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Across the Ocean

Chapter One: Bella Swan

"Bella, dear? How are you feeling." I could hear my best friends' voice calling me softly. I opened my eyes, met with the bright fluorescent lights of the hospital. I let out a sleepy groan before I turned to my side, coming face to face with Alice Brandon, my very best friend.

"Hey, honey," she said happily, resting her head in her arms on top of my mattress. "I was worried about you. But, you know what? The doctor says this is for sure your last stay here! Your system is almost completely healthy. This was just a little fluke cold, it got out of hand, isn't this wonderful?" I smiled to myself and pushed my head farther into the pillow.

"That's great, Ally," I whispered. "I can't wait to finally stay home for once."

Ever since I was young I've had a terrible immune system. Even the smallest colds or flus send me to the hospital. Usually, I can last about a week until I get better. Any longer than that, and I have to be hospitalized. I won't get well. I live just outside the city in a large beach house. It overlooks the ocean perfectly, filling me with wonderful fresh salt air. Since I finished college I'd started my own business, the main floor of my house was a bakery. I made specialty dishes and catered for large parties. Alice was my co-chief, she actually prepared food at the functions with the rest of our crew.

I watched as Rosalie and Jasper Hale, twins, entered the room, smiling and waving at me. They were two of my best friends, and best servers. Jasper and Alice had been dating for a few years now, and I had it on good authority that pretty soon he was going to propse. I couldn't expect anything less. They'd been high school sweethearts and now, at 23, they were more than ready to be together.

"So," I said, stretching out widely. "Which one of you losers is going to bust me from this place?" They all laughed and Rose sat at the foot of my bed.

"It's a good thing you're feeling better, Bells. We've got a party booked for tonight." I grinned.

"Ooh, what is it this time? Happy 50th Anniversary? Bar Mitzvah?" Jasper chuckled and laced his fingers through Alice's.

"It's an office party. Retirement or Resettlement. I have no idea. We just serve the food." I sat up in bed, feeling completely rejuvinated, ready to take on whatever they needed me to do. Just at that moment a doctor walked in.

"Now Bella, I know you're feeling much better, but you still need to take it easy, alright?" I nodded with a wide smile, pulling on my socks. "When you go out on your deck, I want you to stay warm at all times. We should keep you from getting sick, it'll do your system better if you can stay healthier longer, okay?"

"Certainly!" I exclaimed with a laugh, pulling my jacket back on. "I'll talk to you some other day, Dr. Collins. That cake will be ready for Mae's party by tomorrow!" She spared a few more happy words before I was on my way out the door with my friends close at hand. Jasper drove me home while Alice and Rosalie began making preparations for what we'd need for the office party.

Opening up the door to my beach house made me happier than I'd been in quite a while. I rolled up my sleeves, heading straight for the kitchen. Alice was all giggles, dancing around the empty shelves in her dress. We worked for hours, preparing everything to perfection and then I watched as they set off in the catering van towards the party, leaving me to bake my breads and cookies for the next day.

Once I had a few batches finished and in the ovens I took a drink of cool water and wrapped myself in a blanket, sitting out in a chair on my deck. I stared out towards the ocean, my feet propped against the railing and suddenly, I felt so alone. I realised that I was living in just one city out of billions across the world. That, across that ocean, there was an entire continent, filled with people who were living out their lives like they did every day. Here I was, sitting alone while my friends carried out my business. And it was only partially fine with me.

I felt like doing something spontaneous. Something that I didn't need to tell them about. Then, staring at the waves rolling on the beach and the sparkle of the moon on the water, I remembered a day in middle school. A classmate of mine had come in with a letter from France. A letter in reply to her message in a bottle.

I jumped from my seat. It wasn't likely to work, and i had no idea how to get it past the tide, but this was something I wanted to do. On a sheet of paper I wrote down my address, and began my letter. I wrote of my illness, my job, my house. I wrote of my friends, and mostly; I wrote of myself. My ideals, what I thought was going to happen to this letter.

I found an old wine bottle in the cupboard and rolled up my paper, shoving it inside. I corked it tightly before dipping it in wax that had gathered from one of Alice's scented candles. Then, I grabbed the packing tape to seal up the top even better. I chuckled o myself as I stepped down the staircase leading to the beach. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was the biggest and stupidest coincidence to see a couple pulling their boat out towards the water.

"Excuse me?" I called. They froze and turned to me nervously. I was used to people walking down my property to go swimming or boating or whatever. It really didn't matter. "Are you guys going out far?"

"Uh, yeah. We were planning on going out for a few miles, to see the stars," the boy said. "Is that alright?" I smiled as I got closer to them.

"No, that's perfect. I really don't mind," I explained. "Do it whenever you like. Just... can you do me a favour?" He nodded. I passed his girlfriend the bottle. "Once you get out far enough, can you throw this out? I want to see if it even gets anywhere, okay?" They both smiled at me and agreed before wishing me a goodnight. I grinned to myself as I watched them move down the beach.

I turned back to the house and suddenly felt like an idiot. "Ahh, this is either the coolest thing I've done, or the stupidest. Definitely the stupidest. I wish I hadn't given that to them. Got to love spontenaiety. I'm going to stop talking to myself now. Okay." Alice would be laughing if she could hear me talking to myself now. I sighed and walked tiredly up to the bakery, ready to take the breads out, and wondering what was going to happen with my letter.

Of course... my answer would come in months.

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