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It was another ordinary Thursday afternoon, or so Reba thought. The kids were in school, and her husband was off at work, leaving Reba alone to do anything that needed to be done in the house. At this point the lower level of the house was spotless, and now she was cleaning Cheyenne's room, seeing as how she was reluctant to do it herself.

As she finished whipping off the mirror she walked over to open the garbage can beside the sink, before dropping the used paper towel in the trash, she looked down to see something she never hoped to never see in her daughter's bathroom. She saw a pregnancy test, and not only was it just a test; it was a test that read positive.

Standing in her 17 year-old daughter's bathroom, Reba almost felt it hard to breathe. She could imagine her baby girl pregnant with a baby of her own, and it broke her heart. Suddenly her thoughts drifted back to herself, senior year…

Reba's family was fast asleep, as she sat on the back steps of her old house in Oklahoma, a little nervous about what she was about to do. She had just gotten off the phone with her high school sweetheart, Mike Delfino. He was the most handsome boy in school, every girl was drooling over him, but Reba got him. He was smart, funny, and he was the school's star basketball player. As far as Reba knew she was in love. Whenever she was with him she felt like she was the most important girl in the world, that being one of the reasons she let what happened happen.

She heard footsteps, knowing it wasn't anyone other than Mike, she stood up. Emerging from the shadows was a beautiful dark haired man she called her own. "Hey baby," he said, hugging her as she ran into his arms. "What's the emergency?"

"Well," she stammered, how did you put something this big into words? She started off with "Mike, you love me right?"

"Reba," he paused moving a piece of hair away from her face, he loved her hair, hell, he loved everything about her, "of course I love you."

Reba took in a sharp breathe and then let it out, "I'm pregnant."

Mike let out a you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me laugh as he said, "What?"

"I'm pregnant, Mike," she told him, all seriousness in her voice. He had thought she was joking up until now. Mike let go of her and took a step backwards. Reba felt almost as if he had just dropped her. She wanted to take a step forward, back into his arms, but she stayed standing where she was.

"What? How-," he stopped himself. He was seventeen. He wasn't ready to be a father. He loved Reba, but he wanted no part in a baby. "Are you sure?" he nervously asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure," told him.

"Who else knows?" he curiously asked.

"Nobody yet. I haven't even told mama and daddy."

He didn't know how to put what he wanted to say in a way that sounded good. No matter how you said it, it was going to come out wrong, "Are you going to have it?"

The words hit Reba hard. She knew that she was too young to have a child of her own, but she knew that she wasn't going to get an abortion, that was out of the question for her. This was her mistake, and she was going to deal with it, but she wasn't going to take this baby's life, "Of course I'm going to have it, Mike," she bluntly stated.

"I-I love you," her eyes lit up, but there was something too reserved in his voice for that to be all he had to say, "But, I'm not going to be a daddy."

"What do you want me to do? We can't go back now, what's done is done. What are we going to do about it?" He could tell that she had been thinking about all of this for a while.

"I can't handle this right now. It's senior year, this is the time where we live it up, and we have the time of our lives. This isn't time to become parents. I'm sorry Reba, I love you but, I can't do this."

"Wh-What are you saying?" she asked, her voice beginning to unsteadily shake. She felt a lump in her throat making it impossible to swallow, but she felt her mouth starting to dry.

"We're done," he told her matter-of-factly.

She felt her mouth drop open, "You're just going to leave me like this?!" she started to raise her voice.

"I'm sorry, but this just wasn't in my plans! I have a scholarship waiting on me, and I'm not willing to throw that away for a baby!" He said, almost to the point of yelling.

"And you think this is what I wanted?!" she yelled. "Mike, I'm pregnant and you're just going to leave me?! What happened to 'I love you' five minutes ago?!"

"Five minutes ago you weren't telling me that my life was practically over!" he finally yelled back at her.

She took a step back and crossed her arms. He had never yelled at her before. Reba wrapped her arms around herself as tightly as she could, almost as if holding herself together before falling apart in front of Mike.

Mike took a step forward, looking as if he had been defeated, "Listen, I'm sorry," he apologized, reaching out to hug her.

Reba took another step in the opposite direction, looking down while shaking her head. "No," she whispered, "Just leave."

"Re-," she cut him off.

"No! You want out? Well then leave! Get out of here! I don't need you!" she coldly shouted.

Mike got one last look at her with a hint of regret in his eyes, before he turned and walked away…

Reba snapped back to reality knowing that her kids were going to be home soon, and that she was going to have to confront Cheyenne about what she had stumbled across. She didn't want any of her children taking the same road she had taken; she had to grow up way too fast, and she didn't think that anyone deserved to go through the pain she went through, but as Reba had learned in the past, people make mistakes, and they need to be dealt with.

She promised herself that if Cheyenne was pregnant they would handle things differently then she did; they would do this the right way…