Chapter one: A moment of peace.

This is my first Tokyo Mew Mew fic. No Flames. EVERYONE IS OOC!!! I DON'T OWN TOKYO MEW MEW!!!!!

Momomiya Ichigo sat on the floor of the changing room at the Mew Mew Café in her underwear. The pink haired cat girl was lost in thought. Her uniform lay beside her on the floor as did her normal clothes. "So this is what you do when no one's looking." Shirogane Ryou said. Ichigo blinked and looked up. "Ryou…….what are you doing here?" She asked. Ryou chuckled.

"I'm honoring a request from one of our friends. You've been in here for half an hour." He replied. Ichigo blinked again then her face grew red. "ACK!!! Get out!" She yelled belatedly. Ryou laughed and swiftly dressed her himself. The blushing 18-year-old hid her cat ears but Ryou grabbed her hands. "Don't. You don't have to hide from me. So don't." He commanded softly.

Ichigo lowered her hands from her ears slowly and smiled a warm smile at the blond 22-year-old. "Alright Ryou. I won't hide from you. But you better not take advantage." Ichigo warned teasingly. Ryou grinned. "Ok." He replied. Ichigo nuzzled her face into Ryou's shirt for a moment, savoring his scent in a moment of rare peace between the two. "I'll be on time tomorrow ok? Just for you Shirogane." She said before she left with her friends.

Ryou stood in the changing room shocked for a moment before he smiled and went to his room. "Good night Keiichiro." He said. "Good night Ryou." Akasaka Keiichiro replied with a hidden smile.

Sorry the chapter is so short. The next ones will be longer. I can't promise that but I'll try.