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Such as, what happened to Kimichi? How does she even know Kaoru and Hikaru originally? What will happen to our identical heroes now that the cat is out of the bag, or should I say, the twin is out from under the table? (Ooer!)

(Sorry, I apologize, that was fucking terrible- in return, a tiny itsy bitsy spot of nonsense.)

(From Hikaru's POV)

"What's up, puddin' cup?"

I start from my spot in bed, upsetting the cup of tea that had balanced precariously on the tip of my knee. A deft hand quickly snatches up my Blackberry before it can be exterminated in the flow of hot liquid. "Shit-"

"Sorry," my twin says at the same time, in a guilty tone. "I didn't realize you were so focused-" Together, he and I scramble to pick up the papers spread everywhere over the comforter before the tea can get to them.

"It's this stupid benefit you-know-fucking-who has me working on" I grumble, hastily piling the papers in a big ol' pile that I'll sort out later. "I was working on the guest list. Did you know that Kyouya is actually having me arrange them based on who is related to who-"

"-related to whom-"

"and who they want to sit with and who can't sit together, and arrrrgh." I crush my palms against my eyes, watching the stars burst behind them.

"Tell you what," Kaoru says from right next to my ear. I take away one palm from that eye and look at him. His expression is an inch away and serious. Mmm. Serious Kaoru is seriously sexy. I drop both hands. Those lips pursed in thought, that minuscule line that forms exactly above the bridge of his nose and between his eyes....

But, physical perfection aside, I don't see any way that he could possibly make this better. Technically, it's his fault that I'm even being shouldered with my new position as Ouran High School Host Club Assistant to the President in the first place. It's his fault that I have to order flower arrangements, find caterers, and turn on my schmooze voice when I confirm reservations. It's his fault ever since he rolled out, drunk, from under the goddamn table.

Okay, yes, yes, I hear you. But you're the one who gave him the drinks!

Yet who drank them?

... I rest my case.

"Go on," I say. He tips his head, smiling at me and sensing what I'm about to come out with. "Please plant within my mind- our minds- some fabulous concoction of a plan that will make everything better. And I do mean everything."

"What if..." he murmurs. "We take this guest list..." His fingers pluck it from the hodgepodge in the bed, and he waves it in front of my face. "We take it, and we do this." He moves it from hovering under my nose, nearly bestowing a papercut, to over the edge of the bed. Then he drops it.

We both watch it go fluttering toward the floor. I slide my eyes to him. He meets my gaze, and I catch my breath at his steady expression. Without speaking, he raises his hands to the top button of his shirt and undoes it. Then he undoes the second one.

I'm not him. I need to have the last word... or two.

"Go on..."

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