To welcome in and celebrate the New Year, year 2008, I've decided to challenge myself to what could possibly be the biggest thing I've ever done:

365 or Bust! Challenge

For each day of the New Year, I plan on writing one Kingdom Hearts related one-shot/drabble, so by 2009 I'll have 365 mini-stories! It'll be a little hard, but this will be one of my New Year projects!


In the collection there will be:


Organization XIII

The good old Organization! I might make a few alterations to it, though. Look out for Organization 13 (Roxas as Number 13, no Xed), Organization 14 (Xed as Number 13, no Roxas), and Organization 13 + Xed (Roxas and Xed in the Organization at the same time, he as Number 13 and she as Number 14 or as a visitor).

The White Disorder

The Heartless Organization I made up. It consists of the Heartless from the Organization XIII, give or take a few (Xed's, Riku's, and Sora's Heartless). It is ranked from strongest Heart to the weakest Heart. It's previous Number I was Xehanort's Heartless, but since his demise, the next strongest Heart stepped up.

The New Organization

The family my OC is a part of! It has many interesting OC's and plots, and I've gained the permission of all (I think…) the members to use them in some of my stories! Thanks guys, you rock! (WRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!)

Singular Characters


Sora, Riku, Xemnas, Leon, Mickey, Namine, DiZ, Maleficent, and all the other regular characters as far as the eye can see!!

Original Characters

Any of my OCs, or any OC that I have permission to use. If you'd like your OC from your own story to be used, PM me and I'll use them, giving you the absolute full credit for your character belonging to you.



I had some ideas, but over the course of the year I may come up with more. Some possibilities would be Naruto, DNAngel, DeathNote, and Bleach.

Original Stories

I have a few ideas for original stories I hope to get around to writing sometime, but I might substitute in Kingdom Heart characters in the story plot/idea to see how well it is liked.


If I get bored enough, I might just ramble on about something that happens in the game/manga I didn't like. OR, I might ramble on about something I think that needs rambling that has relevance to Kingdom Hearts.

And there's plenty more stuff, such as songfics, poems, Yaoi (if you're lucky), various pairings, holiday themes, torture (possibly…MUAHAH!), and MUCH MUCH MORE!


This should be a fun year!

Happy (belated) Holiday, and a Happy New Years!

(Don't get too drunk on sugar!)

Xed (aka The Authoress)