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Chapter Six : You May Call Me Riddle

Remus shoved everything he owned into his suitcase, and grabbed the map, shrinking his suitcase.

He had to run.

They had to run.

He had shown Ron, and he had started to go to tell Dumbledore.

Remus had bound him, and Hermione had agreed that while she would side with Harry, Voldemort or no, they couldn't risk Dumbledore knowing where they were.

Not Yet.

Hermione came into the room, her own trunk shrunk and in her pocket. She grabbed Ron's arm and pulled him up. She held Rons hand and her own on the letter as Remus did the same and spoke the words.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

There was a jerk behind their navels and they were gone.

No one else was in the house.

Three Hours After Harry Sent The Letter

Harry sat in Voldemorts lap once again, resting his head quietly against his shoulder as Voldemort read papers from his death eaters. The silence was comforting, and Harry was dozing in his Master's arms, feeling safe.

Both Harry and Voldemort looked up at the knock on the door.

"Enter." Voldemort said, his papers disappearing and Harry moving minuscule-y closer to him.

Snape entered, stopping when he saw Harry.

Then he smirked.

"There you are. Did you know Dumbledore is convinced you ran away from the Dursleys for attention? The werewolf and Granger were furious." He said, closing the door and coming forward. bowing slightly in front of Voldemort.

As a member of the Inner Circle, he had no reason to kiss the mans robes. He was considered, along with Lucius, Bellatrix, and a select few others as friends, not servants.

Harry blinked.

"..What about Ron?" He said, looking at his teacher.

Snape sighed.

"I don't know Potter."

Harry's eyes flashed and Snape found himself in a full body bind, his head only free, drug in front of Harry, all done with the flick of a wrist and a hissed word..

Harry looked Severus in his eye. "Never call me Potter again. It is my last name no longer."

Severus nodded and Harry dropped the binding. "Then what do I call you?"

Harry looked at him for a second. Severus was not like the others, he didn't want his potions master to call him Sir or Lord.

"You may call me...hmm..." Voldemort flashed in his minds eye and he smiled. "Riddle. You may call me Riddle."

Harry looked up to see that this was okay, and Voldemort gave an almost imperceptible nod.

That would work for now.

"Okay, um..Riddle. I don't know about the weaslette."

Harry sighed, nodding.

"That's okay. I'm pretty positive Ron won't side with me anyway. His family is way too light."

"So i've noticed. So, Lord, I have come with news..."

Harry tuned Severus out, not listening as he gave his annual report. He lay his head against Voldemorts chest, listening to his heart beat calmly.

Harry's head shot up when a small mark on his neck pulsed briefly. It was a scratch from where Moony had given him a small amount of blood. Just enough for Harry and Moony to sense each other. A second later, and Moony and Hermione walked in the doors, Hermione dragging Ron.

Harry jumped up after Voldemort nodded his consent and ran to his surrogate father.


Harry jumped into the others arms, hugging him tightly.

Remus could always make him feel feelings.

Whether he wanted to or not.