Kimimela Wakanda- Sioux Anthropologist / archaeologist ..working for the Cherokee tribe to find out if a piece of land is actually a native American burial site, a piece of land that Jeff hardy owns and is eager to began building on. Kimi as she is know, gets an injunction to stop building until she can confirm if the land is a grave site or not.

Jeff Hardy- WWE wrestler, bought a piece of land in Pinehurst to expand on his home, already on a joining piece of land, is not thrilled when he is slapped with an injunction to stop any and all development of the land.

Summary- two people with very opposing views clash,from two different worlds, sparks fly between them, but will they ignite or will the two burn and fizzle out.

Various other wrestlers may make appearances in this fic.


Okay guys this is a Jeff Hardy fic, I wanted to give it a go..hope you guys like it.

Kimimela or Kimi as she was called worked with in the grid, she had laid out earlier in the morning. Laid out with string over the freshly turned dirt, she worked in one, it was painstaking work, she used nothing but a small pick and a brush.

But the work was important, thats why she had went into this field , to help preserve her peoples past.

The Cherokee council had been tipped off a couple of weeks ago, that this site may have had native burial mounds on it at one time, but many years ago, things like that had been no concern of the government, now in the age of political correctness, the government tried to at least look like they cared about native heritage.

The council had called her in, knowing her work, she was to take as long as she needed to make a determination, as to whether this was a grave site, if it was the land would be turned over to the Cherokee nation to be preserved.

Kimi was Sioux herself, born and raised in South Dakota on the Rosebud reservation. Kimi had two wonderful parents who had raised her to be proud of her Native American heritage, like many native people these days, her parents refused to use white names that had been forced on their grandparents , at the turn of the century, like wise they had gave their daughter a native name, as she grew up, her one burning desire was preserve all native heritage and protect for future generations. That was why she went into archeology/ anthropology specializing in Native American studies.

She had become respected in her field, and had protected many grave sites from being desecrated, she had yet to find any bones at this site, but she had just been working since this morning and the process was slow, she wasn't in any hurry, and she wanted to be fair, not only to the Cherokee who thought this may be a holy site, but to the person who owned the land.

Kimi worked methodically through each inch of dirt shifting, brushing looking at each piece of material she found , no matter how small.

Kimi sighed, she missed Sin, or his full name Sinopa, but everyone had called him Sin, and a perfect name for her tall handsome husband, he had a body made for sin she recalled, smiling , they had grown up in the same tribe. Sin was five years older than her, and from the time she could toddle, she had followed him around. When she was eight, she had announced to Sin, he would be her husband one day, even at thirteen, he had been handsome, all the teenage girls were in love with him. She remember the stern look on his face that day. "Kimi, you are just a little girl, maybe one day when you grow up, but you do not tell a man you are going to marry him, you will just have to wait and see if I decide it is you, who will share my blanket."

"Cocky bastard." She muttered grinning at the memory. Sin had been referring to the wedding blanket, that is wrapped around the couple, wedding them together. Kimi blinked back tears as she remembered their beautiful ceremony.

Kimi had been eighteen when Sin had showed up at her door, with traditional basket of meat and hide, to show his interest in having her for his wife. They were married a month later. They had eight wonderful years, she had went to collage and Sin had finished his studies, he was also a Anthropologist, thats why they meshed so well together, they both lived for the people, to better them and preserve their history.

Her one regret was they had been to busy with their careers to have children, she cried over that often, wishing she had a strong fine son, that looked like Sin. God she missed him.

Kimi never gave much thought to widows before she became one, she missed the feel of his strong arms around her, she missed sex, she missed picking up his socks, that he dropped all over the house, she missed working with him, she missed fighting with him. She wondered if all widows went through this strange stages of grief, angry one minute, sad the next. Wanting to scream one minute and cry the next.

Kimi tried to clear the thought from her head. "Focus Kimi."

Kimi swung around expecting Sin to be standing there behind her. But there was nothing but more trees and land that had been dug up.

It had been a year, since she had lost him in the collapse of a church he had been working on in the Duck Valley Shoshone reservation in Nevada, that he had died in a church, helping other people, the irony wasn't lost on her, he was a good man, and being a good man had taken his life.

Many a nights she wished she had been with him.


"Jeff the house is great."

Jeff Hardy smiled at his friend Randy. "Thanks..I spent the better part of a year having this house built, I'm glad I can finally enjoy it now."

"Well with this party you're having this weekend, we'll all enjoy it." Randy said grinning.

"I finally got that old man hanging on to the land next to this property to sale to me, I closed on it last month..Thats why I'm taking a couple months off, to supervise the construction, I'm having a fully functional gym put in, a theater, totally separate building with a wrestling ring, of course a pool and a two story guest house, this place is going to be great when I finish." Jeff said getting excited again.

A year ago when he had brought this property in Pinehurst, he had been excited, it was close to Cameron , but not too close, he loved it here and the land was beautiful and far enough off the beaten path to afford him some privacy.

Randy smiled. "This place is going to be great, great place to being chicks." Randy said smirking.

Jeff laughed. "Is that all you think about?"

Randy nodded and laughed. "Yep, what else is there?"

Jeff just shook his head. "As soon as the others get her, we'll walk over to the adjoining property, the land is so beautiful, I'll show you where everything is going to go."

Randy smiled at his buddy's excitement, this was his first home, he had built for himself and he was going all out, Randy didn't blame him, in the business they were in, you needed a place to escape to on your down time.

Randy and Jeff walked in the kitchen. "So who alls coming, to this bash of your?"

Jeff handed Randy and beer and took one for himself, and the sat down at the bar that ran across one side of the kitchen. "Matt of course, John, Mark, Shannon, Gregory..Oh hell the whole roster, just about. "

Randy took a long drink of beer. "Man its going to be some blowout."

Jeff smiled. "Thats what I'm hoping, the first of many."

They clicked their bottle together and laughed, after the last few months of working almost every day, they were both ready to party.


Kimi looked up and seen the sun was low in the sky, she got up carefully making her way across the large area she had gridded off. She made her way back a few hundred yards in a clearing, she had her truck and small camper out here..she chose to just stay on site, instead of living in a hotel while she was here to work, it made things easier. She pulled out several large floodlights and dragged them back over to the grid, she would work as long as she had the energy, this was going to be a long process, the more she worked, the sooner she could turn her findings in and make a decision.

Kimi was single minded when she worked, she hadn't eaten since early this morning, but then since she had lost Sin, she hadn't had a appetite anyway. Work was the only thing keeping her sane. She set up the floodlights and went back to work.

Jeff and a group of the guys wondered back through the woods. Most of the guys would be in for the big party tomorrow, but several had arrived in tonight.

"Guys..I'm going down through this clearing, I'll be back in a few." Jeff called.

Matt , Mark and Randy waved him off, they were checking out the blueprints he had given them to look at.

Jeff walked down toward the clearing, this was where, he planned to put the large guest house. Jeff frowned when he seen the large truck and camper. "What the fuck." He muttered.

He looked at the license plates. "South Dakota?" Jeff headed down toward the bright lights , it was getting dark and he could see the flood lights from here.

Jeff came to a stop and just stared at the young woman. She had maybe a thirty feet of dirt gridded for what reason, he didn't know, and she was carefully picking through a little at a time. The first thing Jeff noticed was she was beautiful. She was about 5'4 from what he could tell because she was squatting in the dirt, she had long black hair, straight and thick, she had it tied back with a piece of leather, but some had escaped at some point, her skin was beautiful caramel color and flawless, she had on a white tank top, and khaki shorts. He was speechless for a moment, when she looked up and saw him, he had a flash of the most beautiful brown eyes, her had ever seen.

Kimi stared at the man, he was handsome no doubt, his long blond locks , were died in what looked to be purple and blue, maybe, his features were chiseled, and he had beautiful green eyes. She almost smiled at the way he had sculpted his facial hair, but it seemed to work for him.

Jeff was a rowdy, cussing jackass around his friends, but he always treated women with respect, even though he wasn't thrilled that some stranger was on his property, he wasn't about to be rude , yet."Excuse me Ma'am, but what are you doing?"

Kimi got up dusting her hands off on her shorts, she pulled the paper work and her credentials out of her pocket and climbed out of the dirt.

"I assume, you're Jeff Hardy..I'm Kimimela Wakanda, I'm a anthropologist specializing in Native studies, right now I'm working for the Cherokee tribal council." She handed him the papers and her credentials and he looked down at the papers reading them and looking confused.

"What exactly does this mean Miss..."

"Just call Me Kimi..its easier...what it means Mr. Hardy, we have reason to believe this was the site of a Indian burial mound, making it a grave site, scared to the Cherokee people, holy ground, I'm here to determine if thats the case, I'll be working her until I come up with something conclusive one way or the other, until thats done, there will be no building or construction on this site." She said taking the papers back from his hands.

"Excuse me, you're kidding right, you cant just do this, I own this land, why wasnt I infomed of this?" Jeff said raising his voice.

"Mr. Hardy I can and will do this, if this land is declared holy ground by me, it will belong to the Cherokee tribe, not you, thats the law, you can try to fight it but you wont win, and you should have been notified at least a week ago, a letter was sent out to you" She said.

Jeff was pissed now, who the fuck did she think she was? He realized he hadn't checked his mail, since he had got home, the damn papers were probably still in his mailbox. "I'll get a damn lawyer."

Kimi looked at him coolly. "Go ahead, waste your money, there are laws to protect my people's heritage now, you won't win, besides I have a long way to go before I reach any decision."

Jeff paced back and forth in front of her. "I don't understand how you can just take land away, that is mine, thats messed up, its wrong." He said getting louder and louder.

Kimi nodded. "Yes it is, now you know how we felt, when you took our land away, I suggest you calm down, if this is the site of a burial mound, these people deserve to be respected, just as your dead do. How would you like it if someone dug up your family's graves so they could build a house on it?"

Jeff just stared at her. "I bought and paid for this land, my home is already built on the adjoining property , no way and I handing this over to anyone." He snapped.

"You wont have a choice if it comes down to that, God you people are all the same, everything is about you." She snapped disgusted with his selfishness.

Jeff lost his temper and grabbed her arm. "I want you the fuck off my land."

Kimi pulled her arm free. "Call the cops if you want, but they'll back me up."

"Listen you little..." Jeff started but he was interrupted by Mark.

"Hardy watch your mouth, thats a lady your talking too."

Kimi looked up in surprise. "Mark?"

Mark came over and grabbed her in a bear hug. "Hey Kimi girl, how ya doing?" He asked pulling back to look at her.

Kimi shrugged. "Okay, sure is good to see you." She said.

"You too honey, although you look like you done went and lost about fifteen pounds." Mark said frowning.

"I haven't had much of a appetite." She said.

"How do you know her?" Jeff snapped.

Mark gave him another warning look. "I met Kimi about six years ago, every summer on vacation, I volunteer at different reservations, helping repair homes, schools, that sorta thing and Kimi, was doing the same thing, we met and became friends."

Kimi hugged the big man again and sighed when his arms wrapped around her, it had been so long since a man had touched her, it wasn't sexual, she just felt safe, it was simple stuff like this she missed, just having someone to hold her.

"C'mon, lets get some food in ya, a good wind would blow ya away." Mark said keeping his arms around her, truthfully he was worried about her, they kept in touch by phone, but seeing her, seeing the amount of weight she lost , he was worried. He had went to Sin's funeral, she had been strong as always, but he remembered at her house after the funeral and everyone had left, she had fallen completely apart.

"No, really I'm fine." She couldn't help but notice two other men who walked up.

"Who's the hot chick?" Randy asked.

"Shut up Randy." Jeff snapped. For some reason he was extremely put out that Mark had his big paws all all this woman. A woman he couldn't stand, he reminded himself.

"I'm not taking no for an answer, c'mon, Jeff has plenty of food at his place." Mark said already leading her through the trees.

Jeff frowned. Now he had to feed the enemy, but he wasn't going to argue with Mark, that was never a good idea.

Kimi stopped. "I don't think I would be welcomed in your friends house."

Jeff heard and just grunted. "You're welcome to come eat." He said and then took off back to his house.

Mark grinned. "See, its fine."

Kimi laughed. "Yea he just sounded so welcoming."

Matt and Randy walked over to Mark. "So are you going to introduce us or what?" Matt asked.

"Matt, Randy..This is Kimi Wakanda..Kimi this is Matt Hardy, and Randy Orton, a couple of knuckle heads I work with.

Kimi smiled and shook the men's hands." Nice to meet you."

Randy was already enamored by her good looks. "Nice to meet you too angel." he said kissing her hand.

Kimi grinned but kept her arm around Mark, she sensed Randy was harmless, but she wasn't interested in flirting with any man.

Mark gave Randy a warning look and pulled Kimi closer to him, the last thing she needed was Orton trying to get in her pants.

Mark took her hand pulling her along. "C'mon , lets get you fed, and we'll have a nice talk."

Kimi rolled her eyes, she really hoped Mark wasn't going to try to use dime store physiology on her, she wasn't in a frame of mind to talk or think about Sin today.