Accidental Infatuation

The Final Chapter

Authors Note: Here it is, the finale. Onward ho!

Today is the day that I thought would never come. It seems like only yesterday that Mom was dropping me off at the clinic alone, my brother not joining me for nearly a week. So much happened during those eight months that I spent in the clinic: trials, tribulations, joy and happiness. I have learned more about myself while there than I could have ever imagined. Though some people would think that I have been cut off from the world during the time that I spent there, I think that everything that I did was a necessity. If I had been going to a part time physiotherapy clinic, I doubt that I would have had the strength to get better as fast as I did, not would have discovered the ability to trust and be around girls more, and most importantly, I would never have met Riku.

There is no denying that he was my saving grace. I would never have been able to do even half the things that I was able to do without him. I never expected that I would have found love at a rehabilitation clinic, let alone so quickly and something that seems like it is going to last. Sephiroth really surprised us when he told us that day that he and Luxord really would be opening up a clinic here on Destiny Islands. Eventually Riku confronted his brother about that decision, and all that Sephiroth had to say was that if Riku didn't want to move, he didn't have to. For once, my boyfriend decided not to argue with his brother's decision and decided to just go with it. Best that we can guess is that this is Sephiroth's way of showing that he is supportive of mine and Riku's relationship. To this day however, I have yet to find out what provoked Sephiroth to attack him so fiercely that day, or what had put him in such a mood, but I am beginning to think that it will remain a mystery. The two of them have even started fencing together again, a sure sign that things are going alright between them.

As for Riku, things could not be going any better for him. The best explanation that the doctors were able to give about his vision being restored after the surgery that day was that the clots that they repaired must have been the ones that caused his blindness in the first place without them knowing it. No one had any idea that that would be the result of the surgery, but it definitely was a pleasant surprise. It has taken him a while to get used to being able to see again, but he is taking it very well, like a blessing in disguise. He takes each day as it comes, and a lot of the time it overwhelms him and gives him headaches, but nothing like what he had been getting over the past couple of months. Just normal migraines. Everyone was really surprised at the result of his surgery, but none of us could be happier for him. It really is something to watch his reactions of seeing things again for the first time, like how much Roxy and I look alike, or just how red Axel's hair really is. Little things like that are amazing to watch. Doctors can't be sure if this is just a temporary incident or if it is something that will stay this way. Either way, Riku is just making the most of each day right now.

Seeing Riku in such a state of happiness, and the fact that he never left me after seeing what I look like had encouraged me to work even harder at my own recovery. Riku was there for me every step further that I took, encouraging me and helping me along. I know that I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. It still took me the entire predicted time for my recovery to come along, but I have never felt better in my life. I'm still using crutches most days and on really bad ones I use my walker, but every step that I take is a step forward. It's hard to believe that it has been nearly three weeks since my release. I keep finding myself looking back and wondering if it has really been that long since mine and Roxy's accident.

Roxy and I are living back at him now with our Mom, her state of mind making a complete and full recovery after we came back home. I think that the birth of her first granddaughter only three days after we got home helped a little though. It's kind of surreal knowing that little Raine has only just come into this world, but has already made such an impact on all of us. One of my biggest concerns was that Aeri and Leon's baby would be a girl and I wouldn't be able to hold her in fear of going into an attack, but the moment that I saw that cute little baby, I had no issues. I know that all along I wanted to have a niece instead of a nephew for just that reason, but when she was born, I had all these doubts and worries. But that's all they ended up being. Roxy keeps telling me that between our new niece and the continued help of Kairi and Naminé, their goal is to help me become more tolerant of girls, and get my gynophobia under control. We all know that I will never be able to have too much contact with females, but everyone is convinced that someday, I will be able to be a functioning member of society, and at least be able to be around girls without the fear of blacking out or having a panic attack.

Since moving back home, we have seen Kairi and Naminé several times. They had agreed to be released not long after Riku had been sent back to the clinic after his surgery, but had still come up to visit us a couple of times after that. And we were all glad to know that Kairi and Tidus have only gotten closer since her release and moving home. Nami and Lexaeus are still going strong as well, and we were all surprised to find out that Lexaeus plans to transfer to Sephiroth's clinic so that he can be closer to his girlfriend. And with Kairi and Naminé planning on moving to Serenity Island next year to attend the same university that Roxy and I plan to go to, things only seem to be looking brighter all the time. We have even all talked about renting a house together during our university years, but we're not really counting on Roxy joining us there. It seems that their time at the clinic has only brought Kairi and Naminé closer together, recreating that bond that they had lost while growing up. Since their release it has only continued to strengthen and I don't think that anything will ever break it again.

The day that we were released, Axel signed himself out of the clinic as well. His family has come to terms with him leaving, and it's given them piece of mind knowing that Sephiroth's clinic is going to be so close to where Axel has decided to live. After the lengthy trip to come down here, Axel went out and found an apartment on the very first day. I don't think that he's been this happy, or has felt this much freedom in a long time. Honestly, I believe that this will help his condition tremendously. I don't think that he was doing as well as everyone would have like to hope he would while living at the clinic. Axel is the kind of guy that needs his space. Though, more often than not, he ends up sharing that space with my twin. I swear, Roxy spends more time over at Axel's apartment then he does at home these days.

Axel moving down here was probably the best thing in the world for my brother. I don't know how he would have been able to handle being away from the redhead for any extended amount of time. That was something that had me worried for both myself and Roxy. I guess that it had to do with the fact that we've been spending practically every hour of every day with our boyfriends since meeting them. Neither of us really learned how to be away from them. But we're handling it. Axel lives only a twenty minute walk from our house, and the clinic where Riku is going to live is only down the road from that. I actually wouldn't be surprised that after he turns 18 in a little over a month, if Riku moves into Axel's spare bedroom.

The only one who isn't moving down to the islands with us is Demyx. I'm going to miss him, but he said that we shouldn't worry too much about him, because he has Zexion to look after him, not to mention that he is so happy with his life there, helping the other patients and working towards his goal of helping his father run the clinic one day. We have all promised that we will regularly go up and visit him and he said that he would definitely try and pull Zexion out of the lab more often to bring him down and visit us too. It's not hard to notice just how quiet and calm life tends to be when you don't have Demyx around to keep things entertaining. Though, I can probably expect that I won't get into quite as much trouble without him enticing us all from the sidelines. On a happy note however, we will get to see him today at least.

Today marks not only the third week of Roxy and my release from the clinic, but also it happens to be our 17th birthday. It's hard to believe that all of this has happened in such a short amount of time. And to top it all off, Riku is finally moving into his apartment at the clinic this afternoon, so he will officially be living here after that. I really can't remember a time in my life where I have been so happy and content. If someone had told me this time last year what the year would bring for me, I would have never had believed them. But looking back, I wouldn't change anything about this past year for anything. And to top this amazing year off, I haven't seen Riku in nearly a week and a half and I am excited to see him again this afternoon. I'm definitely feeling anxious to see him again and know that he isn't going to be far away again.

"Sora?" there is a knock on the bedroom door as my twin's voice rings through our room. He had gotten up over an hour ago and told me to just relax and take my time getting up. Despite my excitement for everything today, I just haven't been able to pull myself away from the pillow. I think I needed to take this time for myself to just think over everything and remind myself that everything is really happening and not just a figment of my imagination.

"I'm awake," I answer, smiling when the door opens and in a blur of who knows what, I'm no longer alone on my bed, Roxy jumping and landing right on top of me. "Ugf!" I huff out with a laugh, "Watch it, I've got all sensation and feeling back you know, and I think you're getting fatter. You're heavy!"

Roxy just rolls his eyes before trying to pull the covers off of me with a smirk. "Whatever. We both know that you're the pig out of the two of us, so if anyone is getting fatter, it's going to be you. Anyway, Aerith just called and said that she, Leon and Raine are going to be here in like an hour! And Tifa and Cloud just got here, so get out of bed, lazybones!"

"But you were the one who told me to relax and enjoy the morning in bed," I laugh, "And speaking of people getting here, when is Axel getting here? Because I get the sneaking suspicion that the only reason that you want me up now is because Axel said that he will be here soon and you want the bedroom for a quickie with him." I have my own devious smile on my face, and I can instantly tell that I have hit the nail on the head with my comment.

For only a moment, my brother just blushes before smiling in a way that makes me slightly afraid. "How about I get the room now when Axel gets here if you get up now, and then when Riku gets here, I'll distract everyone and you and Riku can have it for an hour, no interruptions?"

"Deal!" I exclaim, pushing myself up off the bed, causing my laughing brother to fall over. With the help of my crutches, I am able to get dressed and ready in record time, wandering over to the bathroom across as soon as I am decent. The entire time, Roxy just stays on my bed, laughing at me. He knows just how eager I am to see Riku today. Before I was released, those three months were amazing for my boyfriend and I. With him still getting used to be able to see once again, it had been making our alone time so much more entertaining. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Riku has developed this obsession with just looking at me, which I find a little embarrassing at times. The only thing is however, we still have the same rotten luck and find ourselves being interrupted by almost everyone any time we decide to try and do anything. Demyx usually is the main culprit, but Dr. Vexen and his colleagues have done it their fair share of times, mostly because some of the doctors always want to do random tests on my boyfriend to see what they can find out about his vision restoration and if it is permanent. We really can't seem to catch a break it seems. Because of that, we have yet to actually go all the way. Not that we both haven't wanted to, almost desperately at times, but fate seems to have other ideas. And I really don't want my first time to be when my twin is sitting outside the door, knowing exactly what is going on inside. There has also been something else holding us back. Both Riku and I want to make sure that when we finally do get the chance, it will be something that I will be able to fully experience and feel. After learning exactly when Riku would be moving down to the islands and when I was being released, he and I sort of decided that we would wait until he was living down here before actually going all the way, but it has been difficult to enforce that decision some times.

In a sure sign that Axel hasn't arrived yet, my twin follows me into the bathroom and just watches me as I start washing up and getting ready for the day. He just laughs when I push him out of the room when I tell him I have to use the bathroom, but other than that, I get ready as fast as I possibly can. I notice a few times in the mirror that Roxy flexes his hand, almost as if it is a little stiff. Though his arm and shoulder have made a full recovery, he still experiences moments of stiffness and pain in his hand every once in a while, but the doctors assure us that it is completely normal. I still experience the same sorts of things as well, there have even been several times that I have woken up unable to feel my legs or have severe pain in my back. But if these are the only lasting effects that we will have to deal with, we will be alright. We will survive and thrive. When I'm finally done, I pause and look at the crutches that I had leaned against the wall next to the door, then up at Roxy with a smile. Slowly I begin to walk out of the room, leaving them where they are. It is definitely slow going as I walk down the hall, grateful that we have a single story house. Roxy stays beside me every step of the way, and out of the corner of my eye, I can see his arm hovering near me if I need the support, but I don't reach out and take it. I can almost hear Xigbar in my head 'Keep it up Roxas. You're eventually going to need to lose those walking sticks or else you'll never be able to out run all those punks like that little tart of a boyfriend of yours who want to make you their bitch.' Sometimes I almost think that I miss Xigbar. Though those thoughts never last long. We laugh and joke as we make our way down to the kitchen, and for the first time since coming home, I don't need to stop and grab anything for support. Today is shaping out to be a good day.

"So, do you want your birthday present now or later?" I grin just before we walk into the kitchen. I know that he is just going to love what I got him.

Roxy just smirks, "How about later? I'm thinking that there is going to be far too much excitement until everyone leaves."

"Suit yourself," I laugh, "I want mine as soon as possible."

My twin doesn't respond beyond his growing smile as he holds the door open for me and I stick my tongue out before walking into the kitchen, Roxy still right behind me. The sight that greets me there causes me to stop dead in my tracks.

"Surprise," the single word is spoken in that deep voice that I have come to know and love so much over the past several months.

There, leaning up against the kitchen counter is Riku, dressed casually in dark jeans and a fitted white and yellow t-shirt that shows of his well-toned arms, looking absolutely amazing with his long silver hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. He has a soft smile on his lips as his bright aqua eyes follow my every single move.

I am speechless for a moment, frozen in place. Why is he here already? He isn't supposed to be here until later this afternoon at the party. Not that I'm complaining. I feel Roxy place a hand on my shoulder, pushing me forward slightly, breaking me out of my trance. "Happy birthday, Sor."

"Riku!" I exclaim, rushing forward as fast as I can to wrap my arms around him. He just lets out a light chuckle as he pulls me close.

"Happy birthday," he whispers directly into my ear, sending chills up and down my spine.

"Not that I'm complaining or mad or upset or anything, but why are you here so early? I thought you and Sephiroth weren't coming down until late this afternoon?" I question after getting a few short, soft kisses. There will be time for better kisses when my brother isn't standing right behind me.

Once again, I find myself being looked over intently as if he is trying to decide if anything has changed about me since the last time that we saw each other. The attention makes me blush as always. "There you go, blushing again," he chuckles, placing a hand against my cheek and tilting my chin up so that we are looking directly into one another's faces. "It was all Roxas' doing actually."

Pulling away from my boyfriend, I look over at my twin who has just grabbed an apple out of the fruit basket on the counter. "Roxy? You arranged all of this?"

He just smiles, "Well, Axel helped a bit, but I thought that you deserve to spend as much time with Riku today as possible."

I raise one eyebrow, "And what's in it for you?" I laugh, sensing an ulterior motive from him.

At least he has the courtesy to blush as he takes a bite out of his apple, chewing and swallowing before looking up at me with the least innocent smile ever. "Well, seeing as you two would probably like a little time to, ahh, catch up for lack of a more perverted term, I thought that I might head over to Axel's for a bit before the party. I've already convinced Cloud and Tifa to keep Mom out of the house until around 1 this afternoon, Aerith has to work until 2 and no one else is going to be arriving until after that. So I'd hope you will use your time wisely. I know I will be."

As he speaks, I begin to bury my face in Riku's neck, hiding my embarrassment at what my brother is insinuating. I can't believe that he has arranged for this time alone for Riku and I, and I really don't want to know what he told Cloud, Tifa and Mom. And the fact that he just outright told me why he did it, I don't know if I want to thank him or punch him right about now. My boyfriend just laughs and pulls me in closer. It's still weird to be held like this. I had gotten so used to him having to bend over to give me a hug, or the only way for us to be like this was when we were laying together on a bed. To be able to stand on my own two feet and be held by my boyfriend like this is an amazing feeling.

"So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to stay and watch or something? I'm not as into the twincest thing as Axel is," Riku says, rubbing a hand over the small of back, an action that sends a chill throughout my body that I hope my brother doesn't notice. But I know that there is no chance of that, especially hearing him laughing. I know that I should be embarrassed about all of this, well, more than I already am, but with the way that my boyfriend's hand feels as it rubs my back, I think I'm pretty okay with anything that is going on around me right now.

"Nah, I'll pass on the watching," Roxy laughs, "I just wanted you guys to know that you'll have the house to yourself for close to three hours. Have fun kiddies," he grins as he pulls the keys to Mom's car out of his pocket, swinging around on his index finger a few times. "Oh, and Sor, check the table drawer." With a devious waggle of his eyebrows that is far too much like his boyfriends to be healthy, my twin waves and walks out the kitchen door and out onto the back deck.

I am completely silent for several long moments of trying to comprehend exactly what just happened. Did my brother really just organize all of this?

"Sora?" the soft voice of my boyfriend whispers as soon as we hear the car start and pull out of the driveway.

As soon as I turn my face to look up at Riku, my lips are captured by his, kissing me deeply. Though the move does catch me slightly by surprise, I quickly melt into the kiss, allowing his tongue to invade my mouth. The familiar flavour of my boyfriend washes over me and I can't stop the moan that escapes me already. To think that before I met Riku, neither of us had ever kissed someone before and how far we have come from those first awkward kisses. It's kind of surreal and all I know is that I can't see myself wanting to kiss someone else ever again. As our tongues move together, tasting every inch of one another's mouths, I can't help but lean into Riku's touch as his fingers continue to dance at the small of my back, an area that has been so much more sensitive since the return of my sensation to there.

Teasing the top of my mouth with only the very tip of his tongue, I can feel an almost desperation in his movements. Nothing makes that clearer than when his hands both slip downwards; coming to rest one each on the seat of my denim shorts, squeezing firmly. I release an involuntary moan into our kiss, one that is eagerly swallowed by my boyfriend. My own hands begin to travel upwards to tangle in his long silver hair, pulling the tie out of it instantly and allowing it to fall to the ground. His hair isn't quite as thick as it used to be, but that's because they had to shave most of it underneath for his surgery. The fact that they were able to leave most of his hair long is something that I have been grateful for, mostly for selfish reasons. I love being able to wrap my fingers through it, especially during times like this. When I feel that annoying nagging inside that is telling me that I need oxygen, I groan, not wanting to break the kiss. Riku seems to be facing the same issue as together we pull away as slowly as possible, stealing light little kisses the entire time. It takes me several seconds before I am able to force my eyes to open again.

When I finally do, I am greeted by the amazing sight of my boyfriend's aquamarine eyes scanning over my face, and I don't know if he is looking for something specific or just taking in the sight. All I know is that it is causing me to blush once again and that there is something shining in his eyes that I am able to easily identify: lust, love and desire. Seeing those emotions so blatantly there causes my own feelings to flare up, filling me with the same sensations. The fact that I can feel his entire body pressing against me and the heat that is radiating off him really doesn't help matters much. Then again, there really is no reason to ignore these feelings right now.

"Riku," I whisper, not really believing how airy my voice sounds right now. But I can feel so many things going through my body, most of them pooling deep below my stomach, creating a heated knot that is sending arousal straight to my groin.

"I know Sora," he answers as his fingers begin to massage my bum through my shorts. I can't help moaning out at the touch, and in response, my body pressed harder against my boyfriends. He just smiles gently at it and it isn't difficult to discover that he's already beginning to get hard and I can even feel it through his heavy jeans. That causes the pooling heat to extend its reach, sending a stronger wave of desire straight to my budding erection, the blood flowing and doing its part to make me physically aroused as well. Crap. I never expected this to be happening right now, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? What better time than the present for this?

Offering my boyfriend a smile that I can only hope is seductive, I pull away from him, letting my hands fall to my sides. When Riku gives me a look that is equal parts confusion, fear and excitement, I lift one hand back up, offering it to him. Giving me another one of his most dazzling smiles, my boyfriend then takes my hand. I swallow the lump of anxiety that has begun to form in my throat before taking a single tentative step backwards. I can feel the strength in my legs already starting to waver and I silently curse myself for not bringing my crutches. Then again, the weakness in my knees that I'm feeling right now probably has nothing to do with my accident.

I momentarily see a flash of something in Riku's eyes and I have no idea what it means. His gentle smile then morphs into one that I have become very fond of recently, a smirk that is a cross between lust and mischief. He gets it mostly when he is feeling very playful or wants to tease me. I can only pray that he doesn't feel like teasing today. I am given no other warning before he comes up next to me, scooping me up into his arms much like a groom carries his bride. I let out a light laugh at the sudden movement, my arms wrapping tightly around my boyfriend's neck for support. No other words are said between us as he carries me towards my bedroom quickly.

When we enter the room I share with my brother, Riku looks back and forth between the two unmade beds against opposite walls. "Right or left?" it takes me a moment to understand what he's asking before the realization hits me. I contemplate telling Riku that the bed on the right is mine in order to get back at Roxy for the many times that I've caught him and his boyfriends on my bed, but I instead decide that I would rather have my first time be on my own bed.

"Left," I whisper and before I know it, I am placed on the messy quilt, a comfortable weight and warmth covering my body as my boyfriend lays down on top of me. Before I am able to draw Riku into another kiss, I am surprised to feel his hands fumbling with the hem of my t-shirt. Crap. He's as desperate for this as I am and wants to waste no time at all. With a gasp, I allow him to pull my shirt up and off my body in a single fluid motion. I return the favour instantly, tossing his shirt on the floor somewhere. Feeling his bare chest pressing up against mine makes me whimper out his name as he draws me back into another kiss. There is nothing gentle about our movements at the moment, desperation fuelling our passion more than anything. We have been waiting for so long for this moment that we want to take as much advantage of it as possible while we can. We've had such bad luck in the past.

Our tongues rub roughly against one another as I feel Riku's hands clamp down on my hips tightly. My own hands come to rest on his naked back and I can feel his heart beating rapidly against my palm. I want him so much right now. Trying to convey my message without breaking the kiss, I strain against his hands enough to be able to thrust my hips up into his. The friction that is caused by his body above me and the heavy material of my shorts is amazing, causing me to moan into the kiss. I can easily feel his own erection forming inside his pants against my pelvis, motivating me to continue my movements. We move together in a moderate pace, the feeling of his body against mine driving me crazy.

My pants are becoming far too constricting far too fast, and from the feel of things, my boyfriend is having the same issue. As our tongues continue to entwine in our mouths, I allow my hands to travel down his back until they reach the waistband of his pants. My fingers trace along the waist as he delivers several harsh thrusts downwards until he finally breaks the kiss that leaves us both gasping for air. Before I get the chance to slip my hands into his pants, I am surprised by the smile he gives me before lifting himself off of me and begins to move down my body. I gasp out his name as light kisses are placed along the skin of my chest. Everywhere that Riku's lips touch burns with pleasure, everything sending more waves of arousal down to my strained erection that is still trapped in my shorts. Feeling his tongue dragging along my chest and around each one of my nipples makes me moan out against my will, and my own hands go back to being tangled in his long hair.

Unfortunately he doesn't spend much time paying attention to my chest as he continues to run his tongue down along my chest. Every place that his tongue touches feels like it is on fire, but at the same time, the drying saliva on my skin is cool. The mix of heat and cold is making me crazy, each sensation sending a different form of pleasure shooting through my body. With an airy cry of his name, I begin to roll my hips upwards again, my trapped erection pressing against his chest and sending friction down along my shaft. I continue those movements in order to relieve myself if only a little. I sure hope that Riku isn't in a teasing mood, because I honestly don't think I could handle it right now. I'm so on edge.

My boyfriend chuckles a little as his lips continue to be pressed against my stomach, sending a vibration through my body. It's almost as if he is able to sense my thoughts, but from the bulge that I am easily able to feel pressing against my leg, I know that he is in the exact same situation. When his mouth reaches the waistband of my shorts, his tongue continues to trace along my skin, nipping at it every once in a while. Each time that his teeth come in contact with my stomach, my body presses upwards on its own accord. There is absolutely no way that I will be able to last any amount of time right now, but I want to feel more from my boyfriend that's for sure. Once again making me question whether or not he is able to read my thoughts, I feel his hands come up and begin to fiddle with the fly of my shorts, the sensations caused by his dexterous and skilled fingers causing me to thrust up again even harder.

In what seems like an eternity, the button finally gives way and I am assaulted with the feeling of both of Riku's hands dipping inside of the opening he created. Moaning loudly, I grip his hair even tighter as I continue to roll up into the warm contact. One of his hands immediately goes to cup my length and balls, hitting my body with additional heat. The other hand remains just at the waistband of my pants, pushing them down from the inside. My breath hitches in anticipation when the material is pushed further down along my hips, the cooler air of my bedroom feeling so good against my overheated skin. His other hand continues to fondle and massage my erection through my boxers, everywhere his fingers touching and burning with arousal. I need this far more than I want to admit. I really do.

When I finally feel the top of my cracking being exposed against the sheets, I lift myself up off the bed a little, just enough that Riku is able to push the clothing down to my knees, leaving only boxers partially covering me, mostly only over my crotch area. The entire time, Riku is teasing me with his mouth, sucking harshly on certain spots of my stomach hard enough to leave marks. Each time that the blood rises to the surface to make the hickey, the pain it causes a sends a jolt through me, accompanying the harsh squeezes that my boyfriend gives to my penis and balls. Crap, his hand feels amazing! I can only hope that I won't find completion with only his hand. I want so much more.

I'm not left pondering that for long as Riku lifts his lips up off my body, causing a groan of disappointment from me. But despite wanting to, I restrain from using the grip I still have on his head to force him back down. He had better not leave me waiting. I can't help but feel relief when my boxers and shorts are completely removed from my body, exposing me fully to him. The air feels cooler than ever, but all that does is excites me further. "Please," I whimper out, desperate to feel my boyfriend do something, anything right now.

Riku doesn't disappoint me. With a gleam in his expressive eyes that I can't decipher, I gulp in anticipation of what is to come. For several long moments, I am left waiting as my boyfriend just continues to stare at me, looking my body over. Normally this makes me feel a little nervous and self-conscious, but for some reason today it doesn't. Maybe it's because I want what's about to happen so much. No matter, I just really want it. Apparently done with looking me over, Riku offers me a seductive smile briefly before leaning back down. I take in a sharp breath as I wait for him to do something. After only a moment, I can't help but cry out as his lips come in contact with the very tip of my penis.

Riku only chuckles at my reactions as he places soft kisses all along my length, each one burning more than the one before it. My grip just continues to tighten around his hair, but I know that if it gets to be too much for him, he will tell me. But that's the last thing on my mind right now. Especially when his lips part ever so slightly. He continues to taste along my member, sending wave after wave of pleasure through me already. When his tongue darts out and starts running up and down my shaft, spending extra time licking at the head, I let out a moan that I'm sure sounds just like my boyfriend's name. And even though the touch is so stimulating, it isn't nearly enough for me. Gently I begin to roll my hips upwards every time that his tongue focuses on the tip of my penis, hoping that he will soon give me what I crave.

With another light chuckle coming from my boyfriend, I am rewarded with his mouth opening enough; taking my head in. The heat that I have been feeling up until now has nothing on this amazing sensation. All around me is this burning moisture coupled with a thick tongue that is pushing up against all the right places in order to drive me crazy. I continue to thrust up into the warmth of his mouth, each time Riku allowing me to push in further. His hands have come to rest back on my naked hips, but they aren't holding me down, just using me as support. My brain is shutting down as my boyfriend begins to move in time with my thrusts in order to take more of me into his mouth. His tongue laps heavily at the underside of my erection, pushing firmly on the vein that runs along there. And after a few additional thrusts into his mouth, Riku allows his teeth to graze along the top of my shaft, creating a new sensation searing through me.

I don't know what it is about his teeth running over my sensitive length, or maybe it's a mix of everything that is going on, but all I know is that every bit of pleasure that is coursing through my body all begins to pool deep within me. Crap, I hadn't expected this so soon. "Ku, I'm going to…" I gasp as my thrusts become more rapid, and surprisingly enough, he is able to keep up and never once tries to pull away. Taking that as a sign that it's alright to continue on, I don't slow down at all, nor do I try and put a restraint on those building sensations deep inside.

When my boyfriend begins to hum lightly with my length still in his mouth, creating vibrations running though my entire body, it ignites the last spark inside me that pushes me over the edge. It feels as if my insides are on fire and it spreads rapidly though to all my extremities. I cry out incoherently as all of that heat suddenly gathers right below my erection, bursting forth without any prior warning. Unexpectedly however, Riku doesn't pull away when my orgasm begins to rock my body, my cock pulsing several times in the heated tightness of his mouth, cum spurting out of me and down his throat.

The thick tongue begins to press firmly against my still twitching length, milking every drop of ejaculate out of me. I can't even describe that feeling, or what I am feeling as his tongue laps at the head of my penis. My vision is speckled with white spots as I try and stay conscious, a task that is harder than expected. Though the pulses of pleasure are beginning to subside if only a little, I am still feeling hyper sensitive to everything that is happening around me. Every one of my nerves still feels as if it's on fire, and from the sensations that are instantly beginning to re-gather deep in the pit of my stomach, I know that I am not quite through, thank heavens. All I can do is pant heavily in order to replenish my oxygen, a task that is more difficult than ever before.

"You going to make it?" Riku questions with a smirk as he comes up to stretch out along side of me, his long body still covered by his loose fitting jeans. He places a hand on my quivering side, stroking my skin gently and sending chills through my body.

I can't help but laugh a little. My boyfriend has told me many times that he actually giving blowjobs, a skill that I am not going to deny him from practicing. And from the grin that is on his face and in his eyes, down to the obvious tent in the front of his pants, I can guess that this was as good as every other time. "Yeah, I'll be fine," I tell him with my own smile, "Just give me a moment."

"So, what did your brother mean by checking the drawer?" I don't know if I should be upset that my boyfriend is asking me about my brother so soon after an orgasm, but for us, it's kind of normal, though the conversation is normally about how soon I think it will be before he is coming back and we lose our privacy.

"Let's find out," I grin, already having a slight idea what's going to be in there. I roll over; trying not to blush at the laser like gaze I can feel on my back. I feel the bed shifting a little from movement other than my own, ignoring it, and thinking that it is probably just Riku getting more comfortable. I pull the drawer open and I am completely unsurprised to see a tube of mint scented lube, a bottle of pain killers, a hot water bottle and a box of condoms all wrapped in a bright red ribbon ending in a ribbon. "Happy birthday to me," I laugh, pulling the bundle out, turning back towards Riku in order show him.

My breath hitches when I roll over to see that Riku has used my distraction to remove his clothing, leaving him completely naked on my bed. I don't know what it is about the slight that reignites the flame of passion deep inside me. It's not like I haven't seen him naked before, though it is a sight that I can never get enough of, but with this being the first time that I am seeing him like this outside of the clinic and in my own bed is sending a tremor up and down my body. And nowhere is that shiver more noticeable than in my half hard penis, twitching until it begins to harden again.

With a smile, Riku takes the bundle from me, placing it down on the mattress above our heads, ignoring it for a few moments. My boyfriend then rolls over until he is laying on top of me, our naked bodies pressing firmly together. Though I can still feel heaviness in my arms, I lift them up wrap tightly around his neck as my legs slowly part, allowing our arousals to rub against one another. I barely have time to gasp out before my lips are captured by Riku's, our tongues dancing together as he begins to thrust downwards once again, grinding into me, sending amazing waves of friction through my entire being.

As soon as I start meeting him thrust for thrust, my boyfriend then breaks our kiss, instead staring down into my face like he does sometimes. I don't blush, only because I am already so flushed with arousal. I offer him a shaky smile as our bodies continue to move together. He returns it with one of his own as he reaches one hand up to brush a little of my hair off my forehead, pushing it back off my sweat slicked skin. As his thrusts become a little more forceful, I know what the next step is for us and for the first time, I don't feel any fear at going further.

"Sora?" he whispers, huskiness in his voice that I have never heard before. If I hadn't been fully re-aroused before, I definitely am now. But beyond that, I can tell exactly what his words are asking.

"I'm sure," I smile, feeling every extremity in my body pulsing with anticipation. He had better hurry up, that's for sure, because despite the fact that I'm still recovering from my recent orgasm, I know that I will not be able to last much longer. Slowly, our movements slow down until they stop completely. At first neither of us moves, just pausing and watching each other. Our panting breaths are easily heard through the otherwise silent room, but it sounds like music to my ears, serving to reaffirm to me that this is truly happening.

Despite my own anxiety and slight fear, my body feels oddly calm and relaxed. I want this to happen, and judging by the quivers that I am feeling deep inside my body, it's ready and waiting for this to happen as well. I watch as he reaches up above us and I am easily able see the shake to his hands. At least I'm not the only one who is nervous about this. When his hand comes back into view, he is holding a single condom and as well as the tube of lube. It makes me blush a little when I once again notice that it is mint scented. I had mentioned one day to my brother that to me, it was one of the most erotic scents and it was also a smell that I often associated with Riku. Roxy then promised me that he would get me some mint scented lube for my first time. I can't believe that he remembered something like that. As soon as Riku pops the top open, I am assaulted with the sharp scent and I can't help but sigh out in pleasure.

My eyes never leave my boyfriend as he pours a good amount of the clear gel onto his open palm, the smell sending a new twinge of arousal through my body. I can't believe that this is about to happen. In the last few months, we have explored like this a little bit, but we have never really got that far. We always seemed to get interrupted or something, or just not have time. But we aren't going to need to worry about any of that today. Slowly I spread my legs even further apart to allow Riku better access to my body. He sends me another gentle smile as he spreads the thick liquid over his fingers. His hand is still visibly shaking as he reaches down and it disappears between my legs.

"Ready?" he whispers.

I can only nod as his slick fingers trail down, only to brush lightly against my balls. I moan as my hands go up to grab tightly at his shoulders, needing to have just a little more contact with him in order to keep me grounded in this reality. He has never touched me here before, and I never could have imagined just how intense it would feel. As his shaking fingers begin to trail up and down my crack, all those feelings increase tenfold. The tips of his fingers run gently over the rougher skin, the feel of the lubrication being spread over my entrance sending chills up and down my spine.

It only takes a few moments before I am able to feel the finger paying attention only to the small entrance. I can't help but gasp, almost unsure of how to handle this new sensation. Riku's finger is massaging slow circles around it, switching the direction of his circles every few seconds. My eyes slide closed and I try and relish in this new feeling, but as soon as I do, I am surprised to feel my boyfriend's finger pressing inwards. I hadn't expected it quite this soon, but realize that we are still on a bit of a time constraint. Not to mention that we are both eager and horny, not a good combination. I allow my eyes to open and I gaze deeply into Riku's aquamarine eyes, sensing the apprehension that he has on his mind. I give him a smile followed by a nod to show him that I am truly ready.

Slowly, the finger is pushed deeper into my body, and I kind of shift slightly at the intrusion. Though I have had several people tell me what it feels like to be touched like this, nothing could have prepared me for the sensation of it actually happening to me. The penetration feels somewhat awkward, but with every brush of his finger against the walls of my anus, I feel a new sort of pleasure shooting through my body, bypassing any sort of discomfort that I might be feeling. I can't really describe how I feel as the finger continues to push in until it is all the way in up to the knuckle.

When it is in that far, we both pause any movements in order for me to adjust to the penetration. I am hypersensitive to everything that is going on around me right now, and I can hardly contain my desire. Everything just feels so intense right now. I cannot even begin to imagine what it when feel like when things move further along. "You doing alright there, love?" at Riku's quiet words, I blush again even deeper. His other fingers are gently stroking around my butt cheeks, sending tingles up and down my body.

Swallowing the lump that is forming in my throat I nod as I try and get used to the feeling of Riku's finger inside me. As soon as I do, that single finger begins to move around inside of me, small at first, but with each passing second it begins to move in wider circles to press against a new area inside my body. Everywhere he touches seems to pulsate with pleasure as his fingertip massages me. After a few more moments of exploration, my boyfriend slowly begins to pull his finger out of my body. Instinctively, my body begins to clamp down on the digit in order to keep it in me a little longer, creating even more friction against my sensitive hole.

I cry out his name just as the finger is pushed back inside me and slides out again, repeating the motion over and over again at a steady pace. Every movement of the fingers inside me sends flashes of thousands of nameless emotions coursing through my body. Reacting only on pure emotions, I begin to roll my hips downwards in hopes of pushing the digit deeper into my rectum. As soon as I do however, Riku pulls his finger completely out of me, and I whimper at the loss. I only receive a chuckle from him as I watch as Riku pours more lubricant onto his hand, spreading it around once again in a seductive move. When he finally begins to move his hand back down between my legs, I tense up in preparation of his re-entry, especially when I feel two fingers this time pressing up against my hole.

I am only given a few minutes to prepare myself before the first finger is pressed into me again, sliding in with ease. When that one is fully buried inside my body once again, I begin to exhale, used to that sensation. It's when the second finger begins to rub against my stretched entrance that I take that breath back in sharply. I can see Riku watching my face intently for any sign that I may want to stop, and I just offer him a smile that I know has to be a little shaky. I may be ready for this, but I'm still nervous. He begins to pull his first finger out once again, and he continuous to do so until only the tip remains inside me. When he looks into my eyes again searching for permission, I do the only thing that I feel is necessary to prove my agreement to everything that he wants to do. I use the hold that I still have on his shoulders to pull him down and into a blood searing kiss, my tongue forcing its way into his mouth and enticing his to move with mine. As our kiss keeps our lips busy, Riku then begins to ease the first finger back into my rectum, this time with the second finger alongside it.

This time it hurts a little as my body is stretched in a way that it never has been before. But honestly, it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Our kiss continues as the two fingers are pushed side by side into my body. When they are finally all the way in, I can feel my body convulsing around them and it feels amazing. I never thought that only two fingers could cause such a reaction from my body. I have never felt like this before and hope that things can only get better from here. I am given my first taste of what it will bring when my boyfriend begins to pull the fingers out a little, all the while rubbing my inner walls. The burning pleasure continues to engulf me and all I can do is hope that Riku really isn't in a teasing mood yet. After the fingers are pushed harshly back into me, earning a sharp gasp from me, Riku then attempts to spread them apart a little.

That is a sensation that I really never have felt before, to feel two fingers pressing against opposite sides of my anus, each trying to push out in a different direction. I finally break our kiss, taking the opportunity to pant out my boyfriend's name as I allow my nails to scrap along the back of his shoulders. It's a very different feeling for me right now as Riku's fingers pull back together before extending back out in a different direction. Although it feels different, the one emotion that I can recognize as it races through me is arousal. It definitely feels good to have his fingers buried deep inside me like this, scissoring and stretching my inner channel. Each time that his fingers extend out once again, they are able to push further apart and press against new places inside of me.

After several minutes and a few stolen kisses later, Riku's fingers extend further inside than ever before and I am just about blinded as a wave of pleasure overwhelms me like nothing else ever before. A string of nonsensical curses leave my mouth as I grind my hips down harder than ever onto the fingers. Holy poo, I never expected that. "Again!" I manage to moan out and after receiving a wicked grin from my boyfriend, his fingers both jab repeatedly at that particular spot. Each time it's hot, another wave pushes through me, sending me spiralling precariously close to the edge. But as quickly as it started, I find that Riku has pulled his fingers out of my body once again, and he has moved away from me so that no contact remains between us.

Groaning at the loss again, it takes a moment for the sparks to fade from my vision, allowing me to focus on my boyfriend after a few seconds. When the fuzziness finally clears, I feel a new twinge of pleasure course through me at the sight of Riku rolling the condom on over his length. Shit. This is really going to happen right now. I don't say anything, just observe as he makes sure that it is on properly, then grabs the lube, sending another wave of mint through the room. He pours another generous amount onto his hand, and then Riku begins to stroke his length roughly, spreading the thick gel all over his shaft. His aqua eyes are hazy with lust and arousal, something that I'm having no issues with feeling as well. I also feel a little bit of anxiety building, but everything else is overwhelming that and pushing it to the back.

Riku then moves his body so that he is between my legs once again, but we both know that it feels a little bit different than any of the times before, almost surreal. I keep my knees bent, my feet digging into the mattress below us in a way to ground myself as my arms go up and wrap around his neck once again. When I feel his hips brushing along the inside of my thighs, I know for sure that this is about to happen. He leaves one hand on my hip keeping me still as his other hand remains wrapped around his own penis, acting as a guide. "Ready?" He asks and for the first time since we entered my room, there is no apparent nervousness in his voice.

"As ever," is my instant response, earning a smile from Riku.

When I feel him rubbing the swollen head of his erection against my stretched hole, I moan out loudly, my head falling back onto my pillow. Every nerve in my body is on high alert as I wait for him to start pushing in. my body feels like its pulsating already and I can't wait to feel that fullness once again, and more than just Riku's fingers. All of a sudden, there is more pressure than ever against my entrance and I take in a deep breath in anticipation of what is about to happen. With a gentle smile, Riku rubs my hip suggestively before he begins to move forward slightly.

Crap, his penis is so much bigger than his fingers. It doesn't hurt, per say, but I definitely feel it a lot more than just his fingers. My eyes squeeze tightly together as I wait for him to push all the way in. he is moving slowly, I am assuming for my own comfort, and I can easily feel his panting from where our chests are pressed together. I can't even begin to imagine what this must feel like for him. My own breaths are coming rapidly as the thickest part of his erection pushes into me. This time there is more pain than ever, but after all the different types of pain that I have experienced over the past year, this really isn't that bad. I can handle it. I hope.

"Almost there," Riku whispers breathlessly as I feel him move a little faster, the head of his penis finally getting passed the tight ring of muscle in my anus. My feet continue to press into the mattress for support as my fingers run harshly over my boyfriend's shoulder blades. My entire body is pulsing around the impaling length, making it feel so much larger than it actually is. Although there is definitely some underlying pain, at the same time, a pleasure like I have never felt before is assaulting my senses. It feels so amazing. My teeth grind together as Riku pushes in a little quicker now, the hardest part done with. I take in a few deep breaths to help regulate my heartbeats, but I doubt that it will help much right now.

With a final push, I feel Riku's pelvis pressing fully against my inner thighs, both of his hands now gripping tightly onto my hips. Oh my god, this is actually happening. My eyes open slowly only to see Riku's face only inches from my own. I let out a light chuckle as I lean up to press my forehead against his, our breaths mixing as we pause to take in all the sensations and everything. I can still feel the slight pain that came with the initial penetration, but it is bearable and dulling, the pleasure that I'm already experience completely overwhelming it. I feel fuller than ever before and I am beginning to feel impatient. I want my boyfriend to start moving. I know that any awkwardness that I am feeling will most likely disappear when he does.

"Love you," I whisper, hoping that it is enough of a signal to him that I am ready for him to start moving. I also begin to use the muscles in my rectum to squeeze his shaft, hoping to entice him that way as well.

Another airy chuckle leaves him as he rubs our foreheads together, our noses touching as well. "Love you too, Sor," he replied before moving his hips a little. Even that little movement is enough to send a sensation through me. I gasp and that causes Riku to pause. "You okay?"

I offer a smile and a nod, "Oh yeah, I'm fine. Just please, keep moving."

Riku seems to take my words to heart and continue to move backwards, his penis sliding out about halfway before he pushes back into me. My body clings onto his length, and when it is rubbed like that when he moves, the feeling it sends through me are completely indescribable. My entire body is burning up with desire as I feel my boyfriend's penis moving inside of me, creating friction against all my sensitive walls. Any remaining pain and discomfort is forgotten at the moment as I attempt to keep myself grounded to reality and here with Riku.

After a few gentle thrusts into me, my boyfriend begins to pick up speed, altering every emotion, amplifying them all tenfold. I cry out his name again as the movements begin to cause small explosions to go off throughout my body. Every hyper sensitive nerve is on edge as we continue to move together. I am rolling my hips into his, desperation still fueling me slightly. When we finally establish a moderate pace, I feel one of Riku's hands lift off of my hip, his long fingers wrapping around my own erection and giving it a few hard strokes in time with our thrusting. My brain is unable to focus on anything in particular as everything is beginning to overwhelm me. Every new emotion and sensation is flooding me and feeling Riku's calloused hand stroking me is making everything spin.

I know that I wouldn't be able to last long my first time, but to be reaching my peak again so soon is a little surprising. I can once again feel that familiar tightening in the pit of my stomach, and my boyfriend's hand pumping roughly along my length doesn't help matters. But judging by how his movements have become erratic and jerky, I can assume that his end is near as well. As if I was psychic, Riku suddenly freezes completely, burying himself as deep as possible inside me. "Sora!" he gasps out, and suddenly there is an increase of warmth inside my body and I am able to feel his penis twitching against my walls as his orgasm overtakes him. I don't know what it is about that sensation that proves to be too much for me to handle as well as the blackness swallows me, white hot light bursting through the darkness and engulfing my body.

It takes several long moments for me to be able to blink back my vision, my breathing still coming short. Riku has collapsed against me and I am able to feel that he is in about the same state as I am. There is something sticky between us on our stomachs and it only takes me a second to figure out what it is. I blush hotly at the thought. "Riku?" I question, my voice cracking and as soon as the word leaves my lips, my boyfriend is then looking at me with a smile of satisfaction on his lips before he draws me into a deep kiss that reignites a flame of arousal deep within me. My hands reluctantly move from their place on his shoulders to tangle in his hair, my fingers instantly finding the line of shorter hair that surrounds the long scar along the back of his scalp from his surgery. Riku's hands do the same to me, his thumb rubbing over the small scar still under my hair above my temple that he had first touched all that time ago when he first asked to see me.

When we finally pull away, I lay my head on his shoulder, holding him tightly. "Thank you," I whisper.

"Happy birthday, Sora." I can hear the smile in his words as we just lay there, lost in our own little world, prolonging the need to rejoin the real world. I would like nothing more than to stay here in bed with my boyfriend like this for eternity, but we both know that's just not possible. Well, at least it isn't today. After a few more minutes of just laying there and enjoying our afterglow, Riku is the first to begin to move, pulling out of my body slowly. As he does, a flash of pain hits me and I can't hide the wince at the sensation. "You alright?" there is concern on his face and in his voice and it makes me smile.

"Yeah, it's a good sore," I tell him, then try and shift on the bed. A strange yet familiar sensation comes over me when I do however. "Ah, Ku, I can't feel my legs."

A new look of concern takes over his face as he rapidly turns to face me. "Seriously?"

I just laugh. "I think it's more that they are just numb. They are definitely tingling though."

"Don't scare me like that," he chuckles, running his hands through my hair. He tells me to just lay of the bed as he finally removes the soiled condom, tossing it into the garbage after wrapping it in several tissues first. When I try and move again, he tells me to just stay put as he begins to gather our scattered clothing, dropping them all on my feet before putting Roxy's 'care package' back into the bedside table drawer, but not before taking a couple of the pain relievers and hot water bottle from it and handing them to me. With a smile, I take the pills and swallow them, mentally telling myself to fill the hot water bottle when we return to the living room. At least I can use the lasting effects of my accident as a good excuse as to the reason I will be using the hot water bottle, but I'm sure that all my friends will figure out the real reason for it.

With exaggerated care, Riku helps me get dressed, stealing kisses from me at every opportunity that I don't deny. It takes us a few extra minutes, especially because I really don't trust my legs to stand right now. I'm silently glad that Roxy was the only one around earlier when I attempted to walk today without assistance, because I can guarantee that it no longer will be happening. Not that I'm complaining as to the reason why I am going to need to use my crutches. Riku helps me stand up, holding me in his arms for a long while before allowing us to move again. I relish in the embrace, still able to smell the underlying musky scent of sex lingering on his skin. Hopefully he will be able to stay the night here, as long as I can talk Roxy into spending the night with Axel. Eventually he lets me go and we start making our way back into the living room, Riku helping me every step of the way until we get to the bathroom so I can retrieve my crutches from where I left them earlier. But even when I have them, he keeps a hand on the small of my back or shoulder or somewhere, making sure that there is constant contact between us.

Eventually he leads me to the couch, helping me sit down, laughing a little when I wince with every movement. I'm definitely starting to feel the aftereffects and pain of what we just did. Riku takes the hot water bottle from me and goes into the kitchen, returning only when it is nice and warm. He positions it behind me before sitting down next to me, wrapping me in his arms once again. I can't help feel a little clingy at the moment. After all, we did just take a huge step forward in our relationship so I think it can be allowed.

"You want to know something?" Riku questions as he nuzzles his face into the side of my neck.

"Sure," I chuckle, running my fingers through his long hair, trying to make it look like he didn't just have sex…

He takes in a deep breath that tickles my still sensitive skin. "You know, they told me when I first had my accident that I was eligible for the sight restoration surgery, but I never applied for it. I always thought that I had become blind for a reason. I spent over half my life being unable to see anything except if a room was light or not. They you came along. For the first time, I actually began to consider going through with it and having my vision restored. I had never thought of it before."

I am struck speechless at his confession. "Ku?"

"I told myself that if we lasted more than six months, if I knew that it was the real thing between us, that I wanted to be able to see you. I was planning on getting the surgery for my eighteenth birthday. That's what provoked Sephiroth's attack on me that day. I never told you that that was the reason. I came clean to him about our relationship; after all, I had no choice because he caught us that day. Then I told him that I love you and wanted to start the process of applying for the surgery. He didn't think that it was a good idea to do it just for a guy that I barely knew. Even after he was reinstated, he wanted me to think things through. I never once thought about going back on my decision. Now, I'm just cherishing every moment that I can see you."

I feel the tears welling up in my own eyes as I wrap my arms tighter around him. "I love you so much, Ku."

"I love you too, Sor."

"I guess it's only fair to tell you that from the moment that I met you I was completely infatuated with you. I wanted to get to know you, hoping that we could be friends and maybe more. I know I was still only just recovering from a serious accident and being separated from my brother for the first time in my life, but I just had this feeling that you would make my life livable again. And you did," I smile through my tears as our hands come together, finger entwining.

"Really?" he smiles.

"Yeah. And looking back over everything that has happened over the past year, I wouldn't change any of it."

"Me either. It's been the year that I've finally started to live my life."

"And this is only the beginning for us. We have so much longer ahead of us."

Riku doesn't say anything in response, but just gives me a small smile that tells me everything I ever need to know before he leans in and we seal the words with a kiss. Everything really is going to be alright.

The End

Ahh, Im not sure exactly how to feel at the moment. This story has been such a big part of my life for four years now. I know that the ending may be a little cliché, but I think it fits the story. I hope that every one is happy with it.

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-Was officially begun on July 27, 2007(!)

-Is 387 handwritten pages in 3 scribblers

-Was originally going to be rated 'T' and had no lemon content in it, changed after chapter two

- I started it because of Riku's blindfold in KH2

-Roxas was never actually going to stay in the clinic and only be a come and go character

-Larxene is Marluxia's girlfriend even though it never mentions her

-Was going to end with Sora being in the hospital because Aerith having her baby and Riku waking up from hitting his head on something

-Axel was actually going to be the first person Riku saw and was going to say "Shit, your hair really is red"

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