Hey Guys,

Yeah this isn't a Chapter as you can tell.

I decided this at the last minute. Haunted is done. BUT! I'm making a sequel and it's going to be 2 months after Jamie was kidnapped by Cheyenne. And it's called Breathe. I choose Breathe because of Michelle Branch's song Breathe. So listen to it. I love it and that's why I decided to name the new story that. To me this sequel to this song is breathing for the new life ahead for Troy, Gabriella && Jamie.

LOW DOWN on Breathe sequel to Haunted!

Sharpay && Zeke Baylor get a surprise! VERY good Surprise ;D

Chad && Taylor have some issues coming and going on through the story. They will go through something.

Jason && Kelsi stay in New Jersey and Kelsi had her baby...if you don't remember go back to Chapter 15 I believe

Ryan && Alexia(his wife from when they eloped) are still in New York but will come back.

Who am I forgetting? OH!

Troy, Gabriella && Jamie get some surprises in their life too! BIG ones! You'll be surprised! Mainly on the first Chapter of Breathe. They also get into some trouble but manage. Some more things but I'm not going to give that much up.

Mark && his new wife Becky were expecting their new baby in 2 more months...

Ummm...The Montez family fades in and out of the story As well as Troy's family the Boltons. Troy's family is a big part of the story too. Exspeically Matt(Troy's older Brother)

Ummm...New people for sure. And you'll read why soon.

Ummm...some Chapters of the sequel will have some song lyrics in them. And I will put the song and who sings it in the Chapter also. I Promise.

Alright so That's all I had to say. Just expect bigger things in the sequel. New Challenges. New babies. New people. DRAMA, Romance, Tragedy, Family, Humor, Hurt/Comfort...is basically all of the new Story.

SO be patient I'm working on the new story for the sequel. I hope you will like it when it's out