A silent sigh escaped the man's lips as he diverted his eyes away from the clock stationed on his desk. He leaned forward, resting his arms on the wooden surface and crossing them, before uncrossing them and leaning back again. He furrowed his brow as a frown set upon his face, frustrated that he was so fidgety and unfocused.

Sighing aloud, he rose from his seat gracefully and strode across the room to the window. He looked out upon the castle grounds, where the other members were waiting outside anxiously for time to pass and welcome in the New Year.

The New Year…

This past year…had not been good for them. They achieved so little, gained so little, done so little… And for what? A few new members, a few successful missions? Meaningless; not a single, important thing had been achieved.

And, on top of it all, their hearts were still lost to the dark abyss of Kingdom Hearts.

Their goal…all they desired, craved, strived and worked for…was for nothing.

Xemnas' amber eyes smoldered with a quiet, but fierce fire.

But, in just seconds, there would be a new year ahead of them. A new year…a new, fresh start to the rest of their lives. And it would be in this year that they would conquer the worlds, defeat the Keyblade masters, and regain their hearts.

He swore it to himself deeply; an unshatterable oath, an unforgettable pledge.

An ultimate promise.

This was a gift. The gift of time…destiny had his reasons for the New Year. A second chance was a blessing. A blessing that he, the Superior, would not let taken advantage of. There might not be a new year, next year, if they did not pull their act together. The Keybladers were bound to be stronger, tied to their own new resolutions and promises, so they would need to become stronger. Better. And they needed time for that.

And they had it.

And then the chanting started below; excited, loud.

"Ten! Nine! Eight!"

The man looked up to the moon, drawn to its radiance, it's glow, it's glimmer.

"Seven! Six!"

This would be their year.


Their year.


And nothing…




He whispered along, soundlessly,


And then the cheering, the shouting, the yells grew more and more excited, as they congratulated themselves and celebrated the new, bright year.

Xemnas closed his eyes, and smirked.

Nothing could stop them now.

They had time.



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