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A Naruto Fanfiction

Based loosely on Eternal Soul by Yuana Kazumi.
M rated for violence, language, and innuendo.

Full Summary
[AU, darkfic, SasuSaku. Disappearing classmates, a suddenly empty house, a mysterious new student. What seemed to be minor mystery had turned out to be a nightmare. Sakura's life took a major life-threatening twist when she met Sasuke, and her life might not be the only thing he is after.

I have been having these weird dreams lately.

A pitch black… endless darkness,

A girl was screaming… distantly …in agony,

An overwhelming pain in my chest …the burn in my eyes.

Am I …crying?

A scent of blood…

… his scent …my scent.


Chapter 1 : Disappear in Existence

Konoha Academy for the Gifted, Lunchtime

Finding seat in the Student Cafeteria during lunch break was practically hopeless, unless you are in for a bloodbath. No, seriously, it was impossibly crowded. On one corner, a large group of boys were always fighting for the limited today's special, Monday was usually the Super Delicious Extremely Enormous Tuna Pizza Sandwich. With that super long title, who wouldn't want it, right? On the other side, the ramen stand was overloaded with students. The ramen was suspiciously addicting with a really low price, the owner must have put something into it. It was a catastrophe, or in Sakura's opinion, a fight between barbarians.

That was why Sakura, Ino, and Hinata usually stayed away from the cafeteria and brought their own lunch. It was just more peaceful and less-tiring that way. They had started this Lunch Club back from their freshmen years. Hinata would bring most of the meal, Ino would provide the rice, and Sakura would supply the picnic appliances since she could not cook to save the day. The three of them would find a spot in the garden because there were many shady trees in Konoha Academy. During winters they would gather in Sakura's classroom, huddled comfortably near the heater.

The three off them were an odd pair because of their clashing personality, but Sakura thought that was the reason they were so inseparable. Ino was an energetic girl with a short fuse, Hinata was a shy and timid girl who was wiser beyond her age, and Sakura is the cheerful one and a real optimist.

"Hey, have you heard? About the new student?" asked Ino with a mouthful of Hinata's Special Tamagoyaki.

Hinata shook her head and continued to nibble on her rice.

Sakura tilted her head, "No, who is the new student?"

Ino swallowed with as much gracefulness she could manage before continuing, "'Heard some first years talking. They saw Rock Lee escorting him around the school. Black hair with blue tint, charcoal eyes, pale complexion."

Sakura resisted a snort. Yamanaka Ino and her boy dictionary. Ino likes to know everything, as she liked to call her self, the Gossip Queen. Sakura thought the description fits Ino very well, the girl was naturally curious and outspoken. Contrary to popular belief, Ino was also pretty smart; she could think really fast once she had gotten interested in something. Sakura loved her to bits, they were best friends.

"Umm," Hinata started after finishing her third sausages.

Sakura and Ino turned and gave the lavender-eyed girl a smile. It was rare that the shyest of the three willingly offer her opinion.

"Don't you think Lee-san was just talking to a classmate, Ino?" said the Hyuuga girl with eyes peaking under her bangs.

Sakura pointed her red chopsticks to Ino, "She got a point you know."

Ino frowed, she did not understand why her friends do not share her enthusiasm. "No way! I have not seen girls giggle that loudly since Hyuuga Neji. No one in the Junior year is that hot!" The blonde smirked mischievously towards Sakura.

Sakura blushed as pink as her hair.

The blonde grinned. "I knew it! Something must have happened between the Hyuuga and you! Spill the beans, Sakura!"

Sakura quickly stuffed her mouth with Inari Sushi.

Hinata giggled.

That was a mistake.

Ino turned to the shy girl and gave an evil grin. With the speed that rivals lightning, the Gossip Queen had the helpless girl in a headlock, holding blue chopsticks with a large amount of wasabi in front of the other girl's mouth. "Spill, Hinata! You know something, right?!"

Hinata was red in the face and made a series of pitiful whimper, arms flying everywhere, face turned as far as possible from the green paste. Hinata hated anything spicy, wasabi was her greatest enemy.

Sakura sweat dropped, still chewing her Inari Sushi.

Ino had always enjoyed 'torturing' Hinata, the shy girl would make the weirdest sound and expression. The first time Ino met Hinata, she had the timid girl in a bear hug for an entire lunch break, screaming "Cute!" endlessly. Their relationship had kind of grown from there.

Hinata turned teary eyes to Sakura. "Sakura-chan…," she whimpered.

Sakura was half tempted to leave them be, since they made such an entertaining sight. In the end, she swallowed her sushi and sighed. "Ino-pig, cut it out! Hinata is about to choke!"

Ino instantly let go of Hinata with a victory smile. "So?" Ino knew her friend was going to spill anyway; still she took the chance to tease Hinata.

Sakura took a large gulp of cold green tea before sighing again. She turned her brilliant green eyes to the blonde, "It's like this…."

As Sakura recited the story to Ino, she could not help but feel wary at the growing mischievous grin on the young blonde's face.

Dammit, she was so doomed.

Konoha Academy for the Gifted, Track Practice

After the afternoon classes were over, there was of course the club practice. Academics were not the only thing you need to be a competent personnel after all. In Konoha Academy, students are free to join any extracurricular activities. There were several variable choices, boarding from sports to the questionable such as Ghost Hunting Club.

Running had always been Sakura's favorite sport. That was why she joined the school's track team despite having Gai-Sensei as the coach. She loved the sound of the wind drumming her ears as she dashed across the field. It felt like she was flying, and somehow she had always found her body really light. It was a talent of hers.

Looking around the track field as Gai-Sensei took attendance, she felt something was off.

"Okay!" Gai-Sensei shouted youthfully gaining everyone's attention, "I see that everyone's here. Now we will start with the usual 10 laps around the field, and then…"

Gai-Sensei was a slave-driver. He had this crazy training menu for everyone. Ten to fifteen laps around the field, 20 times a hundred meters sprints, 10 times a hundred meters crab-crawling, 50 sit ups, and so on. It was almost impossible to follow the menu except you had a 'shining energy of youth' such as Rock Lee, the track team captain.

Sakura suddenly realize what was wrong. Her hand shoot up for permission to speak, "Gai-Sensei! Lee-san is not here yet!"

Gai raised an eyebrow and looked at his pink-haired student queerly. "Who is that, Haruno? A new member?"

Sakura blinked. "Haha, very funny Sensei! You can't possibly forget Lee-san! He's the Captain!" Sakura replied with a dry humor. Not to mention that he's your favorite, she said to her inner self.

Gai was still looking at her strangely, before laughing merrily and patted her head. "Haruno! I know being Captain is a pressure, but you don't have to act like that to decline the position!" The tall sensei gave Sakura his 100 watt smile and a thumb up. "No worries, o student of mine! Your youth will guide you!"

Now Sakura was really confused. "What? But Sensei-"

Gai ushered her to start doing the laps, "It's okay, Haruno! Sensei will help you! Now start running!"

Sakura had no choice but followed his instruction. She felt pretty lost. Due to some unknown situation, Lee was gone and she was now the Track Team Captain. Had Gai-Sensei been playing with her? How could he forget about Lee-san? Did Lee-san quit? That might explain the sensei's odd behavior. Gai must have taken the news fairly hard and was now in denial.

She hastened her pace to catch TenTen that was a few meters ahead. TenTen should know what was going on since she was Lee's classmate. "Ne, TenTen-san do you know what happened to Lee-san?"

TenTen gave her the same funny look, "What are you saying, Sakura-san? We both know that there is no 'Lee'. You shouldn't play such a strange joke, people might get confused."

The bun-haired girl shook her head and picked up her pace, leaving Sakura behind.

Sakura was officially lost.

What was going on? Had they had a fight or something? She thought that the fight-sulk-ignore thing was only for elementary students. The pinknette sighed tiredly. How childish.

Konoha Academy for the Gifted, After School

The classroom was almost empty when Hyuuga Neji finally showed up in Sakura's class.

Sakura approached him with a smile. "Neji-san, good evening!"

Neji nodded in acknowledgement, "Sakura-san."

Sakura almost giggled at his stiff response. Neji was a very serious person; he put significance in everything he did. He was very discipline in his Karate routines and that was exactly why he was the team's captain. People respect his straight-forward manners and charisma. Most of the female population in Konoha Academy is a member of his fan club.

Including Sakura, but she would die before she admitted it to his face.

"Practice was really hard today!" said Sakura cheerfully to start a conversation. "I think I won't be able to get up tomorrow!"

The corner of Neji's lips twitched in an-almost-smile. "Are you ready?"


Go home? Hell yeah!

They started their walk home in silence, but soon after Sakura began to tell about her day. Neji gave an occasional nod to show that he was paying attention. Sakura actually did not mind the one-sided conversation, at least she knew that her boyfriend was paying attention.

Yes. Haruno Sakura was dating Hyuuga Neji.

Inner Sakura was screaming "Hell Yeah!" and danced away in victory.

Their relationship had only been going for a month. Neji had asked her out after the Konoha Academy Culture Festival Committee Decommission Party. They kept it secret as much as possible, mostly because Neji's fan girls might murder Sakura on the spot if they caught the wind of it.

Only a few people knew about their relationship. Hinata was the one who set them up, that little deceiving pixie. Nara Shikamaru, Sakura's biology partner, also knew solely out of his exceptional observation skill. Ino knew since Sakura spilled the news during lunch break earlier that day. Sakura had convinced (threatened, bullied, intimidated) the Gossip Queen so the blonde promised (reluctantly) not tell anyone.

On Neji's side, there was TenTen, his childhood friend. Sakura couldn't shake the feeling that TenTen had been colder to her this past month. TenTen must have liked Neji too, Sakura decided. The pinknette actually felt uncomfortable, she did not like making anyone sad.

Now that she was thinking about that, she vaguely remembered that Lee used to be Neji's classmate. Neji might know what was going on.

Sakura turned to the Karate Captain, "Ne, Neji-san, do you know what happened to Lee-san? Is he sick or something?"


Sakura nodded, "Yes, Rock Lee. Weren't you friends with him during freshmen years?"

Neji furrowed his eyebrows in thought. His lavender eyes took a deeper shade of violet.

The fan girl side of Sakura squealed in exhilaration, but outer Sakura managed to maintain a fairly straight face.

It was a while before Neji finally answered, "I don't recall knowing any Rock Lee, Sakura-san. Not even in freshmen years."

"Oh, okay." Sakura frowned in confusion.

"Might you be confusing him with someone else? Or you probably mistook his name?"

Sakura hummed an answer. How could she? He was her Captain! Not to mention his endless pursuing last semester. It was fairly a well known fact that Rock Lee liked Sakura. She tried to decline his attention indirectly but he could not take a hint. she was forced to tell straight to his face that she liked someone else… namely Neji.

The couple continued their journey in silence. When they reached Sakura's home, she muttered a vague good bye before turning around. Still deep in thought about Lee, she tripped over the stony pavement.

Neji caught her around the waist in reflex, as expected from a martial artist.

Sakura gulped. She could feel her face heated up. She dared to peek a glance to Neji's eyes.

This is where romance couples usually kiss, right? Her inner was having the time of her life.

Sakura swore she saw Neji leaned in, but the moment was eternally shattered when a loud bark suddenly startled them both.

Neji abruptly pulled away. The sudden loss of support made Sakura almost tripped again but she managed to maintain her balance. Both of them looked behind Neji.

A dog. A chocolate pug dog was staring up at them. Its large eyes were half lidded, looking bored. Its ears and snout are a darker shade of brown. The dog sat there like a statue, not even wagging its tail.

Sakura crouched down and offer a closed fist to its snout. The gesture was what her father had taught her to greet a foreign dog. If the dog liked you, it will sniff and licked you palm. The closed fist was to prevent the human from getting bit. "Hey there, little one, are you lost?"

"Sakura-san," Neji called and Sakura turned her attention back to her boyfriend. Meanwhile, the pug had sniffed and licked her fist in greeting.

"I need to get going," the Hyuuga prodigy continued and took several steps back.

Sakura scratched the dog behind his ears. She nodded to her boyfriend and gave him a smile, "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow at school?"

Neji nodded and made his departure.

Sakura watched his back until it disappeared around the corner.

She sighed loud and long. She turned to the dog, still scratching its ears. It seemed to like what she was doing. "Mou…," she pouted, "just when we are finally getting somewhere."

She noticed a collar around its neck with a name tag.

"Pakkun," the pinknette read the engraving, apparently it was a male. "Ne, where did you come from, little guy? I've never seen you around before."

Pakkun suddenly stiffened. He sniffed the air before pivoting under her hands and ran away.

Sakura followed his trails with her eyes and was greeted with a black canvas shoes. Pakkun barked once to the person whom the shoe belonged to.

Sakura's green eyes travelled up the person's body, obviously a male. When she looked at his face, she felt her heart skipped a beat and blushed as pink as her hair.

He was around her age, Sakura noticed. He had a spiky blue-black hair that was combed to the back, two perfectly symmetrical thick bangs framing the both side of his pale face. His eyes were charcoal black and devoid of emotion. He was wearing a white shirt, un-tucked into his indigo dress pants. Sakura did not think anyone could pull such plain clothing as good as him.

Damn, even Neji can't compare to this hotness, her fan girl side drooled shamelessly.

"Anoo, good evening," she greeted politely. Just because she was hyperventilating inside (due to heat shock, mind you), that doesn't mean she would act like an idiot.

He did not reply so Sakura decided to continue, "Is he yours?" she asked, referring to Pakkun.

"No," was his icy reply.

Sakura resisted another blush. Fan girl Sakura was melting at the sound of his voice. Inner Sakura was beating herself up for reacting like a fool, "Shannaro!! We ruled men, not the other way around!!"

"Oh, he seemed rather familiar with you." She tried to smile to hide her nervousness. She started playing with her waist length pink hair, twisting it around between her middle and index finger.

"He belongs to my acquaintance."

Acquaintance? Did he mean friend?

"Oh, right." Sakura did not know why she was so nervous. She swore her heart was beating a second faster.

"You should stop," he suddenly said.

Sakura blinked and froze. Did he mean her habit playing with hair?

"Oh, sorry," She stopped twirling her hair and unconsciously fiddling with the hem of her skirt.

He smirked and started to walk away. The opposite direction to Neji.

"Wait!" she suddenly exclaimed.

He stopped and turned back to her. Sakura thought she saw something red flickered in his dark orbs.

"You are that new student, aren't you?"

He did not reply, only staring at her with no emotion.

Sakura felt uncomfortable. What was wrong with this guy? His eyes were making her nervous. She struggled for something to say. "Umm. Did you… Have you seen Lee-San? You're with him yesterday, weren't you?"

Okay, that was completely random, but she could not think of anything else. The Rock Lee mystery was still on the back of her mind.

Unpredictably, he gave her an eerie smile and a reply. "That asian bowl cut bushy brows?"

Too relief to actually get scared of his strange smile, Sakura quickly interrogated him. "You've seen him? Where? I don't think he's at school today because he missed practice, and Gai-Sensei was acting really strange! Do you know what happened? Is he sick?"

The dark boy held up a hand to stop her rambling and Sakura blushed in embarrassment. How could she ramble off like that? She must have looked like an idiot.

He gave her an amused look. "He's a bit too sweet for my liking," he replied before walking away.

Sakura blinked. "Eh? So you've seen him? When-"

He looked over his shoulder. "Go home, Sakura."

It was not a statement. It was a command. It was clear in his eyes and Sakura instantly knew that the conversation was over.

She watched him disappear around the corner, much like Neji did a few moments ago.

That was when she suddenly realized something.

How did he know her name?

Konoha Academy for the Gifted, Homeroom, the next day

Sakura leaned her forehead against her crossed arms on the desk. She looked sleepily outside the window. She was really drained. Gai-Sensei was truly a slave driver. Ten laps and ten sprints every morning was a bit too much for Sakura's liking, she barely could move a muscle when she woke up that morning.

Her mind flashed back towards her conversation with TenTen earlier that morning. They had been changing after practice. Apparently TenTen was still mad at Lee. Also, Gai-Sensei was still in denial. Had Lee really quit the team? Was he sick? Practice had been considerably duller without the usual drama between the Captain and the Coach. So far no one seemed to know what had happened to Lee, they did not seemed to know him either. Was it some kind of a prank? If it was so, then Sakura was going to be really mad. The prank had really gone too far.

"Stand up!"A bored and slurring voice of Nara Shikamaru suddenly woke her from her daydreaming.

Sakura quickly stood up, still not fully recovered yet.

"Bow!" Shikamaru instructed. He was the Class's President, not because he was the most diplomatic of them all. It was usual in Japan that the Class President was someone who had the highest academic scores. Shikamaru was the best in their whole year, heck he might have been the best in the entire country. If only he was not so lazy.

Sakura bowed along the rest of the class. "Good morning, Iruka-Sensei!" they shouted together.

Apparently her home room teacher, Iruka-Sensei, had come in while she had been thinking.

After the rest of the students had settled back into their chair, Iruka-Sensei began to take attendance. Sakura was almost back into her daydream if the sensei did not say, "We have a new student to be joining our class today!"

Sakura's green eyes snapped to the classroom door when it slid open. It was of course, the boy from yesterday. Instanly almost all the female students giggled and started whispering to each other. Well, at least Sakura was not alone in the doki-doki world.

His eyes immediately settled on her. The pinknette could not contain the blush any longer. Was her pink hair really that strikingly weird? She should have dyed it black, or red, but her mother was against it since colored hair needs more attention to be kept healthy. Sakura agreed half-heartedly, partly because she did not like pampering her beauty too much.

"You may introduce yourself," said Iruka-Sensei.

Without even a blink, the boy spoke with a deadpanned tone, "Uchiha Sasuke."


Everyone might have expected him to say more. The girls were practically hanging to the edge of their seat, determined to catch every word. Sakura did not blame them, he was rather enigmatic. Must be his eyes… no, definitely his eyes.

It must have been a while before everyone noticed that his name was going to be the only thing he said. Iruka-Sensei gave a nervous cough, "Well, tell us a bit about yourself, Uchiha-san. Your likes, your dislikes, hobbies, dreams?" the sensei offered in suggestion.

He frowned. To Sakura, he looked a little annoyed.

"I'm … seventeen years old," he began stiffly. "I like only a few things. I dislike most things. I don't have a dream…," he trailed off and did not continue.

Silence again. The classroom felt like it had gone down a couple of degrees. Sakura stared at the dark boy dryly. Apparently his voice were not the only thing that was cold.

Iruka-Sensei excused him, not wanting to pursue the Uchiha further. "Alright then, you can sit…"

Uchiha Sasuke ignored the older man and made his way towards the end of the classroom. He took a seat behind Sakura. It was strange; Sakura did not remember having an empty desk behind her.

Sensei sighed long and loud. "Oh. I guess you can sit anywhere you want, then."

Iruka-Sensei was a very experienced teacher. He had never lets his student's behavior affect his teaching. He had quickly forgotten Uchiha's unfriendliness and turned to the board and started his lesson.

Sakura twisted in her seat, wanting to talk to the Uchiha. As predicted, he was looking at her. "Uchiha-san, it's nice to see you again," she offered a warm smile.

He only stared at her expressionlessly. Half of his face was hidden behind his propped hands on the desk.

Seeing that he did not have the interest to start a conversation, Sakura frowned at him and turned back her attention to the teacher.

What a strange boy.

Sakura could feel the boy's stare for the rest of the morning class.

She wanted to talk to him. She wanted to ask him about Lee. She wanted to know how he had known her name the day before. However, she could not bring herself to talk to him. She was uncomfortable around him, like something in her was trying to take a leap.

Konoha Academy for the Gifted, the InoHinaSaku Lunch Club

Ino was, in the very meaning of the word, elated: very happy and in high spirit. "Sakura, you're SO lucky!" she exclaimed, pointing her blue chopsticks towards her pink haired friend. "I wish he was in MY class!"

Sakura sweat dropped, "It's not that fantastic. Really, Ino." She studied the contents of Hinata's bento box and quickly chose a small piece of fried shrimp. Hinata's Special Rice Bran Mini Tempura, yummy.

If this was how Ino was acting, Sakura did not want to know how the blonde will react once she learned that Uchiha Sasuke chose a sit behind Sakura.

"What was he like, Sakura-chan?" asked Hinata while drinking a cup of hot ocha. If Hinata was interested, then the whole school must have been greatly curious.

Seriously, Sakura thought. She did not understand why Uchiha Sasuke had suddenly become a celebrity. Sure, he was handsome, but did they not feel his unfriendliness?

"He is rather… cold," the pinknette answered. And mysterious, and guarded, and unpredictable!

"Did you talk to him?" asked Ino, her aqua eyes shines brightly.

"Not really. He was being really quiet, and most of his answers are direct." Sakura saw how Ino hanged to her every word. The pinknette sighed, "Basically he was Mr. Enigmatic and Anti-Social in one package, Ino. He did not show any respect towards the teacher. He ignores everyone around him. I think he just want to be left alone."

I wonder what made him acts that way, Sakura said silently to her inner.

Ino sighed. "You only said that because you're immune to his hotness."

Sakura thought that was quite untrue. She could still remember how her heart beat faster whenever he was around.

The Gossip Queen stuffed another octopus sausage into her mouth, chewed a few times, before swallowing. "Well, you ARE going out with the- OUCH! Forehead-girl, what did you do that for!"

Sakura had thrown Ino her lunch-box cap. "Continue that, Ino-pig, and I'll slaughter you!"

Ino and her running mouth!

Ino narrowed her eyes, "Hey! It's not that anyone else is here to hear your little love drama! Why kept it a secret anyway?!"

Sakura was about to retort when she saw something black across the field.

"Ne, is that him, Sakura-chan?" asked Hinata, pointing with her white chopsticks.

Sakura turned and indeed she found Uchiha Sasuke walking with… TenTen-san?

"Woa, did you see that, Ino?" Sakura's eyes were still locked to the two figure walking slowly back to the school building.

Ino did not reply and Sakura turned towards the spot where Ino should have been.

Ino was gone. The Gossip Queen was on the move.

"Dammit, Ino!" Sakura quickly stood up. Knowing Ino, she was probably high-tailing the Uchiha. That girl was going to get into trouble sometimes. Sakura was trying to 'cure' Ino's over-curiosity but her best friend had it really bad.

"Sorry, Hinata-chan! Do you mind cleaning up by yourself for a while? I'm going afer Ino!"

The Hyuuga girl nodded, looking unfazed at all. That situation had happened quite a few times and Hinata was barely surprised anymore. "Not at all, Sakura-chan."

Sakura shouldered her lunch bag, apologized to Hinata once more, and dashed towards the school building.

Konoha Academy for the Gifted, After Class

Turned out that Sakura could not find either Uchiha, TenTen, or Ino in the remaining time of Lunch Break. She returned to Hinata with a defeaded sighed and helped the girl cleaned up their picnic mess.

TenTen did not come to Track Practice. Gai-Sensei was still acting strange (stranger than usual) so Sakura did not ask him about Lee or TenTen. Sakura promised herself to look again after class.

First she visited Neji in his Karate Club and told him that she could not walk home with him. He nodded and apologized that he could not accompany her because he had to teach Karate at the local dojo. That was one of Hyuuga Neji's good quality, in Sakura opinion. He was very straight forward and honest. You always knew where you stand when you were with him.

After that, Sakura decided that TenTen's classroom was a good way to start. The possibility of TenTen being there was narrow since she was not in practice earlier that day, but Sakura reckon she could ask her classmates. Hopefully some would still be there since many club held daily practice.

Her hope was crushed as she saw the classroom was completely deserted. Sakura sighed long and loud.

"What are you doing?"

Startled beyond belief, Sakura pivoted on her heels but loose her balance and fell down to the tiled floor on her butt. She looked up and saw Uchiha Sasuke peering down at her.

"Ah, Uchiha-san!" her heart gave a familiar leap.

The setting sun looked extremely good on his complexion. The orange tint gave him a more enigmatic look, and his charcoal eyes seemed to glint.

He offered a hand to help her up. Sakura accepted the offer, her fan girl side was melting into a puddle and her inner self could not agree more.

"Arigato, Uchiha-san," she offered him a smile which he did not return.

They were silent for a few moments before Sakura remembered that she was looking for TenTen and Ino. "Ne, Uchiha-san, did you see Ino and Tenten-san?"

He frowned, "Is it the blonde female with ponytail?"

Sakura thought he had a very strange way to describe someone, but brightened anyway by the news. "That's Ino! And TenTen-san was the girl with buns that walked with you during lunch. Do you know where they are?"

He was silent, eyes turned even darker. There was that glint of red again. Sakura asked herself why she kept imagining things.

Sakura tiled her head, confused. "Uchiha-san?"

"They're gone."

The pinknette blinked. "Eh? You mean they'd head home?"

"I've gotten rid of them," he replied with a deadpanned tone.

"What do you mean?"

"They're a nuisance."

Sakura frowned at him. She did not like it when someone insulted her friends. "Look, here, mister! I know Ino can be such a pig sometimes, but she actually has a good heart. And TenTen-san is my sempai in the track-team! I respected her!"

In her annoyance, she poked Uchiha's chest several times with her index fingers.

It was a mistake.

Sakura suddenly found herself shoved to the wall beside the door. All her breath escaped her lung and she gasped in surprise.

He was not looking at her. His eyes were hidden beneath his bangs. "Shit, you need to stop, Sakura," he gritted with intense emotions. Was it anger? Pity? Lust?

The way he said her name, she never knew that her name could sound so… suggestive.

"U-uchiha-san.. you're too close…."

"Sakura." He growled hoarsely against her ear.

Sakura squirmed slightly under his body. She pushed his chest with as much strength she could managed, but he would not budge. He was frighteningly strong. His body was warm. Sakura could feel his breath on her neck. She could not breathe.

"U-uchiha-san," she pleaded for him to get off her. Her head was dizzy. This was the first time she was this close to him, to any male. Not even Neji had been this close to her. Sakura realized why he was a male. Although he was just a head taller than she was, his shoulders are twice as wide and his hands were lined with lean muscle.

This boy was dangerous. Her inner was screaming to kick him where it hurts the most, but before she could move he had pushed a knee between her legs, practically trapping her.

"Please…" Sakura pushed against his chest once more. "Don't…" She was scared, frightened. What will he do to her?

He loosened his hold on her. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Sakura did not know if she should believe him or not. He was still crowding her, and her head was still dizzy, pounding. Why did he have this effect on her?

"Let go." She plead, her voice shook in fear. Hoarse, like she had been screaming all night.

He panted against her neck. "I missed your voice," he said painfully. He was breathing raggedly, his skin was awfully warm. He was scorching and sweating.

Was he in pain? Was he hurt? Was he sick? Her maternal instinct took over. "Uchiha-san? Are- are you ill?" her voice was still shaking. Her hands slipped from his chest to his neck, feeling his temperature.

He stiffed and suddenly pressed his body to hers, his right knee pushed between her thighs and rubbed slightly against her panties.

Sakura could not belief the heat that was spreading through her like liquid fire. "Aah," she gasped a moan. Her mind was screaming a no, but she could not help the throbbing pleasure that she had just felt.

"Say my name," he growled hotly against her ears, teeth grazing her lobe.

She turned her face away from him as much as possible. "Please, get off me, Uchiha-san…"

"Say my name," he repeated with a commanding voice. Oh God, she could feel it throbbing, the place hidden under her panties.

She shook her head in denial, "No… please," Sakura stiffened.

Sasuke groaned. He pressed his mouth closer to her neck. "Sakura," he said hoarsely.

"Stop!" she panted breathlessly, she struggled with a newfound strength. "Uchiha-san, please get off me!"

"Say my name," he repeated for the third time, frustration was edging on his voice.

Sakura was desperate, "Uchiha-san! Uchiha-san! Uchiha-san!"

He chuckled. "You've got it wrong, Sakura." One hand was still locking both of her wrists on the top of her head. Those were going to bruise.


His knee rose to her crotch and rubbed roughly back and forth. Sakura bit back a scream. The throbbing pleasure was back. Her nipples felt raw against her bra. It was overwhelming. His heat was overwhelming. Her knees were shaking. "Please, let go." She chanted fearfully. "Please, please—"

His head lifted away from her neck. He looked at her with molten charcoal eyes. His lips were few centimeters apart from hers. "Remember, Sakura. Remember my name," he asked in a low whisper.

Sakura was panting. She could feel her heart racing. "I… I don't understand."

She really was confused. What did he want her to call him? Uchiha-sama? Sasuke-san?

He leaned closer, lips just a breath away from hers. "I'll make you remember." He released her wrists and the hand slid around her neck, trailed up her nape and titled her head up. "Sakura," he whispered painfully before crashing his mouth on hers.

Sakura's eyes widened, she gasped in surprise which was a grave mistake. Something rough and wet slithered inside her mouth and Sakura realized that it was his tongue. She groaned, helpless beneath his body and under the pleasure. Her hands shot up to his biceps, gripping tightly onto his uniform shirt. Sasuke tilted his head and slanted his mouth over hers. His tongue explored the roof of her mouth before coaxing hers in to tangle against his.

Sakura felt dizzy. She could not breathe. Her hands were clenching and unclenching his biceps. Pleased, Sasuke retraced his tongue and start biting her lower lips until it was swollen and red. Sakura moaned helplessly in return. "Sasu-"

He smirked and sucked on her damp lips. He dragged his other hand upon her thigh and forced it to warp against his hip. Sakura felt something massive rubbing against her between her legs. She gasped, "Sasuke!"

Pleased, he took the chance to shove his tongue deeper into her mouth. One of her hand flew to his hair and pulled. He growled into her mouth, the vibration sending thrills down her spine. She moaned again. With enormous difficulty, she wrenched her mouth away from his. "Sasuke-," she gasped breathlessly.

He pressed Sakura against the wall, his mouth nipping her soft chin. He murmured something incoherent. His kisses trailed to her ear and he whispered hoarsely, "Almost there, Sakura."

She was breathing hard. Her eyes were open but she could not understand any image they captured. Everything was blurry. She could not think. Her hands rested powerlessly againts his chest. "Sasuke-kun," she whispered, almost inaudibly.

"Aa." His breath hot against her ears, but he was not touching her. She realized that he had released her completely from his clutches. However she just did not have the strength other than leaning against the wall and panting softly on his ear.

His name echoed in her mind. Sasuke-kun. Sasuke-kun. Sasuke-kun.

It sounded familiar… warm and cozy. Like a new found breath.

Sasuke blinked a couple of times. "Did… I hurt you?" his voice was back to the deadpanned tone, but to Sakura it seemed softer after the hoarse whispers and groans.

Sakura closed her eyes and shook her head. She did not want to think about what had just happened. She just wanted to forget it and go home.

He pulled away and took her hands, eyeing her wrists. "You're bruised."

Yes, her wrists were painful. Her lips were throbbing. They might turn purple in the morning. Sakura pushed his chest gently, a silent request to get him off her.

He complied and took a step back from her.

"Sakura," he began.

She cut him off, "Please stay away from me."

He moved to grab her arm but she maneuvered her body under his arms and was by the door in a second.

She ran and did not turn back.

Haruno Residence, Midnight

As predicted, Sakura could not sleep a blink. How could you after receiving probably the hottest kiss you'd ever received? Uchiha Sasuke was not an amateur, and to Sakura's amazement she was not either. She had never been kissed before, that much she was certain. However she had somehow knew that groaning against Sasuke's mouth would fuel his passion and pulling his hair might snap him out of his aggressiveness.

Sakura groaned and buried her face further into her pillows.

She did not understand. What was wrong with Uchiha Sasuke? What was she suppose to remember?

She was Haruno Sakura, the only child of Haruno Kenji and Haruno Hana. She was seventeen years old and had a life-long crush to her sempai, Hyuuga Neji (now her boyfriend for a month). Hell… she could even trace her diary entry all the way back to her elementary years. And most certainly, she had never known any Uchiha Sasuke.

But when he kissed her….

Sakura blushed and her heart beat a second faster.

When Uchiha Sasuke kissed her, Sakura felt some kind of fulfillment. It was strange. She did not realize she had been empty until she felt whole.

She released a frustrated scream into her pillow.

What do you want from me… Sasuke-kun?

Neither Lee-san, Tenten-san, nor Ino-chan was in school the next day,

They did not come to school the day after,

and not the day after that.

They never came back.

And then I realized, this was only the beginning.

to be continued?
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