Well hi there This is my first Harry Potter fanfiction, and to be honest my first english one to xD go easy on me okay? I hope you like it. Enjoy.

Slowly, a tall and thin boy sunk to the floor of the Library. In his hand he had a knife, covered in blood. A bitter grin appeared on the Face of the pale boy. His Blood quickly dripped from the big wound on his left arm, draining the life from his body.

Severus couldn't help laughing. He didn't know why. It all seemed so funny. He was sitting here alone, bleeding to death. And it was exactly what he wanted to do. He didn't want to live anymore.

He was so sick of it… everywhere he went, he was picked on, hated, and abused without a reason. Only because he existed. His life had pretty much been hell up till now.

At home, his father had beaten him up on regular bases, just like his mother. There was barley ever enough food for all of them, so his Mother had always given Severus her food. She died from a lung infection when he was 10, due to the weakness of her body. She hadn't even lasted 2 days.

After that, his father had gotten even worse. He got drunk every day, beating the black-haired boy whenever it was possible, once almost to death.

It was only until the first summer vacation after first year that Dumbledore had found out about this. He had found Severus lying on the floor, covered in blood and sperm, his dead father lying next to him.

The 12-year old boy had killed his father with his own gun, after he had beaten and raped him. Since then, Dumbledore had been like a father to the Slytherin. After that hell was over, Severus thought everything would be okay. But he soon found that he was wrong.

As he returned, a group of Griffendore's started tormenting him whenever they could. Especially James Potter and Sirius Black had made his life miserable. Always picking on him, always humiliating him in front of everybody… but know, it was over. He would never, ever have to put up with his again.

He started to feel dizzy, still smiling. Finally he was going to be free. In the darkest corner of the library he was going to die. He was slowly loosing the ability to hear and to grasp what was around him, as he heard a voice.

"It's all the way back there Sirius! Please go get it for me." It was probably a girl's voice, Severus thought. It was soft and soothing… Yes, it had to be Lily's voice…

"Yeah, I'll get it." that was definitely the voice of that stupid flee bag, Sirius Black. Severus chuckled. How would that filthy dog feel, when he heard of his death? The Slytherin couldn't keep his eyes open anymore. His death was close.

Suddenly, he could hear something fall down, right next to him.

"Snivellus?" Snape flinched. How he hated that name. But soon, he wouldn't have to hear it anymore. "

By Merlin… Lily!! Quick, get Madame Pomfrey!" Sirius screamed, kneeling next to the bleeding boy.

"What's wrong Sirius?" Lily seemed to come closer, her voice getting louder. "Oh God Severus!" she sounded breathless.

Severus just smiled and said "Sorry Lily… I… didn't mean to call you a… mud blood. I was angry, nothing more…" his eyes fell shut, his chest rising and sinking more flatly.

"Quick Lily! Go get Pomfrey!"

Snape could hear the rustling of clothes and then he felt someone gripping his wounded hand softly, holding it up. Sirius was probably trying to stop the bleeding.

Snape couldn't see the Griffendore, but he could imagine the expression on his face.

"Let me die Black…" he whispered. "I've had enough…" But Sirius didn't let his arm go.

"Come on…" Snape's voice was broken, and tired. "No one would like to see me dead more than you… You want it just as much as I do…"

" NO!" Sirius snapped, his voice shrill with Panic. "I won't let you die! So shut up, and stay alive!" Severus mumbled

"I don't want to…" and then, it all went dark.

So that was it. Sorry its so short, but I hope you enjoyed it See ya around