event of his death. He wanted you both to see what he had worked on, but we've been given strict orders to keep his work under wraps."

Shuichi's green eyes softened as he allowed his tense shoulders to slump, "Then why wont you let us see!?"

"Because my job depends on it. I can't let you." Koenma huffed, "Besides, why would you be interested all of a sudden, you've never tried to visit your father here before."

Shuichi glared, "That's because I was too young to travel this far alone! Im only fifteen!" He dug into his pocket to pull out a folded, crumpled paper, "And my father sent me this letter last month . . . "

Koenma took the note, shoving it into his pocket, as he turned away from the youth, "I'll read it over and get back to you." He quickly entered the room, only to slam and lock the door in Shuichi's face.

The redhead glared angrily at the door, shaking his head to try to shake out his frustrations. He stomped his foot down as he turned and slowly headed back the way he came.

There was a deep rumbling sound, cause the ground to shake. Shuichi looked around, confused.

Behind him, Koenma and a few other scientist came rushing out of a room, running toward the redhead at breakneck speeds.

On the walls, red-alarm lights blinked and a bell went off loudly near his ear. Shuichi nearly collapsed.

There was a sudden explosion from the doorway where the scientist had just come from. Shuichi fell to his knees, covering his head as debris flew by. He glanced over to see Koenma laying face down, out cold, surrounded by the other guys who had come out of the room.

Shuichi suspected they were all unconscious, because none moved even as the dusk and air cleared up. They had been thrown pretty far by the explosion.

The redhead stood up, his hair and clothes covered in dry wall and bits of glass--he didn't know where the glass came from. Dusting his clothes, Shuichi noticed, despite the busted lights, there was something shining brightly.

He turned to face the hole in the wall---where the locked door had previously been--only to be temporarily blinded by a bright light. The light slowly dimmed to reveal the most beautiful creature Shuichi had ever seen.

She was quite pale, floating several feet from the ground with glowing red eyes. Her eyes slowly dulled until only the irises were colored. As this happened, she slowly descended to the ground, her bare-feet landing softly over the broken glass and chips of wall and dirt.

Behind her, large, white, feathered wings slowly came forward to wrap around her body. They completely enveloped her form, hiding the pearl-blue kimono she wore.

Shuichi gaped, stunned so much so, that he fell backwards onto his butt. " . . . !" He couldn't even speak, it was like he had swallowed his tongue.

The slightly glowing creature smiled, her beautiful white teeth adding to her beauty, " . . . Kurama . . . " She murmured, lowly.

The ringing in his ear hadn't stopped, but he could hear her clearly as she said his name. Kurama . . . a nickname his father gave him when he was younger. Only his father had ever called him that, even in the monthly letters he used to send home.

The girl before him continued smiling, even as she took as step toward him, " . . . Kurama . . . " She closed her eyes momentarily, before looking back down at the frightened boy before her, " . . . Otouto-chan . . . I've found him for you . . . "

Shuichi, or as called by his father, Kurama, shivered. The creature before . . . was . . . it was . . . "An angel . . . "

Yukina gave a closed-mouth smiled as she slid her hand from under her wings, and held it out to the shivering redhead, "Kurama . . . Come. I have something for you."

Distantly he noted his hearing coming back, and could hear Koenma groaning as he woke, but every few seconds blaring sirens would block out all sound . . .

He held out his hand to the waiting woman, "You . . . you're Father's . . . Angel . . . ?"

She nodded slowly as she grabbed hold of his hand, moving closer to him, " . . . And you are Father's son." Everything happened so quickly, but seemed to move so slowly. Shuichi could feel her wings wrap around him, they were cold, as though she had no body heat at all. She mumbled something in his ear but he could hear it over the ever-loud blaring of the alarm.

"...Otouto is waiting for you..."


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