Important Update:

Alright, for those of you reading my stories (THANK YOU SO MUCH, BTW) I believe you deserve an explanation as to why things have been going so long without updates.

First, I got a new job that works the living daylights out of people. I'm not complaining except that I wasn't able to write for as often as I would have liked.

Second, my computer died. Kind of difficult to work on stories when for the last few months, I've kind of been mooching off of my roomate's computer, and had little access to my stories. However, I was able to save them (which is a good thing, seeing as I probably wouldn't have been able to motivate myself to rewrite anything) so I have several more chapters on just about all of my stories.

Thirdly, I have had a wedding, and some very serious health problems with a very close family member, so any extra time has been taken up by that recently.

And last, I honestly didn't know if anyone (including my beta readers) were still reading this. So...I'm going to be posting some chapters up, but they will not be beta read, just so I can save some time. If my beta readers still WANT to be my beta readers, please reply to this. I'd really appreciate it, seeing as my e-mail account is rather full and I won't be able to find anyone's address. sigh

So, thank you for all of your patience. I WILL be updating soon.


Anne Camp