Chapter One: Change

Jack was in the lab and looked up from his work proudly. "I did it!! Maddie! Danny! Jazz! Come down here!" He yelled to his family.

Maddie was the first to come down to the lab, being the one who mostly supported Jack. Danny and Jazz trailed behind with less enthusiasm.

Jack held us his new invention happily. It was silver, as if it was made from metal. There was a glowing purple light on the top of the invention, kind of resembling an ambulance siren. It was slightly gun shaped, almost like a water gun.

"It's done!" Jack exclaimed happily, and then looked at his work. "I call it the Fenton Ghost Humanizer. Or the FGH."

"Wow. So exciting," Jazz commented sarcastically, holding back a yawn. "Does it work?"She asked doubtfully.

Jack held the gun in his hand, examining it. "I don't know yet. I don't have a ghost to test it on. All I have to do is switch this little button." He gestured toward a tiny button, which Danny swore was literally a real button; likely from one of Maddy's blouses. "And will turn any ghost I shoot at into a human, making them nonthreatening."

Danny rolled his light blue eyes. "Nice." He commented dryly.

"Well Jack," Mandy began carefully. "It sounds like it has potential. If it works, maybe we can modify the humanizer's look. Make it less like a kid's toy."

"Hm," Jack murmured thoughtfully scratching his chin. "OK, what do you think we should do?"

Danny was listening to his parents discussion, when he turned and noticed Jazz, who looked like she was about to faint.

"What is it?" Danny asked in a low voice. "You look like your going to be sick."

Jazz snapped out of her daze and stared at Danny, although not completely making eye contact with him. "I don't think it would be very humane to turn ghosts into humans like that," She explained, rubbing her hands together. "What are they supposed to do if they do actually turn human?"

"Oh, come on, Jazz," Danny replied in disbelief. "Really, this invention will not work. Just like all of the other so-called inventions."

"What about the Fenton Thermos, or the Fenton Portal?" Jazz snapped back, her eyebrows furrowing at her brother.

"You do have a point there," Danny conceded slowly. Then he threw up his hands in frustration. "But, good grief, you don't have to make a big deal over a couple of ghosts."

"Yeah, like you care," Jazz countered, crossing her arms, scowling at her brother. "All ghosts are to you are beasts that try to kill you. Don't you ever think if they have rights or deserve respect?"

By then Jazz and Danny's argument had reached their parents ears. "So what are you kids talking about?" Maddie asked with a great deal of wonder in her tone.

"I was just saying," Jazz replied in before Danny could say anything. "That how if the ghosts were turned human they wouldn't have a home, they
would be confused, and it would just be really hard for us to take care of a human that has no clue about human life."

Jack shrugged. "I don't think they would even feel a thing." Jack answered carelessly.

"Jack, Kids, how about we just go upstairs and celebrate with a nice bowl of fudge?" Maddie asked, coolly, almost as if she was avoiding Jazz's

Jack's face lit up with a smile, and he began to run upstairs.

Danny and his mother went upstairs after him. Jazz scowled in disapproval. She threw a glare at the device on the table, wondering what ramifications would come from it. Then she walked upstairs.

Danny was walking home from school, carefree. He started to reach his house. Suddenly, he felt a familiar chill as blue vapor spewed out of his mouth, his ghost sense alerting him to the present of a ghost or ghosts. Danny's light blue eyes glanced left and right. Skulker appeared out of the walls of Danny's house, and hovered over Danny.

"Greetings, ghost child." Skulker said with a grin, weapon strapped to his wrist pointed at Danny.

Danny's eyes widened in surprise. Skulker fired at Danny, and Danny jumped out of the way of the ghostly sound waves and ectoplasmic blasts. He ran away, turning into his ghost form as he ran. He then swerved when he saw an incoming energy ball from Skulker's gun and flew several dozen feet into the air above the town.

"Did you bring your girlfriend, Skulker?" Danny asked, teasingly as he fired an energy blast from his hands at Skulker, Skulker flew sideways.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't," Skulker answered with a scowl. "But you're going to hang in my trophy room anyway." Skulker shot out an ectoplasmic beam at Danny, which Danny dodged with accuracy.

Suddenly, a sound wave that glowed purpled headed towards Danny. Danny avioded it and looked up and saw Ember, heading towards him.

"And I am going to get revenge for you sticking me in that stupid thermos of yours." Ember shouted as she flew at Danny and angrily punched him, and Danny turned did the same to Ember.

Danny zoomed higher up and observed his opponents, they both shot their weapons at him and he zoomed left and right, out of the way. It was a pretty weird thing, having the two of them work together. But basically, they weren't using teamwork, just shooting randomly at Danny. Not a very good strategy.

"You two think you can kick my butt?" Danny asked mockingly as he dodged sound wave and a ray blast. "I could take both you down easily. As if to emphasize this, he shot a ice beam at Skulker, making him freeze his whole body and begin plummeting toward the ground.

Ember used her guitar to aim song waves that broke the ice Skulker was in and freed him. He loosened his muscles for a moment, then flew quickly up to Danny and gave him a punch. His aim was just right. He hit Danny's cheek and near his jawbone. Danny felt a bruise gradually grow there.

Boy, did that punch make Danny mad. His anger bubbled up inside him and soon became uncontainable. Danny flew at Skulker hoping to tackle him. Skulker moved aside while Dannywas in the air, and Danny began to fly towards Ember. Ember, being slower than Skulker, couldn't dodge Danny. Danny tackled Ember and they began to fall towards Danny's house, which was right under them. Skulker trailed behind, shooting rays at Danny every once in a while. Ember and Danny still were falling, his house becoming closer every second. Danny turned intangible, and Ember copied him.

They flew through the top floors, then landed on the Fenton's lab table with a crunch. They fell under the breaking table, their weight too heavy for the table to hold. Their fall hurt Danny a little, but it wasn't unbearable.

The weird thing was, was that once they fell on the table, a bright white light filled up the whole room, blinding Danny, Ember. Skulker, flew through the walls and into the lab, and blinked when he entered the lab.

Ember let out a painful scream, and slowly the light faded. Danny looked around and waited for the spots to come out of his eyesight.

"Oh," Danny groaned and rubbed his eyes and looked up and the first thing he saw was Skulker's scared, stunned face. The hunter turned invisible, and escaped through the wall Danny's house. Apparently whatever the ghost saw he didn't like. Danny turned around, and realized with a jolt what Skulker was scared of.

There was Ember on the floor, but she looked completely different. Her hair was still blue, but fell down to her shoulders gracefully. Her bluish, pale skin had a more human complexion, although it still had a pale look to it. Her eye tattoos were gone, and her eyes had a new glow to them. She still wore the same outfit she always wore, but her guitar had turned into a normal electric guitar. Her body had also lost that ghostly glow. Danny hardly recognized her; she looked like a whole new person. Danny looked at the humanizer on the floor, pointed at Ember and realized that Jack's invention must had fired on Ember when he and Ember crashed on the table.

Ember had been humanized.