Hey, guys. The new story has finally arrived. :) And I hope everyone will enjoy this. I've been wanting to write a vampire (yes, a vampire) story for quite some time now. I just couldn't get enough courage to do so. It's not my usual story writing I know, but I really wanted to write this. So, I took careful planning of the storyline and I hope everyone will like what I came up with. I planned this to maybe be a short story, but depending on feedback will determine the length of the story. :) So, leave me ur thoughts and tell me what you think. I hope I get good feedback from everyone. Enjoy the first chpt. :)


The moon hung low on this misty, dark night. People no longer walk the streets at night alone, for once you entered the darkness, you were never, ever the same. Dark souls dwell in this darkness, simply refusing to pass over and far too sinister to enter the Farplane. These dark souls are known as vampires. Unlike the original vampires, however, the dark souls of Yevon were of a very unique and rare race of vampires. Once bitten by a Yevonite, you were infected by a plague known as vampirism. Vampirism is a rare, fatal disease to the mortal soul, turning it darker than the night and making it more sinister than Sin could have ever been. And once infected, you belong to the very dark soul that bit you for all of eternity. There is no known cure for vampirism, however, scientific research has began to break through the surface of the DNA of vampirism. Further studies and tests are needed as well.

Being of a rare species, the Yevonites have inhuman powers far greater than that of the original vampire and can vary between the male and female race. From morphing into an animal, to infrared vision, these beings are special in their own way, each having their own unique power. Not every Yevonite was the same. Few have inhuman abilities where certain others seem to be unstoppable. Myth and rumor also state that there have even been times when there was a half human, half yevonite, but there are no known evidence to support the possibility.

Unable to sustain sunlight, Yevonites must live in total darkness, using moonlight as their only light source. They live in a far off place off the coast of Spira known as The Omega ruins. The Omega Ruins itself is a deep, dark cavern, which leads to a small underground city that harbors the most sinister of the dark souls. There is, however, one dark soul that stands above all others. He is the Maester, the being that rules over all. No one is more powerful than he is. And as sinister as his heart may be, it was once warmed by that of a love of another. A love that could never be. And in this love, a daughter was born, but fate was not kind. Certain death fell upon his love, and with mortal blood in her veins, his daughter was returned to that of the mortal world where she was raised to only lead a double life.

Love Bites

Chapter 1 – A Cursed Life

Blood oozed from the open wounds that were upon the neck of a beautiful blonde girl. She removed the napkin, looking to her cousin.

"Is it still bleeding?" Rikku asked.

Yuna walked around, sitting down beside her cousin as she observed her bite mark. She softly sighed, taking the napkin from Rikku and placing it back upon her neck only to turn to Spira's Wiz Kid.

"Analysis complete!" Shinra announced

"What have you found?" Yuna asked.

"I have made a scientific break through!" Shinra boasted as he turned to the girls. "Certain side effects can be reversed with DNA Reconstruction." Yuna furrowed her brow as did Rikku.

"Say what?" Rikku asked.

"That sounds painful." Yuna added.

"It can be somewhat painful, but very necessary at this point." Shinra said as he turned back to his research.

"Has this ever been done before?" Rikku asked.

"Can't really say." Shinra said.

"It's your discovery!" Rikku yelled.

"I'm just a kid!" Shinra said and Rikku grumbled.

Yuna got up from the couch and walked over to where Shinra was, looking over his shoulder. "Explain to me how this is going to work."

Shinra pulled up the data for her on the computer. "Right now, the virus is plaguing Rikku's body, overtaking her mind, body. . . and soul. By reconstructing her DNA, there is a CHANCE that she may not become a full Yevonite. Instead, she'd become just like you."

Yuna looked away. "Half human, half Yevonite." She then walked away, stopping and turning back to Shinra. "I'm leading a half life. What kind of life is that? I do not want Rikku living a cursed life!"

"Well, considering what is at hand here, a half life is better than no life at all." Shinra said. "If she becomes a full Yevonite, which she will be by sunrise unless we reconstruct her DNA, she will no longer be able to live here. She will have to live in the omega ruins."

Yuna looked away. "And belong to the one whom had bitten her." She then looked at Rikku. "I guess we have no choice."

"Let's try it, Yunie." Rikku urged. "I do not want to lead the rest of my life in total darkness." Yuna nodded her head only to look at Shinra.

"Let's do this." Yuna said.

A few hours later. . .

The procedure had been done. Though quite painful, Rikku and Yuna went through with the process and now all they could do was wait to see if the reconstruction worked. Rikku laid in a painful, deep sleep. She tossed and turned, groaning terribly in agony. It pained Yuna to see her cousin in such misery to the point that tears seeped from her eyes.

Yuna sat on the arm of the couch, watching Rikku who lied in the room across from her suffering. She wiped tears from her cheeks with a sigh.

"She is in much pain." Shinra said.

Yuna turned to Shinra. "How long is this going to last?"

"Only a few hours if we're lucky."Shinra said.

Yuna looked back at Rikku. "What's happening to her anyway? What will my DNA do to her DNA?"

"You want the long, scientific version or do you want the short version." Shinra teased.

"Shinra!" Yuna scolded.

"Okay, okay." Shinra said. "By injecting living cells from you into Rikku, she may be able to overcome becoming a full blooded Yevonite. Thus, making her half human, half Yevonite." Yuna looked at him. "Just like you." Yuna narrowed her eyes. "Never in the history of Spira has something such as this been accomplished. If proven successful, we may be able to somewhat alter the effects vampirism has on the human race, however, there is only one problem."

"And what is that?" Yuna asked curiously.

"The procedure can only be accomplished by blood kin." Shinra said and Yuna furrowed her brow. "You and Rikku are cousins. The Maester of Yevon is your father, Yuna." Yuna looked away, for she knew this to be true. "Rikku's father's sister was your mortal mother."

Yuna shook her head. "I know my family history, Shinra. You need not explain it to me."

"And it's because you two are family that this may be done. The ONLY reason." Shinra said. "Trying this experiment with a non-blood kin could prove to be a fatality. And with this known fact, this may be a once in a lifetime accomplishment." Shinra said.

"What will become of her?" Yuna asked.

"She will inherit your genes and not that of the mortal race." Shinra said. Yuna looked to her cousin. "It will be interesting to see what traits she inherits from you. She will inherit some, but not all."

"Any certain ones?" Yuna asked.

"I'm just a kid." Shinra said and Yuna rolled her eyes. Shinra turned away, looking to his work as a dark shadow suddenly crept upon Yuna's face. She felt a presence near by and a dark presence at that. Anger surged through her veins "He's here"

Shinra turned to Yuna. "He who?"

"The very dark soul that took a bite out of my cousin." Yuna informed.

"Does this dark soul have a name?" Shinra asked, pumping for information. Yuna didn't resond. "Yuna?" Yuna looked at Shinra who was in fact startled by what he saw. So startled that he began to back away from her, nearly knocking over his research.

"Do not fear me, Shinra." Yuna said as she slowly approached Shinra. "I have no taste for human blood, remember?" I do, however, have a taste for vengeance right now."

Shinra calmed his unsteady breathing, looking to see if he had fumbled up any of his research only to face Yuna. "So, you're not going to bite me?" He chuckled and Yuna let out an amused giggle.

"No, silly." Yuna said when she appeared to disappear right before Shinra's eyes. "Why would I bite you?" Shinra gasped, turning around where he found Yuna was now standing by the front door.

"I hate when you do that!" Shinra said. Yuna gave him a smile. "Your ability to move from place to face at top speed like that may be one that Rikku shall inherit from you."

"Imagine the torture Brother's going to go through." Yuna said. Shinra laughed at the thought of Rikku taunting and teasing Brother using that ability. "Well, I must be off. I've a dark soul to conquer." And with that said, Yuna was gone in a flash. Shinra just shook his head.

Meanwhile, in the darkened alley ways of Zanarkand, a lowly, dark soul had just finished his meal, for three lifeless bodies laid before his feet. His hollow eyes glistened in the moonlight as he wiped fresh blood from his stained lips. He was smiling for the moment, but grimaced once he felt a slight brush of wind upon the back of his neck.

The dark soul quickly turned around only to see nothing or no one behind him. He growled, slowly turning and observing his surroundings. He turned back around only to come face to face with Yuna.

The once timid, blue and green eyed brunette was now a fang bearing being with one eye silver and the other pure hollow.

"Hello there, old friend." Yuna said in an almost demonic voice. The dark soul only narrowed his eyes and bared fangs of his own. "You like to bite things? Why not come and take a bite out of me?"

They began to walk circles around each other, studying the other's moves, waiting to make the first strike. Yuna narrowed her eyes in pure anger as did the dark soul.

"Bite the neck of the Maester's daughter?" the soul asked. "I think not. Not even the lowest of the vampire race would even dare try, for they know of the fate that awaits them if a bite mark were to be placed upon your half mortal flesh.."

"And biting a family member?" Yuna added. "What of that? What fate awaits your demented soul, for when my father hears of the immortal fate you placed upon my cousin, your fate will be determined by th mightiest of all beings." The soul narrowed his eyes.

"But he's not here, is he?" the soul mocked.

"No!" Yuna said sternly. "But I AM!"

"And what do you plan to do?" the soul continued to mock.

"Why tell?" Yuna asked, a sinister smile upon her face. "Showing you would be more pleasurable."

The dark soul threw his head back in laughter. "You think you can defeat me?" Yuna refused to answer. "I have powers far greater than you even dreamed of having. You are half where I am whole. Therefore, I hold more power."

"And though powerful you may be. . ." Yuna trailed off. "You WILL FALL before me!" The dark soul narrowed his eyes as did Yuna. Letting out a growl, the dark soul leaped at Yuna who faded into a transparent image. "Looking for me?" The dark soul looked around him only to see three images of Yuna that form a triangle around him. The soul as angered that she had gotten the better of him. A young girl who was only half Yevonite was making him look like a fool and he knew it. "Come find me. I dare you!" The soul would dare not move from the place where he stood, for if you did, he knew of the fate that awaited him. Yuna had inherited "Triance" from her father and was using it now, which was the ability to take shape and form in the power of three. Whatever the real you did, the images of you would do the same. Thus, delivering more damage. Yuna snapped her fingers, a small sparkle of light flashed and the dark soul lunged backwards and was thrown against the wall with great force. The other two images of Yuna flickered and were vanquished by a wave of her hand, shattering like glass. She then stepped towards the soul.

"Make a fool of me?" the dark soul growled as he slowly pushed himself up from the ground. He stood to his feet, facing Yuna. His fangs baring and his eyes glowing when his image suddenly vanished. Yuna rolled her eyes, almost appearing bored by the soul's attempted attacks and moves.

"He turned himself into darkness I see." Yuna said. She began to look around, take a few steps forth. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" She listened carefully, she could feel his very presence around her. She came to a dead stop, looked up and saw the soul in shadow form outlined in crimson coming right at her. Yuna screamed, for she was tackled to the ground, jerked up and slammed up against the wall. "Lemme go!"

"Not a chance!' the soul said. He then released Yuna, stepping back as she struck at him, however, an invisble force jolted Yuna backwards against the wall, her arms planted firmly above her head, She struggled to free herself, but her efforts were done in vain. "Now you're mine."

"Never!" Yuna snapped through clinched teeth. "I will never be yours!"

"So, you say!" the dark soul said. He then turned her head to the side. "Such a pretty neck. One bite could and would change everything for you. You'd become a full Yevonite and you'd belong to me. . . just like your cousin.

"Why did you bite Rikku?" Yuna demanded to know. "She never done anything to you!"

The dark soul laughed. "Because of you." Yuna glared at him. "If you hadn't rejected me, I wouldn't have had to bite her."

"That was no cause- -" Yuna began.

"Quiet!" the soul demanded and he continued to talk.

Suddenly, the air grew thin, a mist blew in, hovering above the ground. Yuna listened to the dark soul, however, became very uneasy once she felt the known presence amongst her. Even though she knew of this presence, she feared it most of all, for the power that was contained within could destroy all of Zanarkand and even Spira. Yunas eyes drifted from the dark soul to the tall shadow that stood behind him.

"ENOUGH!!!" demanded an angered, demonic voice. The dark soul was struck to the ground, Yuna was released from the hold that was upon her and she fell to her knees.

"My Lord!" the soul shuddered in fright, bowing before the Maester of Yevon.

"Father." Yuna whispered.

Braska walked over, jerking the soul up by his shirt collar. "What is this I smell within you? The blood of kin?"

"He bit Rikku!" Yuna called out.

"Silence, my daughter" Braska said. "I know of the circumstances at hand." He studied the quivering soul before him. "And as for you, dark one- -" Braska placed his hand upon the chest of the dark soul who then yelled in agonizing pain. A light then erupted from within, which caused him to burst into flamed. Braska dropped the burning corpse to the ground before him, turning to Yuna as the redness in his eyes slowly faded away. Yuna looked at her father, the fear evident in her eyes. "Fear me not my daughter, for no harm shall come to you on this night." He took Yuna by the hands and helped her to her feet. "You are safe now. When Rikku awakens, you shall bring her to me, for things must be explained to her." Yuna nodded her head. "And you shall come with her and stay for a while?" Yuna nodded her head again. "Very well. I shall see you then." Braska turned and walked away only to vanish into the night.

Yuna breathed a sigh of relief, walking down the darkened alley, stepping over the dead bodies when laughter broke the silence of the night and Yuna stopped dead in her tracks.

"Such a fool Beclem was." came a voice from behind. "Biting the neck of blood kin. Such a damn fool I tell you!"

"Hello, Lenne." Yuna said as she turned to her. "Come on out! I see you standing in the corner over there!"

With her long chestnut hair flowing with her every move, Lenne stepped out of the shadows and into the moonlight where she could be seen.

"You and that damn infrared vision." Lenne cursed with a shake of her head. She then crossed her arms over her chest. "How've you been?"

Yuna shrugged her shoulders. "I've been okay I guess."

"So, I heard someone took a bite out of that mortal cousin of yours." Lenne said and Yuna narrowed her eyes. "Is she okay?" Yuna nodded her head. "Are you coming home soon?" Yuna once again nodded her head. "I'm sure Shuyin will love to hear that. "Yuna rolled her eyes. "I don't see what he sees in you." Lenne shook her head, her hollow brown eyes shining with jealously.

"Don't give me that look, Lenne." Yuna said in a warnful tone of voice and Lenne looked away. "I told you I don't like Shuyin. If you like him that much, then you can have him."

Lenne scoffed. "I don't like him, Yuna!"

Yuna grinned. "Yes, you do."

Lenne rolled her eyes in a playful manner. "Yeah, whatever." Suddenly a ray of pierced the night sky, distracting their attention. "Hmm, dawn is here." She then looked to Yuna, took out a pair of sun glasses and placed them upon her face. "See you in Aphotic, my dear." And like a bolt of lightening, Lenne was gone.

Yuna sighed a lonesome sigh, for Lenne was about the only true friend she had on the other side where others seemed to judge her because of her half mortal side. Lenne was there when everyone else turned her away, giving her comfort and guidance when needed. She looked at the dead bodies before her, expecting them to perhaps rise and walk amongst the dark souls, but there was no life within them. Yuna shook her head only to leave the bloody alley.

Moments later. . .

It wasn't very long after she left the alley that Yuna arrived back at the lab where Shinra awaited her at the doorway. Yuna stepped inside, closing the front door behind her when she ran upon Shinra who had a very, very worried look upon his face.

"The transformation is complete." Shinra said, however, his tone of voice was nothing more than chilling to the bone. Yuna certainly did not like it and it made her even more worried about her cousin.

"What happened?" Yuna asked cautiously.

"It's Rikku." Shinra continued.

"What about Rikku?" Yuna asked.

"She- -" Shinra trailed off.

"SHINRA!" Yuna yelled.

"She's a Yevonite." Shinra said. "I don't think the reconstruction worked." Yuna felt her heart sink and immediately turned away with tears in her eyes. "There is, however, only one way to tell if it did work." Yuna looked at him, wiping away any stray tears. "We have to submit her to sunlight."

Yuna's eyes widened. "No! If she is a Yevonite, then she will burn. Her very soul will be set afire by the rays of the sun. NO Yevonite can sustain sunlight. Not even my father can."

"We don't have to throw her into the sun." Shinra scolded at Yuna. "All she has to do is to look at it from afar. If she can look at it face to face, then we will know that it worked."

"When- -" Yuna trailed off.

"The sun is now rising." Shinra said. "It should be visible to Rikku's eyes once she awakens."

"Yunie?" came a voice from the other room. It was Rikku. She had at last awakened and the truth was about to unfold. They listened carefully for any violent screaming, however, all they heard was tiresome yawns and groans. "Where is everyone?"

"Rikku- -" Yuna trailed off. "Rikku, can you see the sun?"

"Daylight already?" Rikku called out. Rikku threw the pillow off of her head, turned over onto her back and gazed out the window. She found the sun to be bright and had to shield her eyes. "Certainly a bright sky this morning."

Shinra and Yuna looked at each other with hope gleaming in their eyes. "It worked." Shinra said and Yuna only smiled.