Fandom : Yu-Gi-Oh!

Pairing : RyouxBakura

Warning : Blood, BDSM, D/s, Bond

Summary : -RxYB- He always did love hurting Bakura.-Bloodplay-Implied Lemon-Bond-Lang-

Ryou couldn't take it anymore.

The blood was everywhere, and the knife was sticking out of the counter.

The glass was everywhere, and it was all over his usually clean kitchen floor.

He rubbed his temples, hoping to make headache that was coming go away.

He sighed, and pulled out the knife, throwing it in the sink.

He wished his yami would clean up behind him.

But, oops! Silly him! He forgot his Yami couldn't anymore.

That was okay.

He really didn't mind cleaning up the leftover blood, or the glass or the ripped off shirt.


Was that Bakura's?

He must have when he himself made all the blood appear on the ground.

Oh yeah, he caused that blood to be there.

That was okay too though, really.

It looked very lovely against the glass, the sunlight through the window making the deep red color bounce against the glass in a beautiful way.

He quickly cleaned up the kitchen, and went into the living room.

Bakura was on the couch, body splayed everywhere.

Ryou covered his naked body, he kept forgetting to do that.

Bakura looked lovely, pale skin laying against the deep green couch, the metal from the handcuffs glinting pretty against Bakura's pale wrist.

There was a stir and Bakura slowly blinked his eyes, looking up quickly at Ryou, who smiled gently.

"Good morning, Kurakura. You passed out."

"I usually do. It fucking hurts to have things carved into and skin and shoved into you." Bakura replied with a bland voice, trying to move his body slightly.

Ryou simply smiled.

He always did love hurting Bakura.

Good thing Bakura liked Ryou hurting him as well.