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The Hunter's Moon (also known as Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon) is the first full moon after the Harvest moon, which is the full moon nearest the Autumnal equinox.

Chapter 1

Sam had been following Ruby's directions for the past 2 hours, stumbling onwards in the all encompassing darkness through the dense forest. He had left a sleeping Dean back at the run down motel they had been staying in. No note, no explanation, no nothing. Boy was Dean gonna be pissed. He knew Dean had enough on his plate to worry about. 1 week before Dean's year was up, 1 week. Just thinking about it made Sam feel sick to the stomach. Sam felt a burning desperation he had never experienced before. Sure there had been close calls in the past, very close life or death calls but this, this was something different. Sam knew Dean faced an eternity of suffering and torment in hell and for what? Because when it had come down to it, he hadn't had the guts to finish Jake and had left his brother all alone in the world. Something Sam knew Dean feared more than any hell spawn they spent their lives fighting. However, things had changed and Sam knew he'd never make that mistake again. He remembered the cold satisfaction he'd got from pumping round after round into Jake's body. How he'd wanted to rip the guy to shreds with his own bare hands. He'd never again make the mistake of leaving an enemy like Jake breathing. Dean was paying for his mistake not only with his life but with his soul and Sam wasn't going to let that happen.

The co-ordinates Ruby had given him brought back painful memories of his dad as he followed them to the meeting place she had specified. He still didn't trust her, a demon, but everything Sam had tried to do to save Dean had come to nothing. He was clutching at straws and he knew it. Sam felt the weight of the colt tucked in the back of his jeans and felt some comfort knowing it was there. If that bitch dared try anything, he'd waste her, simple. He'd been tempted before but had clung to the hope she was going to show him a way to help Dean and if she was trying to double cross him, well that would be her mistake and the last thing she'd ever do.

Sam peered through the gloom and spotted a clearing up ahead, he knew he was there. Ruby was waiting for him sat cross-legged on the damp ground amongst a circle of stones, her hands folded neatly in her lap. Her eyes were closed and her lips moving wordlessly, for a moment Sam thought she was praying to her god. The place felt haunted, clearly an ancient site and had the familiar musty smell of death which reminded Sam of a graveyard.

"Sam Winchester" Ruby stood up removing i-pod earphones from her ears, "I was beginning to think you'd gone on a little sightseeing hike".

"I'm here aren't I?" Sam growled. He wasn't in the mood for games, just answers.

Ruby smiled circling him and laid a hand on his shoulder "yes, you're here and it's time I told you the truth".

"The truth about what?" Sam whispered pushing her hand away.

"Why you're here. In this spot. How you can save your brother, the million dollar question" Ruby smiled again.

Sam pulled the colt from his jeans and held it pointed at Ruby's face "no games, tell me how I can save Dean. Now!"

Ruby stood still facing Sam, eying the colt as a small smirk spread across her lips. "I want you to take up your crown Sam, lead your army" Ruby declared simply, there were no smiles now.

"You're crazy!" Sam pushed the barrel of the colt between the folds of her jacket. "I want...I need to know how I can save Dean. NOW" he voice raised to a frustrated yell.

"and I'm telling you" Ruby raised a finger and gently pushed the barrel away "you take up your role, your rightful role and you can release your brother from his deal. This is a one time offer Sam. I can help you take your crown and then and only then will you have the power to defeat your enemies and free Dean".

Sam was stunned into silence. Ruby continued "that demon blood running through your veins, that little voice in the back of your mind, it's all getting stronger isn't it? Day by day since you returned from the dead? It'll take you over Sam. It's just a matter of time. I can help bring it all to the surface right now, or Dean can go to hell in 7 days, it's your choice but either way you lose". Sam lowered the colt defeated. Ruby lent in close to his ear "are you going to condemn the brother who sacrificed everything for you?" she whispered.

Sam raised a hand to his face, brushing strands of his chestnut hair from his eyes, with a frown he realised his hands were shaking. This was what he had feared, what had been in his nightmares every night since Dean had told him of their father's dying request "to save Sam and if he couldn't, kill him". He bit down hard on his lip trying to control his emotions; the barrier he used to protect his sanity had been slowly worn down over the last few months. He was tired and confused, desperate to the point of distraction. He hadn't had a decent sleep in, well, he'd lost count of the nights he'd spent researching. Book after book he'd poured over, every bit of information getting him no closer to saving Dean. Now it had come to this. He took a deep breath of the cool night air relishing the feeling as it stung the back of his throat. Feeling something, anything but the clawing desperation. It was then that realisation hit him like a punch to the gut, his worst nightmare wasn't surrendering himself to the darkside, it was losing Dean and the devastating guilt Dean's loss would cause. He realised he couldn't exist knowing day after day that while he lived, his brother was suffering, burning in hell. "What are you getting out of this Ruby?" Sam whispered the colt hanging limply by his side and defeat blazing in his eyes.

"Every king needs a queen Sam. Azazel promised I would belong to whoever he had chosen. He chose you".

"You've got to be kidding me?" Sam was incredulous

"What, you think I'm doing all this for the kicks? Because I have a good little demon heart and I want to help Dean? I want the power, I've always wanted the power, I want to rule by your side Sam" Ruby looked up at the sky and the blood moon which bore down upon them. She raised a finger waving it backwards and forwards before Sam's face "tick tock, tick tock Sam. If we're gonna do this we've got to do it now. Your soul for Deans".

Sam swallowed hard, his head ached and he fought the urge to lay down in the soft wet grass. Utter defeat swept over him, he was willing to do anything right now to save his brother . "Okay" he whispered. Ruby didn't reply but raised a hand. Sam lifted the colt once more as several figures slowly began to appear from the forest, entering the clearing. "what's going on Ruby?" Sam mumbled.