Dangerous Meeting

By: Sunset A.K.A. Niiro Yuuyake

Disclaimer: Niiro doesn't own Naruto nor any of its characters, so sorry!

Warnings: Yaoi, Minor, M/M, Angst, OOCness, Shounen-ai

Summary: Basically a NejiShika get together fic with an AU twist and some angst, naughty language, ghey smex, and a bit of unintentional stalking! Now Shika wishes he hadn't slept with a student's relative..AU, OOCness

A.N.- This idea has been nagging me for the longest time. I've never written a NejiShika fic before and I guarantee there will be OOCness! There is no doubt about it! Neji is a bit possessive and it makes him seem kinda crazy because he becomes clingy and possessive early in his relationship with Shika. And in turn, Shikamaru is very stand-offish while Neji is clingy, but eventually they fall in together, so just hang in there.


A beautiful day it was. The sun was setting, and the sky was a brilliant orange and pink, with streaks of violet, and many clouds floating by.

And here he was, stuck, in his classroom, packing away ungraded papers and straightening everything out, so he could go home and grade more papers.

Why did he give out so much work? Oh, yes, because--

There was a sudden, but soft knock at the closed classroom door, before it was gently slid open.

In walked an older male, his hair pulled up in a tight tie. He smiled as he entered, lightly rubbing the scar over his nose. "Tough week?"

"Iruka-sensei." The other male stood, lifting the bag full of ungraded papers onto his desk, "Aren't they all?"

Iruka chuckled, "Well . . . that's one of the perils of being an Academy teacher, Shikamaru-kun."

Shikamaru smiled, as he sat down in his chair, "I suppose."

"Well, I just came by to see if you wanted to hang out with us. A few of the teachers and I are going out for drinks in about 20 minutes."

Shikamaru frowned, "Can't. I have to finish up here. Then I have to meet with a student's guardian. You know Hyuuga Hanabi, right?"

Iruka nodded, "Of course. That girl was days away from being expelled from this academy last year, luckily her father is a great speaker."

Shikamaru nodded, "Well, he can't be that great a speaker if he can't get her to behave and do her work. She's failing my class and she's been bullying a few of the other students. If he doesn't get a hold of her, she's gonna be kicked out of the school."

Iruka nodded, "Well, good luck with her."

"See ya."

Shikamaru stared at his desk momentarily, before continuing to pack up his things. He was grateful, unlike one of his student Hanabi, to be a teacher at such a prestigious school. Konoha's Academy for Gifted Youths was one of the most riches and high-honored schools in the region. People paid great deals of money to get their child in such a school, and worked harder to keep their kid there. Even worse, the students had to maintain a certain grade-point average to continue in the school, or with two warnings, they would be kicked out of the school, tuition withheld and forced to attend a lower-level school, despite their families wealth.

It was his first year teaching here, he had just passed his exams to teach, and was recruited by this school before even applying! Maybe his raging high IQ had something to do with it. If so, then why the hell did they put him in charge of the worst, brattiest, snobbiest smart-alack girl in all of the school!?

There was another interrupting knock at his classroom door, before it was, again, opened.

In walked Hyuuga Hanabi, followed distantly, by a man, Shikamaru knew couldn't be the girl's father.

He stood up to greet the pair, despite Hanabi being a child, he still showed her respect, because she wasn't disrespectful to him. Just his classroom, and her fellow classmates.

He smiled slightly when the man, who had eyes as pale as Hanabi's, stopped near his desk. "I'm Nara Shikamaru-sensei. Hanabi's main room teacher." Shikamaru greeted, bowing lowly. "Please, feel free to address me as just Shikamaru."

The elder Hyuuga's eyebrow's rose as he smirked, "Well, Shikamaru . . . My name is Hyuuga Neji, I'm Hanabi's cousin." He held out his hand, instead of bowing, the traditional Japanese way. "Feel free to call me Neji . . . in fact, please do."

Shikamaru blushed a bit, looking over at Hanabi as she peered out the classroom window. "Well . . . uh . . . Neji, " Shikamaru held out his hand for Neji to take hold of. He was a bit shocked when he felt warm lips pressing against his hand. "Uh . . . " He gently took his hand away, unconsciously wiping it on his pants, "Neji . . . Im suppose to meet with Hanabi's father, I can't discuss this with you."

Neji only continued to smirk, "Forgive me, I forgot to mention; my uncle is ill now, and asked me to come in his stead. I hope this won't be too much of a problem. I'll make sure everything you say is told to him. Personally."

"Uh . . . yea, ok." Clearing his throat, Shikamaru started on a long, nearly 30 minute speech on how Hanabi was only weeks away from flunking out of the school and how she needed to attend a cram school on Saturdays and a disciplinary class on Wednesdays after regular school.

Throughout the whole conversation, which consisted mainly of only Shikamaru talking, Neji stared. He just couldn't take his eyes of the teacher, and didn't plan to let this encounter slip away without at least another blush--from Shikamaru --coming out of it.

"You need to sign these, " The teacher handed Neji a few papers, "And this is the cram school schedule and the schedule for the Wednesday classes she needs to attend. Oh, and these are for you to keep . . . "He took the papers with Neji's signature, then as he handed the Hyuuga more papers--for him to keep--the other grabbed hold of his wrist.

Admittedly Shikamaru was startled, but tried to brush it off. It unnerved him how hard the man just stared at him, but staring wasn't illegal, so he wouldn't let the other know how much it bothered him.

"Uh . . . "

Neji only smirked again, "Shikamaru . . . "

"What?" Forget courteousness, this guy was a bit too close for comfort, "Hyuuga-san, can you please release my hand?"

Neji frowned, before smirking again, "I said it was alright to call me Neji. In fact, I hope you would address me as Neji, Hyuuga-san is my uncle."

Shikamaru tugged at his arm, but the Hyuuga held on. Not too tightly, but enough so Shikamaru knew he wasn't gonna let up easily, "And I hope you'll release my hand. I bruise easily." He smirked in return.

Neji smiled, "As long as you agree to go out with me? I'll gladly release your hand."

Shikamaru was a bit startled, again. This guy was flirting with him . . . a student's relative. Great! He couldn't put his job on the line for some horny jerk. "I'll pass on that, but feel free to let go of my hand."

Neji only chuckled. It was quite a sexy sound, Shikamaru had to agree. The man wasn't bad on the eyes, but he refused to date a student's relative. Especially someone who lived in the same household as his student.

"Just a drink?" Neji persisted.

"No," Shikamaru yanked his hand away, " We're done here. Be sure to get Hanabi to those classes or she won't have enough credit to continue being enrolled here, or to pass this quarter."

Neji nodded, leaning over Shikamaru's desk, "I'll be sure my uncle knows. Now, back to us . . . Just one drink, tonight? We won't discuss school, Hanabi, or anything even remotely related to your job or my cousin."

Shikamaru sighed, "How do you even know that I'm gay?"

Neji only smiled, "Its only natural that a gay man knows other gay men, right?"

"Wrong." Shikamaru snapped, "Get off my desk, you're wrinkling the papers," He motioned for Neji to move.

The other stood, still smiling, "Then you're bi."

Shikamaru didn't answer.

"That's fine. I'm sure a night with me would turn you completely."

The Nara blushed a bright red color, before snapping, "Im not easy like that. I don't sleep with my dates on the first night!"

Neji grinned, "So youwill go out on a date with me . . . "

Shikamaru rolled his eyes, "No, I didn't say--"

"--but you just said--"

Shikamaru sighed, "Just a drink. One drink, only." He said firmly, "I have a lot of grading to do tonight."

Neji smiled, "One drink is fine."

Shikamaru watched as the man left, Hanabi grinning widely as she skipped behind him. The Nara sighed again, "How troublesome . . . "


Somehow, Shikamaru groaned, one drink led to this. He couldn't even remember leaving the bar, let alone doing . . . doing whatever might've happened with this guy.

The room was dark, he guessed he was in some rich, fancy hotel near the bar or something. The curtains were drawn shut and the lights were out. The only source of light came from the bathroom which still had the light on. He could see the trail of clothes coming from the bathroom, and could easily spot what belonged to him.

There was an oozing tube of lube near a pair of, what he figured, were Neji's boxers and thankfully, an empty wrapper of a condom laying beside his shirt.

Shikamaru relaxed as he sat up. He felt Neji's arm fall off his chest, to settle near his waist and tighten its hold a bit. Neji murmured as he moved closer to the warmth beside him, before relaxing again. The cover that stretched over both their nude bodies, settled on the Hyuuga's lower hips, but it wasn't a bad sight to behold. But to the Nara . . . Well . . . he wouldn't lie, the sight was hot, but he had just met this man!

Shikamaru took notice of the dry stuff that covered Neji's stomach, and could feel it on his own. He shook his head, frustrated with himself.

"Dammit." He'd never done something like this before . . . well, there was that one time in college when---but that was a different story!

He groaned as he moved to get off the bed, removing the Hyuuga's hand that was wrapped tightly around his waist. There was a sharp spike of pain that traveled quickly up his spine then back down to his ass. "...How fucking troublesome . . . " but still forced himself to get out of the bed.

"Where . . . where are you going?" The shifting of the bed woke him from his already light slumber, but Neji didn't mind so much. He did, after all, get to wake up to see this man's beautiful face. He smirked, "Afraid to face me after last night . . . ?"

Shikamaru stood up, limping---though he tried not to--toward his clothes on the other side of the room. He quickly grabbed his shirt and pants, scooping up his briefs in the process, and headed toward the bathroom, "Fuck off."

Neji only continued to smirk as he listened to the shower starting. He sat up, smirking down at his cum-covered stomach. He sat a moment recalling Shikamaru's cries of pleasure the night before. For someone who wasn't so interested in talking, Shikamaru sure could get loud.

Standing up, Neji grinned as he decided he would join the young teacher in the shower. It was his shower after all. Whether Shikamaru noticed they had come to his house last night or not.

The younger man hadn't locked the door, so Neji let himself in, quietly. He was sure Shikamaru didn't want to put back on his dirty, sake-smelling clothes from yesterday, so he would offer to let him wear some of his. Besides, he found it kind of erotic to see the Nara in a pair of his shorts, or one of his shirts.

Shikamaru yelped when the shower curtain was suddenly pulled aside, to reveal the Hyuuga grinning, "What the hell are you doing!?"

Neji stepped into the shower also, causing the Nara to move farther under the water spray. His hair was already barely clinging to the tie, when the water added more pressure, causing the hair piece to slip out.

Brown hair rained down with the water, framing Shikamaru's face as it fell. The ends tickled his shoulders as they hung there. Shikamaru grunted, the water dripping from his hair began trickling down his back.

"Dammit . . . "

Neji only smiled and ran a hand through the other man's hair, "Let me wash it for you."

The Nara sighed, "You're so bothersome, Hyuuga."

"...Its Neji."

"Whatever, just hurry up. I don't like hotels."

Neji continued to run his hand through the other's hair with one hand, as his left hand reached for the bottle of shampoo. "This is my shower, I guess this means you don't remember much from last night, " He chuckled as he squeezed some into his hand and began to massage it into the Nara's hair, "If you can't hold your alcohol, you shouldn't have drank as much as you did."

Shikamaru only turned his back to the Hyuuga. Neji was slightly taller than him so even tho his back was turned to the other, the Hyuuga could still see the top of his head.

"Your shower . . . ?" Shikamaru muttered.

Neji nodded, although the younger man couldn't see, "Yes. On my uncle's estate . . . "

"Your . . . Uncle's . . . "

Neji smirked, "Im his heir because he only has daughters; Hanabi and Hinata. So I live as close so he's always in contact with me . . . The closest I can be is living with him, right?"

Shikamaru nodded Neji continued to massage in the shampoo, "Hanabi . . . Hanabi! You live with her!? Fuck, Neji, move!" He nudged the
taller man away from him.

The Hyuuga was a bit shocked, "What!?"

"She's my student! She can't see me here!" That was the last thing he needed, Hanabi walking in to see him half-dressed.

Neji sighed, relieved, "I have my own wing of the mansion. She has no reason to come this way. " He moved back closer to the Nara, pressing his chest against the lither man's. This, in turn, pushed Shikamaru's back against the cold marble of the bathroom's shower.

Smirking, Neji pushed his hips against the other, his hard-on making itself known, "There's no reason to rush out, is there now? You should stay and help me out, you can't leave me like this . . . "

Shikamaru blushed. What had he gotten himself into? ...

"I can leave you that way and I will. Now back off . . . "

There was a light knock at the door and Shikamaru could hear the muffled sound of a woman's voice coming through the door.
"Hyuuga-sama, I'm going to clean the bedroom now."

Neji just smiled, "Hai." He called out, before turning back to Shikamaru, "We should finish up here, she'll need to clean up in here next."

Shikamaru sighed for the umpteenth time this morning, "Lay another hand on me and I'll break it." He turned to wash the foamy soap out of his hair, only to be startled when he felt Neji's (it had to be his) hand give his ass a squeeze.

He turned to give the other man as stern talking to but Neji had already exited the shower.

"I'll give you some of my clothes to wear, you go ahead and finish up."

Shikamaru sighed, "Fucking troublesome Hyuuga . . . "


A.N.- Hey! My first NejiShika fic! Keep in mind Shikamaru will be uke, cause that's how I like him Urm . . . This chapter didn't turn out how I wanted or expected . . . but I guess there isn't much of a plot. This is just, like, a Neji and Shika get-together fic, with a bit of angst and some unintentional stalking, followed by some raunching ghey sex between a lazy Nin and a smart one . Anyhow, please review!