Ichigo grunted as she was immediately besieged by her friends when she walked through the door of the shop that morning. "What happened? Why were the police at your house?!" Mint demanded. "Calm down before you sprout feathers." Ichigo commanded. The blue haired girl obeyed and Ichigo sighed. "Masaya broke into my house and attacked me in front of my mother." She replied. "WHAT?!" Mint's shriek was sure to carry upstairs to Ryou with his super cat hearing as well. Ichigo groaned and put her face in her hands. "Mint calm down. You're upsetting Ichigo even more." Zakuro said calmly while Lettuce brought her a cup of tea and Berry brought her a strawberry cupcake. The dark pink haired teen thanked the two and picked her head up to accept the treats.

"What's going on down here? I thought I paid you guys to work not sit around gossiping." Ryou snorted. Ichigo stood up and adjusted her head piece. "He's right. We're here to work. Not dawdle and talk about things best left for break or quitting time." She said as she tied her apron with flourish. "You didn't bother to cover the bruising." Zakuro pointed out. Ichigo shrugged. "What's the use?" She asked as she headed out to open the shop. "Wait. What happened?" Ryou asked as he stopped the cat girl. "Masaya attacked her yesterday! Her mother saw the whole thing!" Mint wailed. Ichigo glared at the blue haired girl who's mouth snapped shut in response. "I thought he was gone. He came in through the back and we fought. Mama came home and saw us fighting. She guessed correctly that Masaya wasn't welcome and called the police when he punched me in the face." Ichigo replied.

"Do you need a few days off?" Ryou asked. Ichigo snorted. "No. I'll be fine. Work keeps me from going crazy." She replied. "Alright then." Ryou said. The day started out as any normal day does in a cosplay cafe and everything was normal until lunch time. Ichigo paled when a group of people walked in and sat down. "Are you ok?" Lettuce asked softly. "Those are Masaya's parents and siblings." Ichigo whispered. "It's ok. That's Zakuro's area." Lettuce reassured the young cat girl. "I'm not worried about serving them. I'm afraid they'll make a scene about Masaya being arrested." Ichigo said. "Ryou won't let them hopefully." Lettuce replied.

"Ichigo why was my son in jail last night?" Mrs. Aoyama asked. "He assaulted me after breaking into my house. My mother had no choice but to call the police. I apologize for any trouble it may have caused you and your husband." Ichigo replied. "And why would he break into your house and assault you?" The brother sneered. Ichigo held her temper in check wonderfully in her opinion. "We're broken up. As far as I'm concerned anyway. Masaya doesn't want to let go of our relationship. He obviously can't comprehend the words 'we're through'. That's not my fault." She replied. "Kotari behave." Mrs. Aoyama ordered. Kotari fell silent obediently. "I apologize for my son's rude behavior. I had no clue he was treating you so poorly. Masaya is usually a very well behaved young man. Perhaps there's something about you he can't let go of?" Mrs. Aoyama asked. "I don't know. Please ask your son to leave me alone if that's possible. I don't enjoy his attentions at all." Ichigo replied. "Of course dear." Mrs. Aoyama said. "Thank you." Ichigo bowed slightly and resumed her job.

"That went well." Lettuce commented. Ichigo nodded. "His parents are reasonable people. Masaya's brother is the unreasonable one. He wants to be just like big brother when he grows up." She replied with a slight sneer. Lettuce laughed and Ichigo went to take the next table's order. "She's remarkably calm for an assault victim." Keiichiro commented as he was setting up the newest sweets display. "Yeah well Ichigo has been taking things in stride lately. It's not normal but it's mature." Berry said as she passed by with a tray loaded up with drinks for a rowdy teenager table.

Ichigo looked down when her phone chirped at her. "Hello?" She answered. "I'm coming for you Ichigo. And you will give me what I want. See you soon." Masaya said coldly. Ichigo stared at her phone for a moment before glaring and making a note to change her number and only give it out to people she trusted. "Are you done yet?" Mint asked. "Yeah. I'm coming. I just had to close my locker up." Ichigo replied brightly. She locked her work locker for the night and headed out with the blue haired parrot girl.

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