..A Treaty..

Summary: An AU story of SasuIno. It's a marriage treaty from their grandparents that changed their lives completely.




Engagement Party:

The party is holding at Yamanaka's Mansion. The whole Uchiha and Yamanaka family are sitting together in the front table. The guests of the party are the most eligible people in the business world. The people in that party wear elegant gowns and suits. Their friends are present too, well especially Naruto, he wants to make fun of Sasuke after this. The host of the show is Yamanaka Inoichi, yes, the bride-to-be's father. The party started in his speech.

"A pleasant evening to all of you, I am the bride-to-be's father, Yamanaka Inoichi, I am here tonight to tell each and everyone of you that I am so proud of my daughter that she's getting married to a wonderful man like Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke, I wish that you'll take care of my one and only daughter for eternity." Said Inoichi to everyone but in the last statement of his speech he looked at Sasuke.

"Wonderful man?! Hell no!!" Ino thought as fake smiled at every one.

Sasuke just nodded. No one knows that this marriage is just a treaty nor both of them had affairs to the Hyuugas except the family and close friends, that's it and no one else. It will damage their businesses' reputation if the public will know. Sasuke escorted Ino to go to the middle so everyone can see them.

Sasuke took her hand as he kneelt. "Be my wife, Yamanaka Ino." Stated by him, emotionless. He tried his best to have an emotion but it didn't work. Ino just nodded, the tears streamed from her eyes not because she's so glad or happy but she's furious and guilty especially she saw Neji and Hinata standing at the back, watching them. Sasuke stood up. "KISS! KISS! KISS!" The guests shouted. Ino wiped her tears, she's shocked. "What? Kiss? The fuck?" She thought to herself. Neji's staring at her, she don't wanna do it but she have to. Ino nodded a little to Sasuke, his lips crush into hers. But after like 3 second or so, Ino pulled away.

They went back to their seats. "Sasuke, I have something to discuss about you." Wisphered Ino to Sasuke. "About what?" He asked. "Let's just go to my dressing room." She mumbled. "Uh, excuse us for a minute." Said Ino to their families. "Sure, darling." Sasuke's mother answered. Ino dragged Sasuke to her dressing room.

Ino's Dressing Room:

"Why did you drag me here?" Sasuke asked. "Okay, let's get to the point, why the fuck they're here?" Shoot back Ino. "They?" Sasuke inquired. "Neji and Hinata, duh!" Replied Ino. "How would I know?" Sasuke said as he stared at her. "Well your family was assigned to give the invitations." Informed Ino. "I had no idea that they're here. My parents didn't tell me that they'll invite them." Analyzed Sasuke. Ino sighed. "Well it's common sense not to invite them. Hinata is your ex." Declared Ino. Sasuke looked on the floor. "Only brother and my friends know about my affair with Hinata." Conjectured by him.

"So your telling me that your parent didn't know that you have an affair with Hinata?" Canvassed Ino. Sasuke shook his head as an answer. "Got it. What are you planning to do?" Question Ino. He didn't reply. Ino took out her phone and dialed Neji's number. "Neji?... Yeah.. It's me Ino... Go to my dressing room with Hinata.. Yeah.. Hurry up.. Bye." Ino hung up her phone. "What are you planning to do?" Sasuke asked, kinda pissed off. "Just watch." Said Ino.

After a moment someone knocked the door. She opened it. Yes, it's them. "Hurry up!! Come in." Ino said to them. Neji stared at her and spoke "Why did you send us an invitation?" Ino did nothing but look at him. "Neji we didn't mean to send you guys an invitation. Sasuke's family was the one who sent you guys an invitation and they didn't know that you guys are.." Said Ino, she doesn't know what's the right word in the end of the statement. "Are what, Ino?" Neji encouraged her to talk, Ino could tell that he's hurt.

The tears fell down from her eyes. "That you guys are.. our past affairs." Cried Ino. "But Neji, I swear to God, I love you damn much and I always will! If you only proposes to me to be your wife earlier before this treaty crap had been announced.. This won't happen... I love you." Ino voiced. "So you're blaming to me this because I didn't propose to you earlier?" Inquired Neji angrily. "No! That's not it Neji! Don't be childish! There's no one to blame but my granddaddy.. I know this treaty crap is so selfish but I can't do anything at all to stop this! Do you really think I am enjoying this? For the record, I am not enjoying this, if you're so hurt, so do I. Do you think I would just throw away our 4-year relationship and marry a guy that I barely know. I don't think so." Stated Ino as she wiped her tears away.

Sasuke and Hinata are just speechless. Long awkward silence. "We better not talk about this right now since we're in middle of something. For sure the guests are waiting for us, Sasuke." Said Ino as she walked off the room.


Sasuke just followed her. "Ino.." Said Sasuke that made her stop. "What?!" Ino asked harshly. Sasuke walked into her and offered her a handkerchief. "Fix yourself." Alleged Sasuke. Ino accepted the handkerchief and thanked him. Both of them went back in the party.

Back to the Party:

Both of them sat at their designated seats. The party went on and both Ino and Sasuke entertained their guests. And the Neji and Hinata were nowhere to seen, they probably went home. They can say that the party was successful. The party was ended at Ino's speech. "Thanks so much for being the part of our engagement party. We really do appreciate it. Maybe see you at the actual wedding." Said Ino in microphone to everyone as everyone clapped their hands.

"Screw this party.. I will appreciate more if they wouldn't go to our wedding.."Murmured Ino to herself.

After the Party:

The Uchihas and Yamanakas are still up in the Yamanakas' living room to discuss about something. "Ino, tomorrow, you and Sasuke will go to the taylor for your gown and for Sasuke's suit.." Informed Inoichi. Ino nodded as she looked down. "Maybe, Sasuke, you should just pick Ino tomorrow, so you two know each other better." Mikoto stated as she smiled. "That's a good idea." Inoichi agreed.

Ino didn't wish to speak anymore because she knows damn well that they won't listen to her decision. Ino took a sip of her tea. "So according to my spy, you and Sasuke went to the hotel last night.. together." Inoichi informed as he smirked. Ino spitted her tea. "Dad, I beg your pardon?" Said Ino. "Is that true?" Asked Mikoto to her son excitedly. Sasuke in the other hand was emotionless. "I am glad that you two is spending time with each other." Said Fugaku. "No, you misunderstood, I was drunk and Sasuke just brought me at the hotel. That's it, nothing happened. I swear." Said Ino desperately.

"But I checked the booking section, the lady said that you're together in one room." Stated Inoichi. "DAD!!" Yelled Ino, now she's blushing. "Dad, I am not definitely that kind of girl." Persisted Ino. "It's okay, darling, you guys are getting married soon, nothing is to be shame about.. I honestly wanna have a grandchildren soon as possible." Articulated Inoichi. "Us too, Fugaku and I are really looking forward to our future grandchildren." Mikoto informed with gleam.

Ino took a glance at Sasuke. "He's still emotionless? Is this guy even a human?" Mumbled Ino. "So we've decided that after the wedding you will stay at the 2nd mansion of the Uchiha." Fugaku informed them. Ino never realized that she have to move. "Bu-But, I don't wanna move!" Objected Ino. "It was decided, Ino. You don't have to worry about it! We already hired a maid." Inoichi stated. "Not that, dad. It's just that, I can't leave our house. I don't wanna leave all the memories I spent in that house, memories with you and mom." Ino said sadly. "I understand, dear-- but you have to be more responsible and leave on your own with your new family." Inoichi explained. Ino didn't reply and she just stared at the ground.

"Ino, it will be a good idea to show Sasuke your room." Inoichi suggested. This mean something, they want both of them away so they can talk about some few important things. "Sasuke, dear, that's a good idea." Mikoto gleamed. They went to their room.

Ino's Room:

Ino turned on the light. "Sit wherever you want." Ino said. Sasuke sit in the couch. "Say Sasuke, you know this crap all along, don't you?" Ino asked as the tears are forming in her eyes. "I do." Replied Sasuke. "If you know this treaty junk all along, why you didn't propose to Hinata to be your wife? You know that you can stop this marriage if you are married to someone else before this crap had been announced, right?" Ino asked, not looking at him. "Her family and my family is one of the biggest rivals in business industry that's why we can't be together. It's like the relationship you had with Sai, you broke up with him eventually when you discovered that your families are rivals, right?" He said.

"Why you didn't find someone else?" Inquire Ino again. "It's because I can't find someone like her." He affirmed. Ino could feel the hurt in his voice. "Don't worry after some years, we can sign a divorce paper. And you can love someone you wish to love." Ino informed. Sasuke was speechless to what she said. "So she's not that bad, huh?" Thought Sasuke. "But once we get married we have to make a rules and regulations-- a deal." Ino said as she looked directly in her eyes. "You start." Sasuke commanded. "No cheating. You know that media's eyes are always looking on us. We can't cheat for our businesses' reputation." Stated Ino.

"Privacy." Sasuke said. "No baby. But we have to be sweet in the eyes of our families, friends and the public." Alleged Ino. "Respect." Announced Sasuke. "You sleep on the couch." Delivered Ino as she smirked. "What?! Are you serious?!" Sasuke protested. "Yes, I am serious. I am not used to share a bed with a guy." Ino explained. "Then you sleep on the couch! Why would I?" Sasuke still obejected. "You're the guy, remember?" Ino said as she smiled. "I will not." Informed Sasuke. "Fine, fine, fine. As long you won't rape me." Ino responded. "Hn. Dream on." Sasuke shoot back.

Ino's phone rung. It's Gaara. "Hello...yes Gaara?!... WHAT?!! YOU ARE NOT FREAKING SERIOUS!!!.. YOU GOTTA' BE NUTS!!... HOW WAS SHE?!!!... I'LL BE THERE!!" Ino exclaimed as she hung up. After hunging up she went directly to the garage to get her car. Sasuke can't do nothing but to go with her. Ino was in the panic that time so she can't drive. He drove for her.


Ino rushed to the nurse to ask what is her room. "WHAT WAS SABAKU TEMARI'S ROOM! HURRY UP! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!" Ino shouted to the nurse. "Ma'am she's on the third floor. She's on the OR on the right hand side." The nurse said. Ino went directly to the stairs because she knows that it will take a lot of time if she wait for the elevator. Sasuke was clueless to what is happening.

Third Floor:

Ino saw Gaara, Kankouro and Shikamaru outside the OR. "Gaara!" Ino exclaimed as she run into him and hug him tightly. "WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?! TELL ME THAT SHE WILL BE ALRIGHT!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO IF SOMETHING BAD HAPPEN TO HER. WHO DID THIS TO HER?!" Ino asked them. She's really in panic, she's very worried. "Ino, calm down." Kankouro alleged. "A truck hit her car." Gaara stated. "So it was a car accident?" Sasuke canvassed as she look at Ino. "Not quite, according to the police, it was in purpose. It was hit and run." Kankouru replied. Ino was shocked, dumbfounded.

"What was the doctor said?" Ino asked. "The operation will not guarantee anything. Her life is 70-30." Gaara informed. "70 what? 30 what?" Ino inquired with concern. "30 percent of surviving and 70 percent of NOT surviving." Shikamaru answered. "Are you kidding me?" Ino paused. "She will not die." Ino persisted as she banged the door in the OR. "OPEN UP, DAMMIT! OPEN UP!" She continued as she banged the door harder. "INO, NO!" Sasuke tried to stop her. "WHAT?! MY BEST FRIEND, IS INSIDE, DYING! WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?! JUST STAY HERE? THERE'S NO ONE IN HER SIDE. PLEASE LET ME IN!" Ino cried out loud.

Neither of Gaara, Kankouro and Shikamaru wants to go in. Because if you saw someone you love inside the OR, dying, you feel that you're dying too. But Ino, she's willing to stay in her side, she's willing to feel all the pain that her best friend have. At the end, they let Ino in.

Inside the Operation Room (OR):

It was warm inside but Ino's hands are cold. She saw some doctors and nurses gathered around Temari. Ino walked to the side of her bed. "Temari, please hold on." Ino whispered. Temari doesn't have conscience maybe because of the anestesia. "Please do everything you can to save her." Abjured Ino.

After maybe 2 hours or so. The doctors were done operating her. One doctor talked to Ino privately. "Ms. Yamanaka, we stopped the bleeding of her organs, but that doesn't mean she's save. The chances are still 70-30. There are another operations after this. She was hit badly. It was a miracle that it's not dead on arrival. We can tell that she wants to live. Some of her organs are badly damage. If she ever live there's a high possibility that she will be paralyzed for the rest of her life. Well if she live and not paralyzed, maybe it will take a long period of time for her to recorver. And it will cost a lot of money for the coming operations." The doctor explicated.

"She's my best friend as well as my sister. Please do everything, we don't care how many operations it will take for her to get better, we don't care how much it is because we're ready to pay this hospital double. Just guarantee to us that you guys can save her." Annotated Ino. "We're at best." The doctor. "Just be sure your best is good enough to save her." Ino said as she walked off.

Outside the Operation Room (OR):

"What happened?" They confronted her. "They prevent to stop the bleeding of her organs. But it never meant that she's stabled. She is unstabled. The chances of her surviving still not guaranteed. He said that there's a probobality that if she ever survive she might be paralyzed forever or if it's not, maybe it will take a long period of time." Informed Ino with unhappy eyes. "Whoever did this to her will pay with interest.." Ino threatened.

After awhile, Temari's parents went to them. "How's she?!" Mrs. Sabaku asked with concern. "Why you didn't come early?" Kankouro interrogated them. "Because there's a lot of work that we can't--" Mr. Sabaku was cut off by Gaara. "Why did you bother go here? You just showed us that money is more valueable than your own children." Gaara said coldly as he walked out. "Ino, maybe we should go home for now and go back tomorrow." Sasuke whisphered to her. "The hell I will. You go. Thanks for everything, you can use my car. But I will not leave this hospital until she's stabled. She needs me right now." She sadly said.

"Ino, Sasuke was right. You should go for now and just go back tomorrow. I know you are tired." Encouraged Kankouro. "No." Was her answer. "Do you think Temari will be happy if she sees you crying and worrying?" Kankouro said. "I don't care. I will not leave her, whether you like or not. She needs me here." Ino replied without looking at them. "Figured that much." Said Sasuke. They saw Neji running onto them. "What are you doing here?" Ino asked, still pale and plain. "Are you okay?" Neji worried. "No. I said what are you doing here?" Ino repeated her question.

"Uchiha called me, he said the you need me." Neji said seriously. Neji and Temari are pretty close. Well Temari is Ino's bestfriend that's why. Ino stared at Sasuke. "I don't need y--" Ino didn't finish her statement because she collapsed. Just thank God. Neji caught here. Ino is compined to the hospital as well. It was because she's over stress. First, she broke up with her boyfriend. Second, Temari is dying.

What could get any worse?


Author notes:

Sorry. Look, let me explain first before shooting me, okay? I was really busy and there's something tragic happened to me. I made this longer because I was really guilty. Sorry.