Spells for loan

So, these are some spells I wrote. I love writing little rhymes but I don't write Charmed fanfiction, so I decided that I'd put these up and if anyone wants to use them in their stories then feel free. I hope they'll be inspiration for some one out there (cause I love Charmed fanfiction) so read on, review and enjoy!

This first spell is sort of a healing spell. It moves a wound from one person to another. This proberly doesn't sound so good but say a whitelighter was shot by a darklighter. If the wound was moved to a witch than the whitelighter could heal her and at least the poison wouldn't work on the witch:

Because I cannot heal my love,

I call upon the powers above,

move his wound from him to me,

so that healed he may be.

This spell is kind of the opposite to summoning some one. It brings you to the person instead of them to you:

The one I seek, I cannot find,

so bring me to the one in mind,

bring my body and my soul,

bring me through a magic hole.

This spell is to travel through time to bring you to a specific place or person.

In this time, our darkest hour,

we call upon a higher power,

moving through the mists of time,

here and now, hear our rhyme,

move us through time and space,

to where we seek in mind and place.

This spell is to increase the power of the caster so they can be stronger:

In this place and in this time,

Halliwell line heed our rhyme,

in this time and in this hour,

let through our veins course great power.

And finally, this spell is a very special one to trap Barbus, the demon of fear. (A little specific I know but it just came to me:

Demon of fear, who we despise,

let us see through all your lies,

clear our minds of all your falsehood,

and trap you in this wand of oakwood.

So, what do you think? I might do another one but only if you guys think this one is any good, so review.