Warnings: Fluff… Sweet Pair, be sure to brush you teeth after reading! LOL (I was very bored when I wrote this… Well, this story would make more sense if you read A Cake For You).

Notes: I'd like to dedicate this to my sempai-tachi (You know who you are!) and everyone else who reads this. Happy New years!

"Bun-chaaaaan!" Jiroh called, "I MADE YOU A CAKE! I MADE YOU A CAKE!!!"

"Hmm?" Marui turned around to see a certain Hyoutei regular running towards him at full speed, carrying a box.

"Bun-chan! I made you a cake!" Jiroh repeated again once he stopped in front of the redhead tensai of Rikkai. "I hope you'll like it!! I actually paid attention to the recipe things and I put all my work into it!!" He jumped around excitedly.

Marui took the box, "Thanks Jiroh… I think." He sniffed the box, "Hmm… smells nice…"

"I hope you try it!!" Jiroh exclaimed.

So, Marui took out his awesome tensai fork from his pocket and found a seat somewhere at a bench. He poked a bit outta a slice, and ate some. He chewed quickly and finally, he said, "…Hmm… Not bad… (Well, better than last time)."

Jiroh cheered, "I'M GLAD YOU LIKE IT, BUN-CHAN!!"

"Oi, oi… since when did you start calling me 'Bun-chan'? That's embarrassing, especially since we're in public!"

"Oh… sorry, Marui-kun," Jiroh said. "I thought you would like the nickname…"

Marui took another bite outta the cake. "Eh… you can call me anything but that…" He said.

"Ok! I'll stick to 'Marui-kun' then!"

Marui took another bite, this time he noticed Jiroh's hands. "Ne… did you get hurt?" He asked, pointing to the band-aid on the other boy's finger.

"What, this?" Asked Jiroh, "Oh it's nothing… today at breakfast, I was helping kaa-chan with the food and I accidentally put my finger on the stove… it's actually really stupid of me, I know."

"You got… burned?" Marui said, looking at the hand now.

"Yeah, it's nothing bad…" Jiroh said. "Don't worry about me. You can finish your cake."

"Ne… Haven't you heard? You can kiss it better?" Marui questioned.

He took Jiroh's hand, and planted a soft kiss. "Get better soon, ne?"

"A-ah… I will then…" Jiroh mumbled, a bit reddish.

Marui grinned and had another piece of cake.

There was a long and awkward silence.

"Bun-chan…" Jiroh started.


"If I burned my lips, would you kiss it better?" He asked curiously.

Marui grinned, "Is it burned?"

"I think I also fell on the stove, Bun-chan… why don't you kiss it better?" Jiroh suggested.

"Why not?" Marui said, leaning in closer and closer and…