I Thought She Knew
I Thought She Knew

Songfic: Nsync's 'I thought she knew.'
Zelgadis almost misses his chance to have Amelia. He tells her on her 
wedding day.

(Zelgadis's pov) Everyone was there. Lina, Gourry, Filia, even Xellos had found his way to the ceremony. I myself stood back off in the shadows. I still couldn't believe it. She looked so beautiful in that white lace gown; like an angel fallen from heaven. Her short hair was put up with little white roses and her makeup was done lightly. Maids and servents were swarming all around her, flustering over the way she looked, trying to make perfection even more perfect, but to no avail. She had a flush running over her smooth alabaster skin, slightly tanned from our journies. I turned away from this heavenly sight, closing my eyes as the pain and realization slammed into my body again, making my heart ache all the way through my veins till even my fingertips throbbed. I knew what I was missing. I knew what I had missed out on the chance to have. Her. Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune. This goddess disguised as a princess that stood just across the room, yet thousands of miles away. I remembered Lina's goodhearted attempts to get me to get closer to Amelia. She knew how we felt about each other, however we couldn't see it...I couldn't see it...until then. She was my once in a lifetime happy ending come true oh I guess I should have told her I thought she knew Now I knew that I loved her. I knew it was so deep and so true. How could I have missed it? How her eyes sparkled whenever I talked softly to her. How she looked at me when she thought I didn't notice. How she so longingly wished I would return her feelings. And I had. But I had waited too long and now here we were. And she was getting ready to get married. To HIM. Sure, I didn't know him, but I didn't want to and I didn't care that I didn't. He was like any other prince. Out to get Amelia's family fortune. He looked at her and he couldn't see her. Not really. She was just another peice of meat to him. I saw that disgusting look in his eyes. I knew he was just waiting for the wedding night. I shuddered as visions of the two of them invaded my mind. She wouldn't go that willingly. He would probably force her down and be asleep before she even knew what had happened. She desereved better than that though. She desereved to be layed down on the softed sheets available in all the lands and made love to sweetly and slowly until she almost passed out from pleasure and love. She desereved someone who would love her tenderly until the end of time and beyond then. And gods above and below knew how much I wanted that someone to be me. I wanted so badly for that someone to be me standing up at that alter waiting for her to walk down the aisle with a smile on her face and right into my waiting arms. I wanted so much to hear her say that she would be mine forever. But I had lost that chance, hadn't I? she said I took her for granted that's the last thing I'd do oh I'll never understand it I thought she knew She was going to marry him for the good of her kingdom. Her father had given her until her 18th birthday to find her husband. I knew she had had her heart set on me, but had never wanted to burdon me, knowing how I felt annoyed by her. But that wasn't true. I loved her little justice rants. They were so cute. And the way her nose scrunched up whenever she was confused. Those huge blue eyes shining back at me with such innocence. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was and I had missed it. Lina lead the other girls down the aisle, not too happy herself, knowing how Amelia felt about the mand she was marrying. But for Amelia, she kept a smile on her face, though everyone could tell it was a forced fake one. She had been Amelia's maid of honor and Gourry one of the grooms men. For Amelia's comfort, the king had placed him there. Now he sat beside Lina as Amelia took the stand in front of the prince soon to be her husband. He looked generally bored and ready to leave. Then I saw him look down into her dress when she looked away. I wanted to kill him right now for that disgusting smug look on his face. He didn't deserve her. He was beneith her. He was scum compared to her. Everyone was. I thought she knew my world revolved around her my lovelight burned for her alone but she couldn't see the flame only myself to blame I should have known I should have known The priest began the ceremony and I began to listen in praying for her to say 'I don't' when her part came up. The prince simply gave a small nod, paying most of his attention to Amelia's breasts and giving a small 'yeah, I do', before going back to looking at his nails. Amelia looked ready to cry. I almost couldn't stand it. That idiot was standing up there picking at his nails and sighing while she was about to cry. Her wedding day was supposed to be wonderful. I knew how women always talked about getting married and how beautiful they wanted it to be. I knew that Amelia felt the same. I had heard her talk about it many-a-times with Lina while they were having one of their rare girl talks. I had seen the look in her eyes when Martina and Zangulus had gotten married. She had stars filling her eyes; today though, they were tears. I started to wonder where I went wrong. I had tried to be kind to her and I guess I thought she knew that I didn't mean any of the harsh words I meant. I thought she understood that. But she needed more. She needed to hear that I didnt hate her. To hear that I admired her speeches and the way she carried herself and her justice so proudly. She wanted to hear that she was my friend and that she meant the world to me. And even though she never knew I felt any of these things, she needed to hear me tell her I loved her. I should have told her too. I realized that. That I should have taken her in my arms when we were alone one of those many days and kissed her breathless, telling her aloud that I loved her like flowers love the sun. Like Romeo loved Juliet. But I didn't. I was so scared of her rejecting me, that I just let it go on and on and now here I was, loosing the thing I wanted the most. More than my cure, more than power.....the woman I loved was being taken away from me. I looked up as the priest asked Amelia if she would take the man across from her to be her husband. A heart full of words left unspoken now that we're through I'd tell my soul, tw'ere this silence broken oh, I thought she knew I thought she knew She paused for the longest time before sighing and looking around the crowd. When noone helped her out, she turned back and hesitantly answered. "I....I d-do." she whispered, so quietly almost noone heard her. But with my hearig I did. "If anyone objects to the joining of this man and this woman, please speak now or forever hold your peace." the preist said, looking up to scan across the vast crowd. Something rushed through me. Could I? Could I ruin this for her? And if I did, how would I explain my reasons for saying 'don't marry him'. Could I tell her? Could I let her know how much I loved her. Amelia then looked up and across the crowd of people, as if silently asking 'please, someone, anyone.' Then I saw it. The big tear rolled down her cheek from her right eye as she realized that noone was going to speak up. The priest opened his mouth and took his breathe to speak. Something went through me. I had to. If I didn't I couldn't bare to think of what I was loosing. "Then-" he began. "WAIT!" The word seemed to echo through the giant cathedral and gasps could be heard. The word bounced off the walls, repeating itself a couple of times before fading out. Heads started to turn towards the source and that's when I realized that the objection had actually come from me. My lips were still parted slightly and I couldn't take my eyes off of Ameilia. That one tear had done it for me. That one tear told me just how absolutely miserable she was. I could't allow that beast to put his claws on her beautiful and innocent body. I just couldn't. So I did the one thing I could. The one thing that could save her. The one thing my mind was screaming at me for doing. I knew what I had just done. I saw her breathe catch as she turned her head to look directly into my eyes. She hadn't thought I would say anything. She hadn't even thought I would come. Then I heard the most beautiful sound in the world. "Z-Zelgadis?" She asked softly. I closed my eyes to memorize for an instant the sound of her voice. An angel's song couldn't have sounded sweeter to me than her saying my name. Simply my name apon her lips cured every illness that I could have. And I knew then and there that I had made the right decision. I thought she knew my world revolved around her my lovelight burned for her alone but she couldn't see the flame only myself to blame I should have known I should have known And now here I am, seconds after saying that one word. I open my eyes and look back out to the eyes of my angel. She has a small smile on her face. I see her prince look over in shock, then disgust, then general disinterest before turning and leaving. And I step out into the light. I hear the gasps of shock, but ignore them. I don't care anymore what anyone thinks. Only what my princess thinks of me. And there it is. The sunshine. Her smile. She is smiling that smile at me. The smile that says that she is beyond happy that I had told her to wait. And I think she knows now, but I won't make that mistake anymore, I'm going to let her know anyways. So I start out and hear Lina not too far off yelling out to me, "Go Zel!". I can't help but smile as I approach the alter slowly, making sure that she is ready to hear what I want to tell her. I can see it, she is ready. She deserves those words.. After everything I've put her through, she deserves to hear them every minute of everyday for the rest of her life. And she will if I have anything to say about it. She is smiling brighter than ever as I step up onto the final step of the alter. She looks up at me with a knowing gaze but asks her question anyways. "Why?" And she knows the answer, I see it in her eyes, but I'll tell her anyways. She was my once in a lifetime happy ending come true Oh I guess I should have told her but I thought she knew I thought she knew Ooooo Oh, I thought that she knew "Because, I love you, Amelia." And then she smiles and the world...is perfect. END