14 year old Taylor Mckessie sat in her room staring out the window. It was a stormy day which was on the middle of October. Taylor watched the droplets of rain dance down her window. She sighed and was thinking just about everything on her mind. She started to feel a little depressed. Taylor was known to go through different mood changes so her friends were used to it. But something else was bothering her. It burned to the pit of her soul and puzzled her brain. She knew even thinking about a relationship with a seventeen year old guy would give her parents an instant heart attack. She just couldn't understand why she felt this way about a guy 3 years older then herself.

"Tay, I'm going to the store are you coming? "Her 20 year old sister Delaney shouted from downstairs.

Delaney had come to visit for about a week since she lived in L.A. She loved spending time with her little sister Taylor.

" Umm yeah just let me do my hair " Taylor shouted back.

"Hurry up!" Delaney said.

" Geez do we have a specific time to get there?" Taylor yelled styling her hair with the temple curl ponytail and the stylish hump at the top. She put in her hoop earrings and put on her Hollister jacket with jeans. She added some mascara and lip gloss.

Delaney laughed to herself as she waited downstairs for her sister. She knew she had to do more than just her hair. She always thought she was going to see someone.

" Geez rush much? Taylor asked sarcastically coming down the stairs.

"Cute hair sis..so who's the guy you plan on seeing?" Delaney asked with a smirk.

"No one gosh. Why is there always suppose "a guy" I'm trying to impress?" Taylor asked with finger quotations and then tightening her ponytail by pulling some strands.

"Whatever noonie you can't fool me" Delaney said with a smile and pointing at Taylor.

Delaney called Taylor noonie because she remembered when Taylor was a baby she always fell asleep exactly at noon. It was kind of creepy to her and her parents. But they started to grow used to it.

" Whatever noonie you can't fool me" Taylor said mimicking her sisters voice while screwing her face up and trying not to laugh.

"Just go get in the car" Delaney said playfully rolling her eyes.

As Taylor sat in the car that was in the garage she thought about what her sister said about her thinking she was going to run into some guy. Taylor knew Delaney was right. she had grew a habit to getting all dolled up because she had a feeling she going to run into him.

"What you thinking bout noonie?" Delaney said getting in the small blue punch buggie.

" Nothing, I had a small headache" Taylor said putting in one of her headphones form her ipod.

Delaney pulled out into the stormy weather as the garage door closed.

" Thank God for garages" Delaney said looking in her rear mirror as she continued to back up.

Once she pulled out the drive way completely. She was on the smooth road and on her way to the store with her favorite sister.

"Hey De…can I ask you something?" Taylor asked pausing her ipod.

"Sure" Delaney said looking out onto the road.

Do you think I'm…you know..ugly?" Taylor asked.

"No of course not..your very pretty as a matter a fact plus your smart, and you have a drop dead gorgeous body for a 14 year old girl.I have to say im jealous. " Delaney said with a smile.

" Seriously De I mean I know you're my sister and all but ..be honest" Taylor said whining a little bit.

"Noonie look I'm being honest to you if u weren't pretty I was just look at you and smile and not answer." Delaney said.

"Ok I guess" Taylor said looking out the window.

"Why is there something bothering you that question was kind of random" Delaney said looking slightly over her Chanel shades.

" No" Taylor said blankly and looking out the window.

Delaney was beginning to worry about her sister. She been kind of down the past week. She was going to have to get to the point. But not at the moment.

The rest of the ride was silent. Then they pulled up into the super target parking lot. Taylor and Delaney got out and entered the store.

Taylor winced a little at the rush of cold air form the store.

" Tay I'm going to be by the food section to get some things for mama, I know you like to go wonder places so I'm just telling you ok." Delaney said.

" Yeah I have my cell I'll call you if I think a old perv is hitting on me" Taylor said sarcastically.

Taylor walked away from her sister and was headed for her favorite section the electronics. As she walked there she looked around cautiously for him. She was beginning to look suspicious as she would walk past different aisle and stop at a new one every time. She attracted crazy looks from people. Taylor even started the mission impossible theme to herself.

Once she reached the electronics section she got caught up in all the DVD's and C.D's. She stayed there for at least 20 minutes.

" Noonie come on" Delaney said when she found her sister.

" Ok" Taylor put down the C.D's she picked up but ran back and grabbed a chris brown C.D.

"Hey can I get this?" Taylor asked Delaney smiling and waving the C.D in front of her sister's face.

" Sure" Delaney said.

Taylor smiled in joy.

"You have money?" Delaney asked.

Taylor's smile dropped.

"Aww De" Taylor said.

" Just playing Tay I'll get it for you" Delaney said laughing.

Taylor started smiling again.

The two sisters walked to the check out section of the huge store. There was only two people in front of them ad they didn't have a lot. Taylor was focused on a magazine and reading an article about make up tips from Monique Coleman. (Made up) Monique Coleman was Taylor's idol.

As soon as they were next Delaney realized she forgot to get milk.

" Shoot, noonie stay right here I have to go get some milk" Delaney said walking off.

" Uh huh yea" Taylor said keeping her face in the book ignoring her sister.

With Delaney

Delaney walked quickly to the dairy section when she noticed a cute employee who kind of reminded her of the singer Omarion. He was putting some items on the shelves.

Delaney hid behind the stack of sodas and fixed herself up. She then walked form behind it and chcked out his features. He had brown eyes with a diamond stud in his ear his was braided ( like omarion). "he has a nice ass" Delaney thought to herself as she noticed him bending over. She walked past him to the milk which was next to him.

He stopped his task and notice the beauty next to him.

" Hey" He said biting his lower lip.

" Hey" Delaney said smiling and reaching for some milk and purposely sticking her butt out.

"O let me get that" He said reaching up and getting the milk then handing it to her.

" thanks" Delaney said smiling.

" Yea it's cool..so whats your name?" He asked.

" Delaney" She said.

" Mines is Damen" He said taking Delaney's hand and kissing the back of it.

"Wow you're a charmer" Delaney said smiling.

The two talked a little while and Damen forgot his job.

" You know Delaney you're a cool girl" Damen said.

" Thanks your not to bad yourself" Delaney said blushing.

The two stared at each other and felt like they knew each other for years. She leaned in and so did damen. Once they was no more room to lean in the two were making out in Target. Delaney was enjoying it so much she forgot the time and her sister that was waiting.

" Damen hun As much as I'm enjoying this I have to go" Delaney said puhding him off of her gently.

" Aiight its cool" He said fixing his shirt.

Delaney smiled and nodded and started walking off.

" O Delaney wait I don't have your number" Damen said.

Delaney walked back over to him and to the ink pen which was behind his ear an wrote her name and number on his had. With that done she rushed off to the check-out section.

Back with Taylor

The check out guy scanned the first item which was Taylor's Chris brown C.D

" Chris brown huh?" The deep voice said.

" Yea" Taylor said smiling look up at the guy quickly and putting her head down. She then shot her head up when she noticed that face, the lips, the nose, the chestnut brown hair that was styled. And not to forget those electric blue eyes. Yes there stood Troy Bolton. The cause of the burning at the bottom of Taylor's soul. The one that had her feeling insecure lately about her image. 17 year old Troy and her were classmates at east high. Since the homecoming dance they had been talking. But Taylor was confused about herself when it came to him. She tried to avoid him because she felt weird getting attention from a 17 year old, and she wondered why he wasn't chasing after some 17 year old girl. But she always found herself breaking he neck trying to look good just incase she saw him. She knew the deal about older guys talking to younger girls. They were only trying to get in the young girls pants. But Troy didn't act like that.

" Umm hi T-Troy" Taylor said looking at him then looking away.

" Hey Tay" Troy said smiling.

" So you work here?" Taylor asked.

" Yeah it's just a job to keep a couple of change in my pocket" Troy said with a shrug of his shoulders.

" O yea makes since" Taylor said nodding her head and leaning forward on the grocery cart.

" So what brings you to target?" Troy asked putting a loaf of bread in the bag.

" I'm just here wit my older sister" Taylor aid putting the bread in the cart.

" O I thought it was your mom at first. I kind of got nervous" Troy said raising his eyebrows and putting more groceries in the bags.

" O" Taylor said looking down.

"Tay you ok? You seem sad.You have been acting like this a lot lately" Troy said concerned.

" Yea I'm fine" Taylor said softly.

" So did you hear about Ryan's party next Saturday night?" Troy asked smiling.

" Yea I was invited" Taylor said.

"O ok" Troy said.

"Are you going?" Taylor asked.

"No. He's a freshman. What would I look going to a Freshman's party? No offense Tay" Troy said.

"None taken" Taylor said smiling.

The two stared at each other for a while. Troy winked at Taylor which made her blush.

" Um excuse me can you hurry it up?" An old lady asked earning looks from Troy and Taylor.

" No but you can be patient and wait" Delaney said coming to the form of the line with the milk.

" Well excuse me" The lady said.

" Your excused" Delaney said rolling her eyes at the lady.

Taylor softly giggled at her sister. She knew that Delaney didn't take any bullshit from anyone. Especially if there were messing with her sister.

" Sorry, I had t wait for the guys to put the new milk in the freezers" Delaney said a little out of breath and her clothes were a little wrinkled and few strands of her hair was misplaced.

" HI" Delaney said smiling at Troy when she noticed that he and Taylor were exchanging looks.

"Uhh..Hey..don't worry about its cool. Your total is 68.90" Troy said.

Delaney handed him the money and still noticed Taylor a little fidgety towards the cashier.

" Sorry to ask but do ya'll know each other?" Delaney asked looking between the two teens.

" Yeah we uhh…" Taylor started but was cut off.

" We go to school together" Troy said quickly knowing that wasn't all.

" O well ok..Delaney" Delaney said extending her hand out.

" Troy" Troy said shaking her hand.

After everything was settled Taylor and Delaney were soon on their way out of the store.

Taylor looked back Troy when she heard Troy whisper her name.

He mouthed " I'll cal you" As he did the phone gesture to his ear and smiled.

Taylor smiled and turned back around with butterflies in her stomach at his promise, she knew it was a promise because when he sad he would call her he always did.

" Tay I want the story on that Troy guy I know ya'll are more than just classmates" Delaney said focusing on the road.

" Ok.but were just friends" Taylor said still remembering his eyes and smile.

" Ok...but I like him he's nice..and very handsome" Delaney said.

" what is he 14, 15?" Delaney asked.

" Ummm 17" Taylor said a little scared at her sister's reaction.

"Woah really?" Delaney asked pretty cool about it.

" Yeah" Taylor said with a sigh of relief.

" Well be careful you know how older guys are with little girls like you" Delaney said.

" So I've heard already." Taylor said emotionless.

They finally made it home and took all the groceries out the car and placed them in their proper places in the kitchen. Once they were done Delaney started cooking dinner.While Taylor headed upstairs.

She opened the door to her room and closed the door and walked over to her computer. She turned on her computer and logged onto Myspace. She looked on her top friends and saw Troy's picture that was absolutely hott. It was him sitting on a beach and staring out into the ocean, It looked like one of those Hollister pictures you would see in the store.

He was number 8 on her top out of 12. She looked at his picture and got butterflies every time she looked at it. She then heard" Lose your love" By Vanessa Hudgens. It was her cell phone.

When she looked at the I.D it was none other than Mr. Troy Bolton.

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