Moon Song

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Chapter 1: Capture

The night was cool but the warmth inside the den stove off the freezing temperatures. Puppies scrambled around their mothers while the light of the full moon brought light to this little world. Although the scene was perfect there was no one to watch it, except for a dirty teenage girl dressed in a tattered leather shirt and shorts. A dagger was hidden in her belt while her bare feet crept around the den. She was no hunter. She had had no contact with a human in a long time. She was one of the wolves. She knew how to talk, somehow, both in human and in wolf. She sniffed the air and smelt nothing. She was athletic and light her golden brown hair shone against the moon. Her name is Jade.

Tao woke with the feeling that today was going to be a strange day. He got up and quickly made breakfast. The smell of the food woke the animals that were around the camp and the light haired man who was still sleeping. Tao gave Dar breakfast and they ate talking about the days events.

"We'll walk east, we should reach Xinca in a day or two," said Dar.

"If we walk east we'll run into the swamps. That won't be pleasant. If we go south a little and then head northeast we'll miss those completely," argued Tao.

Dar thought about it for a minute then nodded in agreement. The two men packed up camp and started on their way.

The attack had been a unexpected. Jade had smelled men around but they had not come close to the den when all of a sudden nets came from out of nowhere. The nets snatched up the puppies. As part of the pack she attacked the nets wrenching them open allowing the pups to escape back to the safety of the den. Old females stood at the door while young females and the males made a circle around the den. All of their hackles were raised ready to attack anything that came too close. Jade stood in front of the den door. She was the only protection for the young ones if the enemy got past the initial defenses. Suddenly something smoking was thrown into the circle. Jade felt dizzy the moment the smoke entered her nostrils. She fell to the ground but was conscious. She saw the other wolves fall to the ground. Then she saw the men. They put the wolves in the circle in cages and then they came over to the den reaching in to take the pups. Jade somehow moved and grabbed her dagger. She stood and attacked the unsuspecting men cutting one and almost killing another. She snarled at them. One punched her and she fell to the ground as blackness overwhelmed her.

Dar and Tao walked through the woods oblivious as to where they were walking. Tao listened to the wind rustling through the trees and the song of the birds. Dar stopped and Tao, who wasn't paying any attention, ran into him. Tao rubbed his sore cheek were he had bitten it and walked around Tao.

"Why did you stop Da…." he started.

They were near a wolf den. The bloody bodies of some old wolves littered the ground.

"The blood's fresh," said Dar who was clenching his fists.

Tao looked at the scene in front of him.

"You think it's Voden?" the boy asked.

"Yeah," said Dar picking up a piece of shredded netting.

Tao stood silent letting the information sink in.

"They'll be in Xinca," he said to the light haired man, "Let's go."

Dar nodded and they continued on.