Chapter One

Naruto walked happily down the street, easily ignoring the glares sent his way. He had just returned from his first C-class mission. It was made an even more joyous event for the fact that he had received A-class pay! Since he had such a large sum of money, he had decided to celebrate by spending some of it. And so, he found himself wandering around the shopping district, searching for something of interest.

A flash of orange caught his attention. He walked into a shop, not even bothering to look at the display window or name. His eyes widened as he examined his surroundings. Everything was orange! From the walls to the floor and even the carpeting, it was all his favorite color! His jaw dropped open when he saw an entire portion of the store stocked full with every flavor of ramen he had ever tasted. He turned around to continue his observations and slammed into a giant plushy… of himself?!

"Oh my god…" Naruto took several steps backwards and tripped over his own feet, falling into a pile of much smaller Naruto plushies. His eyes darted from left to right, taking in what he had previously failed to notice. All around him were plushies, magazines, and posters! All of himself! Hell, there were even racks filled with copies of his orange and blue jumpsuit!

"Wait… this isn't right." Naruto got up and walked over to the rack. After he examined them closely, he realized something of great importance.

All of the jumpsuits were designed for women.

"Hehehe!" Naruto quickly swiveled around toward the sound of the feminine giggle. There was no one within his field of vision, so he assumed that the girl was on the opposite side of the shop. Deciding he wanted to ask the person some questions, he walked through a couple of isles towards the sound. Then his face contorted into and expression of horror when he saw something that made his blood run cold.

There, on a rack straight across from him, sat bras. But the female underwear was not the thing that fazed him so. For the display consisted of a mannequin designed after his sexy jutsu form, wearing one of the bras! He stumbled backwards for the second time that day, and once again landed on something soft. There was only one problem.

The something emitted a familiar sounding frightened squeak. One that was commonly attributed to one Hyuuga Hinata.

"N-N-Naruto-kun!" He quickly rolled off of the poor girl, apologizing profusely, but quietly. Naruto wasn't stupid, and he had realized that if Hinata was here, other girls were sure to be as well. Then, when he looked upward from his bow, he saw something that would be firmly etched into his memory for years to come. There lay the heavily blushing girl, wearing one of the orange jumpsuits he had seen in the front of the store. She stared at the boy for a few more seconds before she passed out.

Naruto, now greatly concerned for Hinata's well being, hurriedly made his way further in the store, hoping to find the clerk and ask to use the phone in order to call an ambulance. He turned the final corner, and then froze for the third time that day. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he took in the sight of Yamanaka Ino, Tenten, Sabaku no Temari, Ayame, and even Mitarashi Anko, all wearing identical orange jumpsuits!

AN: I know that this chapter was really short, but I wrote it at 2 in the morning. I just wanted to get it up before I forgot about it. Tell me if you want me to rewrite the chapter! I'll try and make the next one five times this length to make up for this!