..A Treaty..

Summary: An AU story of SasuIno. It's a marriage treaty from their grandparents that changed their lives completely.




Neji's Condominium:

Ino knocked on Neji's door three times, afterwards he opened it. "Ino? Why so early? Come in." He said and Ino entered on his condominium. Ino kissed him. Neji noticed that Ino's eyes are all red and swallowen. "Ino, there's a problem, isn't it?" Predicted Neji. Ino nodded and started holding back her tears. "Tell me what's the problem so I can help." Said Neji with anxiety. "N-Neji." Ino started. Neji looked at her. "Continue." Arrayed Neji.

"Neji, we're over." Ino informed as the tears cascaded in her cheeks freely. "What?" Asked Neji, he's shocked. "Neji, I love you so much. But we need to break it off." Said Ino, crying. "Why? How?" Inquired Neji. He's full of questions of curiosity. "I am bethrode to someone else. But believe me, neither do I don't like this." Stated Ino. "You're what? Bethrode? How?" Inquired Neji with anger in his voice. "Remember my deceased granddaddy? He left a document, it's a treaty of marriage for our businesses. I need to marry someone I don't even know because of that treaty." Ino out cried. "Ino, you're throwing away our 4-year relationship because of that?" Canvassed Neji, he's pissed obviously.

"I dunno what to do. I have no choice at all. Even escaping is not an answer. I love you so much, Neji." Responded Ino. "Who are you bethrode to?" Neji asked her furiously. "The second son of Uchiha group." Replied Ino. "You mean Uchiha Sasuke?" Neji said, he's surprised. "Neji, forgive me, I am sorry." Begged Ino. "You must be joking, Sasuke's girlfriend is my cousin." Neji informed, Ino's shocked. The tears stopped. "Sasuke's girlfriend is Hinata?" Asked Ino. Neji nodded. "They are going out for almost 2 years." Informed Neji.

"But either way, their relationship will be crash like our's because of that treaty crap." Remarked Ino with weary eyes. Neji hold her hand. "Ino, go with me." Voiced Neji. "Neji, your crazy. You know that if we'll continue this relationship your family's company will be at stake, they'll shoot Hyuuga's businesses and I don't want that to happen just because of our selfishness. I don't want you to suffer." Opined Ino, her eyes are full of concern and worry. She loves him that much. Neji hugged her tightly as she hugged back. "Ino, I love you." Whispered Neji into her ears. "Me too." Replied Ino.

Ino pulled out to the hug. "Neji, enough, don't make this hard for us." Encouraged Ino. "I'm sorry, Neji." Said Ino as she tip-toed her feet and kiss him softly in his lips. "Goodbye." Stated Ino as she walked off in his condominium.




Yamanaka's Mansion:

Ino's having a lunch with her father in a very long and elegant table. Her father observed that she's not touching her food. "Ino, why you're not eating? Don't you like the food? Want me to tell the maid to cook you a new food?" Her father asked. Ino looked at her father directly eyes-to-eyes. Ino shook her head. "I am not eating cause you know what? I have no reasons to live anymore. I wanna die because of that stupid treaty, I broke up with my long-time boyfriend." Delivered Ino as her tears creeked in her face. "Dad, that treaty is so selfish, that treaty took away everything to me, that treaty took me away to the person I love with all my heart, that treaty took away my happiness and my freedom." Continued Ino as she wiped away her tears.

"Ino, I am very sorry, I can't do anything to cancel that treaty. Your granddaddy is the only person that can stop that treaty because he's the one did the treaty but your grandaddy is dead. I am sorry, darling." Uttered her dad with care. "Dad, I beg you, do everything you can to abolish this agreement. Dad, I did everything you want, I took the course you want me to take, I went to the school you want me to go, I am not a bad daughter, right?" Abjured Ino. "Ino if I can do something, but I can't." Said Inoichi.

Ino just nodded. "Dad, I understand." Verbalized Ino. She knows since the start tha even her dad can't do anything about it. "Dad, I am going to bed. I wanna rest." Implied Ino. "Okay, but we're going tonight at Uchiha's mansion to have dinner with them and talk about the engagement and wedding." Informed her dad. She started to walk upstairs.




Uchiha's Mansion:

Later that night they went to Uchiha's estate. Ino hopped out in their luxury car with her dad and entered in the aristocratic mansion of the Uchihas. Ino's wearing a purple semi-gown and her dad is just wearing a suit. Uchiha Fugaku, the head of the Uchiha's welcomed them and led them in the dinning table. In the luxurious table there are other people, one woman and 2 men. "Meet my wife, Mikoto," Informed by Fugaku and "And my sons, Itachi and Sasuke." Fugaku continued.

We greeted them back as the sign of respect. "This is my only daughter, Ino." Her dad introduced her. "Please have a seat." Suggested Mikoto with warm smile. They seated back. "We're so glad that both of you are here tonight. Please make yourself comfortable." Said Fugaku. There are delicious foods in the table. Fugaku started the discussion about the marriage.

"We are gathered here today to plan the wedding of Ino and Sasuke." Started Fugaku. "So do you have suggestions when the wedding will be?" Persisted Fugaku. "Maybe the sooner, the better." Informed Inoichi. "Well your right. So maybe we will hold the engagement the day after tomorrow." Conveyed Fugaku. Ino is just quiet, eating her food while holding back her anger. Ino stood up. "Maybe excuse me, I needed some fresh air." Said Ino as she walked out. "Sasuke, why don't you join Ino, so you guys can talk and know each other better?" Promoted Inoichi. Sasuke don't have a choice at all but to go with her.

Ino, along with Sasuke went in the terrace. Long awkward silence. Ino decided to brake the silence. "So what the hell did you feel when they freaking told you that you are getting married to the girl you didn't even know that existing?" Asked Ino harshly to him. He's just quiet, not responding in her question. "Wow, I didn't even know that my soon-to-be husband is deaf." Belittled Ino to Sasuke. "I bet your dying to hear what I felt when they told me about this marriage shit, I was jumping with joy. I was jumping with joy cause I broke up with my long time boyfriend just for this bull." Expounded Ino sarcastically.

Sasuke finally spoke, "In that marriage-" Ino looked at him, waiting for him to speak more. "I can't guarantee you anything but a divorce paper." Informed Sasuke expressionless. Ino leered at him. "That's fantastic. Can't wait for that. And I, myself can't guarantee anything as well but to sign that divorce paper with red ink." Affirmed with smile. She walked off, bumping her shoulder in to his.

Ino went back at the dinner table as well as Sasuke. Both of them took a seat. "So what happened in your getting-to-know each other talk, huh?" Itachi asked both of them. "It was flamboyant, wasn't it Sasuke-kun?" Indicated Ino, looking at Sasuke. Too bad for Ino, Sasuke didn't give a reply. "Very well then, we already settled the date of the wedding." Apprised Inoichi. "We decided that the wedding will be 29 days from now." Divulged Fugaku. "Isn't that a little too fast for us?" Inquired Ino. "Not at all, darling, both of you are 22 to have this wedding." Said Inoichi. "What about all the preparations?" Sasuke questioned them. "You guys won't do any work besides knowing each other better and tell your close friends about the wedding." Mikoto informed with gleam.

Ino took a glance at Sasuke. "Oh shit. This'll be nothing but a disaster." Murmured Ino in her mind.




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