"It's For You, Dumb Ass"


"Kakuzu, you're such a fag," Hidan said with a laugh, sitting on his bed and watching the old man in the far corner, hunched over a quilt he was sewing.

Sewing with needle and thread, mind you.

"Hidan, be quiet, I'm trying to work."

"I don't understand why the fuck you're making a blanket! I mean, come on! You can buy one. Cheap. Hell, you can steal one from Tobi if you want. For free."

Kakuzu sighed and cut the thread with his teeth, finished with the hand embroidered name he'd put on the corner.

Then, Kakuzu stood up and flapped the rather large black and red quilt, scrutinizing it closely for any snags.

Satisfied, Kakuzu bundled it up and threw it at the priest.

"Hey!" Hidan snapped.

He disentangled himself from the quilt and glared at it. Then…his eyes went wide.

"Well?" Kakuzu prompted from his chair.

Hidan read the loopy name on the corner of the quilt, and turned red.

"Are…are you serious?"

Kakuzu sighed.

"Yes, dumb ass. I would have finished it sooner, but your incessant bitching made it hard for me to concentrate."

Hidan didn't say anything as he looked the quilt over, actually smiling a little as he traced the name with his finger.

"Hey, Kakuzu?"


That soft smile curved into a wicked grin. Kakuzu blinked.

"I suppose I could thank you in words, but…I'd rather thank you in…nothing at all…"

Kakuzu immediately started stripping. By the time he got into the bed, Hidan was naked, the hand made quilt draping over his body…