Father's Creation

By: Niiro Yuuyake

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Warnings: Yaoi, Minor, M/M, Angst, OOCness, Shounen-ai

Summary: After his father's death, Kurama is sent to a facility to carry out his father's wishes--to meet the man's greatest, most prized creation: a cloned angel. But the small, dark-hearted creature he meets seems more demonic than angelic. KuraHiei.

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Chapter 1

For the longest time, all he could see was white. It seemed as though he was blinded, though the confusion and fear he should have felt was replaced by a comfortable feeling; warmth that radiated around him and nearly put him to sleep.

Shuichi was jolted back to reality when the light around him darkened. The warmth that was provided by the angel's wings were taken away and he was immediately drenched in cold water.

His green eyes turned toward the ceiling and all he could see was droplets, millions of them, falling down alarmingly toward the ground. Realizing he couldn't see any sky or ceiling, he looked down and noticed he was sitting on vibrant green grass.

He quickly glanced around, spotting a huge whole in a wall--cement wall--that was surrounded by a dying fire. The room, he noticed, was a circular room with walls completely surrounding him with the exception of the blown out portion of the confines.

Just past the billowing smoke and dying flame, he could just barely make out a small gray room with flickering lights. A wooden table was flipped over and just barely hanging onto the wall was a large piece of glass--perhaps from a huge window or something similar.

His crimson hair was soaked now, clinging to his face and clothing. His shirt was stuck to his lithe form along with his slacks and he could faintly feel the water splashing in his shoes. No doubt his socks were soaked as well.

Looking around, he finally noticed the beautiful scenery. There were several blooming trees, healthy bushes, and a lovely lawn. There were also several benches, a small fountain, and from what he could see, two picnic tables.

It looked like the perfect park, a small, quaint area for any one to relax and look at the wonderful scenery around them.

With the exception of the pouring rain, which was almost unbareably cold, and the almost unnoticable flash of the alarm lights.

The redhead took two steps before realizing he was alone. The Angel who had brought him here was no where in sight.

"...Hello...?" His voice was slightly drowned out by the heavy rain falling from the roof. Yes, he realized now that he was in an enclosed area. Somehow, the heavy water was falling from the ceiling, perhaps a part of a pseudo-weather system or as a result of the wall being destroyed. Thinking of the hole again, he glanced over his shoulder at the aformentioned.

But blocking his view was the creature who had brought him to this small room.

The Angel, his father's Angel.

She stood before him, for now he had turned fully to face her, in her pale blue kimono, drenched.

The cold weather didn't seem in the least to bother her, as her white hair sagged against her face. Her wings didn't droop from their position at her back, but every few seconds she would ruffle them slightly. Probably to get the water off them.

"Kurama." He wasn't sure if she had said his name or just mouthed it, because the rain seemed to fall heavier, becoming louder as the pellets crashed into man-made Eden.

"Why have you brought me here?" He asked immediately.

Despite the fact that he could hardly hear himself, he knew that she had heard him clearly.

But for some reason, she didn't answer. She only fluttered her wings again, before a dreamy facade plastered on her beautiful face.

And not a second later, something smashed into his back, forcing him to the ground.

It wasn't a light landing, either. He landed on his arm, probably springing his wrist as the extra weight was applied. Shuichi cried out in pain, wincing as he was roughly flipped onto his back--which was aching from the force of the blow.

With his face contorted in pain, the redhead didn't immediately notice that the offending object was still laying over him.

He winced again when something slammed into his stomach, knocking the air out of him. His emerald eyes bulged open, only to stare face to face with another pale creature, straddling him. This one was nothing, and he meant, nothing like the beautiful, innocent Angel he had seen before.

Black flaming hair, large, red eyes that glowed disturbingly, and small, sharp teeth bared...It was enough to startle the redheard into pushing the shorter creature off him.

The black clad figure landed a small distance away, eyes wide in confusion.

Shuichi's eyes weren't any better. He was confused as well, but his fear was far greater.

It seemed to him that he would be dinner to the small dark thing, rather than anything else. Unlike the light Angel he had met before, this one was dark and ominous.

He slowly got to his feet, tripping over himself as he tried to back away at the same time; keeping his eyes locked on the miniture creature.

When the prone figure finally stood up, and took a small step toward him, Shuichi fled. He ran past the shocked figure of the light Angel as he raced toward the blown-open wall. It seemed to him that that was the only way out.

But before he made it through the rubble, the lighter Angel was before him.

Her eyes held a saddened look in them as she stood blocking his way, "You...you do not want otouto?" She asked, sounding thoroughly confused, "Father...said..."

But Shuichi's eyes widened, "That...that demon is an Angel!?" He practically yelled, "It...it..." He couldn't even speak clearly, stuttering over his words, as he finally glanced back at the small figure.

The chibi stood in place, right where he left it, a confused look still marring his childlike features.

"Hiei is my otouto, " Yukina murmured. The rain still fell heavily but somehow her voice traveled over the sound, though she did not raise her voice, "Yukina is what otouto is, and otouto is what Yukina is." She said, as though that explained everything.

Shuichi panted, taking the time to flip his wet bangs out of his face as he stared at the glowing figure before him, "...But...he's different..." he muttered, "He looks nothing like you!"

Yukina only smiled, "Hiei is...special, " She said the last word as though it was an honor for the the smaller creature to be called such, "That is why Father gave him to you."

The redhead's jaw dropped as he let her words settle in, "...Gave...?" He gulped.

He didn't even notice when the rain slowed down to a drizzle or when the small creature slowly approached behind him.

Yukina nodded, "Father said Hiei-otouto was for Kurama, only." She stared into his emerald eyes as though she could look right through him, "You are Kurama, Father's son."

Shuichi was skeptical to answer. He knew she probably already knew the answer, but still, if that thing would be his, then he wasn't so sure he wanted to claim the title of 'father's son' now...

He stared at the pale woman before him, unconsciously noticing that her eyes had drifted slightly downward and to the left.

It was slowly approaching, it seemed, as a comfortable warmth slowly envolped him from behind. Before he could turn, though, small arms wrapped themselves around his waist.

The warmth seemed to reach down to his core, so much cosier than sitting before the fireplace during wintertime. He felt the urge to pull away, but resisted as the small figure cuddle closer to him, nuzzling its head into his upper back.

"...H-Hiei...?" He mumbled, utterly afraid.

When the black clad Angel didn't respond immediately, Shuichi was sure the thing was preparing to chew into his back. He was just about ready to pull away, when a shallow vibration reached him.

At first, he didn't know what it could have been but as the rain completely stopped, he realized, with widening green eyes, that the dark Angel was purring.

Shuichi looked forward, locking gazes with Yukina, the light Angel, as the smaller one purred and cuddled into his back.

Yukina smiled, her pearly white teeth shinning as an artificial light shown into the garden room--a man-made sun, sort of.

And for the first time, Shuichi noticed that like the demonic creature behind him, Yukina had fangs too. Not as prominant but they were there. And like Hiei also, she had red eyes.

Minamino Shuichi suddenly felt like an asshole. He calmed himself as best he could, before turning around in the loose embrace of the smaller Angel and making eye contact.

He had rushed to judge Hiei, who looked so much like his lighter sister, that he hadn't bothered to see the similarities. Yukina looked as dangerous as her brother did, but her lighter exterior made her look harmless.

While Hiei's darker exterior made him look evil...

"Hiei..." Shuichi tried again, "I am...I'm Kurama," He said, smiling a little.

It was obvious he was nervous. He couldn't stop his eyebrow from twitching, or the small beads of sweat from forming under his rain-slicked bangs. His smile faltered a bit as the shorter male looked up at him.

Even with such similarities and small differences, Hiei was still so much more intimidating than his sister.

Shuichi had to resist the temptation of running away and cursing his father for leaving such a thing to him.

But when the dark-haired creature's mouth opened and he spoke, Shuichi's fear all but melted away, immediately.

"...K'rama," he stared blankly and then a smile small spread over his face, "Mine!"

Shuichi laughed a bit when he heard the Angel say his name, the word that followed, though, made him frown. And when the small demon suddenly grabbed hold of his shoulders, pulling him forward, the ridiculous thought of being swallowed whole crossed him mind.

Instead though, his shirt's collar was tugged away from and his neck, and the smaller male bit him!

The redhead cried out, shoving Hiei away when he felt the chibi's fangs sink into the juncture of his neck and shoulder.

He didn't intend to push Hiei as hard as he did, but the shock and pain was enough to cause a reflex.

Hiei lost his balanced and tumbled over the rubble of what previously was the observation window. His pants caught onto a metal framer and the broken, sharp metal cut into his outer thigh.

It all happened so quickly. Hiei's sudden moves, the bite, the pain, the fall. He could feel the blood running down his shoulder, staining his shirt.

There was a loud static-like sound followed closely by a pained cry from behind him.

Shuichi turned around, quickly, to see Yukina slowly fall to her knees. Her wings flew forward to cover her torso protectively, as another shock zapped her back. She fell forward, collapsing unconscious, on her side.

Behind her were two men in white biohazard suits. Their faces were blocked by the light reflecting off the protective masks. In their hands were tazers.

Shuichi's green eyes widened as he realized the men had electro-shocked Yukina until she fell unconscious. There was a loud gasp behind him, causing the redhead to look over his shoulder at the dark Angel.

Hiei's red eyes had widened as his mouth fumbled over unspoken words. His body suddenly glowed a faint purple hue as he stared at his unconscious sister.

Shuichi's heart nearly split at the sight, but what caused his eyes to tear up was the pained filled scream of Hiei calling out his sister's name.

Before he was even able to comprehend everything that happened, the men in the suit rushed toward the fallen Angel.

Thinking quickly, Shuichi grabbed hold of one of the men, tugging him back, "No!" he yelled. He knew they would try shocking Hiei also but he couldn't help but feel guilty for Yukina's current state; he woudn't be the cause of Hiei's.

The man in his hold turned around and raised his hand, as though he was going to slap the redhead, when a sudden explosion to their right startled the both of them.

Red chunks and blood flew everywhere. Blood splattered on Shuichi, his green eyes widened as some landed on the white latex suit of the man he was holding.

He slowly turned to face the dark creature, his eyes widening even more upon seeing the blood covered chibi.

The debris of the wall was littered with pieces of the biohazard suit as was some of the grass. Hiei's porcaline face and body were smeared with blood, a look of utter hatred marred his once innocent features.

His wide eyes were glaring fiercely at the man Shuichi still loosely held. As his brows drew together angrily, he hissed, "You hurt 'Kina." He raised his bandaged hand while pointing his palm, flat, at the suited man.

Shuichi quickly backed away from the man in white, before stuttering, "Hiei!! No...stop it!!"And to his surprise, the little creature looked to him, frowning.

His glare turned to a saddened confused look as he slowly dropped his bandaged arm back to his side, "But...'Kina..." He mumbled.

"Specimen # 3 is perfectly fine. She's asleep." Came a voice.

Shuichi's blood spattered face turn to the sound, his eyes angry, "You!" He hissed, "Why did they shock her like that!?" He yelled.

Koenma came forward, frowning, "She needed to be controlled. " He turned his line of sight on to Hiei. He grimaced as he noticed, another one of his Controllers were killed, and the pieces and chunks of the man's body lay scattered around the dark Angel's small form, "Hiei, you need to go back to your tree, now."

Shuichi watched as Hiei bared his fangs angrily, his moods switching so suddenly, but didn't move.

"Hiei, go." Koenma's voice called again. He pulled a small device, a control of sorts from his pocket before ordering Hiei again, "I won't ask you another time."

Shuichi gulped, deciding to step in, "It's fine, he's not doing anything, Koenma-san."

"But he will. Hiei's very defiant and if he's not restrained properly, he'll continue to kill." He looked down at Yukina, "They need to be separated." He said to the redhead.

Shuichi was very confused, but he noticed when Koenma said 'separated', Hiei's eyes widened in fear.

He didn't want to be away from Yukina...

Two more men in white rushed in, immediately picking up the unconscious female Angel.

"Take her to Containment Ward #3," Koenma ordered. He looked back at Hiei, just in time to see the black-haired male leap forward.

He pressed the red button on the control and watched, not showing any emotion, as the dark clad Angel fell on top the pile of rocks, clutching at his forehead.

Shuichi knew immediately that the tiny creature was in pain. He nearly panicked, not sure whether to run to the Angel's side or stop Koenma. After a second of debating, he opted that the latter was safer.

"Stop it!" He yelled, the controller was making a loud buzzing sound, "You're hurting him!! Koenma-san stop!!"

He moved forward to stop the obviously deaf(not really) man, since he was ignoring his calls, but forgot about the other male in the room.

Still living and breathing, thanks to Shuichi's previous order to Hiei, the Controller in the white biohazard suit jumped in between the redhead and his boss. With the back of his palm, he slapped Shuichi, causing the teenager to stumble off to the side.

Koenma released the button, watching as Hiei's small, black form shivered on the ground a distance away. He turned to see the emerald eyed teen glare heatedly up at him and the Controller.

"You keep weapons like this under control or they'll turn on you." Koenma stated, "Shuichi-kun, come. We need to talk."

The redhead stood up, rubbed angrily at his cheek as he rolled his eyes at the Controller. He still couldn't see the man's face, but Kami, if glares could kill...

He shot a concerned look over to the huddled form of Hiei, worrying even more when the Angel didn't make a move to stand.

A sharp shove to his back forced him out of the damaged room. He followed Koenma into the destroyed hall, where he first met the Angel and looked around. Already people were cleaning up damage, closing off the area.

No one would know what happened, Shuichi mused. He wondered if even half the people who worked in the facility knew that such dangerous creatures even existed, let alone, lived under the roof in which they worked. Probably not, he thought, if they had, surely someone wouldn't let such treatment of the Angels continue...?


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